Best Towable Tube Reviews 2022

Today’s next-generation towable tubes combine speed, safety, and fun, thanks to modern high-tech design coupled with cutting-edge synthetic materials. Now skill can be an option, not a requirement, when you choose the right towable tube that lets you sit back and enjoy the ride. Spice up your next water ride with a tubing challenge this summer, with a towable tube that accommodates the entire family, from small kids to grannies! However, finding the best towable tubes brand may not be easy, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why our experts have put together this insightful guide to make your work easier as you plan to explore the waters!
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Our Top Choice
Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube
As a leading manufacturer of high-quality watersports products and accessories, Airhead makes unique products that bring fun and satisfaction to its customers.
It offers the highest degree of safety, to allow your young ones to have fun on the water without worry. Its inflated floors ensure added comfort during the ride.
The stitching seems not to have been done correctly. It is too small for adults.
Deck tubes
7 x 15 x 21’’/16.64 pounds
Air pumps, ropes
Best Value
Rave Slingshot II Rider Tube
Rave improves its high-quality watersports products by introducing fresh add-ons to its line of products. It's also expanded its range to boat towables and water recreation accessories.
It comes with a strong PVC bladder and a sturdy nylon cover to endure riding experience.
The ride is less comfortable, especially for kids.
17 x 17 x 20’’/21.9 pounds
SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Towable
SPORTSSTUFF has years of experience providing outstanding products to let you have fun and excitement on the water.
It has high backrests and several handles to keep you in place. It’s stable, even for older riders. It's well constructed with sturdy, quick fill/deflate valves.
Note that despite the cover having a drain flap, there's no hole on the bottom to drain water.
31 x 90 x 78’’/43.2 pounds
Heavy-gauge PVC, nylon
Life vests, pumps, ropes
WOW Sports Bingo 3 Towable
Since 2010, WOW has made products that help boaters and water enthusiasts have fun in safe and adventurous ways.
Drop speed bottom means easy, fuel-efficient towing with little drag. The deep cockpit construction and high backrest riser provide a secure yet extreme riding experience.
The ride seems to be a bit rough and bumpy.
1 to 3
92 x 78’’
Heavy-duty PVC, nylon
Tow connector
O'Brien Le Towable Round Tube
With its dedication to quality, value, and performance, O’Brien makes products for the ultimate family enjoyment on the water.
This tube is easy to inflate and deflate. It is made of heavy-duty PVC for a long-lasting water fun experience.
Note that the round shape makes it unsuitable for kids, since it tips over easily.
Donut shape
10 x 12 x 16.25’’/9 pounds
Tow line connector hook

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What is the Best Towable Tube?

Every boater understands the importance of towable tubes as far as enjoying summer waves is concerned. Now that you are armed with the necessary consideration factors, it’s time to go out there and find out which brands meet your needs and preferences.
Our Top Choice
The Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube comes with two separate cockpits that are perfect for kids, since they offer secure seating and less probability of them knocking together. Looking to get different features and spend a little bit less? Check out the Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Towable. It holds three riders and has a 103" length x 44" width.

Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube with 2 Person Capacity

Airhead is a leading watersports brand. With its unique quality and attention to detail, customers who buy these products are bound to have lots of fun and satisfaction. The brand’s products include inflatable boats and kayaks, kneeboards, stand-up paddleboards, pool floats, inflatable towable tubes, wakeboards, pool floats, water skis, personal floatation devices, boating accessories, and air pumps.

Airhead makes one of the best towable tubes on the market: the Mach 2 Towable. This tube features a unique design that accommodates both children and adults, allowing people of all ages to experience fun and excitement. The cockpit tube offers both a secure area for young riders, and a separate wild area for teens and adults.

The Airhead Mach 2 measures 69 by 69 inches when deflated. It is made with high-quality materials for durability and safety. Other features that come with this towable include:
  • Heavy gauge PVC and high-quality double stitched nylon covers for high weight capacity
  • Inflated floors and four deluxe handles designed with neoprene knuckle guards for a secure, comfortable, and fun ride
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast deflating and inflating
Best Value
The Rave Slingshot II Rider has deep recumbent seating, and an exclusive RAVE Tailrooster to provide you with sports car comfort as you enjoy your time on the water. Looking for a lightweight two-rider towable instead? We are sure you will love the Rave Razor 2-Rider Towable.

Rave Slingshot II Sports Car Style Two Person Towable Rider

After inventing the inflatable water trampoline, Rave continues to provide creative, high-end products that offer serious watersports entertainment for the whole family. The company has a comprehensive product line, including towables, bouncers and accessories, water skis and wakeboards, water trampolines, pool toys, stand-up paddle boards, and resorts and camp watersports activity platforms.

The Rave Slingshot II Rider will let you float down that lazy river in comfort on a hot summer afternoon. This towable is for two riders, and has deep recumbent seating and an exclusive RAVE Tailrooster. The nylon-covered handles and EVA knuckle guards are designed to keep you in place through the greatest thrills.

With its heavy-duty PVC bladder and a strong nylon cover, this tube is set to give you a long-lasting water fun experience. The recumbent seating position means an entirely comfortable ride. It has extra-tall backrests, and comes with a quick-connect tow point and a patented RAVE tail.
The SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Towable comes with wide wingspans to send you airborne with the slightest wake, but with extreme stability. Want to have an almost similar experience but save yourself some few bucks? Try the SPORTSSTUFF Super Mable Towable. It also comes with two tow points for that extra thrill.

SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Tube

Over years of providing great products to boaters and watersports enthusiasts, SPORTSSTUFF has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest water recreation and marine accessories dealers. Its product line includes towables, boats and kayaks, life vests, boards and skis, pumps, ropes and harnesses, paddleboards, floating loungers, and electronics.

The SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Towable is the most advanced action tube on the water. Its wide wingspan will not only allow you to take on the toughest wake, but also make sure that you are among the most stable riders around. The high air padded backrests and multiple double webbing foam handles designed with knuckle guards will help you stay in place throughout the ride. And, with a simple twist of the revolutionary dual tow points, you can tow this machine in the opposite direction and experience a completely different thrill.

At a size of 80" x 96" (203.2 cm x 244 cm) when deflated, and with a maximum carrying capacity of 340 pounds, the Chariot Warbird 2 is ready for anyone looking for action or mere relaxation. Other features that come with this towable include:
  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders
  • High-quality nylon covers with zipper
  • EVA foam seating pads for added comfort
  • High-back recumbent seating
  • High-visibility custom graphics
  • Self-bailing drain vents
  • Speed safety valve for easy inflation and deflation
The WOW Sports Bingo 3 Towable has cockpit tubes with front and rear tow points. You can ride seated from the front tow area, or connect a rope at the rear and spin away. Do you have a tight budget, and also want a towable with a bigger capacity? The WOW World of Watersports Big Bazooka will be a suitable fit for you.

WOW Sports Bingo 3 Inflatable Secure Cockpit Seating Towable with Front and Back Tow Points

From towables and floating tubes, to water ski tubes and inflatable water toys, WOW Sports is a one-stop shop for all your watersports products. Its watersports tubes are meant for the ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools. Some are designed for pulling behind a boat, and others are great for simply relaxing and drifting. Whether you want to have your alone time on the water, or you want to bring a friend along, WOW has the perfect inflatable for your preferred summer pastime.

The WOW Sports Bingo 3 Towable is action-packed to give your family two rides at the price of one. Its tubes are among the few cockpit tubes with front and back tow points. Whether you want to ride seated at the front tow area, or connect a rope to the rear tow point and ride chariot-style, you are bound to have a blast on water with this towable.

The deep cockpit seating and high backrest offer a smooth, secure, and comfortable ride. This towable caters to the needs of everyone in the family, from those looking for a slow easy ride, to those who are thirsty for something more extreme.

Other features include:
  • Cockpit seating for secure ride for kids
  • Helps keep riders inside the tube during more extreme rides
  • 11 IN 4k EZ tow connector for easy switching of the tow points
  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders
  • Nylon cover with heavy-gauge zippers
  • EVA foam pads for comfortable seating
  • Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards
  • Speed valves for quick inflation and deflation
  • Measures 92 x 78 IN 233 x 198 cm when deflated and 86 x 75 IN 218 x 191 cm when inflated
If you are keen on this towable, you will be happy to learn that it comes in two other styles: one for 1-2 persons, and one for 1-4 persons.
The O'Brien Le Towable Round Tube comes with four soft, flexible handles, to offer you a secure grip while having a blast on the water. Want a towable with a bigger diameter and more handles for a more secure ride? The O'Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Tow Tube will be a perfect fit for you.

O'Brien 56-Inch Rider Le Towable Round Tube with 4 Handles

For over 50 years, O’Brien has designed products that let the whole family enjoy fun on the water. The company believes in using the newest technology to test, design, and manufacture items, so that your water time remains memorable forever. Its products include skis, wakeboards, vests, leisure tubes and floats, kneeboards, and towable tubes and floats.

The O'Brien Le Towable Round Tube offers star-level performance at one of the most competitive prices on the market. This high-quality 26 gauge PVC tube has soft, flexible handles to offer you some of the most long-lasting and secure fun on the water. It is easy to inflate and deflate, and has one Boston air valve. With its front quick connector hook, this towable can work in almost any water, age, speed, or fun conditions.

How Do I Choose the Best Towable Tube?

When summer comes knocking and the water warms up, many boat enthusiasts love spending weekends on the water. Towable tubes are a must-have for a thrilling water sports experience. There are numerous towable models on the market, and new innovations are being unveiled every season.

Before you invest in a quality towable tube, it’s critical to check out the size, style, accessories, safety, and skill levels required. Make the most out of your summer weekends by choosing the right towable tube that suits your individual needs and family requirements. Something that accommodates the whole family could be a better choice.

A towable tube ensures that everyone enjoys the ride simultaneously, unlike a paddleboard that accommodates only one person at a time as others wait on the shore. Towable manufacturers continue to upgrade their models with new versions, cutting-edge materials, and innovative accessories that enhance your riding experience. Be sure to wear the right life vest before you hit the waters, to avoid any risk of drowning in the waves.

Another key factor to consider is the kind of rope you use to tow your tube. Never use a ski rope to tow your towable tube. These ropes are not designed to withstand such strain, especially if you’re towing more than two occupants. Buy a good tube rope that meets WSIA safety standards for the specific number of riders you’re towing.

Just like an inflatable kayak, a towable tube allows everyone to have a good time on the water, but the quality of the materials used differs from brand to brand. Safety features and extra accessories for comfort and aesthetics may also inform your choice of a particular model. Be sure to consider these factors when shopping for a towable tube, and then you can go straight to our best selections.
Towable tubes come in a variety of sizes and prices. With a budget of between about $80 and $430, you can get a decent towable tube with interesting features. There are cheap towable tubes, but we don’t recommend them to our clients, since they might not offer the best comfort, durability, or safety. Additionally, if you’re going for a cruise, the last thing you need is a tube that requires high levels of skill to ride.

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase a single towable for the whole family, to save on the cost of having separate towables for kids and adults. The current generation of towable tubes allow multiple riders to enjoy the fun. Some models are spacious enough to accommodate the entire family.

Value and towable tubes go hand in hand. Generally, you can find a good towable tube that converts your boat into a thrilling towable watersport platform for a little less than $100, which is almost half the cost of an average wakeboard.
There are two types of towable tubes: partially covered and fully covered ones. They come in various sizes designed for a single rider, or multiple riders (four or more persons). The maximum rating is based on the maximum number of adult riders. For instance, a two-person towable tube can carry one adult and two kids. Always ensure there’s an adult riding with kids on a multi-rider tube for safety reasons. In case the tube flips and traps kids under it, the adult rider can help them out. Here are some of the features to look for in a towable tube:

    Towable tubes are designed for families to enjoy together. They offer the highest safety, stability, and ease of use. Typically, they have deeper seats and are wider for a steadier ride. These tubes offer spacious room for more family members to sit at once. More importantly, you require minimal skill levels to ride, making them convenient for younger kids and older people.
    High-performance towable tubes require a greater skill level to ride, but will offer brave riders higher speeds and maneuverability. You can ride these tubes in various positions, including standing, sitting, lying, and kneeling. They are specially designed to carve up the water, cut through the waves head on, and catch some air on the way. Choosing a good high-performance towable depends on your size, courage, and riding ability.
Surface Area
    Another key feature in a towable tube is the surface area of the tube’s bottom. Shapes that can reduce the surface area in contact with water will make the towable tube cruise at higher speeds. Depending on what you’re looking for in a towable, you may have to compromise on speed for greater stability.
Construction and Design
Just like any watersports equipment, towable tubes are designed to stay afloat under the fiercest of waves. Safety, speed, and maneuverability are the basic fundamentals for towable tube design and construction. Let’s look at the design features that make for a perfect towable tube:

    Towable tubes are generally made from PVC vinyl materials. The thickness of the vinyl used may vary from light duty (24 gauge) to heavy-duty (30 gauge). Additionally, you may have to purchase a cover to provide a lining for the vinyl construction. Covers offer extra comfort and durability, depending on the frequency of use and the purpose of the towable tube. The most common cover material is nylon, but you can also opt for polyester, which is usually PVC-coated, or neoprene if you’re looking for a family-friendly model.
    Towable tubes are designed in various shapes and sizes, which are the main determinants of how the equipment performs on the water. Here are the common shapes you’ll find on the market:
Round Donut
    A round donut is the most traditional towable still available. These tubes can tip over easily, so they're not appropriate for children.
Deck Tubes
    Deck tubes can be round, delta-shaped or D-shaped, and can accommodate up to four riders at a time. They also tip over easily in the waves. However, they are easy to ride. Just be sure to lie or sit down and hold onto the tube’s hand-hold.
    Ride-in is another shape that comes with seats for its riders. These tubes are designed to offer comfortable rides for both kids and adults. They rarely tip over, even under strong waves, and can give a fairly dry ride.
    Ride-on shapes offer sit-on riding and can accommodate up to six riders. The long narrow shape means they can still tip over, but they offer the least level of whip. The cruising speed makes them great for a group thrill ride.
    A rocker shape can either be U-shape or 3-stage. The U-shape continually tosses the rider around, while a 3-stage shape comes with extreme twists and whips. However, the turned-up wings with a flat area in the middle for riders to sit provide some level of stability. These shapes are meant for experienced riders and not the fainthearted.
    The Concept design is made for high-performance riding. It's more specialized, more costly, and comes in a wide range of unique models. Some models are designed to roll, fly, or give some unique thrilling experience.
Performance and Ease of Use
When you purchase a high-quality towable tube with great cruising features, your family will have several years of enjoyment, as long as you properly maintain the equipment. Maintenance is quite easy and essential for extending the lifespan of your towable tube. Let’s now look at what gives a towable tube optimum performance and ease of use.

    The size of a towable tube determines how easily and quickly you can inflate it and hit the waters. Smaller towable tubes, for both single and multiple riders, can be easily filled with a handheld DC pump. Large tubes, however, need inflators with more output power, mostly electric models or models that can be plugged into the boat’s battery or cigarette lighter. Depending on the number of people you’re planning to pull, choose a reasonable size that will offer you absolute thrill with fewer hassles.

Towable Maintenance
    Clean the towable tube and the outside cover, and let it dry before you deflate it. If possible, apply some UV protectant to improve its lifespan. You should choose a towable tube cover that’s easy to clean and offers water resistance. Polyester covers with PVC coatings are easy to clean and dry quickly. Neoprene covers offer more comfort, but are a bit tedious to clean and take longer to dry.

Get the Best Towable Tube of 2022!

Today, everyone, including kids and grandparents, can enjoy a great tubing expedition. Whether it’s a thrill ride or a slow cruise, getting the right towable tube gives you a great water experience. When choosing a towable tube, consider models that best suit your needs, expectations, and skill levels. Our hope is that our review helped you find the right model for a thrilling experience this summer. If you didn’t, check out other alternatives from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube
Best Value
Rave Slingshot II Rider Tube
SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Towable
WOW Sports Bingo 3 Towable
O'Brien Le Towable Round Tube