Best TomTom GPS Reviews 2023

In this highly competitive GPS arena, TomTom is one of the most-respected names, due to the company’s innovative lineup of devices, including GPS watches. And in order to help you get the best TomTom GPS device, we’ve narrowed down the five best GPS devices from their expansive lineup with a mix of price and features. TomTom has other GPS models apart from those featured here, so you can check those out in case our picks don’t satisfy your requirements.
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Battery life
Our Top Choice
TomTom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch
Founded in 1991, TomTom may be the biggest brand in the GPS industry, with over 78 million GPS devices sold. Its products are reliable, durable and cost effective.
Built-in heart rate monitor. 3G music storage. Sleek and lightweight design. Tracks all forms of exercises and workouts. Calculates fitness age accurately.
The only issue with this GPS fitness watch is that the strap breaks easily and you may need to replace it early on.
Fitness wrist watch
Button control
Up to 3 weeks non-GPS mode
Large screen
Best Value
TomTom START 50 5-Inch GPS Navigator
Whether you’re running or driving, trail blazing with your bike or jogging, TomTom has navigation devices that are designed for accuracy and best arrival times using mapped routes.
Latest and dynamic American road maps. Real-time travel database. Most accurate travel and arrival time. Detects gas stations with lowest fuel prices. Advanced Lane Guidance. Lifetime map updates.
There have been complaints that this device is slow to load the routes and to recalculate.
In-car GPS
3 hours
5-inch screen
TomTom GO 620 6-Inch GPS Navigator
TomTom navigation and mapping devices have several features that make them unique and better than others in the market, making them one of the most widely used.
Smart and fast IQ mapping capacity. 6-inch-wide screen. Wi-Fi enabled. Powerful speaker and microphone. Voice control. Comprehensive points-of-interest database.
Some people might consider the 6-inch screen too large for their dashboard.
In-car GPS
Not stated
6-inch screen
Wi-Fi wireless connectivity
TomTom VIA 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator
Whatever your navigation needs are, TomTom has got a wide range of mapping and GPS devices that can take you from point A to point B via the best and fastest routes.
Hands-free call option. Voice recognition. Map share technology and intelligent IQ routes. Advanced Lane Guidance. Integrated folding mount.
You may need to update the maps before use, as the one pre-installed may be obsolete right out of the box.
In-car GPS
3 hours
5-inch screen
Bluetooth technology
TomTom Runner GPS Watch
TomTom has a reliable line of GPS mapping devices that have top-notch performance, are durable and come at affordable price points for everyone.
QuickGPSFix with GLONASS satellite receiver. Bluetooth technology for wireless pairing. Multiple platform capacity. Intuitive single-button control. Personal racer.
Replacement parts are difficult to come by, and when seen, may be quite expensive.
Fitness wrist watch
Single-button control
Up to 10 hours GPS mode
Large screen
Bluetooth technology

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What is the Best TomTom GPS?

When it comes to TomTom, we do have something to gripe about! The company doesn’t make it easy to select a best GPS device from their diverse product range - be it portable navigators or wrist-based fitness trackers. But one thing’s for sure; regardless of the device you choose from their hangar, rest assured you are investing in a product that is on par with modern innovation and technology. That said, we’ve researched high and low and are convinced that the following five GPS-enabled devices are currently the hidden gems of the TomTom portfolio.
Our Top Choice
The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio Music GPS Fitness Watch features a built-in heart rate monitor, hence, you can do away with the often restrictive and clunky chest strap and monitor your heart without breaking stride during exercises. For a fitness watch with more options and a personalized workout option, see the TomTom Adventurer GPS Hiking & Trail Running Watch. Choose between black and orange.

TomTom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch & Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth Headphones – Available in 2 Colors, 2 Sizes and 4 Offer Types

TomTom is a Dutch company that was founded in 1991. Since then, they have produced a whole host of products including navigation, mapping and traffic electronics. Consumer, automotive, telematics and licensing are the four pillars to the company. It also produces highly innovative fleet management systems, GPS sport watches (including golf sport watches, fitness watches, action cameras, and fitness trackers) and location-based products. Originally conceived as Palmtop Software, TomTom currently has a footprint in over 40 countries and 5000 employees worldwide. The company has sold over an astounding 78 million GPS devices ever since its inception, making it one of the biggest players in the GPS market.

The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music, GPS Fitness Watch is a sporty affair designed to accompany and guide you as you undertake your daily fitness exercises and routine. This easy-to-wear watch is equipped to track any form of fitness exercise, be it walking, jogging, gym workouts, cycling, even swimming and many more. Whatever your fitness routine entails, this fitness watch will give you live updates on your performance and let you easily determine the exercises that would improve your fitness faster so you can concentrate on those for better results.

It calculates the amount of oxygen needed during exercises (that affects the heart rate) so you can find out your fitness age and compare it with others of the same gender and be better informed about how well your fitness training is going. This also allows you to know how others in your age bracket are doing and how they’re achieving their fitness levels so you too can achieve your results faster.

With the built-in heart rate monitor, you no longer need the clunky and often restrictive chest strap to monitor your heart as you exercise. This gives you accurate heartbeat data without you breaking your stride, so you know when to call it quits for the day or push a little bit further.

Now you can go for that run without toting your smartphone and still enjoy all your favorite songs; simply download all of them to the built-in music player on the fitness watch. Once you have them on your wrist, you can blast away on the included Bluetooth headphones as you engage in your physical fitness routine. The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music, GPS Fitness Watch has a 3 GB capacity that can take up to 500 songs, so you can play non-stop all through your routine.
What’s more, you can get phone notifications right on your fitness watch, hence, you can still know when important information and calls are coming in.

To make your running more fun, this fitness watch has GPS tracking, which helps you keep track of your favorite routes and also chart new ones, so you don’t have to run a route twice except by choice.
Best Value
The TomTom START 50 5-Inch GPS Navigator features the latest American maps that are dynamic and updates regularly to give you the most current and real time road traffic information and the best routes for your destination. If you’d like a GPS with even more features, get the TomTom START 50M 5-Inch GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps and Roadside Assistance. It helps you find the correct lane to outsmart traffic and shows you the lowest gas prices.

TomTom START 50 5-Inch GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps

For all your navigation needs, TomTom has devices that are designed to take you safely from one point to another, whether you’re running or driving, trail blazing with your bike or jogging. As a leader in in-car and personal navigation, it makes navigation devices that are equipped with everything needed to make your journey hitch-free and straightforward.

One of its feature-rich navigation devices that is high in demand is the TomTom START 50 5-Inch GPS Navigator, with its intuitive 5-inch touchscreen that makes in-car navigation a breeze. And with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, the screen lets you see the roads ahead clearly and also plug in a new destination in a jiffy.
Other features that make this mapping device worthy of your car’s dashboard are:
  • Most accurate and reliable travel time and arrival time based on the largest collection of real-time travel database, and intelligently chosen fast IQ routes
  • Latest American maps and map share technology; updates regularly to include the newest information like roadblocks, diversions and other information needed to take you to your destination faster.
  • Local information and points of interest, like gas stations and hotels, just a screen touch away. Gives you ready information about how to locate whatever it is that you need for a smoother journey.
  • Advanced Lane Guide feature gives you advanced notice about lane switches and diversions up ahead, so you’ll never miss your exit, and you’ll also know how to navigate difficult intersections.
  • Capacity to detect the gas stations with the lowest fuel prices, whether you’re in your own neighborhood or on the road, so you can save some money.
  • Readily available roadside assistance anywhere in the USA, wherever you find yourself stuck
  • Mounts to your window with a strong suction cup.
If you’re constantly travelling, the TomTom GO 620 6-Inch GPS Navigator, with its lightning fast and smart IQ mapping capacity, learns your driving habits easily to display old routes or chart new ones so you make the best travel time. But if the 6-inch screen is a bit too much for you, check out the TomTom VIA 1515M. It comes with a 5-inch screen and lifetime map updates.

TomTom GO 620 6-Inch GPS Navigator with Wifi-Connectivity and Smartphone Messaging – Available in 2 Sizes

With portable navigation and mapping devices becoming increasing popular, TomTom has set its products apart from the fierce competition by including new features and perks in its devices to make navigation simpler and less stressful, especially when going through unknown territory. Its products are well known in the industry and among the most widely used navigation devices, globally.

If you travel a lot, especially in new territory, the TomTom GO 620 6-Inch GPS Navigator is exactly what you need to get you on your merry way. With its 6-inch-wide, clear touchscreen, navigation just got better and clearer. It’s a TomTom mapping device with outstanding features that set it apart from the crowd and make it a bestselling option on top sites.
Here are some of the notable features that make it a unique and reliable mapping device:
  • Comprehensive POI (points of interest) database gives you easy access to your needs while in transit.
  • Lightning fast and smart IQ mapping device learns your driving habits easily and displays old routes or charts new ones easily, thereby saving you precious time.
  • Installed MyCloud drive app gives you real-time and precise traffic information from drivers all over, so you’re advised of the best route to take to avoid delays.
  • High-powered speaker and microphone connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth for hands-free calls, leaving your hands free to handle the steering.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi makes it super easy to update world maps with no computer, at no extra cost and for the lifetime of the device.
  • Seamless integration with smartphone for real-time traffic information so you are aware of any upcoming delays and if there’s a better alternative route
  • Package includes active magnet mount, installation guide, USB cable and car charger.
  • Voice control can be activated for each command and also for accessing and reading out text messages from your smartphone.
  • Uses both Google Now and Siri by simply tapping a button on the device to use personal assistance on your smartphone while the phone is tucked away safely.
The TomTom VIA 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator features a hands-free call option that lets you use your phone while concentrating on driving and voice recognition so you don’t need the distraction of the touchscreen. If you prefer a slim design GPS with up to four updates per year to your maps, get the TomTom VIA 1515M 5-Inch Portable Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation Device-Lifetime Map Updates.

TomTom VIA 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic & Maps and Voice Recognition

When you think about GPS navigation, one of the brands that quickly comes to mind is TomTom. Its extensive line of GPS navigation and mapping devices are designed for every driver, adventurer and fitness aficionado. Whatever your needs are, as long as it has to do with getting from point A to point B, it has you fully covered with quite a good number of reliable mapping devices that you can choose from.

The TomTom VIA 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator is arguably one of the most powerful GPS devices from TomTom and offers powerful features to get you safely to your destination through the shortest routes possible. Designed as an in-car GPS, its sleek design fits and blends naturally into your car, and the 5-inch screen is just the perfect size for the clearest views without being intrusive.
Other interesting features that make this mapping device unique include:
  • Voice recognition that lets you speak and direct the device on what you want while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
  • Hands-free call option for connecting your phone via Bluetooth, so you can concentrate on the road while making or receiving a call
  • Free, up-to-date road maps and traffic information to let you keep abreast of recent road changes so you can make plans on which routes to take without getting stuck
  • Latest Map Share technology and intelligent IQ routes with real-time data from millions of drivers all over, giving current road and traffic information while tracking the safest and shortest route to your destination
  • A 16:9 ratio resistive screen type with 480 x 272 resolution for a smooth touch experience and clarity of image
  • Advanced Lane Guidance helps you stay on the right path by advising you ahead of time when approaching a difficult intersection, turn or exit so you don’t get off track.
  • Points of interest already mapped out on the pre-installed map, so you can locate whatever landmark or stopover that you want, from hotels to gas stations
  • Roadside assistance from TomTom brings fast assistance to you wherever you are in the USA and whenever you request.
  • An integrated folding mount that mounts easily on the windshield, but alternatively, you can use the included adhesive disk to mount onto your dashboard.
For a serious runner, the TomTom Runner GPS Watch has a personal racer that allows you to save your last or best performance so you can use it as the basis to race against yourself, hence, improving your speed and fitness. Do you prefer a GPS watch that’s waterproof and includes a route exploration feature? Then you’ll fancy the TomTom Spark 3, GPS Fitness Watch, even if it’s a bit pricier.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch – Available in 5 Colors

TomTom has a reliable line of GPS mapping devices designed to cater to all forms of navigation requirements with accurate and reliable directions. Its products are top notch, durable, and best of all, come at affordable price points, so everyone can finally have a dependable navigator to suit his or her needs without feeling the pinch, financially.

If you’re a serious runner, the TomTom Runner GPS Watch should be one of the most invaluable items in your kit. Its design and features make it one of the fastest-selling GPS watches online, and the inexpensive price point when compared with others in the same category makes it even more desirable. Its ultra-slim and tough design with water-resistance features makes it ideal for runs under any weather condition.
Some notable features that make it different and better than others are:
  • QuickGPSFix that quickly locates your position so you can be on the move as fast as possible with GLONASS satellite receiver and GPS technology
  • Measures distance, time, pace, live stat and calories burned while you’re on the move and also tracks indoor running on the treadmill by counting your strides.
  • Bluetooth pairing capacity so you can pair the watch with a strapped heart monitoring device and actively monitor your heartbeat during intensive sessions without breaking your stride
  • Personal goal settings that you can adjust to suit your training programs for distance, time or calorie burn to improve speed and fitness
  • Personal racer lets you save your previous or best performance and then race against yourself to try and work a previous workout quicker.
  • Multiple platform capacity for connecting, uploading, syncing and storing your running data and performance to different fitness track apps, including TomTom MySports app
  • Intuitive single-button control for easier and better navigation through the menu with a simple user interface and clear view on a large screen display
  • USB cable for charging and a desk dock for charging and syncing with your PC or Mac Note included

How Do I Choose the Best TomTom GPS?

Founded in 1991, TomTom – a Dutch company – produces navigation, traffic and mapping products. With headquarters in Amsterdam, the company today is a combination of four business units, namely consumer, automotive, licensing and telematics. Looking for the best TomTom GPS? There’s no better time to buy one. First, the GPS device industry has matured, and second, the competition from navigation-equipped smartphones has helped make prices highly affordable.

It also produces highly innovative fleet management systems, GPS sport watches (including golf sport watches, fitness watches, action cameras, fitness trackers, etc.) and location-based products. Originally conceived as Palmtop Software, TomTom currently has a footprint in over 40 countries and 5000 employees worldwide. The company has sold over an astounding 78 million PNDs ever since its inception, making it one of the biggest players in the GPS market.
When it comes to electronic devices like the GPS, making mistakes while shopping is common, especially when one wants to cut costs by going for the cheapest models and brands available. But, seeing as this is something that you’ll likely be trusting your sense of direction with, there’s really no need to sacrifice quality on the altar of price.

Depending on the type of GPS you want, whether fitness wristwatch or an in-car device, TomTom GPS devices vary from $130 or less to around $250 or more for the feature-rich in-car GPS devices.
Our featured models come at different price points within the given range, so you’re assured of affordable quality. In the course of our research, we came across several ridiculously cheap GPS devices but steered clear, because those types are bound to give you endless issues like wrong directions and slow map loading. Just stick with us, and you’ll get the best TomTom GPS that’ll serve you faithfully.
There are several features that one needs to consider critically before investing in a TomTom GPS, and first among them is the type of GPS you need. Others are...
  • Screen Type and Size - This determines how clearly you see the directions displayed.
  • Connectivity - Determines what/how you can share data and whether you can use it with your smartphone and/or PC.
  • Battery Life Stated - Determines how long you can use it before a recharge.
  • Add-on Features - Other little perks that will make your GPS more useful and fun.
Let us take a closer look at these and other features.
Construction and Design
What you need the GPS navigator for will determine the type of TomTom GPS that you should be focusing on when shopping. There are basically two types of TomTom GPS – the fitness wristwatch and the in-car type so, if you’re looking for a personal tracker to keep track of your performance during workouts and fitness routines, the wristwatch type will be your best bet. But, if you’re looking for a GPS to aid your navigation when traveling in a car, you should be looking at the in-car models.

That said, in-car TomTom GPS navigation devices usually come in touchscreen designs, so you won’t have to deal with pressing buttons when trying to access options on the menu. The screen often measures five inches, with a few going as wide as six inches, although those may be too large for some car dashboards.

The fitness wristwatch, on the other hand, presents screens large enough for you to see the images clearly without being too cumbersome. Since the majority of them are not touchscreen, they have buttons for scrolling through the options, and some even have single-button control for easier navigation.

Another important design consideration is the mounting option. For the wristwatch type of TomTom GPS, a sturdy strap will ensure that the watch lasts for a long time without the strap wearing out, which may result in your losing it or looking for a replacement strap, which most often costs a lot.

In-car TomTom GPS navigation devices may come with either a dashboard adhesive mount or a magnetic base that you can stick to the windscreen. Either type of mount is good and this should be a case of preference and convenience, but to further increase the convenience, a few models come with both mount options so you can change the mount position of your car GPS depending on who is using the car.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although TomTom makes its GPS devices with lots of features to make navigation easier for you, especially in unknown territories, their GPS devices are surprisingly easy to use. Little wonder why they’re one of the most widely used GPS devices in the USA and Canada.

If you’re looking for a TomTom fitness wristwatch, then you should pay good attention to the connectivity, because you may want to upload and share your fitness progress and data with your friends or with other fitness apps on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Most TomTom GPS devices have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for fast and wireless transfer of data and files from your GPS device to a phone or PC.

Another feature to consider is the battery life of the GPS device, and this is especially important if it’s a fitness wristwatch that you want. Most of them can last between five and ten hours when in GPS mode with all the other functions running and can last for as long as three weeks in non-GPS mode. So, be sure that the battery life is such that it can last for at least the duration of your routine or workout without dying on you mid-way.

To make your workout easier and fun, some TomTom GPS fitness wristwatches come with built-in music players so you don’t have to carry your phone about with you when you’re on a trail running or jogging. All you need to do is upload all your favorite music on the watch and then connect with a Bluetooth earpiece and you’re good to go.

Most in-car TomTom GPS devices have voice recognition and control that allows you to give commands or plug in new directions to your TomTom without touching the screen. This way, you pay undivided attention to your driving and the road ahead. Some of them also have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect to your phone and have access to your personal assistance; that way, you can make and receive calls and check your text messages hands-free.

TomTom GPS navigation devices are designed for your utmost comfort and can be relied upon to take you safely from one point to the other in record time.

Get the Best TomTom GPS of 2023!

TomTom is one of the most reputable names in the GPS market, and with so many devices to choose from, we hope our reviews can help you find the right PND device for your needs.

Our Top Choice
TomTom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch
Best Value
TomTom START 50 5-Inch GPS Navigator
TomTom GO 620 6-Inch GPS Navigator
TomTom VIA 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator
TomTom Runner GPS Watch