Best Tortilla Press Reviews 2023

Tortillas form an integral fixture in a Mexican cuisine that has been embraced by many food lovers across the world. Enjoy your homemade burritos, tacos, and other Mexican dishes that incorporate tortillas in their recipes by choosing the right tortilla press. We have made your work simpler by reviewing some of the best tortilla press brands you can find on the market today. Its time you started making your tortillas like a pro!
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Tortilla Size
Our Top Choice
Cuisinart International Chef Tortilla Press
Having won the most honored Good Design Award twice in a row, Cuisinart has been covering the American kitchen with high-quality products since 1989.
Coated non-stick plates. Easy to clean. Allows you to bake a variety of foods. Large 8 1/3-inch diameter cooking surface.
Some suggest it does not heat evenly.
Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake maker
8 1/3 inches
13.4 x 10.1 x 5.5” / 6.2 pounds
Brushed stainless steel top cover
Adjustable temperature control
Best Value
La Mexicana Pine Wood Tortilla Press
With thousands of satisfied customers so far, La Mexicana has been serving the Mexican market with quality products for a long time now.
Easy to use and sturdy enough to allow you to make thin tortillas. Comes a unique design
The materials tend to break easily.
Traditional manual press
8 x 7.5 inches
14.3 x 7.9 x 6.2” / 3.4 pounds
Pine wood
Long handle
Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press
Boasting of value, quality, and excellent customer service, Harold Import Co. has been among the leading importers of wholesale cookware for decades.
Makes large 6-inch tortillas. Fun and safe to use when cooking with children. Comes with an instruction manual to allow ease of use.
Might not give you the desired thinness
Manual press
6 inches
8 x 6.8 x 4.6” / 1.1 pounds
Heavy-weight aluminum
Instruction manual
LavoHome Premium Tortilla Flat Bread Maker
LavoHome has been making elegant kitchen appliances for every kitchen use for a very long time now.
Comes with instructions and delicious recipes to allow you enjoy your cooking experience. The unit heats up and cooks quickly, reducing the cooking time significantly.
Might not give you the right tortilla shape.
Electric premium tortilla maker
8 inches
17.2 x 11.7 x 3.3” / 1.2 pounds
Stainless steel / Non-stick
Temperature control dial
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press
Victoria gives a sense of tradition to their cookware, ensuring that all their products are of high quality and easy to clean.
Has been pre-seasoned with the Colombian palm oil to prevent the dough from sticking. The device is fast and easy to use.
Has a weak handle
Manual press and pataconera
8 inches
9.5 x 8 x 2.5” / 8.3 pounds
Heavy duty cast iron
Seasoned with Kosher palm oil

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What is the Best Tortilla Press?

To make your tortillas crispy and tasty, you must roll the dough into very thin layers. Without the right tools, this task is not a walk in the park. Making splendid tortillas is an art even the most established chefs can’t get right every time. Our expert reviews on selected tortilla presses will help you narrow down your choices so that you can make your tortillas crispy and perfect.
Our Top Choice
The Cuisinart International Chef Tortilla Press comes with removable, coated, non-stick plates to allow for easy cleaning. Do you want to make some scrumptious waffles for breakfast as well? Check out the Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker.

Cuisinart International Chef Stainless Steel Crepe, Pizzelle, Pancake Plus Tortilla Maker

Since its inception in 1989, Cuisinart has become a universally recognized name infiltrating the American kitchen with a wide variety of products that are preferred by chefs as well as the average Joe. Cuisinart’s products range from blenders and microwaves to cutlery and outdoor grilling, they really are a multi-talented company!

To continue with their tradition of helping consumers make fine and healthy dishes, Cuisinart came up with the Stainless Steel International Chef Tortilla Maker. This product comes with a variety of excellent features that make it the ultimate tortilla machine for the American cook. The nonstick crepe/pizzelle plates are dishwasher friendly and the five setting controls create customized results that meet all tastes.

In addition to this, eliminate any cooking guesswork with the green light that signals when the machine is ready to cook and when the cooking is done. Finally, to make this machine even easier to use, it has adjustable temperature controls and preset times which allows the machine to breeze through pizzelles, crepes, blintzes, tortillas, and pancakes with ease!
Best Value
The La Mexicana Tortilla Maker is unique since it’s made from pine wood that’s designed to give your tortillas a nice round shape. Do you want a nice tortilla warmer foam to keep your tortillas warm, softer and even more malleable? We are sure you will love the La Mexicana Tortilla Warmer Foam too!

La Mexican Tortilladora Madera Pino 8" x 7.5" Wooden Tortilla Press

La Mexicana has been bringing authentic, hard to find Mexican products right to your doorstep for years. They provide products such as seasoning, traditional clay pots and, of course, tortilla presses!

The La Mexicana Tortilla Press is a sturdy, heavy duty machine that will help you make authentic and delicious tortillas. The tortilla press is made from strong pine wood to offer you a long-lasting tortilla making experience as well as offering a more conventional taste. What’s more, you do not require any experience to use this machine and the sturdiness will allow you to press even thin tortillas with ease. It is easy to use and can be operated by individuals with any cooking level.
The Harold Import Co Tortilla Press comes with a sturdy handle that presses dough into consistent thickness for even cooking. Looking for a meat press as well? Check out the HIC Cast Iron Bacon Press\/Steak. It also combines as a Panini Burger Sausage Press!

Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press for 6-inch Tortillas – Available in 2 Styles

Since its inception in 1957, the HIC has been among the best wholesalers of essential cooking tools, cooking supplies, and food preparation equipment, at the most affordable prices. The company prides itself with value, quality, and excellent customer service that never runs out of style.

The HIC Tortilla Maker creates homemade tortillas, artisan flat breads, and other foods with a consistent thickness, thanks to its sturdy nature. The device is also great for making Caribbean roti, moo sho pancakes, pita bread, mini pie and more.

Here are more features that come with this device:
  • Made from strong aluminum material for durability
  • A sturdy handle to offer easy leverage
  • Makes 6-inch tortillas
  • Comes with an instruction manual
If you love the look of this tortilla press, then you might also be interested to know that HIC also manufacturer’s a tortilla bowl maker too!
The LavoHome Premium Tortilla Flat Bread Maker is made of stainless steel enabling you to easily make your homemade tortillas and other bread wraps. Want a tea kettle to make your favorite beverage? Check out the LavoHome 1.8-Liter Electric Tea Kettle too!

LavoHome Premium Electric Stainless Steel Tortilla Press with 8" Cooking Surface

LavoHome makes elegant kitchen appliances that are perfect for every kitchen use. It’s a brand that every kitchen enthusiast wants to associate themselves with, or even every home owner! Their products range from coffee makers and kettles to fans and ladders.

The LavoHome Premium Tortilla Flat Bread Maker creates fresh homemade tortillas and excellent wraps with your favorite flour, spices, and herbs. This device can be used for both flour and corn tortilla breads. It features a non-stick cooking surface for easy cooking and cleaning.

Other features that come with this product include:
  • Temperature control dials to show heating level
  • Indicator lights to show when the device is on or off
  • Made from stainless-steel premium quality material for durability
The Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press is made of heavy-duty cast iron to allow easy and even pressing of your dough. If you’d rather have a smaller tortilla press and save yourself a few bucks, check out the Victoria 6.5 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera.

Victoria Cast Iron 8 Inch Tortilla Press and Pataconera

Victoria has been making waves in the cookware industry since 1939 thanks to their quality cast iron cookware. The reason they produce products only made from cast-iron is easy; they’re simply the best! Cast-iron, when seasoned properly, becomes organically non-stick without the need to coat it in chemicals. That way, cast iron pots, pans, casserole dishes and Dutch ovens can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Victoria Tortilla Maker and Pataconera is a perfect example of what the brand is capable of. It is an internationally recognized appliance that will help you make perfectly flat, natural, and consistently thin tortillas. The heavyweight construction provides more consistency when pressing and also make you use less effort.

More features that come with this product include:
  • Perfectly flat plates that produce perfectly flat tortillas
  • Designed for numerous foods including tortillas, empanadas, flat breads, tostones, arepas, and more!
  • Detailed instructions on care and use
  • Additional screw for the lever

How Do I Choose the Best Tortilla Press?

Have you been frequenting your local Mexican restaurant to enjoy sumptuous tortillas? Have you been wondering what they do to make their tortillas so delicious? Making tortillas is not the easiest of processes even for experienced chefs; right from maintaining the consistency to rolling out the dough manually. However, there is a solution to your tortilla making struggles. Just like a crepe maker to make those perfect crepes, you need a decent tortilla press that will churn out perfect tortillas one after the other.

Well, it might be the ingredients, but we can assure you there’s a lot that goes in preparing the dough. To do it the right way, you must have a good tortilla press. This tool does not only give you the right shape and size, it also allows you to get your preferred thickness, just the way you love it! And as you get that perfect tortilla press to put your family recipe to the test, do not forget about getting a pizzelle maker (if you don’t have one already). You will love what these two godsend tools have in store for you! You could also consider getting a good quality waffle maker to be able to add variety to your breakfast table.

Let’s now check out the consideration factors for buying your ideal tortilla maker before we can jump straight into our picks.
Tortilla presses come at different prices depending on the size and the material used in the manufacture (aluminum, steel, or wood). Generally, you’ll find wooden tortillas and cast iron tortillas to be the most affordable options in the market, followed by aluminum models.

Other inbuilt features like non-stick coatings, baking light indicators, and temperature controls will have a huge influence on the price of a tortilla press. However, you can be sure to find a decent press on a budget you’re comfortable with. A good tortilla press can cost as low as $10 dollars inclusive of free shipment while a more advanced model can cost up to $100. Although you can find a cheap tortilla press in the market, we don’t always recommend them since they may not deliver the performance and the features you desire.
With today’s technological advancements, you’ll find a variety of cookware that demands minimal input from the user to make perfect tortillas. Many units are now combining the pressing and the baking. But let’s focus on the key features of a tortilla press that you should look out for when shopping.
  • Size of the Cooking surface – The most common tortilla presses measure between 8-10 inches in diameter. Pick a tortilla press based on the size of your cooking plate.
  • Pressing vs. Cooking – Pure presses make your tortilla making process easy, but you’ll need additional griddles to fry your tortillas. Tortilla presses with baking options simplify the task of tortilla making with no need for extra cookware.
  • Material - The material used to make the tortilla press surface affects the ease of cleaning. Aluminum and cast iron surfaces make a perfect surface for dough flattening, but a non-stick coating makes your cooking more convenient.
  • Weight– The weight of the tortilla press affects the efficiency of the unit. Heavier presses flatten your tortillas more efficiently for a tastier and healthier tortilla.
  • Usability – Electric models will come with light indicators that show when the unit is heated up to the right temperature in addition to temperature controls showing desired browning levels.
Construction and Design
In order to get the right tortilla press you will need to understand the two major types available out there. These are:

The manual press
    This one creates even, flat tortillas, but must be heated by external appliances like stoves, grills, or ovens to cook up the tortilla. The manual press has an obvious drawback that it doesn’t cook the tortilla without an additional heat source. However, it’s also beneficial since it can be used anywhere, regardless of the availability of electricity. So, if you need to prepare some tortillas at the campsite or in your backyard during a cookout, a fine aluminum tortilla press will do you just fine.
The electric press
    This electrically powered unit presses the dough flat and cooks it between its two hot plates. If you want to avoid the manual hassles with your tortilla press, an electric model would be your best bet since it does both the pressing and the cooking in a matter of seconds. If you pick the right brand, you’ll find a decent unit for great tortillas.

One of the most important components of a tortilla press is the pressing surface. Cast iron models are made from heavy iron and may come with a non-stick coating for increased efficiency. It’s much heavier as compared to the cast aluminum and wooden models making it easier to press the dough into shape.

Alternatively, cast aluminum tortilla presses are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that looks pretty and shiny, but you’ll have to use extra muscles to press the dough. Unless you’re making a few tortillas once in a while, consider getting a better quality.

The wooden tortilla press is carved from wood to form a round shape that just fits your favorite tortilla size. It’s equally pretty but with a slightly larger footprint than cast iron models. These presses are still common in Mexico. If you must go for this model, ensure that the wood is oak or mesquite for weight and durability. However, wood presses are bulky and take up more storage space, not to mention the aesthetic concerns.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since the tortilla making process is already a daunting task, you don’t want a press that makes your work even harder. You need something that will ease the process of seamlessly churning out those perfect tortillas. Let us look at the performance of tortilla presses in terms of materials used and mode of operation:

Materials used
    One determinant factor that affects performance of tortilla presses is the weight. Heavier presses made from cast steel exert substantial pressure on the dough even before you engage any muscles to it. You’ll just need a little effort to press your tortilla into shape. This makes them more efficient and fast as compared to aluminum and wooden counterparts.
Mode of operation
    Manually operated tortilla presses require some level of physical energy to operate and you still need to transfer the tortilla to a separate appliance for baking. This brings with it levels of hassling and it’s also time consuming. However, for seamless performance without breaking a muscle, electric models provide a much faster means of tortilla making and baking. There are several versions of electric tortilla presses on the market with some interesting virtues. It makes the tortilla making process as simple as placing dough between the plates, pressing, and baking, all in one step.

Get the Best Tortilla Press of 2023!

We hope that our reviews helped you find the right tortilla press for your kitchen. But don’t worry if you did not get the right choice. Check out other options by these brands and you might find yourself a great quality and pocket-friendly alternative.

Our Top Choice
Cuisinart International Chef Tortilla Press
Best Value
La Mexicana Pine Wood Tortilla Press
Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press
LavoHome Premium Tortilla Flat Bread Maker
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press