Best Travel Alarm Clock Reviews 2022

Many times when on a trip, we have different appointments, whether that's meetings, flights or whatever. A practical way of avoiding tardiness when on trips is to do the commonsense thing: get an alarm clock! And today, after much research, we bring you five of the best travel alarm clock brands with a product to feature from each. If any of these fail to tickle your fancy, you can always get something else from any of these brands. PS: We also have reviews on other kinds of alarm clocks if you’re interested. Do check them out!
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Clock type
Power source
Our Top Choice
Marathon Travel Alarm Clock with Temp
Combining military durability and Swiss craftsmanship, Marathon Watch guarantees its customers high quality, precision, and accuracy in the manufacture of its products.
Foldable, with built-in stand. 180-degree rotational clock face. Comes with snooze function. Button-activated backlight. 12/24-hour time display. Temperature and calendar display.
The backlight does not stay on.
3.9 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches
4 pounds
1 AAA Battery
Silver and wood tone
Best Value
Ambient Weather Atomic Travel Clock
Ambient Weather is an undoubted leader in the industry of weather monitoring. Its instruments have not only proved resourceful, but also affordable, making them a fave of many.
Compact size with large features. Automatic time set in sync with the U.S. atomic clock for accuracy. Comes with automatic backlight. Displays calendar, time zone, and temperature.
Takes a while to sync with the atomic clock.
2.5 x 1 x 2.5 inches
1.6 pounds
2 AAA Batteries
Black, White, with night light
La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock
La Crosse Technology began in 1983 to make lives easier by offering a wide variety of excellent and practical products that various individuals have found helpful.
Comes with a foldable case that’s ideal for travel. USB port available to charge mobile devices. Displays calendar. Also displays time in 12 and 24-hour format. Bold LCD.
It does not come with an atomic clock.
4.5 x 0.9 x 3.3 inches
6.4 pounds
2 AAA batteries, micro-USB cable
Casio Quartz Travel Alarm Clock
Casio is definitely a household name, and since the 1940s, this brand has not stopped delivering some of the highest-performing electronic products industry-wide.
Alarm comes as a beep. Comes with a 3-hand analog display. Hands and markers are luminous and reflect in the dark. Comes with AA batteries. Rugged and crack resistant.
Hands might not be luminescent enough for some.
2.2 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches
2.2 pounds
1 AA Battery
Black and Green
Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock
For a brand that’s totally about your comfort and convenience, both at home and on the go, you should think Travelwey. It gives the right products and at the right prices too!
No ticking sounds. Alarm rings loud until turned off. Snooze function goes off every five minutes until turned off. Travel lock covers the top button and prevents battery drain.
One or two complaints about size.
3.1 x 2 x 3.1 inches
3.2 pounds
1 AA Battery
Black, White, and Pink

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What is the Best Travel Alarm Clock?

Picking the best travel alarm clock might look dicey, cos they pretty much all look the same but, having read our guide, that should be the least of your problems now. So, get ready, because you’ll now make your selection from our top five. Let’s go!
Our Top Choice
The Marathon Travel Alarm Clock is more than just a travel clock, and here’s why: it not only comes compact and foldable, making it ideal for travel, it’s also large and legible, making it great as a desktop clock too! Here’s something with an automatic backlight that adjusts according to the brightness or darkness of where it’s placed: see the Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock.

Marathon Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar and Temperature – Available in 2 Colors

Marathon Watch, which began in 1904 as Weinsturm Watch, has developed and maintained an enviable reputation as a supplier of some of the finest precision timepieces across North America and even beyond. It prides itself in the making of timepieces that somehow ingeniously bring military durability and Swiss craftsmanship in one piece. Because of this well-deserved reputation and the performance of its tested and trusted products, this brand has not stopped receiving great reviews across several online retail platforms. It’s a brand you definitely want to shop for.

You definitely want to travel with the Marathon Travel Alarm Clock, as it is one clock that comes with almost every feature that makes for an ideal travel alarm clock. First of all, it’s compact and comes foldable, which makes it easy to pack. Next, it comes with a large and legible LCD display for easy reading and viewing.

Because we all need the extra help, this clock comes with a snooze function, and it can be set to five different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Awesome!

This clock displays time in both the 12-hour and 24-hour formats, depending on how you like it. And it also displays the temperature and date as well. We love the silver one for its sleek, modern look, but it also comes in wood tone.

It comes with a backlight on demand when you press a little button. And well, some people have issues with the fact that the backlight doesn’t stay on, but considering the plethora of positives, it might not really be a big deal if you think about it.

You will need standard batteries, and thankfully, you’ll have your very first supply from Marathon. And you won’t have to worry about longevity either. The clock works with low power consumption, which makes the batteries quite long lasting.

Coming with its own built-in stand and 180-degree rotational face, this clock can literally stand anywhere and can even work as a desktop clock. You should have gotten this yesterday. Order it now!
Best Value
If time must be told, then it must be accurately done; the Ambient Weather Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock comes with an atomic clock for utmost accuracy and also comes with automatic backlight for low-light settings. Need something with more ritz? Then see this clock with a color-changing temperature display and an atomic clock too: Ambient Weather Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock.

Ambient Weather Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature – Available in 3 Colors

Ambient Weather strives to maintain the lowest prices industry-wide, while at the same time offering some of the best products in the industry. This vision is obviously working for the brand, as many customers have come to observe. Currently, Ambient Weather, one of the largest e-retailers, offers thousands of diverse, quality products on its website and also manages to offer excellent customer service. In addition to its mainstream products, this brand makes customized products on demand for schools, offices, and government departments as well. This is truly one brand that’s committed to serving you.

When it comes to utmost accuracy in time, we all know the obvious way to go, and that’s the U.S. atomic clock. Well, you’ll be glad to know that the Ambient Weather Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock also comes with an atomic clock. The name gives that fact away already, doesn’t it? So, we already have our first plus: it doesn’t need to be updated.

Well, there’s a small issue even with this plus, and that’s that it might take a while for your clock to set, but once that’s done, baby, you’re ready to roll till whenever with your time always accurate! And we know that’s the first step to getting more out of your day: being accurate!

It comes with a snooze function and can display in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Being a travel clock, it comes in a really compact size so it needs not take up too much space. But despite its compact size, it still comes with large features for visibility. Also for visibility, this clock lights up automatically when there’s limited light. Another plus for it!

In addition to time, time zone, calendar, and temperature are also displayed because, well, just time can get a little boring sometimes, don’t you think? Well, whether or not, you have to admit that having those extra features is pretty cool.

This clock works with standard AAA batteries, so finding a replacement shouldn’t be difficult when power runs out. It comes in black, white, and white with night light. You already love this clock, don’t you? You should order it!
The La Crosse Technology Travel Projection Alarm Clock is a super travel alarm clock you have to get. This clock comes with a really large and visible monochrome LCD, and also projects time onto the wall or ceiling. For less, you can also get this atomic clock with an analog design and digital LCD. It also comes with backlight: La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Analog Style Alarm Clock!

La Crosse Technology Travel Projection Alarm Clock with Fold-Out Stand

It’s been over 30 years of excellence for the La Crosse Technology family. Since 1986, this brand has offered its happy customers a wide range of excellent products to choose from. These products are characterized by their ease of use, their surpassing performance in measuring time, weather and other features, and of course, their attractiveness. Different categories of people have found good use with these products, from parents to commuters. La Crosse Technology is invested in its ambition to help you get more out of your day by helping you plan it right.

Okay, so the La Crosse Technology Travel Projection Alarm Clock just takes the whole basic travel alarm clock idea to a whole new level with the many advanced features that it comes with. And we are about to explore them.

One, it comes with a projection feature, which means that it can project the time onto the ceiling or the wall at the press of a button for 10 seconds. If you want this time extended, this clock comes with a micro-USB cable which, when plugged in, will allow the projection and backlight to stay up for longer.

To make it compact for travel, the clock comes with a foldable case and has the option of running on standard batteries when you need the clock to be portable. So, in other words, this clock works both for travel and for desktop use.

When running on battery, in order to conserve energy, a power-saving LCD mode is activated and the clock comes with a low-battery indicator, preventing you from being caught off guard with a dead device.

Another wonderful thing about this clock, which is like a gift that keeps on giving, is that the micro-USB port can also be used to charge your electronic devices. Yes! This is sure more than just a travel alarm clock, it’s a buddy! And it’s definitely worth every penny that will be spent buying it.

As for display, it’s quite large and displays the time zone, date, and the time, of course, in 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this great clock. Order it!
Travel with the Casio Travel Alarm Clock, and you sure will be a happy camper. Its rugged plastic construction makes it impervious to cracking if it falls, ensuring that your clock lasts, and gives you value for money. Or if you’d prefer more advanced features, then you might like this digital clock that comes with a thermometer too. See the Casio Travel Alarm Clock with Thermometer.

Casio Travel Alarm Clock – Bla Clock Radios

Founded in 1946 by Kashio Seisakujo in Mikata, Tokyo, Casio began by making electronic calculators. Today, this brand is known across the world for making some of the most unique and innovative calculators that the accounting, auditing, and scientific world are plenty grateful for. Aside from calculators, this brand has also delved into the making of other tools for research such as clocks of different kinds, from analog to digital, and from basic pieces to pretty advanced ones. With an ear and a heart for its customers, Casio has earned the loyalty and business of many, and this is evidenced by its significant imprints in several countries across the globe.

The one major plus for the Casio Travel Alarm Clock is undoubtedly its rugged construction. Although made of plastic, it has been tested and trusted by many happy campers to be impervious to cracking and breaking, regardless of the intensity of abuse thrown at it. It just takes it like a boss!

The alarm of the clock comes as a beep and is just loud enough to wake you up, however deeply you sleep.

Although analog, the three hands of this clock are large and luminescent, making it easy to read even in the dark. A few isolated complaints were made about the visibility of the hands, but generally, it is visible.

This clock works with standard AA batteries that are also included in the package. They last long and can easily be replaced when eventually used up.

You’ll love this if you prefer a pretty basic but tough clock that will stand by you all through the years. Place your order now!
If you need something basic, with no frills or complexities and for a pretty great price too, check out the Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock. It’s analog and does not make ticking noises so you can have a sweet sleep. Or check out this other clock that comes in digital, also with a snooze function and an on-demand backlight. It’s also affordable. See the Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock.

Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light Features – Available in 3 Colors

Travelwey has dedicated its entire existence to a sole purpose, and that is to provide its customers with some of the best products that make home living and travel a lot more comfortable and convenient. Although this company only uses cutting-edge technology, it’s really amazing and commendable that it still somehow manages to give some of the most affordable products you can find today. And have we told you about its customer service? Don’t take our word for it. Take a trip across several reviews across several online retail platforms and hear from the horses’ mouths, the customers themselves. Travelwey has sure made a mark in its industry, and even more importantly, in the hearts of its customers.

If you want a clock that just delivers the basics and shuts up, then try the Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock. It’s a pretty basic travel alarm clock that does excellently on the basics and does not cost so much. For a basic clock though, this clock sure outperforms itself. See for yourself:

First off, yes, it is analog, but no, there’s no ticking sounds most analog clocks are notorious for. In sharp contrast though, the alarm is pretty loud and the snooze function will go off every five minutes until you eventually turn it off. So, there’s definitely no way you’re sleeping through this clock at all. No way!

It can be pretty annoying when you unpack your luggage to a dead clock, just because it’s been on all through the journey because something, somewhere, touched something else. Well, Travelwey found a way around that and built this clock with a travel lock, which covers the top button and prevents the backlight from coming on accidentally and running down your battery.

If you expose this clock to the sun during the day, the hands reflect at night. Or otherwise, you can illuminate the whole clock face with a tap of the top button.

We told you it over-delivers for a basic clock. You’re definitely getting a lot of value for your money on this one. Get it!

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Alarm Clock?

The alarm clock is probably the most hated invention ever made. It is, in fact, the very invention that proves to the whole universe that, indeed, man is naturally lazy. Lol. How we set an alarm for an hour before we actually intend to wake up and then leave it to snooze several minutes after the first ring. Phew! Humans are a strange lot!

Anyway, we can’t honestly say that we do not owe the alarm clock for one or two good things that happened to us in life. They have journeyed many years with us and are still traveling, helping us achieve more from our days by gently nudging us each morning with their irritating screams that we hate but keep coming back to like a drug.

Few things work as efficiently as an alarm clock when early appointments need to be kept, and traveling with one wherever you’re going is hardly a bad idea. While some might be of the opinion that a phone can always suffice, and while that is almost always true, we have to remember that phones can sometimes be unreliable when it comes to batteries. Many alarm clocks, on the other hand, work with standard batteries, which are way easier to replace and which you can always have on hand.

Well, one small issue with traveling with a travel alarm clock might be the possibility of the clock cracking in your suitcase and wasting your investment. That’s a valid point in all honesty, but that’s why you shouldn’t get a cheapie. Many alarm clocks today come with a metal body and a crack-resistant plastic face, which helps their durability even in the face of constant jostling as you travel.

There’s hardly any way you can fault a travel alarm clock, and you know the best part? With its price range, there’s definitely something for every category of buyer. So, just before you make that purchase, we want to take you through a couple of features that make for a great clock so you can land a super buy. Keep reading!
For about $10 to $50, you can get a really good travel alarm clock, bearing in mind that digital alarm clocks definitely occupy the more expensive end of the price spectrum compared to the analogs because of the more advanced features that they come with. Buying a cheap travel alarm clock is the fastest way to waste money, as the clock might crack, thanks to its fragile construction that cannot withstand even a bit of abuse.
To get a travel alarm clock that works, here are some features you should check out:
  • Analog or Digital
  • Durability
  • Noise Level
  • Ease of Use/Setup
  • Battery Requirements
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
If you’re the pretty basic type, just needing the bottom line without any “confusing” extras, then the analog is for you. It usually doesn’t come with too many features and will probably work with AA batteries, which aren’t difficult to replace.

On the other hand, a more tech-savvy person might find an analog clock kind of a bore, so they would naturally want a digital one that comes with more advanced features. Although they are a bit pricier than their analog counterparts and replacing their batteries can be quite a task, they are generally a more attractive choice and they don’t make that annoying “tick-tock” sound which most analog clocks are notorious for.

Avoid cheapies that are made of thin, low-grade plastic, as they could crack easily while being carried around in your luggage and you’d lose your investment. On this score, analog clocks fare much better, as digital ones come with small, delicate parts that are prone to cracking and breaking.

The best option for the material of construction for a travel alarm clock is a metal body with a crack-resistant plastic face. This way, however you move your luggage, your clock will still be safe. Also, think of getting a water-resistant clock if you’ll be traveling to particularly humid regions.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now, another critical aspect you equally want to look at is the noise level. For some folks, a loud ring startles them. And for times when you’re traveling in a crowded vehicle or lodging in a dorm, a loud ring might be inappropriate, so consider that too. You might want to go with one that vibrates instead. Also, many clocks now come with advanced features that help you adjust the noise level so it can fit into your current setting.

For the sake of ease of use, go for a basic alarm clock; the more basic, the better for you. Sometimes, too many advanced features can even end up making the alarm clock useless. For instance, you could miss an important appointment just because you unknowingly set your alarm for 6am New York instead of Paris time, right?

Another way to ensure that your clock is easy to use is to get one with well-spaced, large buttons so you don’t mistakenly hit the wrong one.

See how your alarm clock can be positioned for easy reading. Some clocks come folded and can sit on their base when unfolded. Others come with a hook that can be used to hang them from a nail or something. Others even come in the form of a wrist watch. The big picture, ultimately, is that from whatever angle, it should be easy to read.

As for batteries, most use AA or AAA or cell-type. The standard batteries (AA and AAA) are a lot better because, even though cell-type batteries last longer, they are harder to replace.

Other features you might like in an alarm clock might be: a lighted display, a dual-alarm setting, date, snoozing, 12/24-hour display, a radio, and maybe a unique, designer style. All in all, let your true self out with your clock, but remember, the more basic it is, the better for you.

Get the Best Travel Alarm Clock of 2022!

The time is now! Make that purchase and don’t be late. Time, they say, waits for no man. And neither do travel alarm clocks.

Our Top Choice
Marathon Travel Alarm Clock with Temp
Best Value
Ambient Weather Atomic Travel Clock
La Crosse Technology Projection Alarm Clock
Casio Quartz Travel Alarm Clock
Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock