Best Trail Camera Reviews 2023

Gone are the days when you would scout and sit on tree stands or behind blinds, waiting to see if a deer happens to walk by and take your shot. Ask anyone who employed this strategy when out for hunting and they will tell you how time consuming it is. This has all changed these days thanks to trail cameras, also known as game cameras. They do the entire job for you, and all you need to do is view images or video recordings and you know where your game is at any given moment. But it is not easy to find the right camera out there considering the many options available today. Don’t break a sweat though – we are here to help you make your purchase process simple. We’ve got all you need right here, five of the best brands of trail cameras.
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Trigger speed
Battery Info
Our Top Choice
Stealth Cam No-Glo Trail Game Camera
Stealth Cam has outdone themselves when it comes to game cameras. This top of the line trail camera can capture high resolution images for wildlife even 100 feet away.
Great detection range. Super long battery life. Suitable for even harsh weather. Crisp clear images.
Limited memory storage.
2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 10MP
0.5 seconds
8 AA batteries
5.5 x 4.0 x 2.5” / 1.9 pounds
HD video, advanced blur reduction
Best Value
Browning Strike Force Elite Trail Camera
Since 1878, Browning Trail Cameras has been at the forefront when it comes to hunting gear. Their HD Elite Camera offers all the bells and whistles necessary for successful hunting.
HD video from 5 seconds – 2 minutes with sound. 0.4 second trigger speed. Night vision. Long battery life.
SD card not included.
10 MP
0.4 seconds
6 AA batteries
4.5 x 2.5 x 3.2” / 1 pound
HD video, smart IR video
Moultrie Panoramic Game Camera
Moultrie has a loyal following of hunting enthusiasts. Their Moultrie Panoramic 180i Trail Camera utilizes a moving lens and sensor for a wider coverage area.
Fixed lenses. Great battery life. Fast picture detection. Invisible infrared illumination.
Slow video detection.
14 MP
0.5 seconds
12 AA batteries
10 x 6.5 x 5” / 2.3 pounds
Multi-shot, iNVISIBLE infrared
Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera
Bushnell has made hunting more enjoyable thanks to its line of trail cameras. The Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 features fast trigger speed and impeccable image quality.
Great night and day photos. Affordable. Fast trigger speed. Outstanding battery life.
Not so good video trigger. Lacks external battery jack.
3 MP, 8 MP, 12 MP
0.3 seconds
8 AA batteries
5.8 x 3.2 x 4.4” / 1.1 pounds
HD quality video, 2X field scan
Amcrest Digital Game Camera
Amcrest has a huge loyal following thanks to their quality camera systems. The Amcrest ATC-1201 Game Camera boasts impressive features to capture action anytime of the day or night.
LCD screen to view images. High sensitive motion detection. Infrared LED night vision. Detachable laser remote.
Not the fastest trigger speed we’ve seen.
12 MP
0.7 seconds
8 AA batteries
6.5 x 3.8 x 5” / 1 pound
2” LCD screen, HD video

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What is the Best Trail Camera?

Everyone hunter is passionate about capturing the best undisturbed nature forms and patterns as they occur. A trail camera is a product that keeps you covered in documenting these memorable events. It also helps you keep track of your game if you are a hunting enthusiast. Now that you are now aware of some of the aspects to check out when choosing a trail camera, let’s explore top selections, to ensure you get your best choice.
Our Top Choice
The Stealth Cam G42NG employs reflex technology that allows the camera to capture images in lightning fast speed. It allows you to set your preferred resolution (2MP, 4MP, 8MP or 10MP). If you are in the market for a more affordable trail camera by Stealth Cam- one that offers a single resolution of 8MP, the Stealth Cam PX18 Camo Combo could be the one for you.

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Game Camera - Available in 2 Styles

When it comes to digital scouting cameras, there’s no doubt you can trust Stealth Cam. It has been in the business of game cameras for decades, gaining a strong following among hunting enthusiasts. If hunters are using them, then you can bet there’s a good reason why.

Step up your hunting skills with the Stealth Cam G42. This trail camera happens to be one of the newest releases by Stealth Cam, incorporating incredible features to help you spot your wildlife anywhere it goes. Yes, even when the buck hides inside bushes at night you will still see it.

Retailing at around $189.99, this wildlife camera is equipped with black infrared emitters that are able to detect any motion 100 feet away. Better yet, you won’t suddenly get a black screen because of depleted battery power – the 8 ‘AA’ batteries will provide enough power to run for weeks so that you don’t miss any action.

Here are more reasons this game camera is perfect for any hunter:
  • 4 Resolution settings: 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 10MP. This allows you to set your preferred resolution depending on the hunting ground
  • Long lasting weather proofing housing to let the camera do its job even when it’s raining
  • HD video recording with audio, running for up to 180 seconds
  • External power jack that lets you plug in 12V battery box in case you need to trail your wildlife for longer
  • Time lapse function with PIR override
  • Uses 8 ‘AA’ batteries
  • Good detection range of up to around 100 foot so that you have a wider scope of view
  • USB output that you can use to connect the camera to your computer
  • Fast triggering of 0.5 seconds, taking 1-9 images per trigger. The game camera also has 1-59 minutes recovery time out
  • SD card slot that allows you to insert an SD card of up to 32 GB in case you need some extra storage
  • External LCD display to show the status of the camera and functions
  • Temperature, moon phase, date and time settings
The G42NG game camera is not the only model Stealth Cam has to offer. In fact, the brand has quite a number of game cameras with different features, categorizing them in a number of series (GX/Wireless, G Pro/G Series, ZX/RX Series and PX/P Series) so that every shopper gets a perfect match. Those that share almost similar features with the G42NG (difference being resolutions and trigger speed) include G45NG Pro, G42C, G34 Pro and the G30.
Best Value
Enjoy crisp clear images and fast trigger speed with the Strike Force HD Elite Trail Camera. This hunting camera offers an impressive 10MP camera resolution, which is decent to capture good quality images. Need the same quality but on a tighter budget? Check out the Command Ops Series, which comes with 8 megapixel resolution.

Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force HD Elite Wildlife Camera - 10MP & HD Video

Browning Trail Cameras is a big name in the game cameras game. They offer a full line of quality wildlife cameras as well as related accessories to help game lovers like you capture the best images of animals roaming on their property. Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or just interested in keeping an eye on the wildlife on your property, you will certainly find an option with features you are looking for.

With the many benefits technology has introduced to hunting, you should take advantage of it to make your hunting not only more successful but also exciting. In this case we are talking about Strike Force HD Elite game camera by Browning. Its reputation is built on fast detection, long battery life and of course impeccable picture quality – all in one package. Going for around $130, this game camera is compact and camouflaged, making it a useful asset when you’re hunting.

Here are the features that make this trail camera hard to beat:
  • 10 MP resolution for great picture quality
  • Browning Buck Watch viewer software
  • Can record HD (1280 x 720) videos with sound, running from 5 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Supports an impressive 32GB SD card, which is sufficient memory to store images
  • Infrared LED illumination to allow you to capture images even in the dark
  • Programmable picture delay from 5 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Detects game to up to 55 foot
  • More than 100 foot flash range to ensure the camera doesn’t captures all the action
  • Display that shows camera ID, moon phase, temperature, date and time
  • 0.4 trigger speed, making the cameras ability to capture images lightning fast
  • 6 AA batteries that provide the camera with sufficient power for a long time
  • 12V external power jack in case you need to connect additional power supply
  • Can take up to 8 rapid fire and multi shot images
Browning Trail Cameras remains to be one of the best selling brands when it comes to game cameras. They offer three different series: Command OPS, Recon Force Full HD Platinum and Spec OPS Platinum FHD, so that every hunter gets what they want. The main difference between trail cameras within the different series is the trigger speed, resolution and of course the design. They also go for different prices to suit everyone.
Boasting unmatched functionality and performance, the Moultrie Panoramic 180i Trial Camera is certainly the camera to go for if you want to capture more without being seen. It features an impressive 14MP resolution and fixed parts for total silent surveillance. If you are looking for a more affordable game camera by Moultrie – one with a 12MP resolution and 50-foor detection range, you wouldn’t go wrong with the Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera.

Moultrie Panoramic 180i Game Camera 14MP & 0.5 Second Trigger Speed

Moultrie is not only a leader of game management, but also a top seller of hunting accessories that are top performing, durable and reliable. They offer a full line of trail cameras that are used and tested by outdoor enthusiasts, game management professionals and hunters themselves. You just can’t go wrong with their wildlife cameras.

If you have used trail cameras to monitor wildlife in your property before and none have offered you the satisfaction you were hoping for, then it’s time you tried the Moultrie Panoramic 180i Game Camera. Retailing at just $299.99, this hunting camera offers a lightning fast trigger speed, nighttime illumination and impeccable picture quality, making it frustration-free. And yes- it can run on panoramic mode as well and produce clear photos.

Here are some of the reasons why this game camera by Moultrie remains one of the most acclaimed:
  • 14MP resolution for great picture quality
  • Invisible nighttime illumination to capture images of your deer without it noticing
  • 0.5 second trigger speed, which is fast enough to get your images
  • Captures HD videos
  • Offers an amazing 180-degree field of view so that you can capture all the action
  • Sturdy case made from weatherproof plastic
  • Works with SDHC/SD memory card, handling to a maximum of 32 GB
  • Allows you to manage memory by erasing your oldest videos and photos in order to free some space for new ones
  • 12 AA batteries that allow you to capture an incredible 15,000 images
  • 12V external jack. The camera can also support AC power as well
Whether you are looking for a great trail camera to manage game on your property or just looking to get a high end option to scout land, Moultrie offers a wide range of game cameras to help you gather accurate field intelligence. There are high definition infrared models equipped with No-Glow technology and affordable ones with basic features. Some of the options you can check out include Moultrie Mobile™ Wireless Field Modem MV1, Moultrie M-999i Mini Game Camera, Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera and Moultrie M-888 Mini Game Camera among many others.
The Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 is made to withstand even the harshest of weather. It comes with an aggressive design, strengthened cable lock and adjustable resolution settings (2, 3 and 12) to suit your needs. If your pockets are more flexible and looking to settle on a high end trail camera by Bushnell – one with 14MP resolution, longer battery life (12 AA batteries) and completely wireless, you can check out the Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 Low Glow Trail Camera with 12MP Resolution

When it comes to high performance optics, there no reason you shouldn’t trust Bushnell. They have been in this business for over 65 years – yes, over 6 decades – providing high quality and affordable optics. From birding to fishing to hunting, their products are tailored to enhance the pleasure of any outdoor pursuit. You can rest assure that their trail cameras incorporate latest technology and can be obtained without breaking the bank!

If you are so curious to see what’s lurking behind the closed doors, or looking to take your hunting skills a notch higher, all you need to do is set up a game camera. Selling at around $106.40, the Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 is a perfect option to ensure that nothing gets past your eye. It comes with a number of adjustable resolution settings just to provide you a clearing or path on which you want to scout. You can set up its trigger interval allowing it to take one to three images anywhere from 1 to 60 seconds. Isn’t that amazing? We think it is.

Here are the features of this affordable hunting camera:
  • Adjustable resolution: 2MP, 8MP and 12MP to allow you to take full color resolution depending with the place and time
  • SD card slot of that accepts up to 32GB memory card for extra storage
  • Day or night auto sensor, making it easy to adjust for perfect image capture
  • Can run up to an incredible 12 months on just one set of batteries
  • Adjustable PIR for low, medium and high. It is also motion activated to about 80 foot
  • 0.3-second trigger speed with programmable intervals of 1 second to 1 hour
  • Temperature range between -5 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit
  • Longer video length between 5 seconds to 1 minute, also programmable
  • Multi image mode that allows you to take 1 to 3 images per trigger
While we decided to go with the Trophy Cam HD Essential E2, it doesn’t mean that this brand makes just one trail camera. In fact, it offers four different models with distinct features so that you find a perfect match for your hunting requirements. There’s an option with no-glow, another with low glow and one that comes completely wireless. The designs and resolution are also different with each model, so you are guaranteed to settle on one that suits your needs.
The Amcrest ATC-1201 trail camera can be triggered by the slightest movement of game in its 100 degree wide PIR field. Whether during the day or low ambient light, the unit automatically switches itself, ensuring continuous performance. If you are looking for a high end game camera by Amcrest- one that’s completely wireless and comes with an antenna for better signal reception, it wouldn’t hurt checking out the Amcrest ATC-1202W wireless game camera.

Amcrest ATC-1201 Digital Trail Camera - 12MP with Integrated 2” LCD Screen

From security camera systems, HD video security systems to IP cameras, and now trail cameras, there’s no doubt that Amcrest knows a thing or two about making high quality cameras. This is especially evident with the high end features their products incorporate as well as the advanced technology they use every time they are releasing a new product.

The Amcrest ATC-1201 Digital Trail Camera is a one of a kind wildlife camera as it features a 2” LCD screen that allows you to view your photos and videos on site. And yes, this means that you don’t have to get your memory card and insert it into your computer- you can do all the viewing right from the camera. Better yet, this hunting gear is affordable yet it operates just as well as its expensive counterparts. It retails at around $99.99.

Here’s why the Amcrest ATC-1201 Digital game Camera is the budget model to consider:
  • 12 MP resolution, which is more than satisfactory when it comes to producing crisp clear images
  • Can record an impressive 1080p HD video
  • Can be powered by batteries or DC power
  • 1 inch LCD display that allows you to view your images
  • 35 IR LEDs strategically placed for night vision of up to 65 foot
  • IR triggers that help the camera to take fast snapshots and recordings
  • Supports SD card from 8MB to 32GB
  • 0.7 seconds trigger speed, which is good enough to capture images at a fast rate
  • Wide 100-degree PIR field
  • Batteries can operate for up to 3 months
Amcrest offers three different options in its line of trail cameras. One of the notable differences between these models is the design, but on a closer observation you will realize that their features differ as well. While the Amcrest ATC-1201 comes with 12MP resolution, there an option with 8MP and is more affordable. However, all the models have an LCD screen and are equipped with infrared LED night vision that can detect up to 65 foot.

How Do I Choose the Best Trail Camera?

Hey John, do you think there will be any mature bucks in our usual spot this year? There is nothing more frustrating to a hunter as waiting for the best kill for hours, only to miss the opportunity because the deer are somewhere else. To avoid this, consider investing in a trail camera, which will boost your wildlife monitoring capabilities so you KNOW whether there is wildlife visiting your feed pile and the times they are most often near your hunting blind.

With HD video recording capacity, fast trigger rate, and SD slot (which allows for more storage capacity), a trail camera will make your buck scouting even more efficient. The good range of detection ensures that you can record game patterns, even as you monitor with a pair of binoculars at a distance. With this, you will have all the power to ensure that you miss no opportunity.

It even gets better! With a trail camera you can enjoy viewing recorded videos by simply connecting it to your laptop via a USB cable or just inserting the SD card – and some even have the ability for you to view what’s happening from the comfort of your own home. The experience is limitless. And hey, you might not even need that deer call if you already know their routine.

Let’s now proceed to some of the features to consider while purchasing a trail camera.
The price of trail cameras could range between $90 and $350, depending on various features. Basically, you will find that the higher the number of advanced features, the more the price. A good example is a model that comes with faster trigger rate or infrared emitters for night viewing; you’d expect to spend much more on such a trail camera, compared to a basic one. Similarly, those with a higher resolution to guarantee crisp images will likely cost a premium.

If you love recording the best birds or animal patterns, or just want to enhance your hunting skills, price shouldn’t be an impediment, to your flexibility though. Irrespective of your financial situation, you are sure to get one that fits your needs and pocket. However, we recommend that you only stick to fairly-priced or high end models, and avoid cheap trail cameras at all costs. The very cheap ones may not give you the best tracking ability.

With this in mind, let’s check out some of the major features to get you more informed before settling on a certain pick.
A trail camera enhances your hunting prowess by capturing the best moments through quality pictures or videos. Nonetheless, it has other appealing features that make wildlife tracking even more breathtaking.

Here’s what we are talking about:
  • Resolution Settings - Enables setting of preferential resolution
  • Weather Proof Housing - Makes your camera an all-weather working product
  • Power Supply - Gives power security for longer shooting
  • External LCD Display - Showing of the camera’s status
  • Trigger Rate - Enables capturing of more images per trigger
Construction and Design
Trail cameras are different from our regular digital cameras. They are made with a strong housing to withstand the harsh conditions in the woods. You will want to go with a model that’s sturdy enough to handle anything that’s thrown its way. And yes, most of them incorporate this housing to keep the camera waterproof, in case it rains.

You might ask, yes, trail cameras do take pictures and record videos of the game, but how do you view them? Well, most of these devices will come with USB ports that allow you to connect them to your PC or laptop so that you can view everything that’s recorded. Some will come with an LCD screen that gives you instant access to your recordings, without necessarily having to connect them your machine. If you want to view them remotely, without actually going to where it’s set up, you will need to get one that has the functionality to connect to your mobile device.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you only want to download and view your pictures or videos from a laptop, then you do not need to go for a trail camera with an external LCD screen. However, if you go for one with this option, you will have an added advantage of viewing and monitoring your scouting even in the field.

Trail cameras have varying trigger rates, which you can choose from. However, we recommend you that you go for one with a rate of 0.3 to 0.5 to guarantee you high speed captures. It’s not worth having a camera which will not give you the best of events as they happen. After all, you want to know exactly where you game is, right?

Capturing high quality multiple images or videos is the most satisfying aspect of a hunter. You should consider going for a camera with a higher resolution of up to 14MP because it can give you clearer images or videos.

Moreover, power is a critical component in a camera. Most of trail cameras come with an inbuilt battery, which might only last a few hours to a day or two. If you want to scout for longer, go for one with a power jack because it allows you to connect an external power bank, which will give you a longer power supply.

Get the Best Trail Camera of 2023!

Whether you are looking for a high end game camera or a basic one with good resolution and trigger speed, we are glad to help you find one. We hope that our review helps you find a good game camera from top brands not only to help you utilize all your hunting opportunities, but also make the sport fun and more exciting.

Our Top Choice
Stealth Cam No-Glo Trail Game Camera
Best Value
Browning Strike Force Elite Trail Camera
Moultrie Panoramic Game Camera
Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera
Amcrest Digital Game Camera