Best Trackball Mouse – Corded, Wireless and Ergonomic Trackball Mouse for Work, Home and Gaming

Trackball mice offer compact use and storage with added accuracy and control of your cursor. With many styles, features, brands, and types, choosing the best trackball mouse can be daunting. We’ve researched five of the best trackball mouse brands on the market, showcasing a mouse from each to help you find one that best meets your computing needs.

For our featured products, we have a mix of styles for home, office, design, engineering, and gaming use. If you are undecided whether a roller ball mouse is the right choice for you, you’ll find links to our other computer mouse reviews below the quick comparison and specs chart. And for all you gamers out there, we went ahead and showcased a few more highly rated trackball gaming mice!

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Good for
Our Top Choice
Logitech MX ERGO Plus Trackball Mouse
Founded in 1981 in Switzerland, Logitech has grown to become a popular global brand loved by many for its range of innovative mobile devices and computer accessories.
Has premium wheel with tilt and middle button. Cross-computer control. 4-month battery life. Adjustable angle. Precision mode. Comfortable to use.
Isolated complaints that the mouse freezes when in use. Try updating your machine's drivers and operating system.
Thumb-operated trackball
Precision mode button & more
3.9 x 5.2 x 2 inches
Work, gaming, browsing
Best Value
ELECOM Extra Large Gaming Trackball Mouse
Elecom is a Japanese brand specializing in computer mice, DVDs, mouse pads, receivers, and other goodies. Its products are reliable and reasonably priced.
Available as wireless and wired. 3 DPI modes. Doesn’t require cleaning. 8 programmable buttons. Excellent for people with good hands.
Rather large, but Elecom makes smaller trackball mice if size is a priority for you.
Index-operated trackball
Wired or wireless
8 buttons, some programmable
4.5 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches
Work, gaming, browsing
3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro
3Dconnexion is a brand with a focus on manufacturing 3D computer accessories such as CAD mice, 3D mice, and 3D kits.
Futuristic design. Perfect for 3D apps. 15 programable buttons. 3-foot cord length.
Slightly expensive, but it is one of the most sophisticated and attractive money can buy.
3D mouse
15 programmable buttons
5.6 x 8 x 2.3 inches
3D apps, work, browsing
Contour Design ShuttlePro v2 Mouse
Contour Design makes out-of-the-ordinary computer mice and keyboards. Its products are designed to save time and improve workflow while working with various applications.
Fully programmable according to your requirements. Small footprint. Ideal for photographers, videographers, or music producers.
Might take a while to set it up and explore all its features and functions.
Dedicated controller
15 programmable buttons
5.2 x 9.2 x 2 inches
Video, photo, and audio editing
Kensington Orbit Mouse with Scroll Ring
Kensington is a reputable, innovative, and award-winning brand that develops ergonomic mobile devices and desktop accessories for improved security and productivity.
Super-precise and doesn’t require cleaning. Suitable for small desks. Customizable side buttons.
Some mice arrived with manufacturing defects, but they were replaced.
Index-operated trackball
2 programmable buttons
6 x 8 x 2 inches
Work, gaming, browsing

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What Is the Best Roller Ball Mouse? Read Our Trackball Mouse Reviews!

When choosing a trackball mouse, there are a few things to look for. For example, you may want a thumb- or finger-operated trackball mouse that supports your right- or left-hand use. You may also want to pick one with a large ball for increased precision, cursor control, and the right working range. Find out if one of our recommended trackball mice is what you need.

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Our Top Choice
The MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball Mouse from Logitech ensures a comfortable grip, even if you play, work, or browse the internet for hours. It is the "jack of all trades" trackball mouse you've been waiting for! On the other hand, if you're interested in a wired mouse which doesn’t produce any lag, go for the Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball Mouse. It features a sculpted ambidexterous shape with the ball in the center.

Logitech Advanced Wireless Trackball Mouse for Windows PC and Mac – Adjustable Ergoomic Design, Cross-Computer Control Between 2 Computers


Logitech is a popular brand with highly innovative and functional computer accessories. With at least seven thousand innovators, the company manufactures accessories under various categories such as gaming, smart home, speakers, mobile, keyboards, and mice. It also uses high-quality materials to make productive, durable items for long-term use.

The MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball Mouse from Logitech comes with multiple customizable features. For example, you can adjust the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees to achieve that comfortable hand position required for long hours of work or games. This model comes with a built-in powerful battery which can last for up to 4 months on a full charge, and the LED on top of the mouse will let you know when it's time to give your mouse some more juice.

Apart from the adjustable trackball angle, users of this mouse will also benefit from programmable buttons, a premium scroll wheel, and a button for engaging the precision mode. This makes the MX ERGO trackball mouse suitable for anyone, whether you’re a gamer, workaholic, or a person who just casually browses the internet from time to time. If you’re wondering about compatibility, it will go well with all Windows and iOS computers, and the supplied Logitech software will allow you to customize the buttons to your heart's content.

Best Value
The Extra Large Trackball Mouse from Elecom is available both as a wired and wireless device, and it has multiple DPI resolutions to cater to your gaming or browsing needs. This ergonomic trackball is operated with your fingers. If you prefer a gaming trackball mouse that is thumb operated, consider the ELECOM Trackball Precision Optical Gaming Sensor Mouse. It features a 6-button function with smooth tracking.

ELECOM 2.4GHz Wireless Finger-operated Large Trackball Mouse - 8-Button Function, Smooth Tracking, Precision Optical Gaming Sensor


Elecom is known for making multiple types of computer mice such as wired, wireless, regular, or trackball. Its products are designed for the casual user, business people, and even gamers who need absolute precision and speed while playing. Elecom is a Japanese brand and as you probably already know, these guys know a thing or two about technology and they can make super-reliable products.

The Extra Large Trackball Mouse from Elecom is available in wired or wireless versions and it can be easily recognized as it features a large, red trackball almost in the middle of the mouse. This model is designed for right-handed people and it comes with 8 programmable buttons, giving you numerous customization options. The high-quality optical sensor ensures smooth performance and great precision, and the mouse also comes with a DPI button which permits you to switch between the 500/1000/1500 DPI modes.

On the side of this trackball mouse you'll also find a small scroll wheel which comes with a tilt function and allows you to scroll easily through web pages. Thanks to its generous frame, your hand will rest comfortably on the mouse, preventing wrist pains or strains. This gadget is more suitable for people who have big hands, but it goes well on any desk, especially if you have a tight space to play with.

The SpaceMouse Pro Trackball Mouse from 3Dconnexion looks like a device taken from the future! It comes with multiple programmable keys and takes your browsing experience to the next level. If you still want a 3D mouse, but your budget is less flexible, check out the SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse from the same manufacturer.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro - 3D Trackball Mouse for Engineers, Designers, and Architects to Create 3D Designs, 15 Programmable Keys, Comfortable Hand Rest


3Dconnexion is focused on helping CAD professionals experience and interact with the digital world in 3D. It designs a smart, ergonomic, powerful, and easy-to-use combination of hardware and software for comfortable, fast, and fun use with 3D applications. The company delivers precise products that support simultaneous use for exceptional performance and improved productivity.

The first thing you’re going to say when you take a look at the SpaceMouse Pro from 3Dconnexion is just "Wow!". This is a 3D mouse which means that it is more suitable for 3D applications as it has a "6 degrees of freedom" sensor. If you're routinely working with 3D apps, this trackball mouse can streamline your experience and make it more enjoyable.

However, you can also use this device as a regular mouse as it comes with 15 programmable buttons and intelligent function keys. The software provided in the package will help you map out the buttons according to your preferences. Thanks to the fact that this is a corded mouse, you won't experience lag while working or playing games—yes, you can even play games with this trackball mouse, although you should expect a learning curve to take place at first.

Lastly, the mouse comes with a very comfortable handrest which will prevent wrist pains and discomfort, even if you spend many hours in front of your computer on a daily basis. Go for it just for the form factor if nothing else, because imagine what your friends will think when they come into your office or living room and see this futuristic gadget on your desk!

The Shuttle Pro V.2 from Contour Design is a futuristic type of mouse which drastically streamlines your workflow if you're a video editor, music creator, or work with your computer or Photoshop all day long. Still, if you thought you’d seen them all, check out the RollerMouse Ergonomic Mouse which incorporates advanced tracking technology and comes with multiple customizable buttons.

Contour Design ShuttlePro v2 Ergonomic Track Ball Mouse – Compatible with Windows and iOS Computers and Laptops


Contour Design produces remarkable computer mice and keyboards for its customers, so expect to be surprised when you see this brand's products. This company's aim is to help videographers, music producers, and photographers save time and streamline their workflow by coming up with intuitive solutions such as fully customizable and ergonomic trackball mice and keyboards.

Take, for example, the Shuttle Pro V.2 from Contour Design which is an innovative accessory for people who work with programs such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, FL Studio, and others. This device incorporates multiple programmable buttons and 2 main rings—an inner one and an outer one. The inner ring rotates smoothly, providing you with 360-degree control over your videos, playing them frame by frame. The outer ring has a rubberized texture and serves functions such as fast-forward, rewind, and others.

Granted, it might take you a while until you familiarize yourself with this device and learn to take advantage of its full potential, but when you do, you can save lots of time and have more fun while creating videos, editing photos, or making music. Additionally, this futuristic gadget doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your desk, comes with a wire so there’s no lag, and is compatible with all Windows and iOS computers and laptops. 

This device from Contour Design will look so good on your desk. Give it a try and we're pretty sure you won't send it back!

The Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse comes with 2 customizable buttons and is compatible with both Windows and iOS laptops and desktop computers. If you prefer a mouse which incorporates laser technology and has a low-profile design, check out the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse.

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring – 2 Customizable Buttons, Detachable Wrist Rest, Windows and iOS Compatible


Kensington designs detail-oriented and innovative computer hardware and mobile device accessories that meet high-quality development standards. The company offers tested, proven, reliable quality, and highly-available and professional tech support. It doesn’t just engineer its products for compatibility, but boasts a team of industrial design professionals who are committed to delivering seamless products for use in productive environments.

The Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse comes with a scroll ring and incorporates 2 side buttons which are fully customizable using the included TrackballWorks software. This is an attractive and eye-catching device suitable for small desks where every inch of space counts. You won't be moving the mouse, you'll just play with the trackball to move the cursor and access files or links.

The scroll ring is also there to help you scroll through web pages faster and easier. The ring is relatively silent, so you can navigate the internet without waking up the cat which probably sleeps on your lap. Needless to say, Kensington makes its products compatible with Windows and iOS computers, so this trackball mouse, like the other ones produced by this brand, will work well with your machine. Also, the fact that this is a wired mouse can be an advantage for you because you have one more free USB slot for other devices and you won't encounter lag while playing games.

Best Corded and Wireless Trackball Mouse Buying Guide – What to Look for in an Ergonomic Trackball Mouse or Gaming Trackball Mouse

Trackballs ease the use of computers, making your time spent using one more invigorating and enjoyable. Unlike an ordinary mouse, a trackball mouse is an advanced version designed to give you more control of your cursor. Trackball mice come with various features such as programmed buttons for added functionality.

Since they’re designed for comfortable use, trackball mice improve productivity as you can work for longer without injuring your wrist or muscles. The ergonomic design of these advanced mice supports motion-free use, meaning you only move the finger manipulating the trackball.

Moreover, trackball mice are designed for use anywhere—even in tight spaces—due to their compact design. Simply use your fingers or thumb to move the trackball to use your mouse. Designed for precision and fast-speed use, trackball mice support gaming, designing, and other tasks that require increased accuracy, speed, and control.

Just like your computer memory, processor, and storage, accessories such as speakers, mice, keyboards, and headphones also determine the performance of your PC. When shopping for a trackball mouse, first determine the type you want. For example, decide whether you want a thumb- or index finger-operated trackball.

Depending on whether you’re left- or right-handed, you need to choose a trackball mouse that supports your unique needs. We hope that this guide can help you pick the right trackball mouse for your specific tasks. As you can see, there are numerous choices for you and we want to make your life easier by outlining the main aspects of a trackball mouse. If you're in for a quick suggestion, the Portable Finger Wireless Mouse is on a roll these days. But if you want to find out more about these devices first, stay on this page and enjoy a good read!

Video: How To Choose A Mouse

Different Mouse Options. | Courtesy of Steve Meagher

Trackball mice range from those designed for basic computing to ones made for use in advanced, specialized applications. This means that the features, size, brand, quality, durability, and intended use of your mouse determine its price. A cheap trackball mouse can’t last for sure, hence the need to invest in a premium mouse you can use for many years.

Believe it or not, trackball mice are not particularly more or less expensive than regular ones, even if they come with slightly more features. For example, budget-friendly models cost around $30 for a wired device, going up to $50. If you want something more sophisticated, you need to take out between $50 and $100 from your pocket, but you get better precision, maybe a protective case, and a customary thumbs-up from the manufacturer!

Lastly, if you're into gaming mice or very futuristic ones which have programmable keys for various PC apps, the price of such a gadget can be over $100, probably reaching up to $300. Trust us, when you see those high-end mice, how they look and what they can do, you'll say "shut up and take my money!" almost instantly.


Trackball mice are simple in design, but come with increased accuracy and speed, leading to better productivity. They also come with various features that support added functionality. Therefore, when looking for a trackball mouse to buy, there’s need to ensure it comes with the right features to meet your unique needs.

Here are important features to look out for in a trackball mouse:

  • Type or mode of operation, such as thumb- or finger-operated mice
  • Ambidextrous for left- and right-handed use
  • Buttons for customized use
  • Scroll wheel or ring for moving up and down pages
  • Wired or wireless connectivity to your computer
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
  • Suitable working range
  • Device size that suits the size of your hands

With a durable, rightly-sized, and easy-to-use trackball mouse, you can enjoy increased productivity year-in and year-out.

Construction and Design

When shopping around for the best trackball mouse, consider the following features:

Type/Mode of Operation – Choose between finger- and thumb-operated trackball mice. The trackballs of thumb-operated mice are located either on the left or right side for thumb operation. The rest of the fingers are used for button-clicking or moving the scroll wheel.

Finger-operated trackballs, on the other hand, feature the trackball in the middle of the mouse with buttons on either side. Whereas the middle and index fingers are used to control the trackball, the ring and thumb fingers are used to click the buttons.

Some mice also feature scroll wheels, while others are built with scroll rings surrounding the trackball, which are controlled by the ring finger.

Left- or Right-Handed – Trackball mice are made for left, right, or both sides of hand-operation. Consider an ambidextrous mouse design for either left- or right-handed use.

Buttons – Trackball mice come with a different number of buttons to choose from; some have two, four, or even eight buttons. Whereas two buttons can support basic computing, heavy users such as developers and designers require more buttons. The more complicated your software is, the more buttons you need for customized use.

Scroll Wheel – The scroll wheels of trackball mice are either controlled using the index or middle finger, or the thumb. They can also be small, large, or optical for scrolling up and down a page.

Connectivity – Do you want a wired or wireless trackball mouse? Choose the right advanced mouse accordingly. Although a wired connection is trustworthy, wireless connections are battery-operated and save space. For wireless mice, choose between Bluetooth and USB 2.4GHz technologies.

Size – Also consider the size of the trackball mouse and that of the ball itself, because they vary from mouse to mouse. Opt for large balls if there’s need for increased precision and control. Similarly, buy a small-sized mouse if your hands are small; the converse is also true.

Range - Depending on your intended use of a trackball mouse, for instance, as a remote control, you need to determine the supported working range or cable length.

Video: How To Clean A Logitech Trackball Mouse

Cleaning a Logitech Trackball Mouse. | Courtesy of Elliot Taylor
Performance and Ease of Use

Whichever type or brand of trackball mouse you choose, there’s need for it to be easy to set up and use. Choose a mouse that doesn’t require cleaning, and comes in an ergonomic design for improved productivity and durability. The need for high precision for great performance goes without saying. A compact design ensures your trackball mouse fits in small spaces.

You also need to buy a long-range mouse for use away from your connected device when need be. Your choice of a trackball mouse needs to be backed with a warranty for protection from faults that occur during its manufacture.

Get the Best Trackball Mouse of 2022!

Whether you’re a designer in need of a 3D trackball mouse, a gaming fan, or simply want the improved ease of use and cursor control that comes with this kind of mouse, there’s one to meet your computing needs. We hope that with our review of some of the best trackball mice, you’ll be in a position to pick the right mouse. In case you need something different, check out our other mouse review or see what else these brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Logitech MX ERGO Plus Trackball Mouse
Best Value
ELECOM Extra Large Gaming Trackball Mouse
3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro
Contour Design ShuttlePro v2 Mouse
Kensington Orbit Mouse with Scroll Ring

Trackball Mouse FAQs

What is a trackball mouse?
A trackball mouse is a pointing device with a protruding ball rotating on two axes – upside-down and sideways. The ball protrudes upwards like an overturned mouse such that users can move the pointer by rolling the ball. One can use a thumb, fingers, or a palm to roll the ball and fingertips to press the device's buttons. Its buttons are like those of a standard mouse or sit in a convenient position for the user. Check out our review on trackball mouse to find out more!
How to use a trackball mouse?
You can know how to use a trackball mouse by learning to spin the trackball to the right extent. Given that the pointer tends to move at your hand's speed, you need to pay attention at the beginning. Before buying a trackball mouse, try out different design styles to know the one that works for you. Fix the trackball to your computer and roll the ball while fixing your eyes on the pointer. If it feels too sensitive, adjust the settings using the included software and drivers. That includes whether you prefer to left-click or right-click. Finally, get acquainted with the trackball mouse by using it for different purposes. With time, you will find it to be effortless to use.
How to clean a Logitech trackball mouse?
To clean a Logitech trackball mouse, you should start by disconnecting it from the computer. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the outer surface of the mouse. While at it, remove dust from the scroll wheel and the rest of the mouse surface. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe the LED and lens area. Never allow moisture into the trackball mouse as that can spoil the delicate electronic parts inside. Use a pencil or finger to remove the trackball, ensuring it does not fall on the ground. Use warm soapy water to clean the trackball and put it aside to dry. Remove dust and other loose particles from the trackball housing using a blower. Wipe the rollers using a cotton swab dampened with alcohol and let them dry. Put the trackball back into place and reconnect the device to your computer.