Best Travel Humidifier Reviews 2023

When John Legend sang, “My head’s under water but I’m breathing fine,” he must have been describing the effects of a fantastic humidifier. Okay, serious face. A humidifier is a must-have for you, especially if you’re asthmatic or prone to severe sinus infections, dry skin, and dry throat. But those things are heavy and you can’t just pack them up and travel, ergo, underlining the need for travel humidifiers. Finding the right one is an absolute must, especially since this is a matter of health. Placing a premium on your well-being, we have done the groundwork and compiled a detailed review of five makers of the best travel humidifiers around. Feel free to go through and get yourself a good one – either our featured product or something else from your favorite brand.
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Our Top Choice
Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier
For years now, Pure Enrichment has been making life better in diverse ways for millions of folks around the globe with its top-notch health and household products.
Sleek and compact. High/low mist setting option. Quiet operation (below 32 decibels). Optional light for operation in the dark. Up to 10 hours run time. Utilizes minimal energy.
Tends to makes glub sounds every now and then.
Cool mist
9 x 5 x 5 inches; 0.4 pounds
0.7 Liters
175 square feet
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Best Value
Deneve Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
The family at Deneve is committed to providing innovative and lasting solutions to your various life needs, employing the most uncomplicated processes possible.
Small and compact. Simple, non-complex operation: supply your own water source and simply stick humidifier in. No mess or spills with refilling. Easily removable filter for drying.
Blue lights are a little too bright.
Cool mist
6.2 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches; 0.3 pounds
External water; Glass cup
20 square feet
USB cable
Boneco Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
Boneco is concerned about the air you inhale, always going great lengths to ensure that it is pure and just right for your breathing pleasure with its array of quality products.
Versatile – works with any standard bottle. Quiet operation. Fold-out feet for stability. Variable humidity settings. Comes with cleaning brush. Auto shut-off at low water levels.
Lights shine a little too brightly.
Cool and warm mist
. 2.6 x 4.4 x 3 inches; 1.3 pounds
External water; PET bottle
Info not provided
Fancii Personal Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
Fancii brings you the fanciest and best health and beauty solutions in the industry, at the most competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality.
Three AAA batteries give up to 18 hours of use. Noise level below a whisper at 15 decibels. Timer function at two, four, and six hours for convenience. Automatically shuts off after eight hours.
Light shines too brightly for some.
Cool mist
5 x 4 x 1.5 inches; 0.2 pounds
16-20 oz. bottle
Info not provided
110-120V; 3 AA battery
JZK Cool and Warm Mini Humidifier
JZK International is a unique brand that has made excellence its watchword, supplying the general populace with some of the best products at affordable prices.
Comes with both USB cable and adapter for convenient powering. Operates really quietly. Features light options to either light and spray, spray alone, or light alone.
An isolated report of warm mist not being warm enough.
Cool and Warm mist
3.9 x 3 x 3.9 inches; 0.4 pounds
4.06 oz.
120 square feet
110-240V; USB cable

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What is the Best Travel Humidifier?

Now that you’ve read the preceding guide, you are definitely armed with all the necessary info you need to get a hygienic travel humidifier that works. Go over to our reviews now and see our top five travel humidifiers.
Our Top Choice
The sleek Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Humidifier is engineered with ultrasonic technology that gives you moisturizing streams of cool air for that needed reprieve, utilizing as little energy as possible. Need something for a larger room, with a run time of 10-24 hours, a one-gallon tank capacity and an optional night light too? See the Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Humidifier With High and Low Mist Settings and Optional Night Light

At Pure Enrichment, it is and has always been about making lives tremendously better in diverse ways for everyone. It’s needless to say that this singular commitment has earned it a name among top players in its industry. Constantly chasing after the newest and most cutting-edge technology available, this brand successfully manages to manufacture awesome products with the most cost-effective processes. This reflects in its awesome pricing, making products super affordable for users. With a customer support system that works superbly, customers are endeared to this brand that already enriches their lives with its quality products and services.

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Humidifier is a sweet device that truly enriches lives. Its sleek and compact size will charm its way into your luggage. Now you no longer have to compromise your comfort because of bulk. This humidifier is a joy!

Specifically designed for small rooms (about 175 square feet), this guy works almost noiselessly at below 32 decibels – that’s low enough to even lull you to sleep. This also means that it is quiet enough to conveniently operate in an office or even a nursery! Designed with ultrasonic technology, this thing confirms the saying that great things come in small packages. Though little, it boasts powerful bursts of moisturizing mist that are visible but won’t wet your stuff, utilizing exceptionally minimal energy. (Yay! Will not reflect on the bill!)

It also features mist variation settings, allowing you to adjust it for a low output of 60 milliliters per hour or a high output of 80 milliliters per hour. Whichever way you swing, you can be sure that the mist comes out visibly, assuring you of humid air and a more soothing feel to your senses. With a 10-hour run time, you won’t need to break your beauty sleep to refill during the night. This thing is your buddy.

In the dark, you have the option of putting on the blue LED. With its soft hue, it is not so bright as to become a nuisance; it shines just enough for its purpose and even adds a soft, luminescent, warm glow to the room. When you purchase this humidifier, in addition to the instantaneous relief you get, you get an AC power adapter for its operation, and a cute, little brush to clean your device.

It’s one thing to get a humidifier for your allergies; it’s quite another to acquire new symptoms thanks to your humidifier, and that’s why this brush comes with the package. Cleaning is way easy, and manufacturers advise that you do it weekly to avoid a buildup of our worst enemy: mildew. For added safety, this thing shuts off once water level is low, so fear not. It won’t up and catch fire while you’re asleep. It’s all about solving problems, not creating them.

Finally, if you do get stuck, which is quite unlikely, not only does the humidifier come with a manual, it also comes with Pure Enrichment’s promise of seven-days-a-week customer care, so you’re good!

It even comes with a five-year warranty! Oh boy! What a device!
Best Value
Don’t care for complexities? Then check out the Deneve Cool Mist Travel Humidifier. It features an exceptionally simple mode of operation, where you place your humidifier into water and watch it work. No tanks! No spills! Also need an essential oil diffuser ? This comes with a 4-5-hour run time, can be used with almost any oil, and automatically shuts off at low water levels: The Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser.

Deneve Cool Mist Travel Humidifier – Comes with USB Cable

Deneve is owned by an average family and staffed by everyday people like you, facing the daily challenges of living in a world that’s changing faster than we can catch up. These changes impact living and lifestyle in every way. Deneve therefore seeks to provide lasting solutions to these problems by providing quality, innovative and long-lasting products that, hopefully, make coping with the times a little less of a hassle for you. Along with its commitment to quality is its knack for simple, down-to-earth processes. Its staff is a smart, friendly lot that makes it a point to see that customers are satisfied with their purchase and get all the functions they paid for out of their purchase without stress.

So you need a really innovative and portable travel humidifier? This is it: The Deneve Mini Humidifier Stick. It’s every bit as interesting as it looks. Although it does not look like your average travel humidifier, it outperforms many of them.

First off, its basic mode of operation is about the easiest on the block. How? Take your humidifier and stick it into a glass or bottle of water! Since you’re supplying the water, you keep the control, so you don’t have to up and get water whenever the water finishes, as you’d have to with a conventional tank. And you know the best part? No spills! So even if you love to place it on your bedside table, close to your best seller, or maybe on your work table at the office, setting it up for use will not cause a cataclysmic downpour on your books or files, probably prompting you to smash it in outrage. And we all know that’s a good thing.

Another plus for this, especially for you yoga folks and co., is that you can disperse essential oils with it, as long as they’re water-soluble, of course. So, don’t run off saying that we said you could; remember the clause: the essential oil must be water soluble. If it is, then by all means dip your humidifier into it and enjoy your session. Namaste!

If you are scared of mildew like the sane rest of the world, then you might be worried about the filter. Not to worry; the filters are easily removable and easy to re-insert too. You can take it out, dry it and put it back in easily. Not a sweat broken! Nope! This humidifier automatically shuts off when water level is low, so do not fear the whisperings of an electrical fire. Not going to happen on this guy’s watch. And the mist, though powerful, does not create dampness in your stuff.

Power? It is USB powered! Oh gracious! Did you just see the options roll out like a red carpet? Laptop, power bank, etc. Now you don’t have to surf the length and breadth of the hotel room looking for a power outlet, only to find that the very “kind” electrician placed it in the most atypical place, which also happens to be miles away from your bed, where the humidifier is supposed to stay while saving your life.

You definitely need this humidifier. Not only is it compact, it is pocket-friendly. As in literally. I mean, it is affordable, but the entire machine can fit in your pocket without a peep!
The Boneco Cool Mist Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier is a device with one of the highest outputs around. This quiet device delivers maximally, with an amazing capacity to give up to one gallon of mist in 24 hours! You might also need a compatible demineralization cartridge that supplies you pure mist devoid of minerals or limescale. Check out the Boneco Demineralization Cartridge.

Boneco Cool Mist Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier with Variable Humidity Adjustments

Boneco is a brand of air treatment systems providers. Its definition of success is seeing you breathe purer, and overall better, air thanks to its products. This understanding drives the entire workforce over at Boneco to constantly keep on its toes, researching and reinventing, seeking to improve on antecedents in order to raise the bar even higher and distinguish itself from its competitors even further. Churning out unique and functional products is, consequently, not an issue for this brand, as newer and better products are added to its already-diverse product lines regularly. The only burden on the potential customer is one of choice. If testimonials are anything to go by, its products deliver high output and stand the test of time. And we all know that customers’ word of mouth are major things to go by!

The Boneco Cool Mist Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier gets an ‘A’ for output! It gives an amazing spray of moisture for a device so small and compact. It can disperse up to one gallon in just 24 hours! Can you beat that? Hardly! Although it doesn’t come with bottles, it’s totally forgivable since this darling works with practically any bottle at all. It doesn’t have to be of a certain race or kindred, whether it’s a Coke or Pepsi is immaterial; all that matters is that it is your average bottle and it will stay.

A humidifier that will cost you time and money searching for the right bottle every time, is not worth having, and this humidifier is not that device. A standard bottle, containing roughly 16 ounces of water, will actually moisturize for as long five to six hours! No joke! And you can even vary the humidity level to fit your personal needs. The spray from this humidifier is so strong that it can actually wet some things; you’d most definitely feel damp in the morning if you turned the humidifier to face you all night, that’s for sure.

And all the while, your device would have been operating so quietly that you forget that it’s even there. You just enjoy the soothing relief you feel and forget the harsh inconvenience of a short time before. Well, it’s a good thing that this thing automatically shuts itself off when the water level is low, else we would have several fire outbreak reports in the homes of content users, perfectly sated in their now-relieved state.

If you’re worried that this thing will topple over, relax and see another confirmation that Boneco thinks of everything: this humidifier features feet that fold out under it for stability. So, when you place your bottle over it, and pull out the feet, your humidifier stays balanced. No tipping. No toppling. We wouldn’t want to break other precious items now, would we?

A couple of customers had one or two things to say about the mist, some saying that it’s not visible and all, but that’s an oversight on the part of the users. You have to open a certain little vent to let the mist out. It’s like opening a window to let the breeze in. If you do that, then you’d find that you’re more than impressed with the spray power of our little guy.

Do you fear mildew? We all do, but this humidifier doesn’t. Reports from satisfied customers say that if you’re good to this guy regarding the source of the water, then it’ll be good to you and keep the mildew out. But if you still feel the need to clean, there is a cleaning brush included. Clean away!
Never run out of power with your humidifier again with the Fancii Personal Cool Mist Travel Humidifier. It comes battery-operated with the option of a USB cable that works with your computer or portable charging station. You might want to add some replacement filters to your cart; these last two to three months, and come in economical packs of five: the Fancii Personal Humidifier Replacement Filters.

Fancii Personal Cool Mist Travel Humidifier – Battery-operated with an Added USB Cable

Fancii has a passion for empowering customers with the most innovative tools that help them feel their most beautiful and, ultimately, their happiest and their healthiest. In view of this, it provides only the best health and beauty solutions at the most competitive prices available in the market. Belonging to an industry that’s constantly evolving, Fancii keeps in step by constantly re-evaluating its product line and updating where possible, to ensure that all products remain up to standard. All products from this brand are some of the most advanced and top-quality tools you’ll find in the market and are designed to give professional results. The brand also boasts an expert customer care system that’s available all day, every day.

With the Fancii Cool Mist Air Humidifier, you’ll never once have an issue with power again. Why? It comes battery and USB operated! Genius, yes? With just three AAA batteries (not included), you can get up to 18 solid hours of use. Do you recall that 18 hours is three quarters of a full day? Isn’t that amazing?

So really, the only worry you’d have with this thing is to remember to put it into your luggage and, seeing as breathing and allergy-free living are sorta important to quality of life, we don’t see that presenting an issue at all. As an option, you also have a USB cord, which you can connect to whatever. It’s an improvement over the electrical humidifiers we are all used to. We love it and we welcome it. Anything for a stress-free life is totally fab!

So, now that we can worry about other things, what should be next on our list? Aha! How does it work?

With a bottle, as you can see.

“You mean I have to stock up on some special bottles for this thing? No way that’s going in my luggage. I didn’t bargain for that”

Now, that’s a perfect answer to give to anybody that tries to push that kind of humidifier on you. This one is not it. It works with any, and we repeat, any kind of bottle. Don’t take our word for it; ask the multitude of contented users and they will tell you. You’ve never been more comfortable with a humidifier.

Designed with acoustic engineering, this guy operates practically noiselessly at less than 15 decibels. And wait, we ran the numbers; experts say that a whisper is 30 decibels and pin drop silence is 10. What you’ll be purchasing will be quieter than a whisper, almost as quiet as a pin drop. What’s quieter than a whisper? Isn’t that already noiseless? And again, this humidifier wins!

With its unique timer function, you can decide when you want the device to turn off, whether after two, four or six hours.
This is good for you, especially as you’re too busy to deal with that. To ensure your safety, the whole thing shuts down after eight hours, so no ill-fated accidents here – the chances are zero.

Cleaning this fancy device is not a problem. The filters need to be changed once every month or two. And many happy customers say that it does not accumulate mildew. So, every time you breathe in a lungful, you’re breathing in good, clean, humid air.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this device and take a deep breath!
If you love having all the options, then you’ll love the JZK Cool and Warm Mini Humidifier. It allows you the option of either cool or warm mist, depending on what soothes your body at the moment. How about an attractive and compact essential oil diffuser that runs quietly and even comes with a bonus lavender oil as sample? See the JZK Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

JZK Cool and Warm Mini Humidifier – Comes in Various Sizes and Colors

JZK International is a stickler for excellence and it shows. From its excellent products, to its attentive customer care team, JZK makes sure that it leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the product that gets to the customer is the best, and the easiest to use. Doggedly keeping up with new trends and technologies, the brand makes products that satisfy every category of customers and are, of course, quite affordable. Its customer care system is always open and extremely helpful. It’s hard to overlook this brand, with all the glowing reports it enjoys from its many loyal customers. And it has earned it, too – its products and services prove that.

Whether you need relief from an acute sinus infection, or are about to travel to a new location with an extremely dry climate, you need to take the JZK Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier along with you. You and this device are a match made in heaven, we tell you.

Its compact design and light weight are a winning idea, as no one likes to pack any extra item that could make their luggage an ounce heavier and inconvenient to carry. Aside from that, it comes in a really cute design that kinda looks like a pot of really expensive perfume. It could be on your desk all day and no one would know it’s a humidifier.

Well, that’s until it sprays. And we tell you, this thing’s got a healthy filter on it. It does bust a powerful move! The mist is visible and reassuring.

And the best part is that it comes as a cool and warm mist humidifier! You know, like the “pease porridge” poem, some like it hot, some like it cold. So whatever your poison, this guy gives it to you. Not poison though. Just better, more breathable and soothing air.

Although one customer complained about the warm mist not being warm enough for her, the general consensus is that it works. Might be a peculiar case unique to her. This device does give a warm mist, but if you’re fussy about warm-warm, then it might not be your thing. Otherwise, it’s just warm enough.

Did we tell you that this device also comes in almost all colors of the rainbow? And oh, what beautiful colors. There’s blue, there’s pink, oh, and there’s a buttery yellow light too. Haa…we love! And a great thing about these lights is that they come in soft, soothing hues that could even lull you or your kids to sleep. Not some harsh, bright light like an ambulance.

And do you know that the power options afford you the choice to operate the device with the spray and the light, or with spray alone, or with the light alone? You don’t have to put up with anything you don’t want. If you don’t want it, don’t do it. Life is too short to be anything but in command.

Speaking of power, the device comes with both an adapter and a USB cable, so it doesn’t matter where you are. Close to a power outlet or not, as long as you got this baby and your computer (when are you ever not with it?), or even your portable charging station, you are going to be alright!

Running a smooth, quiet operation like an undercover secret agent in a Bond movie, this device works with its 120-milliliter capacity tank to get you the moisturized air that you deserve.

So, after all this, it might interest you to know that this humidifier comes with a lifetime warranty. No, you didn’t read wrong. If it doesn’t work, you send it back, and JZK International says it will send you a spanking new one for free, no questions asked. Is this a good device to put your money on, or what? You can almost swear on this thing!

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Humidifier?

It might be difficult to appreciate the little mercies in life, like breathing, until it becomes a dreaded chore. But it doesn’t always have to be. Everyone can and should have access to pure, breathable air. It’s bad enough that people keep trying to compromise the quality of air we breathe (ozone layer destroyers! Boo!) And let’s not forget Mother Nature.

Oh yes! We all love Mother Nature, but she sure does get up to some contrary behavior. Like, one minute, she’s all warm and tender with her touch; the next she’s colder than Queen Freya in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Sad thing is that we can’t do anything to get back at her; we just have to play along and keep up with her the way we’ve always been doing. Like how we developed nose hair trimmers for that old trick of hers, planting hair in our nostrils! Ha-ha! So mature!

Or the way we developed the whitening strips when she wouldn’t allow us be truthful when we said “pearly whites,” because she thought it was a real funny joke to make our teeth turn brown. Brown?! Go figure. Who colors teeth brown?!

Anyway, it’s all good cos we have outwitted her again on the issue of crappy air. Those with allergies and respiratory issues will understand this better. Cold, dry air is a pain, and draft stoppers do marvelous jobs keeping them out, but we need something more workable.

Humidifiers have, for years now, somewhat alleviated the issue of dry air that challenges the breathing process of many an individual. So, while Mother Nature plays April Fools pranks 365 days a year, thinking it’s funny, we can now enjoy some good air like we deserve. It’s air. How difficult should it really be?

Well, it can actually get Rubik’s cube difficult, when you find yourself in a hotel, or start a new job in an office that does not have a humidifier. You cannot pack up the one at home and lug it with you everywhere you’re going. That’s silly. So you need something that functions the same way, but in a compact, travel size.

Enter travel humidifiers.

These have saved the lives of millions all over the globe, and we definitely can’t count the multitudes of peeps who are grateful to the inventors for such a huge favor. If you’re bedeviled by the constant whims and caprices of the elements and you’re a lover of all things travel, then you’re behind on your appointment with your own travel humidifier.

Get one and quit being nature’s plaything. The quality of life you deserve won’t be handed to you; you’ve gotta up and get it yourself. Like someone aptly said, “No one is born a winner or a loser, we’re all born choosers.” What do you choose?
You probably already know that you can’t afford to take unnecessary risks, at least not when it comes to your health. So, in a sentence: avoid cheap travel humidifiers. We have to be up front with you because it’s a matter of health; your doctor wouldn’t appreciate us sugar-coating the truth for you. Get a good travel humidifier, for the sake of hygiene if nothing else! You already know that pathogens abound in the air, and an unsanitary device, made with cheap materials, supplying those things in large doses, in the name of humidifying, is just daylight terrorism. Meanwhile, for between $15 and $55, you can get a great, not to mention sanitary and hygienic, travel humidifier. You don’t need to study risk management to know that the slight difference in price is not worth a senseless risk.
We’ve said repeatedly that you must get a good, hygienic and sanitary travel humidifier that works. So, what features make for an excellent travel humidifier? We’ll look at them briefly:
  • Portability
  • Type
  • Technology
  • Noise Level
  • User Friendliness
  • Automation
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
It’s important to consider the type of humidifier that will deliver the best results for you. Be sure to look at different styles before making a choice. Take your time. Don’t rush. Good things come to those who wait. So make sure you patiently sort through the different types available. This thing is going to be a crucial part of your life, so you don’t want the wrong one.

The most common type of humidifier you’ll find in the market is the ultrasonic humidifier, and there are many reasons this humidifier works.

First off, most come in either cool or warm mist, or both. So, depending on what your body demands, you can always get an ultrasonic humidifier that works for you specifically.

When you hear ultrasonic, without doubt, your mind travels to “Sound Country,” and you’re not wrong. Most humidifiers with ultrasonic technology are practically noiseless, and you sure need that feature almost as much as you need the mist that the device will be providing.


So think about it: you bought a humidifier to help you sleep better at night, on one of those days that you traveled to a country without cartographic presence.

And then at night, when you lay down to sleep, the guy produced mist – quite okay, but then you weren’t sure if it would just be a better idea to take your humidifier with you to a factory for a late night tour. At least you’d come out more knowledgeable instead of being an insomniac on a comfy bed, thanks to the buzz of the humidifier.

Do you get it now? Your humidifier should be quiet. How quiet? Well, a whisper is about 30 decibels, so let’s keep it at or below that range.

There are manual as well as automated humidifiers. And we can almost tell where your predilections lie: automated. Like the remaining 5 billion plus humans in the world.

Well, this time it’s not just for convenience, though – automated humidifiers are actually more effective, as well as easier to operate than manual humidifiers. So, score one for yourself!
Performance and Ease of Use
So basically, the way your humidifier works is that it converts water molecules into micro-fine particles, which we call mist, and then spreads them into the surrounding air. Pretty basic idea with amazing results.

We’ve already mentioned that your humidifier must operate quietly. And in addition, your humidifier must also be user-friendly. It shouldn’t take you eons to figure out how it works. Please; it’s just a travel humidifier, not the first mainframe computer.

It should even be straightforward enough to operate without the manual. The manual should just be a proof that the manufacturer cares, not something that you must study like you’re preparing for the SATs before you can operate the device.

Most people go for the ones that work with PET bottles, as it is about the easiest to work with. Refilling, cleaning, and the rest are easier to work out, compared to those that come with tanks. Those ones run for longer too.

Now cleaning. The all-too-important cleaning.

Most manufacturers give instructions on how frequently to clean your humidifier, and thoughtfully throw in a good cleaning brush to make the work easier.

There’s no blanket advice on how to clean these things, though, as designs for travel humidifiers are, by and large, widely varied. We advise you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on that one, with a touch of common sense.

But then, you might want to wash your device regularly, probably weekly, so that it doesn’t store potentially dangerous bacteria, and the infamous mildew, that could adversely affect your health.

Care for your device as you would any electrical device. Don’t leave it connected to the socket when the water level is low, even if it automatically shuts off itself. You already know why, but should you have forgotten: electrical fires are still real and they still destroy lives and property.

Get the Best Travel Humidifier of 2023!

The end! Whew! Without further ado, kindly go ahead and grab that travel humidifier. Don’t forget to breathe!

Our Top Choice
Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier
Best Value
Deneve Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
Boneco Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
Fancii Personal Cool Mist Travel Humidifier
JZK Cool and Warm Mini Humidifier