Best Tool Cabinet Reviews 2023

Tools are not cheap, especially if you like quality. It only makes sense to give your expensive tools a safe home whenever they are not in use. For this, you need a tool cabinet, also known as a tool chest. This storage option is an essential part of your arsenal, whether you are a professional handyman or just a home improvement enthusiast. But getting the right one for your tools is not a walk in the park, considering the numerous options online. Read about our selection of products from some of the best tool cabinet brands that will change the way you store your precious tools.
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Our Top Choice
Viper Tool Storage 26-Inch 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest
Viper Tool Storage is known for producing durable items. The Viper Tool Storage Tool Cabinet V2605ORR is equipped with a ball bearing system that makes it easy to operate and use.
Available in different colors. Works for both home and professional use. Easy assembly.
Expensive but worth it.
Best Value
Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Tool Chest Combo
Craftsman has been a close companion to builders for a long time. The Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Tool Chest Combo provides the convenience of space with a durable build.
Sufficient storage capacity. Combo functionality. Quality build.
Expensive but worth the price.
H2PRO Series 56-Inch 8-Drawer Roller Cabinet
Homak has a long history of producing quality products for professional work. The Homak H2PRO cabinet provides the convenience of space and durability in a simple build.
Convenient for professionals. Provides safety. Simple, quality build.
Highly priced but comes with extra features.
WEN 26-Inch Silver 6-Drawer Tool Chest
WEN has long experience as a manufacturer of quality designs. The WEN 26-Inch Silver 6-Drawer Tool Chest is built to be durable even in the harshest professional environments.
Great for professionals. Available in different styles. Quality build.
Only available in black/silver.
Excel 5-Drawer Metal Tool Chest
Excel is a performer for professionals whose work depends on convenient storage. The Excel 5-Drawer Metal Tool Chest guarantees durability with its scratch-resistant build.
Durable. Spacious. Secure. Affordable.
Limited color options.

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What is the Best Tool Cabinet?

You should first know the kind of tools you have in order to get the right tool chest. Once you do, consider things such as material (steel, wood, aluminum, etc.), space (including number of drawers and compartments), whether the box comes with a caster, and the price.
Our Top Choice
The Viper Tool Storage Tool Cabinet V2605ORR is a heavy-duty tool cabinet with 5 drawers for ample storage and 5-inch locking casters for easy mobility. If you are looking for a smaller chest with 2 18-inch drawers, you won’t go wrong with the Viper Tool Storage V218MCWH.

Viper Tool Storage 26-Inch 5-Drawer Steel Rolling Cabinet, Steel - Orange

Viper Tool Storage is a brand that aims for durability and convenience in all its products. Its products include heavy-duty construction equipment, such as rolling cabinets and tool storage units.

The Tool Storage Tool Cabinet is one of Viper's best rolling cabinets, with an 18-gauge steel build that will last for a long time. It has a vibrant powder coated finish that brings out the colors and also makes the cabinet scratch- and chip-resistant.

It only takes $399 to get your hands on this rolling cabinet for your workshop. Here are a few more features to get you excited about this Viper tool cabinet:
  • Each drawer is fitted with smooth ball bearings to enable easy operation
  • Includes a heavy-duty 5-inch locking caster, 2 swivels and a side handle for easy mobility
  • Comes with a quality steel gauge for strength and long-lasting durability
  • Tubular key cam lock protects your items with a locker that cannot be pried open
In order to suit different buyers, Viper Tool Storage offers this product in seven different colors, ranging from black to white to pink.
Best Value
The Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Tool Chest Combo is a perfect storage option for those who need plenty of it. It’s red in color and comes with 13 26-inch drawers to store hand tools. If you are looking for the same model, but in a different color – say, black – you can get the Craftsman 26 In. 13-Drawer Heavy-Duty Tool Cabinet.

Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Combo Tool Chest, Heavy Duty Ball Bearing

Craftsman's reputation stands on the fact that it manufactures the tools people all over the world need. Since 1927, its dedication to producing quality items that last has become part and parcel of most builders. The brand has also inspired builders to create through its craftsmen club that promotes project discussions.

If you are considering a home or office tool storage box, you'd better check out the Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Tool Chest Combo. It has 13 heavy-duty ball bearing drawers with a 3-piece combo that is excellent for home or workshop use. It is also available in different sizes with different numbers of drawers for your choosing.

This tool chest sells for a retail price of about $671, and provides you with space and comfort for your work station. Here are some of the features it offers:
  • Keyed lock that keeps the drawers intact while moving and also acts as a security system for your tools
  • Perfectly positioned drawers for easy and quick access
  • Large storage capacity
  • Made of steel with smoothly sliding drawers for durability
Homak's H2PRO Series 56-Inch 8-Drawer Roller Cabinet is a quality tool cabinet that comes with 8 56-inch drawers to store small to medium-sized handy tools. If you prefer a design that comes with 9 27-inch drawers, we recommend the Homak BL02027901 27-Inch Professional 9 Drawer.

Homak H2PRO 56” 8-Drawer Tool Chest with 3 Drawer Compartment Roller – Available in Blue and Black

Homak started out in 1947 as a manufacturer of steel kitchen cabinets. The company has expanded its product line while maintaining its credibility for quality. Today, the brand continues to create handy-carry toolboxes and tool storage cabinets for professionals.

The Homak H2PRO Series 56-Inch 8-Drawer Roller Cabinet comes with a 2-drawer compartment that includes a high security tubular locking feature for the protection of your items. With its roller bearing caster, the tool cabinet is designed for the convenience of professionals.

You can get this standing tool box for just $869 and start to enjoy its features. Some of them include:
  • Full-length aluminum drawer that pulls out and is fitted with drawer liners
  • 100-pound capacity drawers with two compartment drawers
  • Replaceable ball bearing slides on each drawer
This tool box is available on Amazon in two different colors, blue and black.
The WEN 26-Inch Silver 6-Drawer Tool Chest comes with 6 26-inch drawers with a depth of 12.4 inches to help you store your tools. If this tool cabinet is bigger than you wanted, or you just want a more affordable model by a top brand, check out the WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest.

WEN 26-Inch 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet Silver/Black – Available in 5 Styles

For decades, WEN has been designing and providing affordable, powerful and high-quality tools. It pioneered putting power into tools. Its line of products ranges from drill presses to bench grinders and hand tools. Today its objective remains intact as it helps woodworkers and artisans achieve their projects.

The WEN 26-Inch Silver 6-Drawer Tool Chest is in a class of its own, with its ball bearing slides that are rated at about 100 pounds per pair. This tool chest is a must-have for both home and professional use, as it also includes a fully lockable design for the safety of your items.

This tool chest retails at $109.40. Here are more features to expect on this standing tool box:
  • 6 drawers with a 12.4-inch depth for each drawer
  • Fully lockable drawers for security
  • Up to 1,832 cubic inches of space storage for your tools
  • Made of heavy-duty material with chest handles to withstand any professional environment
We featured this tool cabinet as a top chest only, but it is available on Amazon in 4 different styles. Depending on what you are looking for, you can get the bottom cabinet, combo, intermediate chest, or top chest.
The Excel 5-Drawer Metal Tool Chest is the top chest of a tool cabinet that offers plenty of storage. This particular part comes with 5 26-inch drawers with a powder coat finish. If you have a couple more dollars to spare for a heavy-duty tool chest, we bet you will love the Excel TBR4013X-Teal 13-Drawer Roller Cabinet.

Excel 26-Inch Steel Top Chest, Blue

Excel began in 2003 and has serviced over a dozen OEM and ODM customers globally. This shows you the incredible focus that the team at Excel has on quality product design. Excel is a top producer of functional tool boxes in the world, with an aim of achieving total satisfaction on every transaction.

Its 5-Drawer Metal Tool Chest has full-length aluminum drawer pulls that make it a convenient asset for home or small workshop spaces. It is priced at $105, and it is worth every cent thanks to the array of features it offers. Here’s what we are talking about:
  • 5 ball bearing slide drawers that support up to 50 lbs of storage
  • Scratch resistant, power coated steel body that increases the durability of the excel tool box
  • Two-key lock system for better protection of your tools
  • Aluminum drawer pulls for easy access
  • Brilliant powder coat paint finish

How Do I Choose the Best Tool Cabinet?

A tool cabinet is a great addition to your household. It will safely store all your tools, such as torque wrenches and that tool that helps fix almost everything in your home. In some cases, tool boxes can easily be carried around the garage and even locked to keep your tools secure. It’s easy to misplace tools, especially since doing repairs can be a tiring task. But with a tool cabinet, the chance of losing your items is minimal.

When shopping for a standing tool cabinet, it’s important to consider several factors. Look at the amount of storage space available. Standing tool cabinets are usually large and have several drawers with enough space to store your tools. The construction of the cabinet is also an important consideration. The body should be scratch-resistant and sturdily built. Since a standing tool cabinet is immobile, you may have to create adequate space in your shed where you can conveniently access it.
It can be quite costly to replace missing tools. Investing in a tool cabinet helps you store your tools securely. The price range of such cabinets falls between $100 to about $800, depending on a number of factors. The smaller, more portable tool boxes cost less compared to standing tool cabinets, but they lack a large storage space. Within the above price range, you can find a standard cabinet with several drawers and locking casters.

It’s not unusual to come across cheap tool cabinets in your pursuit for somewhere to store your precious tools. However, we would like to discourage you from spending money buying them. Most of them are flimsily constructed and may cave in due to the weight of heavier tools. Others are made of poor quality materials that are prone to rust and are easily destroyed by harsh weather elements.
Here are important features to look at before adding that tool cabinet to your shopping cart:
  • Size: Consider how big the cabinet is and get the right size to fit into your space.
  • Material: Various materials are used to make tool cabinets, such as wood and metal. For metallic cabinets, the most common materials are aluminum and steel, due to their durability properties.
  • Accessories: Many tool cabinets have a number of accessories, such as drawer liners and tool organizers, to enhance your experience as a user.
  • Drawers: The number of drawers determines the amount of storage space available. The drawers should have bearings for easy opening and closing.
  • Locking system: Security of your tools is paramount; it’s therefore important for the cabinet to have a good locking system.
Construction and Design
For storage of your tools, you can opt for a tool box or a tool cabinet. A tool box is smaller and more portable than a tool cabinet, which is much heavier but with more storage space. The most common design of a tool cabinet is one with pull drawers and caster wheels at the bottom. The drawers often vary in number, but most have bearings to allow you to open and close the cabinet easily.

Most standing tool cabinets are made using steel or aluminum. Both of these materials are strong and long-lasting, which helps them withstand harsh weather elements. Some tool cabinets have a strong coating to prevent them from rusting. A locking system is also a common feature in the construction of tool cabinets, to help ensure security of your tools.
Performance and Ease of Use
Easy access and quick retrieval of tools enhance the performance of a tool cabinet. Easy slide bearings on the drawers help achieve this. The positioning of the drawers also influences how fast you can retrieve tools. It’s important to ensure that the drawers are perfectly positioned to allow for this. Some drawers have liners to prevent small tools from sliding around inside the cabinet.

Tool cabinets come already assembled, and those that need assembly have pretty simple instructions on how to do it. Dusting the outside of the standing tool cabinet with a soft cloth is enough to keep it dust-free. You can also use some soapy water to clean off any grease or dirt that may have accumulated on the cabinet. Be sure that the drawers stay free from any debris, so they'll operate smoothly.

Get the Best Tool Cabinet of 2023!

If you are looking to get a new tool chest or upgrade your current one, you're in the right place. There’s no need to stack all your tools in an open location, or worse, in many locations. That won’t get your job done. We are happy to have helped you in your quest for the best tool cabinet out there!

Our Top Choice
Viper Tool Storage 26-Inch 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest
Best Value
Craftsman 26-Inch 13-Drawer Tool Chest Combo
H2PRO Series 56-Inch 8-Drawer Roller Cabinet
WEN 26-Inch Silver 6-Drawer Tool Chest
Excel 5-Drawer Metal Tool Chest