Best Travel Blanket Reviews 2023

Long drives and flights can get cold and uncomfortable, hence the need for a good travel blanket. With many brands, types, and styles out there, you might be spoilt for choice. We’ve researched five of the best travel blanket brands on the market, showcasing a blanket from each, to help you find one that best meets your traveling needs.
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Carrying bag
Good for
Our Top Choice
Flight 001 One Size Travel Blanket
Flight 001 specializes in travel blankets, hand bags, sleeping masks, and other useful accessories for people who travel by plane regularly.
Comfortable and easy to use. Large size – can cover an adult completely. Machine washable. Comes with protective case.
Minor complaints that it is a square (55 by 55 inches) blanket. Some people would have preferred it to have a rectangular shape, but this is a minor drawback.
Soft, plush material
55 x 55 inches
Blue, charcoal, pink, and green
Yes, can be used as pillow too
Home and travel use
Best Value
EASELAND Super Soft Travel Size Blanket
Easeland specializes in travel blankets, bed sheets and similar products designed to make you feel comfortable and warm while sleeping.
Available in 4 sizes and multiple colors. Soft at the touch. Comfortable and warm. Machine washable. The color doesn’t fade.
Some blankets arrived dirty, but the customers received a refund or a replacement quickly.
Microfiber polyester (330gsm)
50 x 51 inches + other sizes
9 colors available
Bed, couch, camping, travel
Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket
Founded in 1989, Cocoon is a brand with a focus on designing travel sheets, mummy liners, and other travel accessories for use overnight while traveling.
Wicks moisture away and easy to care for. Breathes well, and it is soft and warm. Available in multiple colors.
Minor complaints that the blanket is thin, but it is designed to be so to remain lightweight easy to carry.
Special CoolMax knit
70 x 56 inches
12 colors available
Yes, bag with straps
Home and travel use
Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel Blanket
Travelrest is a brand committed to designing comfortable traveling solutions to solve common challenges you’re bound to face on trips.
Warm, soft, and cozy. It supports 4-in-1 use and comes with a carry case for easy transport and storage.
Despite its comfy feel, some users reported that the fleece on the blanket easily comes off, sticking to your clothes.
Ultra plush and soft material
38 x 60 inches & 40 x 72 inches
Grey or Navy
Yes, bag with straps
Home, auto, train, and air travel
Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Blanket & Case
Cabeau makes comfort products and travel accessories at affordable prices. Its blankets and neck pillows are sold in 110 countries.
Comfortable and warm. Made from soft and machine washable material. Can be used as pillow. Reasonably priced.
Available in few color options (charcoal and blue), but this is a minor drawback.
Soft, plush material
60 x 36 inches
Yes, can be used as pillow too
Home, auto, train, and air travel

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What is the Best Travel Blanket?

When choosing a travel blanket, look for those that are high-quality and durable to last years and years of use. The best travel blanket is also warm, comfortable, thick, and soft yet compact and lightweight for easy transportation. Find out if one of our recommended travel blankets is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Travel Blanket from Flight 001 is made from a soft and durable material and it is available in several color options. It can also be used as a pillow if you leave it in its protective case. If you want a blanket which also comes with an eye mask, we recommend the Travel Blanket and Eye Mask Set from the same brand. This would be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend!

Flight 001 F1 Travel Blanket – Made from Soft and Durable Material, Acts as Blanket and Pillow, 4 Colors Available

Flight 001 specializes in products you can take with you during your flight to deposit personal belongings and make your travel more comfortable. Some of the items sold by this brand include universal travel adapters, hand bags, sleeping masks and of course, travel blankets. Before embarking into your next flight, make sure that you check out the product made by Flight 001 because you will definitely find something interesting.

For example, the One Size Travel Blanket from Flight 001 is available in several color options such as charcoal, blue, green, and pink and it comes with a travel case which basically acts as a pillow. You can either unfold the blanket and enjoy the comfy soft material it is made of or you can leave the blanket folded in the case and use it as a pillow for your head. The material from which the blanket is made is lightweight, soft at the touch and can be washed very easily, so this product is suitable for people of all ages, including kids.

If you are wondering about dimensions, this product unfolds to 55 by 55 inches in size, so it will definitely be able to hug an adult during a long flight and keep him warm and cozy among the clouds. This blanket comes at an affordable price and it is ideal for people who travel regularly and don’t want to feel cold during their sleep.
Best Value
The Super Soft Travel Blanket from Easeland is one of the most comfortable and soft blankets out there. It is available in multiple sizes and colors, so if you want to use it in a plane, make sure you select the travel size version. This blanket is so soft that you'll eventually want to enjoy the same comfiness when you're back at home and now you can! Check out the 1800 Thread Count Microfiber Bed Sheet from Easeland which will make you sleep like a king.

EASELAND Luxury Warm Microplush Travel Blanket – 4 Sizes and Multiple Colors Available

Easeland focuses on selling products that will make your sleep more comfortable and enjoying. This brand specializes in comfy blankets, bed sheets and down comforters which come at an affordable price and are available in multiple color options. Those of you who treasure a good night's sleep would definitely be interested in the products made by this company, so check it out if you want to shop for soft blankets!

Apart from bed sheets, Easeland also makes travel blankets which can be used by people who are on a plane on a regular basis. The Luxury Super Soft Travel Blanket from Easeland is available in several size options such as twin, king, queen, and travel and multiple color options such as ivory, chocolate, camel, blue, and others. We will focus on the travel size option which measures 50 by 61 inches and it is ideal to keep you warm while you embark in long flights across the globe!

This product is made from microfiber polyester (330 GSM) and it will instantly warm you up and prepare you for sleep. It is machine washable and suitable to be used in bed, while going camping or during your long flights. The manufacturer guarantees that this product is prone to piling or shedding, so it will remain in a great condition for years to come.
The Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket is lightweight and warm for use on the go whether you’re traveling in a train, plane, or car as it’s lightweight and compact. Are you traveling or going camping and prefer travel sheets? Opt for the Cocoon Silk Mummyliner in a natural color and made of silk. It’s durable, easy to wash, dries quickly, and feels warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket – Available in Multiple Colors, Comes with Carrying Bag

Cocoon has been on the market for over two decades, designing high-quality sleeping systems and bags, travel accessories and organizers, and insect shields. It uses high-quality materials to make durable travel products.

The Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket is a great choice for on-the-go as it’s small enough to carry around at just 6 x 7 x 7 inches when folded up. It also comes in a handy drawstring bag that you could carry on your shoulder or tie to a bag so you don’t need to carry it at all! Made with a special CoolMax knit, this blanket is breathable and not too light or heavy (at 320g), keeping you at just the right temperature. This blanket measures 180 x 140 cm which would probably be a tad small for anyone over 185cm, but would be sufficient for shorter people to be nice and snug.
Designed in an innovative poncho style, the Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel Blanket doubles up as a neck, head, and lumbar support pillow for additional comfort. Use it while traveling, attending a sports event, or even just relaxing at home. Are you also looking for a neck pillow? Opt for the Travelrest Therapeutic Neck Travel Pillow that’s scientifically tested to offer maximum support. It’s machine-washable and versatile for use in varied application areas.

Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel Blanket – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Sizes

Travelrest strives to deliver better travel products to the market for comfortable trips. The company’s portfolio of quality innovative travel solutions include: sleep masks, travel pillows (some inflatable), and pillow covers.

The Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel Blanket is made of plush coral fleece and polyester for maximum comfort. It’s non-slip and covers your shoulders completely, leaving your arms free to continue reading or playing games. Now, where does this 4-in-1 part come into play, we hear you ask? Well, this blanket is not only a blanket but can be folded up into a pillow that you can use for your head, neck or as lumbar support! Neat, ay? It’s also super easy to transport because it folds up into a carry case too that weighs just 13 ounces! If you’re conscious of the fashion statement you’re making to everyone on the plane, bus or outdoor event you’re going to, then you’ll be pleased to know you can get this blanket in gray or navy and it also comes in two sizes, so you can pick the size best for you. Choose from 38 by 60 inches or 40 by 72 inches!
The Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket from Cabeau is one of the most popular and appreciated travel blankets out there. It is made from a soft plush material and acts as a pillow as well, so why shouldn’t you have one? If you are a person who usually complains of neck pains, check out the Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow from the same manufacturer. This product will keep your neck warm and comfortable while traveling and goes perfectly with the aforementioned travel blanket!

Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket & Case - Doubles as Lumbar Pillow and Neck Support Pillow

Cabeau is a French brand specialized in making high-quality travel accessories for its customers. It sells its products in more than 110 countries all over the world and it puts an emphasis on travel blankets and comfort products such as neck pillows. If you want to feel more relaxed and warmer during your next flight, check out its products as you'll definitely fall in love in one of their blankets or pillows!

We did with the Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket. This magical blanket is 60 by 36 inches in size and it can completely cover an adult while he travels by plane. It is made from a high-quality soft material which is machine washable and very comfortable and warm. You'll immediately fall asleep once you have this blanket hug you. Moreover, this product comes with a protective case which basically acts as a neck or lumbar pillow, providing additional support to your body. If you want to use it as a pillow, just fold the blanket, put it inside the protective case and as the French would say – Voilà – your pillow is ready.

The protective case also comes with a durable handle which makes this product portable and easy to carry. It can also be used while you're stretched all over your bed, watching television. The blanket can make you feel more comfortable warm at any moment of the day and it is an affordable travel accessory which shouldn’t be left out from your bag.

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Blanket?

A travel blanket comes in handy when you’re traveling, be it in a train, plane, or car. Traveling can be cold and uncomfortable, hence the need for a blanket to keep you warm and cozy. Whereas some double up as pillows for added comfort and versatile use, other travel blankets can offer you the privacy you need, especially when traveling in crowded quarters.

When on a long flight or drive, your blanket can ensure you get enough sleep to reduce the fatigue that comes with traveling. What’s more, you can substitute or complement your hotel or flight blanket with your own for hygiene or additional warmth, respectively. This explains the essence of a travel blanket. If you think your new digital camera or sleeping bag is the most important thing for your trip, think twice, because your blanket is just as important.

When shopping for the best travel blanket, first choose the specific type you want based on the material it’s made of. Cotton and fleece travel blankets are the most basic for warm and comfortable travels. However, if you’re only looking for blankets for privacy, you might find these too warm as they’re bulkier than other types of travel blankets.

Thin polyester or cotton travel blankets are machine-washable and comfortable. Although they can’t retain as much heat as you might need, they’re compact and lightweight for easy carry-on for use on flights. Flannel and wool blankets offer extra warmth if you tend to get cold even when the weather isn’t chilly. Despite being a bit thicker and heavier, you can still carry them in a backpack for outdoor use when going in a camping adventure.

A more affordable option designed for warmth and a softer feel than flannels or wools, is velour blankets. For additional comfort and luxury travels, consider angora fleece and cashmere blankets, among other luxury materials.

The focus of this review is on polyester or fleece travel blankets for easy carry-on when traveling. This guide will help you pick the travel blanket for your unique needs, so keep reading. If you're inpatient and want a quick suggestion now, a birdie told us that a Microfleece Travel Blanket is both practical and trendy these days. Give it a shot and see how you like it.
Be sure to buy a high-quality travel blanket that you can use for many years of travel. Since travel blankets come in compact designs and small sizes, expect to pay anything between $10 and $40 for a good blanket. What you pay totally depends on the type of materials, and its quality, aesthetics, and brand. For example, budget-friendly options usually cost less than 20 bucks, moderately-priced blankets which might be made from a better-quality material can cost around $30 and high-end ones which easily "hug" even the tallest adults can cost $40 or more, depending on what other features they might incorporate.

Don’t buy a cheap travel blanket you’ll barely use simply because you want to spend less money. Buy what you can afford and choose a color that brings out your personality. Buying travel blankets in packs is also cost-effective; consider a pack of a blanket and a pillow instead of just buying either of the two. You can also use the blankets for a variety of things to save on costs.

Used cashmere blankets in good condition at reduced prices are also worth considering if you’re working on a tight budget.
Travel blankets are handy when traveling over a long distance in typically uncomfortable vehicles. As simple as this item might seem, you need to buy a blanket you can use for years before it undergoes wear and tear. Therefore, look out for basic yet important features in your blanket to ensure each penny you spend is worthwhile.

Here are some important features of a travel blanket to look out for:
  • Material for comfort, warmth, and durability
  • Size to cover the whole of your body
  • Accessories such as a carrying bag
  • Color that matches your personality
With a warm, comfortable, soft, and durable travel blanket, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be comfortable on those long flights.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a travel blanket, there are factors you need to look out for in its construction as follows:

Comfort – choose a soft and comfortable travel blanket to keep you warm while traveling. This is totally dependent on the material a blanket is made of. Fleece and cotton blankets offer decent comfort if you don’t want to spend on a more expensive material.

Material – the material a travel blanket is made of determines its warmth and comfort level. A blanket can either be made from natural or synthetic materials, or both. Choose among cotton, fleece, polyester, acrylic, wool, cashmere, etc., materials depending on what you want from your blanket. Is it warmth, comfort, or carry-on abilities?

Woolen blankets are comfortable and soft. Cotton blankets are breathable, hence ideal for use in summer as they promote regulation of your body temperature.

Durability – choose travel blankets made from both synthetic and natural materials for a mix of comfort and durability. Polyester travel blankets are the most cost-effective as they can withstand years of use, washing, and drying without fading or fraying. Acrylic blankets, on the other hand, are moth-resistant, machine-washable, and durable.

Go for thick blankets as they’re more likely to last without tearing or fraying unlike their thin counterparts.

Versatility – do you want a travel blanket that supports versatile use? Consider buying a versatile blanket that doubles up as a pillow. They usually retail at great prices.

Color – travel blankets come in all sorts of colors. Choose a color based on your personal preferences.

Size – go for a travel blanket that can cover you well without slipping off when all you want is to keep warm.

Accessories – most travel blankets come with bags for easy storage and transportation. Find one that attaches to travel bags or fits into your suitcase.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy a travel blanket that’s comfortable, soft, and warm; choose a material that supports your need for a blanket while traveling. Your blanket of choice needs to be easy to clean, dry, and care for. Also ensure you buy a blanket made of a durable material for years and years of use. The size needs to fit your body, and the essence of it being compact and lightweight for easy carriage goes without saying.

Get the Best Travel Blanket of 2023!

Whether you’re going for a picnic or a camping adventure, or traveling on a car, bus, train, or plane, there’s a travel blanket out there to meet your specific needs. We hope that with our review on some of the best travel blankets, you’ll be in a position to pick the right blanket. In case you need something different, check out our other blanket review.

Our Top Choice
Flight 001 One Size Travel Blanket
Best Value
EASELAND Super Soft Travel Size Blanket
Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket
Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel Blanket
Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Blanket & Case