Best Toilet Seat Reviews 2023

A toilet seat is one of the most important bathroom items because a good one can make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and it can also improve the overall design of the bathroom. When choosing a toilet seat, it’s important to pay attention to the quality, softness, shape, and thickness of the material. You should also think about how it’s supposed to be cleaned. After analyzing multiple products, we’ve picked five models from some of the best toilet seat brands on the market. Let’s take a look at the products we’ve chosen just for you!
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Our Top Choice
Toto Traditional Soft Close Toilet Seat
Toto is a 100-year old Japanese company that’s been a huge performer and made an impact on the market for sanitary equipment.
The SoftClose toilet seat, available in 6 colors, will improve the quality of the time spent in your bathroom because of its design and special closing technology.
The polypropylene gives the seat durability, but the hinges may break over time.
18.6 x 14.4 x 3.5 inches
6 colors
Plastic hinges
Best Value
Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Mayfair is a brand with a tradition of over 60 years of experience in producing high-quality products tailored to the needs of their numerous consumers.
Their Slow-Close seat is durable, and it comes in 2 shapes and 3 colors.
The seat may slide, so be sure to fasten it securely!
Round, elongated also available
16.8 x 14.4 x 2.3 inches
3 colors
Plastic hinges
Bemis Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Bemis is a brand committed to the environment by using eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and by creating toilet seats made of wood instead of plastic.
Available in 10 colors and easy to install, this seat will fit any bathroom style.
Because this seat is made from wood, a mild detergent and damp cloth is necessary for cleaning.
14.04 x 16.09 x 2 inches
10 colors
Plastic hinges
Kohler Stonewood Round-Front Toilet Seat
Since its establishment in 1873, Kohler has become a well-known household name for top-of-the-line products in both the kitchen and bathroom.
This seat is made from compressed wood, and it has color-match technology that match the hinges to the cover’s color.
Although affordable and sleek, this seat may struggle under heavy weight.
Round, elongated also available
14.2 x 16.6 inches
3 colors
Plastic hinges
Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat
Comfort Seats is known for making some of the most refined toilet seats. This company has created a sophisticated line of stylish seats.
With an extremely shiny, long-fasting finish applied in multiple coats, this seat resists corrosion and provides it with exemplary durability.
This beautiful seat is only available in black, which some may find unappealing.
18.8 x 14.4 x 2.5 inches
Brushed nickel hinges

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What is the Best Toilet Seat?

Your comfort in the bathroom is partially related to the quality of your toilet seat. Choosing a durable model with a design that fits the overall décor of the bathroom is a decision that’ll make those minutes you spend in the bathroom more enjoyable. Seat choice is a more important decision than most people realize as we all spend most of our bathroom time utilizing toilets. So, let’s start making bathroom time more comfortable by looking at some of the best toilet seats on the market!
Our Top Choice
The Toto Traditional Toilet Seat eliminates the problem of the seat slamming down with its SoftClose hinge system. Its smart technology is combined with a classic design, making this toilet seat very practical. If you prefer a simpler model, check out the Toto SoftClose Toilet Seat Cover. It’s a great choice, because it comes in 2 shapes (elongated and round) and in 6 colors (different shades of white and black).

Toto Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat – 6 Colors Available, Resistant to Chemicals

Since 1912, Toto has managed to achieve high standards of quality when it comes to bathroom equipment. The vision of the founder, Kazuchika Okura, was to bring the developed sanitary systems that he discovered while abroad to his home country of Japan. The focus of the company was and still is to develop clean and healthy products for minimalist spaces.

The Toto Traditional Toilet Seat is a classic choice that will provide you with comfort elegant simplicity. Made of high-quality plastic and with a special SoftClose technology, the toilet seat won’t make a loud banging sound when it’s closed too roughly. It is available in 5 shades of white and a shade of black.

Let’s see some of its other great characteristics.
  • SoftClose Technology that prevents injury.
  • Resistant to high impact.
  • Resistant to chemical cleaning products.
Best Value
The Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat from Mayfair is a great choice because it has anti-slamming technology, it’s easily cleaned, and the seat fastening system makes it so simple to install. If you’re looking for a toilet seat with an included potty, which can be attached and detached by using a special magnetic mechanism, take a look at the Next Step Toilet Adult Seat.

Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat – 3 Colors and 2 Styles Available, Whisper-Close, Easy Clean Hinges

Mayfair was established brand in the 1950s as part of the Bemis Manufacturing Company. Nowadays, they’re present in the USA, Canada and Mexico, appreciated by customers who want to buy high-quality products that fully exceed expectations. The design of Mayfair’s toilet seats is unique because they’ve incorporated many special features, from special magnetic locking systems to adaptable seats for children.

The Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat is perfect if you want a product that’ll perfectly fit the dimensions of your toilet. Installation is quick with its special Seat Fastening System. Made in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, from durable wood with high-gloss for a bright finish, this toilet seat won’t get scratched or dinged as you use it.

Let’s see some of its other awesome features:
  • Slow-Close technology to eliminate slamming.
  • Available in 2 shapes such as elongated or round and 3 shades of white.
  • Easy to clean and replace.
The Bemis Molded Wood Toilet Seat is suitable for any round toilet. Made from durable wood with a finish that will resist chips and scratches, this seat is perfect for a toilet that gets used by multiple people. If you’re interested in buying a product that is suitable for both you and your child, check out the NextStep Potty Seat from Bemis. The child’s seat is magnetically fixed to the cover, which turns the regular seat into a training seat for your child.

Bemis Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat – 10 Colors Available, Easy Clean and Change Hinge

Bemis is the top global producer of toilet seats with over 60 years of experience. Their dedication towards research and development has allowed them to continuously create great, customer-oriented products. With their headquarters in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Bemis can provide great customer service.

The Bemis Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat is perfect for any bathroom. It is available in 10 colors such as white, almond, biscuit and more. This seat is also made from durable materials with anti-scratch technology, it is easy-to-install and easy-to-clean as well. Best of all, this seat’s low price and standard measurements make it suitable for any round toilet. What an easy purchase!
Kohler’s Round-Front Molded Wood Toilet Seat is a great choice for sleek, minimalist bathrooms. Available in 3 shades of white and 2 different styles, your purchase could not be simpler. If you want to enter the world of smart toilet seats, check out this Purefresh Quiet-Close Toilet Seat from Kohler. This intelligent toilet seat neutralizes smells, because it has an incorporated air freshener system. It also has a LED light and anti-slamming technology.

Kohler Stonewood Molded-Wood Toilet Seat - Color-Matched Plastic Hinges, 3 Colors and 2 Styles Available

Kohler is a worldwide brand known for its innovative smart technology in both the kitchen and the bathroom. With over a century of experience, this company is a trendsetter because it knows exactly what customers want (and other companies follow their lead!). Their products are developed with the consumer in mind, especially when it comes to their line of toilet seats.

The Kohler Round-Front Toilet Seat is a model that combines the classical design of a toilet seat with some special modern features, like its versatile design and compressed wood structure.

Let’s look at its best characteristics!
  • Available in 3 colors and 2 shapes such as 3 shades of white and round or elongated shapes.
  • Color-match plastic hinges.
  • Super simple installation.
The Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat from Comfort Seats is a great choice for completing the design of a sophisticated bathroom. The brushed nickel hinges with stainless steel screws align perfectly with the cover, so you don’t have to worry about the seat sliding. If you’re looking for something with a round shape and lighter color, check out the Deluxe Molded Toilet Seat in Regency Blue from Comfort. Perfect for round -haped toilets, this seat has a durable wood composition.

Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat - PVD Brushed Nickel Hinges, Elongated, Made from Walnut Wood

Comfort Seats is popular for creating some of the most sophisticated toilet seats available on the market. By combining durability with elegant designs, they use high-quality wood to fashion seats that add a touch of class to any bathroom.

The Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat is both stylish and beautiful. The hand-selected, premium wood, the brushed nickel hinges with stainless steel screws, and the multiple layers of finish create the perfect combination for a designer seat. Moreover, the installation process is very easy and fast.

How Do I Choose the Best Toilet Seat?

Who knew there was so much to talk about regarding the intricacies of toilet seats? But, during our research we've discovered there are multiple things to take into account when purchasing a quality toilet seat.

Toilet seats are some of the most long-lasting items in everyone's bathroom. They usually last several years before being changed. Apart from improving the overall appearance of your bathroom (if you choose the right one), they should also be comfortable and made of quality materials.

People usually spend at least one hour a day in the bathroom. That means, on average, most people spend 15 days a year in the bathroom. So, you should definitely pay more attention to how you decorate this place. Apart from colorful bathroom rugs, fluffy bathroom towels and a good-looking shower curtain, you should also consider your toilet seat. After all, you use it the most.
When it comes to the price of toilet seats, you should know that wood ones are slightly more expensive than plastic ones. You should expect to pay between $15 and $100 for a good quality toilet seat. For example, for around $15 you can get a molded wood toilet seat with high-gloss finish that is scratch and chip resistant. If your budget is larger, for around $80 you can get a toilet seat that is chemical resistant and features an ergonomic design with molded bumpers.

It’s good to stay away from cheap toilet seats as they're made of poor quality materials and won't last more than six months in your bathroom.
There are multiple things to consider when choosing the right toilet seat. You have to consider its size, shape, material, and mounting system. It doesn’t matter if you go for a round or an oval toilet seat, what's important is how it complements your bathroom decor.

Below, you can read about the most important features to look for in toilet seats:
  • Shape - You can choose between round and oval toilet seats. This is a matter of personal taste so go for the one you like the most.
  • Color - In the past, you could only find white and wooden toilet seats. Now, there are multiple options to choose from. You can even find black toilet seats which are really modern and improve the aspect of any bathroom.
  • Size - As toilet seats come in two shapes, they also come in two standard sizes. However, the sizes vary a little depending on the manufacturer. Make sure you choose the right one for your toilet.
  • Material - When it comes to the material, you can choose between plastic toilet seats and wood ones. There are also cushioned seats available. Wood toilet seats are warmer than plastic ones, but they can be stained easily by toilet cleaners.
Let’s find out more about the construction and design aspects of toilet seats.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design aspects, as we told you already, you can choose between oval and round shaped ones and wood or plastic ones.

The type of toilet you have affects the shape of the toilet seat you will choose. Round toilet seats are found in most homes, but oval seats are becoming more popular as they look really fashionable.

Nowadays, you can find toilet seats in all colors. Blue, green, pink, purple, you name it! There are even black toilet seats that have sleek designs and enrich the decor of any bathroom.

Plastic toilet seats are very popular, and you can find them everywhere. They can be molded in any shape and are very durable. They are scratch and chip resistant and come in a variety of colors.

Wood toilet seats are considered traditional, but are still available in multiple colors and finishes. Even though they offer warmth and charm, they are a bit heavy and more difficult to clean than plastic toilet seats.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to the installation of your toilet seat, you can choose between the ones with standard bolt and nut mount and the ones with integral bolt and nut. The ones with integral bolt and nut can be a bit difficult to remove, while the ones with standard bolt and nut are easier to install and remove and very common in most toilet seats.

Quality toilet seats should be really easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning process shouldn’t be complicated because it will discourage you from cleaning it often. A good toilet seat should be easy to remove and have a user-friendly fastening system.

Even though we prefer not to talk so much about it, the underneath of the toilet seat is exposed to multiple germs. You can use bleach, a soft scrub, or even baking soda to clean it and make it look as good as new. In the end, if you take care of your toilet seat, it will take good care of you for years.

Get the Best Toilet Seat of 2023!

If you want to totally redesign your bathroom, or if you just want to make a small change, the toilet seat is a great place to start. A comfortable toilet seat will definitely improve the quality of your time spent in the bathroom. Pick your favorite toilet seat and say goodbye to those days of commode discomfort!

Our Top Choice
Toto Traditional Soft Close Toilet Seat
Best Value
Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Bemis Molded Wood Toilet Seat
Kohler Stonewood Round-Front Toilet Seat
Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat