Best Touchscreen Laptop Reviews 2022

If you’re on the hunt for a touchscreen laptop that will be able to keep up with you, then you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to wade through the morass of specs and techno-babble that usually accompanies tech reviews. Luckily for you, we rolled up our sleeves and did the legwork for you. We searched out five top brands that offer some of the best touchscreen laptops, and from each of these we chose one model (from the lot they each offer) for this review. As you look through our selection, bear in mind that if they do not meet your requirements, you can always look at other models offered by the brands. This effectively cuts down the time you would have spent browsing and wondering. Now, find the results of our search as laid out below for you to peruse at your leisure.
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Our Top Choice
HP Envy x360-15 Quad Core Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop
The Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly known as HP, is an experienced, well-known and trusted name in innovative technology, such as laptops, printers and scanners.
Weighs a mere 4.75 pounds, so it’s portable. Amazingly flexible screen rotation. Built with the latest Intel processor. Superb battery. 16GB RAM. Amazing screen resolution.
Some customers believe that a smaller screen size would have served better.
Best Value
Asus Flip C302 Touchscreen Chromebook
Asus has become a household name and it owes its success to a combination of factors, the most important being its reliability, sleek looks, and reasonable prices to boot.
Sleek aluminum body. Battery life of about ten hours. Boots fast. Intel Core m3 Processor with 4GB RAM. A thin, 12.5’’ screen.
The Android-support feature may be a tad problematic.
Microsoft Surface Book 2 Touchscreen Laptop
Microsoft, or MS for short, is one of the world’s top five manufacturers and licensers of computer software, electronics and personal computers, alongside their services.
You can use voice commands to interact and make presentations. Amazing rear webcam with 8-megapixel resolution. Intel core i7 processor. Screen resolution of 3260x2160.
It’s a bit expensive.
Dell i5379-5893GRY-PUS Inspiron 2-1
Dell has been a source of powerful and reliable laptops, reasonably priced at that. If you want to spend as little as possible on maintenance, Dell is your friend.
Small enough to fit into your bag, yet wide enough to not tire out the eyes. Keyboard is backlit. Comes with NVIDIA chipset. Processor is Intel core i5. 8GB RAM. Affordable.
The battery life may not be so long.
Lenovo N23 11.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop
Like every brand out there, Lenovo has its stars and rattletraps, but the former far outweigh the latter. Keep in mind, if it’s either ultra-light or it folds, it’s Lenovo.
Comes with a Windows 10 Professional operating system. Integrated card reader. Built with Intel dual-core processor for fast performance. Comes with Intel HD graphics.
Its battery life, though, is just about 5 hours on the average.

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What is the Best Touchscreen Laptop?

A decent touchscreen laptop is much like a decent laptop, with an additional method of interaction. A good one should have at least 4GB of RAM and a dual core processor. A great one, however, will double that, have a dedicated graphics card and will, more likely than not, come from a brand name familiar even to the uninitiated. Of course, this will make it more expensive, but when it comes to laptops, high-end and expensive are almost synonymous. In the final analysis, you are the only one who can decide exactly what is right for you, as this will be dependent on your needs. Note your requirements and the features that are a must-have so that you can identify the products that possess these features as you begin to review our selections.
Our Top Choice
The HP Envy x360-15 Quad Core Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop is the latest in its 8th Gen. series; it’s amazingly flexible and gives you everything the company claims it gives when it comes to its convertibility. If you don’t need the processing power of an i7, we urge you to check out the HP Notebook 15.6 Inch Touchscreen Premium Laptop. It comes with a core i3 processor.

HP Envy x360-15 Quad Core (8th Gen. Intel i7-8550U, 16GB DDR4, 1TB+128GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Intel UHD 620, IPS micro-edge, Bluetooth, Windows 10) Bang & Olufsen MS Ink 15.6" Convertible 2-in-1 laptop


The Hewlett-Packard Company, more commonly known as HP, is a well-known and trusted name when it comes to innovative communication technology and customer satisfaction. From laptops to printers and scanners, HP has continued to work hard to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive field. The advancement of technology in recent times is nothing less than jaw-dropping, with old-time companies striving to keep abreast of the changing times and new ones springing up everywhere with state-of-the-art products. But HP has kept the pace, even being a pacesetter in some cases. If you are looking for quality, durability, beauty and customer satisfaction, think HP because it has 83 years’ worth of experience to back itself up with – and experience does not lie.

The HP Envy x360-15 Quad Core Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop is a laptop on steroids. The latest in its 8th Gen. series, it is amazingly flexible and gives you everything the company claims it gives when it comes to its convertibility. It isn’t one of those which turn to an angle and then get stuck, refusing to go all the way; this one turns smoothly and surely until the back of the screen touches the keyboard. This level of flexibility comes in handy when you want a tablet-like feel, where you can just prop it up and get to business. It is sleek and classy, bringing out the creative you. With its light pen, the flow of your work couldn’t get any easier.

Along with the fact that its convertibility is butter-smooth, here are some other highlights:

  • Weighs a mere 4.75 pounds – about 2.17kg, so it’s portable.
  • Amazing screen resolution – up to 1920x1080. Super bright with a sharp focus.
  • Has a 15.6-inch screen – large enough to accommodate easy navigation.
  • Comes with 16GB RAM – eliminates frustrating slowness in any type of work.
  • Built with the latest Intel processor – core i7.
  • Superb battery life.
Best Value
The Asus Flip C302 Touchscreen Chromebook is easy on the hands at just 2.65 pounds, and its 360-degree rotation screen cruises along easily without any hitch, giving the option of either using it as laptop or a tablet. Do you prefer a core i5 over a core m3? Then we suggest you take a look at the Newest ASUS 15.6’’ 2-in-1 Touchscreen FHD. It’s also loaded with other great features.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302 with Intel Core m3, 12.5-Inch Touchscreen, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM – Available in 3 Styles


Setting up shop a mere 29 years ago, Taiwan-based Asus has grown to become one of the world’s biggest and best-recognized hardware manufacturing companies when it comes to computers and electronics, thinking ahead of its time and producing to meet needs before they arise. Hard work, dedication and passion have driven it to the forefront, and customer satisfaction contributes to keep it there. Keying into the future of robotics already, Asus works with a world-class team and aims to give the best at all times because it recognizes that its customers come first. It has proven that the entire rave about it is not all hype, so rest assured that you can get the best from them.

The Asus Flip C302 Touchscreen Chromebook is easy on the hands at just 2.65 pounds (a little over 1kg), meaning that you don’t feel as if you are lugging an extra person around just because you are carrying a laptop. It is one of those laptops that give you that feeling you get from people who are able to do just what they are told to do effortlessly, making everyone else look clumsy. Its 360-degree rotation screen cruises along easily without any hitch, giving the option of either using it as laptop or a tablet. What also contributes to this great feature is the fact that it has a thin, 12.5-inch screen, small enough to not make you feel awkward when using it as a tablet.

There are other impressive features that make this Chromebook a must-have:

  • Comes with a sleek aluminum body – not just to beautify it but also to protect it from easy destruction.
  • Has an Intel Core m3 Processor with 4GB RAM – for an amazingly fast and hitch-free performance, on and off the internet.
  • Does not take all day to boot.
  • Has a battery life of about ten hours – but depends on the volume of work you use it for.
  • Screen resolution is 1920x1080 pixels – high-definition output.
  • Keyboard comes in a Chiclet style – for a better typing experience. It also differentiates between intentional cursor movements and unintentional ones.
The Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes as an improvement on the Surface Book and packs with it 17 straight hours of playback time. It also offers the latest in graphics technology available (NVIDIA GeForce GPUs). Don’t need all the power of a core i7 but still want something fast enough? We recommend the Microsoft Surface Laptop (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Platinum.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Intel Core i7) – Available in 2 Screen Sizes and 5 Different Storage Size Options


Microsoft, or MS, is one of the world’s top five manufacturers and licensers of computer software, electronics and personal computers, alongside their numerous services. Founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, Microsoft has grown from being just the brainchild of two friends who share a common love for computers and programming to a force to be reckoned with in the information technology world. Today, you find countless devices with Microsoft Office suite in them; in fact, more computers than not run this software. The company keeps striving to give its best and stay ahead of the game, recognizing the changing times and the surge of competition which keeps coming every day. Because of this, it keeps giving its best so that you, the customer, will keep reaping the benefits of trusting it.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes as an improvement on the older model and packs with it 17 straight hours of playback time. You get a full day’s worth of battery life when you use this, and it offers the latest graphics technology available (NVIDIA GeForce GPUs). With the stylish and sleek Surface pen, you can create your graphics and present them with a powerful 3-D display and the best resolution. The pen is a separate accessory, though. You can also use just voice commands on it to interact and make your presentations.

There are a myriad of features that this top-of-the-chain laptop brings to your table. We can only say so much; you have to experience them for yourself:

  • Comes with Windows 10 Pro.
  • Has a high-definition screen in your choice of 13.5 or 15 inches – for easy navigation, especially when drawing.
  • Comes with 16GB RAM (or you can go for 8GB if you don’t need as much) and has a memory speed of 1866 megahertz.
  • Storage options range from 256GB to 1 TB, depending upon your needs.
  • Amazing rear webcam with 8-megapixel resolution.
  • Body is made of magnesium – and has a matte-like feel, eliminating messy fingerprints.
  • Comes with an Intel core i7 processor.
The Dell i5379-5893GRY-PUS Inspiron is a beautiful yet practical creation because it can be used in four different modes for different occasions: the stand mode, the tent mode, the laptop mode and the tablet mode. Don't need an SSD RAM for your operations? Would 8GB RAM serve your purpose? Then check out the 2018 Dell Inspiron 5000 i5-8250U.

Dell i5379-5893GRY-PUS Inspiron 2-1 - 8th Gen Intel Core i5; 8GB Memory; 256GB SSD; Intel UHD Graphics 620; 13.3" Touch Display; Theoretical Gray – Available in 2 Processing Speeds


With approximately 138,000 employees worldwide, Dell Incorporated is a world-renowned manufacturer of computer technology as well as a service point for different types of electronics manufactured by other companies. It is easily recognizable because of its computers, which are used by many and acclaimed as strong and long-lasting. Dell exists to meet technology-driven needs, and it has succeeded in that field so far; customer feedback is everything to it. Therefore, it works hard to give you the best by seeking out innovative ways to improve already-existing software and produce new, tech-savvy products. It is a highly competitive world, but Dell keeps up the pace.

The Dell i5379-5893GRY-PUS Inspiron is a beautiful yet practical and affordable creation because it can be used in four different modes for different occasions: the stand mode, the tent mode, the laptop mode and the tablet mode. The 360-degree hinge makes this easy-peasy. With this, you don’t need to worry about having to carry a laptop and a tablet separately; that has been solved. The keyboard is backlit, so wherever you are, lighted or dim, you can carry on with your work unhindered.

Below are some other features that come with this touchscreen laptop:

  • Small enough to fit into your bag – yet with a wide enough screen to not tire out your eyes.
  • Processor is Intel core i5 and 8GB RAM – for quicker performance.
  • Hinges are solid and tight – no worries about rust or resistance after some time.
  • Comes with NVIDIA chipset – for top graphics performance.
  • Weighs only 3.4pounds (less than 2kg).
The Newest Lenovo N23 11.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop comes with an 11.6-inch high-definition touchscreen display with 360-degree hinges, so it can serve both as a notebook and a tablet. Its less-than-2kg weight makes it portable. Prefer a touchscreen laptop with the added benefits of an SSD RAM? We recommend the Lenovo Yoga 710 - 11.6" FHD Touch.

Lenovo 2017 N23 11.6-inch Touchscreen 2-in-1 Business Laptop, Intel Celeron N3060, 4GB Memory, 32GB eMMC, Windows 10 Professional


Lenovo has grown from its days of being housed in a shack to become China’s, and one of the world’s, leading personal computer manufacturers, with over 54,000 employees in about 160 countries. It bought the personal computing division of IBM, the company to manufacture the first PC ever. Today, Lenovo prides itself on sustainability, customer support and innovative output, giving older companies a run for their money. It doesn’t only produce computers; it also churns out great mobile phones that have proven that they are here to stay. Lenovo works hard to see smiles on its customers’ faces because your satisfaction is paramount to them.

The Newest Lenovo N23 11.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop comes with an 11.6-inch high-definition touchscreen display with 360-degree hinges so that it can serve you both as a notebook and a tablet. Its less-than-2kg weight makes it even more lovable, because it is easy to carry without feeling the weight of it. Convert it to whichever mode best suits your needs at any particular time and make the most out of this portable laptop.

To add to its already growing list of advantages are the following:

  • Comes with a Windows 10 Professional operating system.
  • Built with Intel dual-core processor for fast performance.
  • Integrated card reader.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Comes with Intel HD graphics.

How Do I Choose the Best Touchscreen Laptop?

Swipe, swipe, expand, pinch, and swipe some more. Almost everyone today is guilty of this. We’ve all come to love swiping on our smartphone screens, tablet screens, and more. We sometimes, therefore, find it a little boring and kind of like a break in stride when we have to revert to the traditional mouse and keyboard most standard laptops use.

Just imagine that you’ve spent hours swiping away or expanding and pinching images on your phone or other touchscreen device, and then suddenly you see an image on a regular laptop that you want to take a closer look at. You reach out to expand the image with your fingers as you would on your other devices and …oh, it’s not touchscreen, so you either lose interest or reach for the mouse and begin the long process of zooming in and out.

Thankfully, you can now have that same touchscreen experience on your laptop. Actually, from the introduction of the Windows 8 operating system, which really was created for touch, a lot of people have started to see the need for touchscreen laptops. Now with Windows 10, touchscreen laptops have become much more acceptable and even regarded as more efficient by some.

Whether you are looking for 2 in 1 laptop deals or a good touchscreen laptop, this guide is here to help you choose the best touchscreen laptop for your use. We will help you by pointing out a few factors you should take some time to consider while shopping for one so you can get one that will really serve you. If you are ready, let’s swipe away and begin this journey into the world of touchscreen laptops.

But before we do, we’d like to point out that we had a hard time picking our top five touchscreen laptops. Some really good ones didn't make it onto our list. Touchscreen laptops like Acer's Chromebook Convertible and Samsung's Chromebook Pro. Be sure to check them out if you want more options.


Laptops can generally be a bit pricey, especially top-quality ones. With touchscreen laptops, you need to spend a little bit more, mainly because of the additional touchscreen functionality. Aside from the touchscreen, the factors that will affect your cost are the same things that will affect your cost when buying a regular laptop. Things like processing speed, RAM size, storage space, screen resolution, battery life, and more.

Generally with laptops and, by implication, touchscreen laptops; you pay more if you want more features. However, from our research, we found that with between $999 and $1,500, you can get a very good touchscreen laptop (with cost being lower if you are looking for a small screen). Surely, the more you are willing to spend, the better the quality you are likely to get. If you, however, want to look for the least expensive models, be sure to avoid cheap touchscreen laptops, because they are usually of very poor quality, which can be inefficient and very frustrating.


Do you want to get a touchscreen laptop that will serve you perfectly? If you do, then you need to take some time to consider some factors. These factors will help you understand exactly what you should be focusing on and what is not so important. After properly considering these, you will know what you need and confidently go for it. These are some of the factors you need to consider:

  • Processor Speed
  • RAM Size
  • Storage Size
  • Graphic Card
  • Display
  • Battery Life
  • Operating System

We will now discuss these in some detail.

Construction and Design

One of the most important things anyone should consider when purchasing any type of computing device (touchscreen laptops included) is its processing speed. This is basically what determines its power. The higher the processing speed, the faster it will operate, and the more capable it will be of handling tough processing assignments. If you are a gamer, video or picture editor, or a music producer, go for the highest processing speed you can get. You should not consider anything lower than a core i5, better still, a core i7, or best still, a core i9.

Next is the RAM size. This works closely with the processing speed. The RAM does not actually add directly to the processing speed, but it allows the processor to handle more tasks at the same time. We always have a lot of applications running on our laptops—both known and unknown. Regardless of how fast the processor is, if the RAM is low, you will find that your system will get sluggish at times, which will usually be a result of the number of applications running simultaneously being more than it can handle efficiently. With a higher RAM, it will be able to handle more applications at the same time. So, choose a RAM size that will be ideal for the type of use you will want to put your touchscreen laptop to.

Another thing worth considering is the internal storage space. Generally speaking, most people who do serious work on their laptops (video, pictures, music etc.) do not save their work on the laptop but rather on an external drive. To this extent, the internal storage matters more for the operating system and other programs and applications you may want to install. That said, it is always better to have more storage space than less. Go for as much storage space as you can afford.

High-def imagery is now a must-have on any device, with many now going for ultra-high-def. Surely, we’ve long moved from 1k to where we are now at 4k, or ultra-high definition, as the new rave. To enjoy the best picture on your touchscreen laptop, you will need three major components to work together. These include: screen resolution, screen size, and graphic card.

As with most computer-related things, higher numbers are always better. Go for the highest resolution you can get, the biggest screen size you can afford, and a graphic card with the biggest memory you can afford. This used to be mainly a concern of those who were into graphics or video editing. The case is different today, as most games require high-end graphics to operate optimally. If this is important to you, then look out for it.

Performance and Ease of Use

Still talking about the display, the size of the display can make using your laptop more or less convenient. Reading text on your screen will be easier if the screen is larger, especially if your eyesight is not as good as you want it to be. There appear to be more advantages to having a larger screen size than there are disadvantages.

Your laptop’s operating system is the engine on which it runs. As of today, Windows appears to have the touchscreen laptop firmly in its grasp. This means you will not have much by way of choice. For the best touchscreen experience, go with Windows 10. Windows 8 offers a good touchscreen interface but not as good as Windows 10.

If you are one of those who don’t mind running installations by yourself, you can opt for a laptop without a preloaded operating system and maybe save yourself a few bucks in the process. Choosing one that comes with a preloaded operating system is, however, preferable to many because of the convenience it offers.

One very important thing that we’ve kept for last is the battery life. The whole idea of a laptop is that it is something you can carry around without needing to have it plugged into a mains socket. Be sure to go for a touchscreen laptop with a long battery life. This is especially important because the added touchscreen functionality drains the battery even more than regular laptops will.

With these few factors listed and discussed above, you can easily look through different touchscreen laptops and know which will serve you better.

Get the Best Touchscreen Laptop of 2022!

Hopefully, you’ve had as much fun reading this article as we had writing it. More importantly, we hope that you now know exactly what you want in a touchscreen laptop and may have even picked out the one you want. Without further delay, place your order right away and begin to enjoy the convenience of touchscreen on all your devices.

Our Top Choice
HP Envy x360-15 Quad Core Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop
Best Value
Asus Flip C302 Touchscreen Chromebook
Microsoft Surface Book 2 Touchscreen Laptop
Dell i5379-5893GRY-PUS Inspiron 2-1
Lenovo N23 11.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop