Best Topaz Gift Reviews 2023

Topaz gifts offer an eye-catching and long-lasting beauty of gemstone that is perfect for everyday wear. But you need to shop wisely for topaz jewelry since some forms of enhanced topaz gemstone are not recommended for rings or other types of jewelry. Topaz gemstones come in a variety of colors and cuts, and shopping for one can be daunting. We’ve done our homework right by reviewing five of the best topaz gift brands and a product from each that you cannot go wrong with this season. So, read on!
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Gift Type
Gem type
Our Top Choice
KEZEF 14K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Earrings
KEZEF Creations was founded with a mission to offer quality timeless classics as well as simple jewelry at competitive prices, backed by excellent customer support.
Made from high-quality real Swiss blue topaz. Classy yet affordable. Does not tarnish or get discolored. 3 metal options.
Very tiny.
Stud Earrings
Blue; yellow-gold metal
3 material types
Citrine; white topaz
Best Value
Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Topaz Ring
The Amazon Collection’s hand-selected assortment features a bunch of precious metal designs, gemstones, and diamond pieces that undergo quality inspection to meet Amazon’s high standards.
Features cushion-cut citrine mounted in white topaz. True to size. Affordable. Sparkles.
Yellow color not deep enough.
Sterling silver
Citrine; white topaz
Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Topaz Earrings
Gem Stone King offers unsurpassed quality and low prices for all its collections. All its products are manufactured in the USA and include bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants.
Designed from high-quality, nonleaded 925 Sterling Silver. Packed in a complementary gift packaging. Beautiful and elegant. Money-back guarantee.
A bit smaller than expected.
925 Sterling Silver
Hermosa Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
By keeping their eyes on international fashion and focusing on the most recent styles, Hermosa’s creative designers make the most unique, stylish, and trendy products in the world.
Handmade by the best artisans. Comes with an intricate jewelry gift box. High-quality materials used. Versatile gift.
Too much bling.
Brass-plated gold
Fire topaz
Bamos Jewelry Rainbow Topaz Black Gold Ring
Bamos works hard to find the most inventive next-generation jewelry and accessories, so you don’t have to waste time doing your own research.
Features a regal marquise cut. Shines under the light or in the sun. Finger-flattering. Attention-grabbing. Versatile.
Black finish chips off after some time.
Rainbow lab topaz

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What is the Best Topaz Gift?

To find the perfect topaz gift that will last your lifetime, you need to understand the features to look for in a topaz including the available colors, enhancements, special care, and any buyer alarms to help you avoid low-quality topaz gemstones. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this detailed guide to help you through. With that information, it’s now time to go through our top picks and get a topaz gift to surprise your loved one as the year comes to a close.
Our Top Choice
Made from high-quality real Swiss blue topaz, the KEZEF 3mm 14K Genuine Round, Swiss Blue Topaz Stud Earrings come secured with sterling silver friction-back to ensure no discoloration or tarnish occurs. Want to save some bucks by going for a 10K instead of the 14K? Check out the KEZEF’s Solid 10k White or Yellow Gold Round 3mm Genuine Gemstone Stud Earrings which comes in 9 different gem types.

KEZEF 3mm 14K Round Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz Stud Earrings – Available in 3 Metal Types

Established in 1983, KEZEF Creations—a family-owned business—began as an originator of the Cubic Zirconia gemstone industry. With time, the company grew to satisfyingly supply preeminent manufacturers with CZ (Cubic Zirconia), simulated gemstones & lab-created synthetic, and pearls & opals. Today, KEZEF has grown to become a full-fledged online retail store offering timeless classics and simple jewelry styles for graceful events and everyday wear. Its products include tennis bracelets, CZ stud earrings, CZ engagement rings, sterling silver pendants, diamond accent jewelry, and designer-inspired collections.

The KEZEF 14K Yellow Gold Round, Swiss Blue Genuine Topaz Stud Earrings are designed with flair and crafted with care. Made with high-quality authentic Swiss blue topaz, these earrings do not discolor nor tarnish. They come as brilliant 3mm round-cut stones embedded in rhodium-stamped 925 Sterling Silver, professionally entwined into a 4-prong fitting to fasten and secure the stone. Classy yet affordable, these earrings are essential to complement your collection and create a timeless look that exudes the desired elegant charm.
If you are keen about these earrings, you will be happy to know that they are available in 3 metal types: sterling-silver, rose-gold-plated-silver, and yellow-gold.
Best Value
Available in 3 sizes, the Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Citrine and White Topaz Ring features cushion-cut citrine mounted in white topaz, making it an incredibly pretty piece that will complement your personal style. Willing to pay a little bit more for a value pack? Go for the Amazon Collection Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Earrings and Pendant Necklace Jewelry Set.

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Citrine and White Topaz Ring – Available in Multiple Sizes

The Amazon Collection’s fine and fashion jewelry pieces offer everyday values, ranging from precious diamond pieces and precious gemstones, to the most recent fashion designs. Its products are not only hand-selected, but also receive quality inspection to ensure they comply with Amazon’s high standards. Diamonds from the Amazon Curated Collection come certified by suppliers as conflict-free, with AGS, GIA, or IGI certifications being provided on white diamonds with .75 carats or more on all rings, pendant necklaces, and stud earrings.

The Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Topaz Ring is incredibly beautiful and can act as an excellent gift for a special someone or a piece to complement your personal style. Available in 3 sizes and featuring cushion-cut citrine mounted in white topaz, the ring’s natural properties and composition define its unique beauty. The top part of the ring is even moderately curved to configure to the finger’s natural curve. And, when outside in natural light, it sparkles and shines like crazy! The cut and size of the white topaz stones make them look like real diamonds.
The Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Birthstone Green Stud Earrings are designed from high-quality, nonleaded 925 Sterling Silver that gives it an exceptional shine and utmost protection. Willing to add a few bucks to get a set that comes with a matching chain? We recommend the Gem Stone King’s 3.10 Ct Oval Swiss Blue Topaz Gold Plated Silver Pendant Earrings Set that’s perfect as a gift for any occasion.

Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Birthstone Green Stud Earrings

For over 100 years now, Gem Stone King has been a leading online jewelry store with more than 300,000 internal sales. The company’s president—Nir Hollander—is the fourth-generation diamond merchant. His great grandfather—Elyahu Holzer—founded the company in the year 1903 in Antwerp, Belgium, and later expanded to New York, Israel, and Thailand. The amazing work of the internet has made it possible for the company to offer its fine pieces directly to consumers, at affordable prices. Its products include fine designer jewelry, loose gemstones, colored diamonds, and beautiful polished diamonds.

Contemporary and unique, the Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Earrings are indeed an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. This piece has a total carat weight of 2.90 CT and is proudly manufactured in the USA. It measures 8X6MM and comes in a beautiful and elegant design that’s suitable for any occasion and with any outfit.

These earrings are made from high-quality nonleaded Sterling Silver that gives them exceptional shine and protection. And, to give you total satisfaction, this product comes with a money-back guarantee backed by exceptional customer service. However, it is good to note that gemstones are treated to improve their durability and appearance, and so may require extra care.
The Hermosa Silver London Blue Topaz Wedding Promise Necklace is handmade by the best artisans with outstanding silver works to produce a high-quality fine jewelry that makes an excellent gift for a loved one. Want to save some bucks by going for a different design and color? Go for the Hermosa Vintage Silver Women Pendant Necklace that is multicolor and oval in shape.

Hermosa Silver London Blue Topaz Wedding Promise Necklace – Available in 2 Designs

Hermosa has been dealing with silver jewelry for a long time now. Its products come directly from the factory and are mostly handmade by the most skilled craftspeople, which makes them unique and cost-effective at the same time.

The Hermosa Huge Heart Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant is a 100% high-quality and brand-new piece that makes a wonderful gift for any occasion including anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. This mystic pendant necklace comes with a fancy jewelry gift box ready for gifting. And, the company promises superior customer service, which includes a full refund policy, great communication, and fast shipping.
The Bamos Jewelry Womens Rainbow Lab Topaz Promise Black Gold Ring features a regal marquise cut, with a shape that flatters the finger. Looking for a different design? Check out the Bamos Jewelry Womens Red Lab Stone Skulls Ring that features 4 skulls and 6 claws.

Bamos Jewelry Womens Rainbow Lab Topaz Promise Black Gold Ring – Available in 5 Sizes

Bamos believes that accessories and jewelry are powerful statement-makers in an individual’s style and identity. By using innovative chemistry coupled with modern-design craftsmanship, the company is able to consistently set the quality standards for next-generation accessories and jewelry.

The Bamos Jewelry Rainbow Topaz Black Gold Ring has a regal marquise cut and comes in a shape that’s sure to flatter your finger, making it look longer. Its S shape makes it much more mystic and an excellent gift for engagement, weddings, friendship, Valentine’s Day, and New Year.

Black gold is a special kind of gold, different from yellow gold, white gold, and 925 silver rose gold. Therefore, the Bamos women’s ring is the best choice both for you and your loved ones. The best part is that this ring shines under the light or in the sun. Indeed, you will be a star in every occasion if you wear this ring! It is good to note, however, that due to the difference in different monitors, this item may have color differences; but the style remains the same.

How Do I Choose the Best Topaz Gift?

Topaz is a lustrous, brilliant, semi-precious gemstone that makes numerous gifts including necklaces, wedding rings, engagement rings, and everyday beauty rings given that it’s strong and durable. Topaz in its natural form is transparent and colorless; but sometimes very light blue, light gray, brown, and light yellow can be found in their natural forms. More often, the products you’ll find in most cosmetic shops are enhanced to bring out variations of beautiful colors. In general, November’s birthstones are perfect colors for Thanksgiving cornucopia and may include colors such as burnt orange, crimson, or turning-foliage-green; a blue Topaz provides a great gift for December.

Purchasing the right topaz gift may not be a piece of cake given the myriad of colors, quality levels, and designs available on the market. But don’t worry. We’ve put together this informative guide to help you navigate the maze of options and choose the best-quality topaz within your budget. And these gifts are not exclusively for lovers, as you can give it as a gift for mom and make her Thanksgiving a memorable one.

Most people use topaz gifts as a gift for four-year wedding anniversaries, but you can also use these gifts at pretty much every time of the year by purchasing a beautiful topaz bracelet. The November’s birthstone, people believe that topaz is a true gift from the sun. In fact, some people believe it’s filled with healing properties and is traditionally used as an odd anniversary gift on the 13th and 17th years. It represents some great human qualities such as creativity, loyalty, prosperity, and peace.

Now, when shopping for a topaz gift, you’ll hear enticing names such as golden topaz, smoky topaz, gold topaz, Brazilian topaz, Madeira topaz, Citrine topaz, and so on. Although these products have the term “topaz” in them, most of them are heat-treated citrine gemstones that, on average, have a lower price value than the original topaz. If you’re not aware of this, you might end up paying higher prices thinking that you’re actually buying topaz gemstones.

One more word! Consider topaz gifts with a refund policy, and if you doubt the quality and authenticity of the product you’ve purchased, get it evaluated by an independent local jeweler or a certified gemologist.

With that said, it’s time to delve deeper into the features that make up a great topaz gift before you dive into our individual reviews. Read on!
Although Topaz is generally an inexpensive stone, it’s among the most durable materials you can find in the cosmetic industry. It has a hardness grade of 8 Mohs scale, which closely compares to diamond, the most durable stone that exists in nature, with a strength of 10.

The price of topaz gifts will vary depending on the type, size, design, as well as color. Blue topaz is a gorgeous piece that lasts a lifetime and may cost a little more than other stones with higher impurity levels. With a budget of between $8 and $23, you should get a great-quality topaz gift to surprise your loved ones.

Further, always figure in the delivery cost before you swipe that credit card. Some manufacturers will incorporate an extra cost for insurance covers when shipping more-expensive purchases. You’ll still find very cheap topaz gifts out there, but be careful with what you spend your money on as some of them may just be heat-treated citrine gemstones masquerading as real topaz gemstones.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a topaz gift. The first, and perhaps the most critical, consideration to make is the type of gift you’re looking for. Is it a necklace, bracelet, or ring? Here are the features in more details:
  • Occasion – Topaz is the birthstone for November, while blue topaz is for December. Topaz is a great choice for anniversaries. Blue topaz is the 4th-anniversary gemstone while the Imperial topaz is the traditional gemstone for the 23rd anniversary. So, ask what occasion you’re buying for and get the right topaz gift.
  • Quality Factors – The silicate mineral appears in different quality levels. With a Mohs scale of 8, the material is extremely hard. However, it doesn’t have a good cleavage, meaning it can be prone to chipping. So, if you’re buying for a daily-worn product, consider bezel settings as opposed to prolonged settings.
  • Color – Most topaz stones appear yellowish in color. Impurities in gemstones is the reason for variations in color; otherwise, a pure topaz gemstone is transparent and colorless. So, the beautiful coloration may not necessarily mean greater quality. You can find colors including pink, green, purple, and the famous blue gemstone. However, most blue topaz stones are heat-treated. The highest-quality topaz stones appear golden orange-yellow and is known as Imperial Topaz.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your topaz gift is the most vital factor to consider. A couple of things to look out for, more specifically, are the manufacturing processes used to make it (and how this affects the piece), and the cut it possesses. Let’s take a look.

Manufacturing Processes

Topaz stones are manufactured in several ways to bring out the beauty and elegance associated with these gifts. Whether it’s a blue, yellow, green, colorless, white, or pink topaz, there are several factors that affect the quality of the final outcome of the product. As mentioned earlier, most topaz stones with a myriad of colors are usually heat-treated and may not actually be topaz gemstones in their natural form.

Mystic topaz presents all the rainbow colors, and was first developed in 1998, but only began to increase in popularity from 2003. The topaz comes with several rainbow shades like dark and beautiful pale shades. The prices are still relatively affordable, but choosing the right quality in this design can be daunting.

The recently-patented process called diffusion is used to treat colorless topaz stones by effectively penetrating a thin layer on the surface of the gemstone. The process is quite stable and the finished gemstone product won’t need delicate care once it’s sold to the consumer. These topaz gifts offer utmost durability, whether it’s a wedding ring or an engagement ring.

The Cut

Another important design consideration is the cut the topaz stone is subjected to. The way a gemstone is cut will affect its face-up color. There are different cutting styles used to prepare this extremely versatile gemstone. You can choose from oval, round, pear, cushion, emerald, marquise, and triangle. Other fancy shapes done by hand or machine are also available. The idea for cutting a topaz in various shapes is to control the amount of light reflected on the surface of the topaz, giving a magnificent sparkle. A poorly-cut stone will not effectively reflect light, hence will give off a dull look.
Performance and Ease of Use
Longevity, quality of appearance, and the recommended care are factors you don’t want to overlook when purchasing a topaz gift. A little bit of information on them is below.


Every jewelry piece is fun to wear, and it’s nice to enjoy the beauty and elegance that comes with it. But you want a gift that will last you a lifetime, especially if it’s a wedding ring or engagement ring. That’s why it’s critical to choose a topaz stone that’s durable and elegant.

Quality of Appearance

Topaz is widely available in nature and occurs in large sizes. A pure topaz is fairly transparent and makes a beautiful blue shade, although not all types will give the beautiful color you desire. There are industry-recommended heat treatment standards that are used to produce various colors to suit your style. Further, be sure to buy from reputable brands that adhere to these standards without compromising on the quality. Note that other varieties of colored topaz may significantly lose their color when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight.

Recommended Care

That brings us to the care and cleaning recommendations for topaz gemstones. Since it’s the transparent nature that makes topaz lovely, always avoid wearing your topaz jewelry when applying makeup, exercising, doing house cleaning, or any other situation where dirt or sweat can accumulate on the jewelry. Again, avoid direct exposure to heat and direct sunshine. Whenever your topaz jewelry collects dirt, use soap and warm water to gently wipe it out. Avoid any form of ultrasonic cleaner or steamer when cleaning the gemstone. To avoid scratches, keep your jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth.

Get the Best Topaz Gift of 2023!

Topaz has been a popular gemstone that has been adored in the jewelry industry for many years. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the best topaz gift to thrill your loved one this end-of-the-year holiday season. If you didn’t find a perfect fit, feel free to check out other options from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
KEZEF 14K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Earrings
Best Value
Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Topaz Ring
Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Topaz Earrings
Hermosa Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Bamos Jewelry Rainbow Topaz Black Gold Ring