Best Travel Game Reviews 2022

Every parent wants their kids to enjoy and learn from the activities they engage in. We are aware of this and have gone all the way to bring you the best travel games, picking one product each from five of the best travel game brands. If, after going through these, you wish to search for more, please note that these brands offer more products and you’re welcome to consider them too.
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Our Top Choice
GamieTM Magnetic Board Game Set
In the world of games, GamieTM is one of its reckoning forces that provides not only an unlimited gaming spree for game lovers, but allows them the feeling of satisfaction.
Improves kids’ learning in spatial reasoning, strategy, concentration, and math skills. 12 games included. Built-in magnet. For ages 6 and up. Packed in portable box.
The game pieces can be harmful to infants if they get into their reach. They should therefore be kept away properly.
Board game set
6 and above
Easy to play
Best Value
Bananagrams Travel Word Game
Bananagrams is devoted to creating games that are loved and has grown to share its labor of love with customers so that they can enjoy every leisurely moment.
Enhances spelling abilities, word formation, and how to create crossword networks. Great for vacation. For kids 7 years and up. Great for a gift. Banana-shaped pouch. Cons: Not recommended for babies and toddlers, so that they don't swallow the small tiles.
Word game
7 and above
Easy to play
Pressman Toy Triominos Attache' Travel Pack
Since 1922, Pressman Toy has been delighting families with its classical innovations while bringing them together and inspiring the younger minds.
Comes in a conveniently-zippered cloth. Portable and easy to take everywhere. For 2 to 6 players. For ages 8 and up. Flexible gameplay.
The tri-ominos pieces are quite small and may get lost if not handled with care.
Domino game
8 and above
Easy to play
Small scale
Hasbro Travel Battleship Game with Pegs
Hasbro is committed to creating the best play experiences with its game products, which help to build parents’ and children’s relationships.
Portable with cases for flexible play. Red and white clips. Classic game for loads of fun.
The game board isn’t sturdy in form, with its pegs falling off when tilted.
Battleship game
7 and above
PlayMonster Hangman Game
PlayMonster champions fun time by creating quality games for kids and families to love and enjoy, making it the custodian of enjoyable leisure time for all ages.
Big playing tiles. Great for ages 5 and above. Magnetic letters, pieces, and board. Classic 2-player game.
The tiles are made of foam and may split if unruffled during play.
Word game
5 and above
Easy for kids’ use

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What is the Best Travel Game?

Kids may love new places, but the trip to those destinations may present both boredom and frustration. Getting suitable and engaging travel games will boost the kids’ morale and keep everyone in high spirits ‘til arrival. Now that you’ve gone through our buying guide, deciding the best travel games for you and your kids will be a lot easier. You would do well to proceed to our product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The GamieTM Magnetic Board Game Set with 12 Retro Fun Games has 5-inch boards. It includes a built-in magnet that holds the game pieces together and is great for ages 6 and above. For a more challenging, yet quieter game, try the GamieTM IQ Challenge Set. It includes seven learning toys and brain teasers that are 100% safe for kids. It comes with an instruction manual.

GamieTM Magnetic Board Game Set with 12 Retro Fun Games

GamieTM is a renowned manufacturer of leisure games around the world. It encourages customers to explore their imagination with its gaming accessories and provides for them an unlimited gaming session. Its products are uniquely crafted to spur the mind to think and evaluate well, thereby pushing for high mental alertness. To carry this out are its professional game experts who are provided with the necessary information to meet customers' needs and ensure their satisfaction.

The GamieTM Magnetic Board Game Set is designed to be portable and handy. It features 12 board games, each one of 5 inches, created to engage kids during any trip. The board game set, as you probably guessed, is lightweight and easy to bring along anywhere. It includes the following games: Ludo, checkers, backgammon, NineMen’s Morris, chess, solitaire, Chinese checkers, auto racing, space venture, racing, snakes and ladders, and tic-tac-toe—endless fun and educative experience. Each game board is magnetic to hold the game pieces in place.

The board games are made from highly durable materials and are packaged separately in the set for easy storage. It comes with printed instructions that are simple to understand and allow for easy play. This travel game set can serve as a perfect gift for kids, and is great for children who are 6 years and above.

Other games by GamieTM include:
  • GamieTM Wooden Game Set features 5 thrilling wooden games that are fun to play, easily movable, and come with a satisfaction guarantee patent.
  • GamieTM Glass Chess Set is beautifully made of glass pieces and anti-scratch pads that provide balance for easy movement and stability. It would make a lovely game gift for anyone.
  • Dart Balloon Game has 288 sparkling colors, 36 plastic darts with metal tips, 144 5-inch balloons, and 144 6-inch balloons. It’s especially suitable for engaging kids.
  • Duck Pond Matching Game includes a 3 × 6-inch inflatable pool and 20 plastic ducks. This is a super fun water game for kids.
  • Water Ring Toss Game is particularly perfect for outdoor activities. It consists of 12 floating rings, 12 plastic balls, and an inflatable pool.
Best Value
The Bananagrams is a fun game for family and friends on vacation. It allows players to compete to form crosswords, and comes in a banana-shaped case. It’s suitable for ages 7 and above. For another quality game that’s well-affordable, check out the Bananagrams Appletters. It features an apple-shaped pouch and is a travel game for 2 to 8 players.

Bananagrams Travel Word Game with Pouch – Available in 2 Package Quantities

Bananagrams is a family business that has been in existence for three generations. The concept was by Abe Nathanson, who had a passion for games and enjoyed seeing people have fun. He wanted to create a game that would encourage productive competition among family members and could be taken anywhere, hence Bananagrams. The company started small but later went public. Since then, it has never stopped wowing its buyers. After its launch-out at London Toy Fair 2006, Bananagrams became a classic that has grown to add value to families and bonding for loved ones.

The Bananagrams Travel Word Game is a fun game for family and loved ones to engage in when traveling. This award-winning game consists of letter tiles packed in a pouch shaped like a banana, for easy portability. It’s a great travel companion, doesn’t take up much space, and can be conveniently packed in the bag for use on-the-go. It allows players to compete against each other to build crossword networks.

Bananagrams is real easy to play and makes a fabulous gift for children, adults, friends, and family members. Alongside its entertaining attributes, this travel game is also educative as it helps teach children spelling and how to form words. It can be played by individuals from age 7 and above, but is not recommended for infants. It’s suitable for 1 to 8 players.

Other games by Bananagrams to consider include:
  • Bananagrams Zip-It Crossword Race Board Game with 24 Large Cubes is perfect for all ages, from 7 years and above.
  • Bananagrams Zip-It Travel Game for 2 Players comes with a scoring pouch and can be played anywhere.
  • German Bananagrams Word Board Game is Bananagrams’ crossword race game in the German language. It is fast and fun to play.
  • Jumbo Bananagrams Game is bigger than the normal Bananagrams Crossword for a more exciting game day.
  • Bananagrams “Family Play Pack” Bundle includes Bananagrams game, Jumbo Bananagrams game, and Tote Bag for a thrilling day with family and friends.
The Pressman Toy Triominos Attache' Travel Pack with Zippered Cloth is a domino set in triangular form that starts and stops whenever you want. It features tri-ominos that fit firmly into the game board's grid. If this isn’t your preference, then look out for the Pressman Toy Rummikub with a built-in storage compartment. It’s a game for 2 and features a zippered attaché case.

Pressman Toy Triominos Attache' Travel Pack with Zippered Cloth

The Pressman Toy Company began in 1922 and is popular for its innovative products. It’s known to be the first company to create a toy doctor’s bag and some modern toys which have inspired American children to reach for greatness and intellectual heights. It strives to delight families with its different games and ensures that it satisfies the gaming spirit of customers by allowing feedback so that it can grow to serve them better. Pressman Toy products can be gotten in the United States, and the company has a seasoned team that’s always available to attend to customers’ complaints.

The Pressman Toy Triominos Attache' Travel Pack is a domino-like game in a triangular form that’s simple to play whenever you want. It also features a conveniently-zippered pouch and tri-ominos that fit firmly into the game board's grid. This game features a nice travel case design, and can be played by 2 to 8 players who are aged 8 and above.

There are other travel games by Pressman Toy which include:
  • 6-in-1 Travel Games is great for travel and features 6 games including chess and backgammon.
  • Pressman Toys Think Circle Game is a quality game that requires players to form a circle with its 13 pieces.
  • Pressman Toys Double Nines Dominoes Tin features a starter train and 55 clear dominoes, all packed in a storage tin.
  • Pressman Toys Vintage 1980 Tri-ominos is a travel board game with miniature pieces.
  • Travel Othello is a fun travel game that’s convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Jeopardy features over 1000 answers and questions and comes in a small travel size. It has a unique red viewer that allows you to only see one answer at a time. It’s for 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and above.
The Hasbro Battleship Game with Mark Pegs is a 100% toy game that allows one to engage in head-on naval battles with friends. It includes red and white spikes to mark strikes and misses. For more affordability and value, try out the Hasbro Scrabble Folio Edition. It features snap-in tiles, a soft-sided zipper case, and easy storage.

Hasbro Battleship Game with Mark Pegs – Available in 3 Package Options

Hasbro is a company that provides its customers with fun-filled days. It offers a convenient atmosphere for the audience to get entertained and educated with its games and media products, aiming at creating fun experiences not easily forgotten. Hasbro also helps to improve its social environment by exercising corporate social responsibilities in places that need these aids, thereby fostering development.

The Hasbro Battleship Game is a 100% classic toy game that allows you to hold naval ship battles with family and friends. This combat game features red pegs to mark strikes on the game board and white ones to mark misses. It’s also portable with its handy fight cases that allow for easy mobility, and includes a battle salvo system which lets you attack and make strikes, all at once. It encourages strategic thinking, a competitive spirit, and an overall enjoyment of play.

There are other travel games by Hasbro you may want to choose from:
  • Hasbro Yahtzee To Go Travel Games is meant for fun time during vacation with family and friends, and features 5 dice and a cup for play.
  • Hasbro Lite Brite Red Travel Game allows you to form ideas creatively, setting your imagination ablaze. It’s available in different colors and is battery-powered.
  • Hasbro Pop-O-Matic Trouble Grab and Go Game has an all-in-one game board that permits easy storage. It includes a Pop-O-Matic die roller, 16 pegs, a label sheet, and instructions to follow.
  • Hasbro Monopoly Grab and Go Game is the compact portable version of Monopoly, and includes chance cards and community chest cards, along with the game boards and their labels, card sheets, and the properties.
  • Hasbro Clue Grab and Go Game features an all-in-one game compartment that aids storage. This compact version of the Clue games involves keeping track of cases in the detective’s notepad and instructions to guide you through the game.
  • Hasbro Connect 4 Travel Game contains all you need for a total fun day with its convenient size and four-in-a-row checkers excitement. It even comes in different colors.
  • Hasbro Jenga Game is a game for multiple players that encourages precision with its 54 crafted, wooden blocks that are made to balance above each other. It’s great for the family and comes with a stacking sleeve and a manual.
Designed to be played anywhere, the PlayMonster Hangman Take 'N' Play Anywhere Game with Magnetic Letters sure does it. Even better, it comes in a classic portable size for 2 players. For yet another high-quality travel game, we recommended the PlayMonster Grabolo Find the Match & GRAB it Fast! Card Game. It’s simple to play, for 3 to 5 players, and is advised for ages 6 and above.

PlayMonster Hangman Take 'N' Play Anywhere Game with Magnetic Letters

PlayMonster started out in 1985 by two brothers, Bryce and Fran, originally known as Patch Products. The company has since then grown from making children’s puzzles to becoming a brand that has championed the cause of improved playtime with its creative and quality sets of toys and games. PlayMonster toys and games cut across all ages, with the aim to create an environment where all can interact and enjoy play without the barrier of age and social strata. Alongside its combination of creativity and play, it works ceaselessly with top-notch professionals to ensure that the essence of play is kept relevant while attending to customers' needs. PlayMonster products are distributed across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia, and other countries around the world.

The PlayMonster Hangman Game is a classic game that allows for 2 players, from 5 years and up. You know the game—but this version has both its letters and body parts magnetic and can be played anywhere due to its portable size. Further, it features 6 Hangman body parts, 62 letter magnets, two scoring markers, a magnetic game board, and an instruction manual. To add to its properties, it’s also an educational game as it helps build vocabulary and spelling skills and increases cooperation and sportsmanship among the players.

Other travel games by PlayMonster include:
  • PlayMonster Smethport Original Wooly Willy, Neon Wooly Willy and Wanted Poster Wooly Willy, Magnetic Gift Set Party Bundle features 3 of the famous Wooly Willy personalities, and a magnetic wand. Each board comes in a self-contained pack that can be taken anywhere. It’s for ages three and above.
  • PlayMonster Chrono Bomb Special Agent Edition Game is for ages seven and above, and includes clamps, laser-like strings, and a super-secret spy storage case.
  • PlayMonster Magnetic Fun with Letters Game has a magnetic game board and 86 magnetic letter tiles which encourage kids to spell words, thereby enhancing their vocabulary. It’s for ages four and above.

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Game?

Think of your next trip, and include your child; from the preparations, to leave, and finally to the storing away of items after the journey. When your child knows he has interesting games to keep him busy and entertained while the trip lasts, he'll be more motivated than you can imagine. So, in addition to the previous bits he's used to having in his backpack, add a travel game and see your trips evolve from grumpy rides to fun adventures.

The age of your child will greatly determine the game you opt for because the materials used in making the parts and its contents will suit an age range better than others. You sure don’t want to stress your toddler out with complex puzzles; neither will it be ideal to bore an older child with games that aren’t quite mentally engaging.

The nature of your trips and the means of transportation is another factor to keep in mind. A game that’s noisy and has too many tiny pieces won’t be a great idea on a flight. A road trip, especially in your private vehicle, will give your child more space to relax in a booster car seat and play just about any game.

It's amazing how creative your child can get while playing these games, and these memories will not be lost if you have your camcorder right there with you to capture all of them.
Travel games are quite affordable, as can be seen in their price range of $5 – $60. These products are built with varying materials, and while they’re quite compact, some are a bit larger than others. Further, games that have tile components will cost more than an all-plastic product.

Usually, the price of single games may not equal that of games that are 3-in-1 or more. Games with more diverse features and built for more than one player will have you pay more too.

Keep in mind that travel games need to withstand constant packing, unpacking, and repacking while remaining in good shape and quality. A cheap travel game may not guarantee this. It’s typically better to spend a little more to ensure quality and longevity.
Knowing what you’ll prefer will help you easily eliminate options so you can comfortably make up your mind. These features are necessary to remember as you peruse the available products:
  • Size: how long or wide it is
  • Weight: because this is for travel, you may not need something that would be bulky
  • Color: for your child, this might mean a lot
  • Number of Players Needed: this is key, especially if you intend to be involved in the games
  • Material: this could be wooden, plastic, metal, or tile
  • Game Piece Holder: whether there are individual boxes for the pieces of the different games
Construction and Design
The driving force behind the construction of travel games is primarily compactness and convenience. Depending on the components, some games may be larger than others, but they all must be comfortable to carry. There are mini board games that could measure just 5 inches and some up to 15 inches. Some come in zippered cloth cases, while there are products in plastic boxes of various shapes and sizes.

The magnetic board is one of the design strongpoints. It helps keep the game pieces in place so they don’t get lost. Because of the small pack sizes, the game pieces might be quite small and should not be purchased for toddlers or children who put things in their mouth.

For products that consist of more than one game fit in one, the game pieces are individually-boxed with the entire board game kit packed in a sturdy box for clarity and ease in storing away. This can give you cool ideas such as asking each child to carry a box or the boxes that appeal to him most; that way, everyone gets a chance to bring the entire game collection along without it feeling like luggage on its own.

In addition to eye-catching designs, there are a variety of colors to please you and everyone who will participate in the games. Especially if you have younger children, more colors may mean more fun and creativity!
Performance and Ease of Use
While it’s your desire that a game should engage your child mentally, if the game is completely beyond their comprehension then the aim is completely lost. A number of these games have complete instructions to help your little one solve all the puzzles if they get stuck. You could get them as emails within a few days of purchase, and they’re usually illustrated in an easy-to-understand format.

A game that has its pieces fit securely into the grid of the board is definitely a good option because you don't want to lose the flow of the match because pieces run off and don't stay in place. It's also a pleasant thing that you can start and stop some games whenever you want, so neither a snack nor a bathroom break can douse the excitement of an ongoing game.

You’ll also want to choose a product with a storage compartment that works best for you. If zippered cloth cases aren’t your thing, you can go for games in boxes or even improvise with a portable box from home.

For tile sets, different color combinations in the pack are a plus. This eliminates awkward moments that come from trying to figure out the difference between two similar colors—not to mention adds to the overall fun!

Get the Best Travel Game of 2022!

We’re sure you must be excited about what you’ve learned from our detailed review and have discovered the ideal travel game for you and your family. Please go ahead and make your purchase.

Our Top Choice
GamieTM Magnetic Board Game Set
Best Value
Bananagrams Travel Word Game
Pressman Toy Triominos Attache' Travel Pack
Hasbro Travel Battleship Game with Pegs
PlayMonster Hangman Game