Best Tower Fan Reviews 2022

When it’s scorching hot and you feel as if you’re melting, the cool air from any fan of any kind is welcomed without question. Whether you live in a hot area or state, or it’s summertime when the sun is just too hot sometimes, we all appreciate the cool air from any fan. For this review, we’re looking at tower fans. These beauties can help keep you and any room in your house cool. They’re stylish and, for the most part, quiet. Let’s take a look at these five great tower fans from some of the best tower fan brands to see how they can help you beat the heat. But first, you may find it helpful to read through our buying guide to help you make the best decision.
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Timer Setting
Power Usage
Our Top Choice
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan
Ozeri is a modern brand that delivers quality home products that are suited for luxurious and modern décor.
Remote controlled. The different fans are independently controlled. Quieter than many other fans on the market. Sleek and stylish. Easy assembly.
Sleeper timer makes a loud beep.
8 x 3 x 44 inches
9 speeds
0.5 – 7.5 hours
1 CR2 battery
1 year
Best Value
Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan
Honeywell delivers reliable and convenient home appliances that make everyday living that much more comfortable.
Produces practically no noise. Multiple speed options. Temperature display and control panel. Ranged auto shutoff timer. Energy-efficient.
LED display a bit bright for a few users. The base could be better.
11 x 8 x 33 inches
8 speeds
1 – 8 hours
50 watts
1 year
Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan
Dyson is one of the world’s most well-known home appliance companies. It delivers gorgeous, effective, and aesthetically pleasing home appliances that perform with ease.
Bladeless and unique design. Strong air flow. Easy to clean. Multiple sleep settings. Remote controlled. Much quieter than standard fans.
Costly, but a good investment for many.
8 x 4 x 40 inches
10 speeds
0.25 – 9 hours
26 watts
2 years
Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan
Seville Classics has been in business for decades. It continues to grow and improve its products to give you home appliances that are durable, affordable, and beautiful.
Attractive and compact design. Get two fans for a great price. Delivers excellent airflow. Remote controlled. Has multiple timer options. ABS plastic construction.
Not whisper-quiet as it gives off a white noise.
11 x 11 x 39 inches
4 speeds
0.5 – 7.5 hours
37 watts
1 year
Lasko Wind Curve Fan
Lasko is an appliance company that’s been around for over 100 years. It’s known most for its fans and heaters, which are affordable, reliable, and effective.
Delivers incredible air flow. Ionizer feature works well. Remote control. Easy to move around. Energy-saving features. Quite affordable.
A few users found it to be too noisy.
13 x 13 x 43 inches
3 speeds
0.5 – 7.5 hours
48 watts
1 year

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What is the Best Tower Fan?

We’ve covered just what you need to choose the best tower fan for your home. Now let’s take a look at those five tower fans we mentioned before to see what they’ve got to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology features 3 independently controlled fans and its noise level is at less than 50 decibels. If you’re looking for a table fan, check out the Ozeri Brezza III Desk Fan. It’s powered by an ultra-quiet, 4-speed, dual oscillating motor for a quiet cooling experience.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology – Available in 3 Colors

When you’re looking to purchase a tower fan, you’re looking for a trusted brand which you know you can rely on for quality. One of those is Ozeri. It’s not a brand that relies heavily on marketing, but rather on relationships. Its venture into the consumer market is relatively new, but Ozeri isn’t a newbie brand. It has been supplying owners of vacation spots and luxury residences with its reliable products for years.

Our featured tower fan from this brand is the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan. It’s available in three monochromatic colors—black with chrome accents, white, and gray—all of which work with practically any decor. Along with its elegant colors, the Ozeri 3x also features a sleek design complimented by its base of lovely glass, which adds to its modern aesthetic.

At under 3 inches thick, this fan is actually known as being the thinnest fan on the market (or at least pretty darn close!). But that’s not what really makes the Ozeri 3x a great fan. Even though it’s thin, it delivers excellent airflow. It does so quietly thanks to its passive noise cancellation technology which reduces this fan's noise to less than 50 decibels (dB). That’s pretty impressive given that a quiet room or an average conversation measures 50 decibels (dB). Therefore, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the additional noise made by your fan, then you’d quite enjoy the Ozeri 3x’s passive noise cancellation feature.

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan’s design is quite unique. It actually features 3 independently controlled fans that you can use however you want. What’s even better is that even if you have all three of these fans on at the same time, it’ll still be pretty quiet compared to many other fans. This is also due to the fan’s use of physics; the blade curvature creates diminishing sound waves which work to decrease the amount of sound the blades make so that all you have to hear is the airflow—not bad, right?

When you use the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan, you’re able to control three fans independently. Each one equipped with three speed options, they give you a total of nine cooling options and customizable airflow. To top it off, this fan also gives you the option of three airflow patterns (preprogrammed for you) which are designed with the end goal of helping you sleep, featuring a quiet oscillation that not only rotates 90 degrees, but does so in a super-quiet manner—giving you the much-needed relief on even the hottest of days.

It has a programmable timer for anywhere between 30 minutes and 7.5 hours in 30-minute intervals. What’s even better is that you can control all of these features with the fan’s convenient remote, which allows you to control it from farther away; you can also use its LED controls with no more than the touch of a few buttons. The setup is easy and doesn’t require any tools because the fan base can be hand-assembled with the large nut found in the box.

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan is covered by a 1-year warranty and is an impressive fan with a unique design and great feature set.
Best Value
The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan features a digital thermostat that you can use to choose how you want it to cool your room. It also has 8 speed settings and a remote control for easy operation. Another great fan from Honeywell is the TurboForce Air Fan. It comes in black and white and uses an aerodynamic TurboForce design for the largest air movement and cooling effect.

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Pack Sizes

Our homes are our sanctuaries. Choosing any appliance for them is a purchase that affects our everyday lives. Think about what life would be like with a faulty refrigerator, heater, or fan. That’s what the people at Honeywell understand and why the company is focused on producing reliable and quality household essentials. It has an array of incredible heaters, fans, and other home appliances designed to make things that much more comfortable in your home.

Our featured Honeywell product is the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan. It comes in black and pearl white and was built to blast cool air into even the largest room in your home while giving you that cool comfort that’s a reprieve from the heat. It has 8 individual speed levels, which gives you control over its quietness so you won’t be bugged by the noise. It also has breeze and oscillation settings that you can operate with ease using its electronic controlling panel with the touch of a few buttons, or if you don’t want to move after you’ve gotten comfortable on the couch, just use the Honeywell QuietSet’s remote control.

There’s also a timer that you can program to turn off anywhere between 1 and 8 hours to save power, not to mention a carry handle for easier transport around the house. There’s even a digital thermostat to help you choose the right temperature for you!

Covered by a 1-year warranty, the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan will cool you and your room of choice without much noise.
The Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan is a great tower fan with a unique bladeless design which delivers powerful airflow. On top of that, it comes with a magnetized remote for easy operation. If you’re looking for a great table fan, then check out the Dyson AM06 which features a similar Air Multiplier Technology as the AM07, but in a more compact build.

Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan – Available in 3 Colors

Dyson is known for its innovative and unique designs. Its vacuum ads can be seen on TVs across the world and that’s what usually comes to mind when people think of Dyson. But this brand is more than a vacuum manufacturer; it’s a company that looks where it can improve the average household appliance and makes it better than ever before.

One of the many home appliances that Dyson has taken to the next level is the fan. Dyson’s catalog features different models of fans with unique and futuristic designs. Today, we’re looking at one of those fans, and that is the Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan. It is gorgeous, sleek, and visually impressive, featuring a bladeless design and built to give you strong airflow with very little noise. This fan can be stored away in practically any part of your home.

While it delivers great airflow, its design makes it energy-efficient. In fact, even though it’s a bladeless fan, it’s engineered to make a strong and consistent air flow by pulling in the air around it and pushing it through. This is thanks to its Air Multiplier technology which allows the air that it pulls in to be accelerated through the fan’s annular aperture, which pulls in the air around it and projects it in a high-velocity cooling airflow. Think of it as the master Airbender of fans.

The Dyson AM07 has an oscillating tower which features 10 unique airflow settings. There’s also an LED digital display along with a sleep timer, which can be set for certain increments between 15 minutes and 9 hours. You can even control it from afar with a magnetized remote that you can then stick to the fan for easy storage. It’s a breeze to clean. Get it? No?

Okay, well it’s easy to clean since it lacks the usual fan grill and blades with their many nooks and crannies. It also comes in multiple colors: iron blue, white silver, and black nickel. The Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan is an overall visually and technologically impressive tower fan.
The Seville Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo Pack gives you a standard tower fan along with a small personal fan. Both fans are elegantly designed and are made from fire-retardant ABS plastic. If you’re looking for a different type of tower fan, then check out the Seville Ultra Slimline Tilt Tower Fan. It has three tilt settings for directional cooling.

Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo Pack

Shopping for home appliances can be either fun or nerve-racking. There are so many different brands, models, and designs, that it can be overwhelming to choose, especially if it’s your first time shopping for them on your own. There are certain brands that you can rely on no matter what; these are brands you’ve seen people you know swear by and support. One such brand is Seville Classics. It’s one of those brands you don’t take much notice of until you’re the one shopping, but once you do, you start to associate it with quality and value—two things that are always on a shopper’s mind.

For our tower fan review, we took a look at the Seville Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo Pack. These fans are built using ABS plastic that features a fire-retardant design for safety and is quite durable to ensure that it lasts for years to come. The fans themselves have slim and elegant designs and don’t take up much space. In fact, each of them takes up less than 1 square foot of space, so they’re not some huge hunks of plastic. To add to the elegance of the tall fan, Seville Classics has accented it with an aesthetically pleasing intake grill of silver steel which gives it a nice look.

Both fans feature speed settings that offer quiet comfort. The tall fan has 4 speed settings (“eco”, low, medium, and high) while the smaller personal fan has 3 speed settings (high, medium, and low). This combo pack gives you value along with cooling variety. The tall fan is built specifically to circulate the air 13.5 inches off the ground which is great for cooling the whole room, while the personal fan is great for using on desk/counter tops and cooling you personally.

Both of them come equipped with oscillating features, and what’s even better, the tall fan is remote-controlled. So, once you’ve gotten comfy, you don’t need to move to change its speed; just use the remote and enjoy. And, if you’re looking to save energy, you can also use the remote control to set the fan’s timer, change its speed, or turn it off.

The Seville Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo Pack is backed by Seville’s 1-year warranty which protects it against any manufacturer defects. Overall, this tower fan combo pack offers great value and features for a fair price.
The Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer comes with 3 speed settings, a remote control you can conveniently store in the back of the fan, and a fresh air ionizer to clean the air in your home. If you want something more powerful, then check out the Lasko 2265QM Floor\/Wall Fan which features 3 powerful speeds to deliver incredible airflow.

Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer – Available in 2 Colors

Our homes are filled with appliances that make day-to-day life easier and more comfortable. One of the companies which has been delivering reliable, durable, and quality home appliances for over 100 years, is Lasko. This company is known primarily for its fans and heaters, which can be found in homes across the US as well as around the world.

Lasko’s fans are known for their durability and power. Our featured Lasko product is the Lasko Wind Curve Fan. Its body is made of plastic and features a rather elegant design which is available in silver and woodgrain. It has a Wind Curve profile, which is the reason for its name. It measures 42.5 inches in height; this maximizes air distribution, which helps to keep you cooler. There’s also a fresh air ionizer feature which allows the Lasko Wind Curve Fan to give you cleaner air. Plus, you can adjust the louvers on the front of the grill to direct the flow of air.

Fans tend to take up a good amount of power, especially if you live in hotter areas and use them more frequently. If power consumption is a concern of yours, then you can alleviate those with the timer which is designed to save you energy. It grants you an auto-shutoff feature which goes from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

There are three quiet speeds that offer you the option of oscillation to give you the right amount of cool air when you need it. You can switch between these speeds using the fan’s multifunctional remote; when you’re done with the remote, keep it out of the sofa cushions by storing it in the recess in the back of the fan. This fan’s additional features include its fused safety plug and convenient handle which makes moving it from room-to-room less of a hassle.

The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is covered by a 1-year warranty and is an all-around affordable tower fan with a host of great features to give you great value and fresh cool air.

How Do I Choose the Best Tower Fan?

The summer is upon us and with this heat, we’re beginning to understand how you must be feeling. The sun is scorching and it doesn’t show any mercy. Some of us are lucky enough to have air conditioning, but just because you don’t have a/c doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

Fans are a great way to beat the heat and are much more affordable than a/c units. Most people opt for pedestal fans and these are actually the most common type of fans. Others combine those with ceiling fans too, because while it doesn’t personally cool you like other fans, it does help to circulate the air in the room. Moreover, there are those who go for floor fans because they generally have more power than the others.

But we’re not covering any of those beauties today. Nope. Today we’re looking at tower fans. These fans take up much less space than the others and are generally much thinner—sometimes even quieter—than all the others. If you’re looking for a new fan and you’re considering a tower fan, then let us help you choose the right one for you.
Tower fans are fairly affordable given how long they last. You can buy a tower fan today and have it 3 – 5 years from now, which is a pretty long time. When you’re shopping for a tower fan, you’re looking to pay anywhere between $60 and $120 for a good model. There are more expensive ones on the market with some state-of-the-art features, but those can run anywhere up to $500.

While you can find tower fans that cost more than the average, you’ll also come across some cheap tower fans too. We generally recommend you stay away from those because while they won’t cost you much upfront, they’ll cost you a lot more down the road. Most times, you’d either have to spend money repairing it or tossing it out entirely and just buying a new one.

The cost of a tower fan is typically determined by the materials used as well as its features. Some tower fans have a more impressive feature set than others, so these things play a major role in the final price.
As we mentioned, your tower fan’s feature set is what will determine whether you absolutely love it, feel “meh” about it, or detest it and want to send it back from whence it came. There are a few core features that you want to look out for when shopping for a tower fan, and there are also a few optional ones that aren’t all that essential, but you may appreciate them nonetheless.

Here are the features that you want to look out for when shopping for a tower fan:
  • Performance – This refers to the fan’s power, the amount of air it moves, and its overall cooling ability.
  • Durability and Design – When you buy a fan, you expect it to last years, and that’s thanks to a strong base and solid build.
  • Noise Level – Some fans are whisper-quiet while others produce a white noise or louder. The choice is up to you, though most people do appreciate a whisper-quiet fan.
  • Safety – If you have kids, this is especially important because you don’t want them having an accident with the blade or fan grill.
  • Ease of Cleaning – When a fan of any kind gets dirty, it affects the airflow. You want a tower fan that’ll be easy to clean so you can keep a consistent stream of cool air blowing your way.
  • Aesthetic – This may or may not matter to you. But when shopping for a tower fan, get one that coordinates with the room it’ll be in.
  • Controls – Look for a fan that’s easy to operate and change between the different timers and speeds. A remote control is also a plus.
  • Energy Efficiency – Fans generally use a lot of power, so shooting for one that’s energy-efficient is a great way to save money on energy bills in the long run.
Construction and Design
Tower fans are great, especially because unlike regular fans, they have a fine mesh grate, which makes them much safer to have around the home than regular grated fans. There are also tower fans that feature a bladeless design, which are preferred by many for their unique look, increased safety, and the fact that they’re much easier to clean.

Another thing to look for when choosing your tower fan is a strong base. This is especially important if you have kids or pets, because when they run around the house, as they will do even after you’ve told them not to for like the 100th time, you want to ensure that the fan won’t be easily knocked over. Many tower fans are made using either plastic, metal, or a combination of both. These materials ensure that the fan lasts for years to come. If you’re going to be moving the fan around the house a lot, look for one with an easy-carry handle; this will make moving it much easier and less of a hassle.
Performance and Ease of Use
Tower fans are usually pretty easy to set up. Most times, all you need is to attach the base and plug it in; even if there’s additional setup required, it usually takes 30 minutes or less. Cleaning is where many people will have trouble with tower fans because of their grills. They aren’t difficult to clean, however in most cases you do have to take them apart to clean them thoroughly. On the other hand, if you opt for a bladeless tower fan, you won’t have much problem cleaning it at all.

The strength of your tower fan usually affects its noise level; however, many manufacturers have taken additional measures to reduce this. We’ve mentioned before that tower fans usually range from whisper-quiet to producing a white noise. There are those that are somewhat louder, but not by much. Ultimately, the one you choose is whichever works for you; some people prefer the white noise to help them sleep, while others prefer those that are whisper-quiet.

A lot of tower fans now come with remote controls that make operating them much easier. What’s even better is that they have different timer settings, which allow you to program auto-shutoff to cut on energy costs. Now when you’re shopping for a tower fan, consider these things and you’ll be sure to get one that’s worth every penny. While no two tower fans are the same, you just need to focus on the one that works for you and your home.

Get the Best Tower Fan of 2022!

These five tower fans are great, and what’s even better is that the brands that made them have other great fans too. We hope this review helped you and we look forward to having you again!

Our Top Choice
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan
Best Value
Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan
Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan
Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan
Lasko Wind Curve Fan