Best Toy Box Reviews 2023

Shopping is one task that, no matter how pleasant it is (for some people), can be time and energy-consuming. Even if money is not an issue, you are still faced with myriads of options and would have to consider some factors before making a choice. Knowing that there are people who do not have the time and energy to expend, but still need to get a good toy box, we have taken the time to thoroughly research the subject. This research yielded a list of five toy boxes from five brands. These brands are tested and proven to offer products that are of good quality, and would serve the purpose required. We have only featured one toy box from each brand in this review. As you read on, however, you will come across other products by these brands, aside from the featured products, and we encourage you to check them out. As we have stated earlier, these brands can be trusted and whatever product you choose from any of them will serve you well.
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Our Top Choice
Little Tikes Sort 'n Store Toy Chest
Since 1970, Little Tikes has consistently produced toys that win awards. It helps parents with information on child development, parenting and everything that has to do with kids.
Six cubic feet of storage space. Two detachable bins. Detachable lid. Easy to assemble and convenient to use. Easy to clean. Child-safe and friendly. Made in the USA.
The bottom sags when it’s full, making it difficult for the lower bins to fit in.
Multi-bin storage
38 x 23 x 22"; 19 pounds
Assembly not required
Molded Plastic
Blue; red
Best Value
Delta Children Fabric Toy Box
Delta Children has been making stylish products for close to fifty years. It continues the legacy of safe kids’ products that are of top quality and come at affordable prices.
Made of top-quality fabric. Complies with every safety regulation of CPSC. Collapsible and easy to store. Ample storage space. Safe fastener and handles. Two mesh pockets.
It’s flimsy and lightweight.
Collapsible; Frozen theme
22.3 x 14.2 x 13.5"; 3.4 pounds
Assembly not required
Pink; green
KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box
KidKraft, almost fifty years old, still makes toys and kids’ furniture that stimulate imaginative play. You can trust its products to be top-quality, safe, durable and affordable.
Made with eco-friendly materials. Detachable wheels. Safety hinges on the lid. Versatile. Available in many colors. Comes with simple, detailed assembly instructions.
The back pieces are not as sturdy as the front.
Bench and storage
33 x 28.8 x 17.3"; 48 pounds
Assembly required
Six colors available
Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid
Step2 is one of the largest makers of kids’ toys in America. With a passion for the well-being of the family unit, it makes affordable products that are both durable and safe.
Versatile top covering. Comes with an Art clip on the cover. Storage capacity of 4 1/2 cubic feet. Available in different colors. Requires minimal assembly by an adult.
No hinges on the lid.
Art table and storage
19 x 30.5 x 19"; 10 pounds
Assembly not required
Molded plastic
Tan; pink; red; blue
3 Sprouts Fabric Animal Toy Chest
3 Sprouts designs and makes modern and unique kids’ products. It’s committed to making well-designed products that suit customers’ lifestyles and provide ultimate satisfaction.
Arrives flat but is easy to assemble. Strong and well-attached handles on both sides. Nice animal graphics. Lightweight lid. Strong and durable.
Lid will only sit flat if not overfilled.
Cardboard chest
14.5 x 24 x 15"; 5.1 pounds
Assembly not required

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What is the Best Toy Box?

No particular brand or product is the best toy box for everyone. Each product derives its value from the satisfaction that it gives the user. One of the major factors that affect the performance of a product is its features. We have listed and discussed in detail some of the features of a good toy box. Note them so that you will know what to look out for when you go shopping for one.
Our Top Choice
Make your home tidier and clutter-free, and also teach your children how to organize their space and store their toys properly with the Little Tikes Toy Chest. It’s made with top-quality and durable materials. If you want something that’s less expensive, we recommend the Little Tikes Play 'N Store Toy Chest.

Little Tikes Sort 'n Store Primary Colors Toy Chest with 6 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

Little Tikes was established in 1970 and, since then, it has remained consistent in producing toys that win awards. It unequivocally claims that its forty plus years of experience has enabled it to know and understand children. It carries out extensive research, tests and surveys that result in the making of the toys and products that are most suited for your little ones and everyone in the family. Little Tikes is a brand that has built a reputation that any responsible parent can trust. It is not only concerned with making profit, but also with helping parents to understand parenting, following the trends in child development and everything that has to do with children.

Families with growing children are usually characterized by homes that have toys and stuff strewn all over the place. You can make your home tidier and clutter-free, and also teach your children how to organize their space and store their toys properly with the Little Tikes Toy Chest. This box is made with top-quality materials and is durable, in keeping with Little Tikes’s reputation.

This accessory is a great addition to every home, and it has more wonderful features which include:
  • Six Cubic Feet of Storage Space – This gives you adequate space to store toys and other playthings. You don’t have to throw your child’s toys in with every other thing in the wardrobe or closet.
  • Two Detachable Bins for Smaller Toys – It can be frustrating for your little one to search for smaller toys in the midst of all the bigger toys. These two compartments allow you to store the smaller items separately and also make for ease of accessibility.
  • Detachable Lid – You can remove the lid to ensure the safety of your child (like an incident of the lid closing on the child). You can also keep the lid on when you want everything to be nice and tidy.
  • Easy to Assemble and Convenient to Use - It’s easy to assemble. All you need to do is read the instructions. It’s also convenient to use.
  • Easy to Clean – The material makes it easy to clean; all it requires is wiping down with a washcloth.
  • Child-Safe and Friendly – It is made with top-quality material that is safe for children (in case your toddler decides to take a bite, lol) and there are no rough or spiked edges that can injure a child. It’s also designed in colors that are attractive to children.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America – This ensures that the standard of its quality is not compromised.
Best Value
The Fabric Toy Box is designed in the Frozen theme with vibrant artwork and pictures. This fun accessory is both decorative and functional, and helps you de-clutter your home and store toys properly. If you are looking for a toy organizer, the Delta Children Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is highly recommended.

Delta Children Collapsible Fabric Toy Box - Available in Frozen or Ninja Turtle Designs

Delta Children was started in 1968 by Louis Shamie Sr. He saw the marvels of parenting and was inspired. He decided to use his innovative safety and engineering ideas to make his little retail store one of the leading manufacturers of cribs globally. From cribs, Delta Children has moved on to making stylish kids’ products and, through the years, continues to uphold the vision of the founding fathers. You can confidently buy your kid’s products from Delta Children, because it is concerned about the quality, safety and integrity of its products and endeavors to offer them at affordable prices.

The Fabric Toy Box is designed in the Frozen theme, with pictures of Princess Elsa and Anna. This fun accessory is both decorative and functional, and helps you de-clutter your home and store toys properly. Your child will also be excited about having Princess Anna and Elsa help her keep her toys in safety. This makes it easier for you to get the child to put away her toys. If your little one would prefer a different character, it also comes in a Ninja Turtle design too.

That’s not all there is to this beautiful product. It has many more great features and they include the following:
  • High-Quality and Safe Materials – The fabric is top-quality and complies with CPSC safety regulations.
    Be assured of a product that’s safe for your child, with durable materials.
  • Collapsible and Easy to Store – The material used also makes it collapsible. You straighten it out when you want to use it and then fold it up when it’s not needed; this makes it easy to store.
  • Two Mesh Pockets – This provides extra space for storage and accessibility. Your little ones can easily put their toys in and take them out when they want.
  • Safe Fastener and Handles – It has a hook and loop fastener that helps the box remain shut. It also has handles on both sides. This enables you to move it from one room to another.
  • Ample Storage Space – The interior of the box is large and allows for the storage of both big and small toys.
  • Vibrantly Colored Cartoon Characters – Since the recommended age is three to six years, the artwork and characters that are on the box make it attractive to them. It can also be a fun storage accessory for adults who are young at heart.
The KidKraft Toy Box is roomy and enables you to de-clutter your home and keep the toys and knick knacks out of the way. The cover helps to keep contents safe and ensure that they don’t get dusty and dirty. If you want a toy box that’s less expensive, check out the KidKraft Austin Toy Box.

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box - Available in 5 Colors

KidKraft started close to fifty years ago with a desire to make toys and kids’ furniture that stimulate imaginative play. Though it started out small, it is now one of the global leaders in the industry. Many of its play kitchens and dollhouses have won several awards. In 2016, it acquired Cedar Summit® and Big Backyard®, thus expanding its offerings outside the limits of the playroom. It now has top-quality and safe playhouses and playsets for the back yard; these products encourage children to explore and ignite their imagination to dream big. KidKraft is always ready to partner with you to give your children the best; help them have a happy and well-rounded childhood that prepares them for the future. You can trust that its products are top-quality, safe, durable and budget friendly.

The KidKraft Toy Box is a roomy storage box that enables you to store your children’s toys, books and other stuff. Keep the toys and knick knacks out of the way and de-clutter your home. The cover helps keep contents safe and ensures that they don’t get dusty and dirty; those toys can last longer and still look as good as new. It is sturdy and long-lasting because it is made of fabricated wood. The lustrous espresso veneer is elegant and fits in with any traditional décor, giving your kid’s room a touch of class. It’s also easy to clean, and doesn’t need anything more than wiping it down with a damp cloth and maybe furniture spray.

This toy box is a great addition to any kid’s room, and it is loaded with many wonderful features that include the following:
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – The wood is naturally treated and contains no toxins. This ensures that it is safe for your child and, in fact, every member of the family.
  • Detachable Wheels – This makes it easy for you to move it around and position it wherever you want to achieve the best aesthetic result, and you can remove the wheels after the box is stationed.
  • Safety Hinges – This keeps the lid up when you open it and prevents it from injuring little children or closing them in the box.
  • Versatile – It’s a storage box that also doubles as a chair. This helps to save space in the room and provides extra seating where necessary.
  • Available in Many Colors – This gives you the option of choosing the color that fits your décor. They’ve got espresso, honey, white, cherry and beige.
  • Detailed Assembly Instructions – It’s a delicate piece of furniture that comes in parts, but has an instruction manual that’s easy to follow for simple assembly.
Help your children learn to put away their toys and be more responsible with the Step2 Toy Box. It makes tidying up the house easier and fun for kids, and also enhances creative skills. If you want a toy box that has cartoon characters and different features, you can check out the Step2 Thomas The Tank Engine Toy Box.

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid - Available in 3 Colors

Step2 is one of the largest manufacturers of toys for toddlers and preschoolers in America. Its mission is to be a pioneer innovator of products that help to build children’s imagination and also enrich the celebration and enjoyment of childhood by families. It’s a family-oriented brand that employs members of different families to manufacture, distribute and service merchandise that helps to unite families. It started out in 1991 with only five people on staff, but now it has expanded to over eight hundred people. It is still consistent in providing kids’ products that are safe, durable and affordable. You can confidently deal with this brand because it is concerned with the well-being of your child and every member of your family.

The 2-in-1 Toy Box makes tidying up the house easier. You can help your children learn to put away their toys and be more responsible with their stuff by getting this box. It enhances their creative skills because they can always use the art board that comes with the box to draw on; this is a great incentive for kids to put away their toys.

This beautifully-designed box comes with quite a number of features and listed below are a few of them:
  • Versatile Top Covering – This gives your kids a surface they can use for coloring, writing or other activities. Makes the box fun to use.
  • Art Clip on the Cover – This allows your kids to decorate the box with displays of their artwork. Helps to de-clutter your fridge door as it provides an alternate display board.
  • Two Containers – This supply canister helps children keep their art materials sorted and organized.
  • Sufficient Storage Capacity – A capacity of four and a half cubic feet gives you adequate space to store a child’s toys and extras. No more clutter in hallways for anyone to trip over.
  • Available in Different Colors – This provides options for different colors that can blend in with specific décor. Choose from tan, red or pink.
  • Requires Minimal Assembly – You don’t go through any hassles in setting it up; it’s easy to assemble.
The 3 Sprouts toy chest is an ideal accessory for organizing any room. It’s a strong box that’s made of top-quality polyester and reinforced with cardboard, which helps to keep the box upright even when it’s empty. If you want a toy box with different features, check out the 3 Sprouts Storage Box, Peacock.

3 Sprouts Fabric Toy Chest with Lid - Available in 8 Animal Designs

3 Sprouts is a partnership of three friends that share a love for babies and an understanding and appreciation of modern and unique products. These three friends have garnered experience from years of working in design in Toronto and New York for eminent companies such as Barneys, Holt Renfrew and Kate Spade. 3 Sprouts is motivated to build a line of products that appeal to the whole family. You have the advantage of getting products that are born from years of experience with excellence and production of top-quality goods, combined with affordability. Though it is just ten years old, 3 Sprouts has made a mark with its commitment to churning out kids’ products that are properly designed. It is passionate about its creations and derives immense joy and pride from making products that suit its customers’ lifestyles and provide ultimate satisfaction.

The 3 Sprouts toy chest is an ideal accessory for organizing any room. Show your child how to organize his room and store toys properly with this tool. It’s a strong box that’s made of top-quality polyester and reinforced with cardboard, which helps to keep the box upright even when it is empty. It is big enough to contain both big and small toys, so you can throw in all your kid’s toys.

It’s a simple, yet functional, item that comes with more features, some of which are listed below:
  • Stitched-on Animal Character – Each box comes with graphics of an animal that’s stitched on nicely and strong so that kids can’t tear it off. The graphics add a fun dimension to the box that’s appealing to kids.
  • Easy to Assemble – All that’s required is that you straighten it out and insert the cardboard base.
  • Strong and Well-attached Handles – The handles on both sides make it easy to carry the box, and they’re attached in such a way that your little one won’t notice them. This ensures that they won’t attempt to lift the box or drag it by the handles.
  • Lightweight Lid – The weight of the lid is just right for a toddler to lift and open the box. This makes it easy for him to access his toys and not have to bother you whenever he needs something from the box.

How Do I Choose the Best Toy Box?

We cannot overemphasize the need for children to have enough room to play and express themselves. To be given free rein for their imagination and to learn through creative play and fun. Many parents have taken this to heart and you discover that a lot of young families are characterized by playrooms overflowing with toys and playthings. Unless your children only have playthings like toy barns, play houses and kids’ kitchens, you would need a toy organizer or storage to keep all the individual toys that are strewn around the house.

From babyhood until the teen years, children gather stuff – things that you buy for them and what they get as gifts. The earlier you start teaching them to organize their things and store them properly, the better for you. If you start them out as toddlers, you will discover that they develop the innate trait of keeping things orderly.

A toy box is a storage accessory that comes in different sizes, designs, colors and shapes. You do not have any excuse for a cluttered house or playroom. Whatever your budget, taste or space, there is a toy box that will fit your requirements. If you have more than one child, and you can’t buy the high-end toy boxes because you would need one for each, there are less expensive, but well-made, boxes that will serve your purpose as well.

Short of building a wardrobe for all the toys that your children accumulate through the years, you can’t keep them all. Bring smiles and joy to less privileged children by sorting through the toys at the end of every year and giving out some. This will teach your children to be caring, generous and selfless.
We all know that you get what you pay for. If you pay for top quality, you get top quality, but if you’re a cheapskate, you might get junk. We agree that expensive is not always synonymous with top quality, but top quality doesn’t come cheap.

Factors that affect price include materials, features and brand, amongst others. Wooden toy boxes are in the upper price range, plastic in the middle, with fabric at the lower end. Boxes with different compartments are usually costlier than those with one compartment. Also note that there are toy boxes that are multifunctional; some double as storage and bench, while others have extra features, like lids, that can be used for drawing, coloring and playing puzzles, or as display boards for artwork. Some others have themes like cartoon characters or TV series graphics and such things. These features would certainly make the toy box costlier than those that don’t have them. Brand name also affects the price of an item. Some brands are known as high-end manufacturers or designer brands; some others have celebrity endorsements. Toy boxes from these brands cost more than others.

That said, we checked around for good toy boxes and found that they fall in the range of $20 to $160 (bearing in mind the above-mentioned factors). But we also came across some cheap toy boxes that are less than 20 bucks. The truth of the matter is, you may think you have a deal with those cheap products, but most of them turn out to be “cent wise, dollar foolish” purchases. We don’t want you to experience that, so we encourage you to look within the range of the featured products, and you will get good value for your money.
Toy boxes are designed with different features, and each design appeals to people differently. No matter the individual preferences, there are features that one must look out for when selecting a toy box. Here are some features that will ensure that you get the best value from your purchase:
  • Material – The quality of the material determines its sturdiness, durability and other properties.
  • Size – This refers to the dimensions of the box and affects how it will fit into the space in the room.
  • Capacity – This refers to the interior dimension and determines how many toys it can store.
  • Design – This refers to the style and shape of the box.
  • Color – This determines how well the box will blend in with other room décor.
  • Safety – This refers to the features that ensure that the box is child-safe and friendly
  • Ease of Assembly – Check and ensure that it’s easy to assemble (if it needs assembly).
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance – Look out for how easy it is to clean and maintain.
  • Versatility – There are toy boxes that are multipurpose; if you are constrained for space, you might consider this.
We will now go further to explore the benefits of these features and how to milk them to get the best from your purchase.
Construction and Design
Toy boxes are made with different materials such as wood, plastic and fabric. The material of construction determines the kind of structure the box will have. Obviously, we know that wooden and plastic constructions have more structure than fabric constructions. However, an advantage of fabric is that most of them are collapsible, which means that you can save space and store them conveniently when not in use.

Most wooden boxes are elegant, strong and durable. With the myriads of finish that can be used these days, a wooden box can fit into any décor. All you need to do is check the color and pick one that best suits your kid’s room or whatever space you want to place it in. Wooden boxes can also be versatile; they can double as storage and bench. Instead of having a bedside chair, it can serve as the seat in the bedroom.

Plastic toy boxes are also durable and come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Many plastic boxes in the market are designed in fun colors and cartoon characters, and this makes them appealing to the kids. If you’ve been having a hard time getting your child or children to put away their toys, you may want to try getting a plastic box that has fun graphics and some other exciting features. Some of these features include a lid that also doubles as an art board that can be used for drawing, coloring and playing puzzles, or other fun activities. This makes the box attractive so that the child no longer sees putting away toys as a chore, but fun.

Toy boxes made of fabric are usually reinforced with cardboard or other stiff material to give them structure at the base and sides. These models are usually best for storing toys and putting them in the wardrobe. So if you have a large wardrobe and like to keep things out of sight in the room, you may want to consider fabric boxes. Another good thing about fabric boxes is that they can also fit into smaller spaces, so if your child’s playroom or room is small and doesn’t have space for much furniture, this is a good option. Most are also designed with fun characters and graphics.

Before you get a toy box, check the sizes and shapes of the toys you have. This will help you determine the size and shape of box to get. If your kid’s toys are widely varied in size and shape, you might consider either getting a toy box with different compartments, or two or more boxes of different dimensions and shapes. This would help you to store each toy properly. If you throw in really big toys with really small toys, the smaller toys will be lost in the heap and it will be difficult for your little one to reach his small toys.

In considering the size of the box of your choice, also consider that your child should be able to conveniently reach into the box for her toys
Performance and Ease of Use
The safety of a child’s product is important, and this includes the material the product is made of and the design of the product. A toy box should be made of eco-friendly and toxin-free materials. For wooden constructions, the wood has to be naturally finished and not treated with chemicals that contain toxins; same thing goes for polyester. Plastic constructions should be PVC and BPA-free and food-grade. If there’s metal in any of the models, it should be lead-free and anti-rust. The materials should be durable and strong enough to withstand being rough-handled by children (which is expected).

Still on the issue of safety, look out for lids that have hinges that hold up the lid when it’s open; this is to ensure that little fingers will not be hit or smashed, and also ensure that children are not locked inside the box (we know that some kids would love to climb into the box or play hide and seek there).

Some toy boxes require assembly; this is especially true for wooden boxes. Vintage and high-end boxes rarely come assembled. So when buying a box, check for the ease of assembly and, if you feel that you can’t assemble it yourself, check the cost of expert assembly.

Most toy boxes are easy to clean and maintain, but the level of ease differs. Remember that your children may spill things in the box and that they may also smear it with one thing or the other. Check how easy it will be for you to get rid of those stains and dirt. Wooden boxes just require wiping with a dusting napkin and furniture spray; plastic requires wiping with a damp cloth, while some fabric boxes can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. The choice is yours!

Get the Best Toy Box of 2023!

Thanks for your patience in reading to the end of this review. We hope that you have gained enough knowledge from the information disseminated, and that this information will enable you to make the right choice. Please don’t hesitate to put this knowledge to use by picking one of these wonderful products.

Our Top Choice
Little Tikes Sort 'n Store Toy Chest
Best Value
Delta Children Fabric Toy Box
KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box
Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid
3 Sprouts Fabric Animal Toy Chest