Best Travel Neck Pillow Reviews 2023

Whether it's riding along on a long and lonesome highway, or otherwise sitting idly in your airplane seat, not having an appropriate travel neck pillow may set you at quite a disadvantage in the long run! Therefore, be smart (and stylish!) and get yourself one of these small cushiony weirdly-shaped buddies! Read through our picks with five of the best travel pillow brands around. If you’re after another type of travel pillow, we also have reviews of mixed travel pillows, kids’ travel pillows, and inflatable travel pillows.
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Our Top Choice
Travelrest All-in-One Ultimate Travel Pillow
Travelrest is a business trying to find affordable solutions for a variety of travel situations of all shapes and sizes.
Inflatable for compact transport and storage. Ergonomic shape. Plush is both supportive and comfortable.
Lower part is tough to handle
Elongated Neck Pillow
8.9 x 7.2 x 2.6 Inches, 9oz.
Blue or Grey
Memory Foam
Wash and Gently Line Dry
Best Value
Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Pillow
Established by a former basketball player who got tired of uncomfortable journeys, the Cabeau company is dedicated to creating top tier travel accessories.
Memory foam cushioning. Bundled ear plugs. Full neck support. Removable, washable cover.
Interferes with big headphones.
Head & Neck Support Pillow
9.5 x 10 x 5 Inches, 11.7oz.
Comes in Many Colors
Memory Foam
Wash and Gently Line Dry
Ostrich Pillow Light Travel Pillow
Boasting some revolutionary designs, the Ostrich Pillow company manufactures and sells a variety of travelling cushions for all intents and purposes.
Supports the head fully. Lightweight. Compact design. Fast to deploy.
Looks may not appeal to everyone
Head Support or Eye Mask Pillow
13.8 x 3.1 x 5.9 Inches, 8.3oz.
Available in 4 Colors
Coated Micro Beads
Gentle Spot Cleaning Only
L'Alysse Hooded Travel Neck Pillow
Dedicated to creating top tier travelling accessories, the L'Alysse company is comprised of folk who truly know to make people comfortable.
Interesting design. Offers you both neck and audio jack support! Washable cloth cover. Inside zipper.
Perhaps too quirky for some.
Hooded Neck Pillow
9.1 x 5.5 x 1.3 Inches, 10.4oz.
Memory Foam
Wash and Gently Line Dry
Conair Travel Smart Neck Pillow
Having started out over half a century ago as a hair-product company, Conair has risen to its present day heights thanks to hard work and dedication to the customer.
Half foam and half inflatable. Features an attractive, washable navy fleece shell. Fully adjustable.
Less good support at sides of neck
Standard Neck Pillow
1.8 x 7 x 4.9 Inches, 6.2oz.
Moonlight Blue
Half Poly-Filled, Half Inflatable
Shell is Removable and Washable

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What is the Best Travel Neck Pillow?

Travel pillows nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for your needs can be a bit of a confusing experience. Now you’ve gone through our buying guide, let’s look at our chosen 5 pillows to see if any of them are for you.
Our Top Choice
Concentrated on creating the optimal contraption for the long and arduous journeys, the people behind the Travelrest company deliver once again with their ALL-IN-ONE Travel Pillow. If you're working with a smaller budget, you may want to go for the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow instead!

Travelrest All-in-One Premium Inflatable Travel Pillow with Plush Washable Cover – Available in 2 Colors

At Travelrest, people have come together to resolve one of modern life’s emergent problems; how to get your sleep in seemingly impossible conditions! Since the nature of traveling means you can't really predict when or where you’ll be able to get your rest, the Travelrest folk have figured your best bet is to have an accessory that will help you fall asleep pretty much anywhere!

In an effort to make their product as versatile and easy to utilize as possible, the designers at this company came up with a simple elongated inflatable build that can provide support, no matter how awkward your sitting position gets. After the first of these designs proved a success, they adjusted the initial template, so now you can get yourself an updated version of this pillow which comes with a couple of handy features for good measure.

The Travelrest ALL-IN-ONE Pillow is one of the latest models, and it comes with the well-known inflatable build enhanced with some useful bells and whistles! It's easily inflatable, even if you're a heavy smoker, and it deflates in a matter of seconds. You get a tethered cord to adjust its position: whether by attaching it to the airplane or car seat, or to yourself, and it feels nice and soft as well!
Best Value
Coming from a well-established traveling accessory business, the Cabeau Travel Pillow can be a great solution for a globetrotter who needs a place to crash! Alternatively, you can try out Cabeau's Evolution Cool Travel Pillow with a contoured design!

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow with 360 Head & Neck Support – Available in Multiple Colors

If traveling in cooped up spaces presents a major annoyance and pet-peeve for your average Joe, imagine the woes of a tall 'n' big basketball player trotting to and fro between various destinations on a weekly basis! Such is the story of one David Sternligh, a gentleman of sportiness and traveling misfortune, who decided enough was enough and ventured to start his own company dedicated to creating top tier travel accessories you can use in any vehicle you decide. The result is a business called Cabeau, and so far, it looks as though he and his team have been successful in their efforts to bring the common folk and the exceptionally tall ones alike a viable traveling cushion that can make your life at least somewhat easier!

Nowadays, the company's expanded to cover the needs of weary travelers hailing from over 110 countries worldwide, and contributes to a variety of health-and-safety-related organizations including the American Red Cross and the Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

The Evolution Memory Pillow is an award-winning, money back guarantee-rockin' sleeping accessory that can be used by people of all ages and is made out of high-quality velour. This material is soft and supportive, and can be easily washed in a washing machine after you come back from your travels!

Here are some of its other features:
  • Made out of Memory Foam
  • 360 Degree Head Support
  • Removable and Washable Cover
  • Memory Foam Earplugs
If you’re not sure on the grey color featured, no worries! There’s a ton of colors to choose from including black, blue, red, pink and orange!
Coming from a company called Ostrich pillow, this Light Travel Pillow can be a great solution for your sleep deprivation during travels! If you'd like an even more extravagant version, get yourself the Ostrich Pillow Original instead!

Ostrich Pillow Neck Support or Eye Mask Light Travel Pillow – Available in 4 Colors

Have you ever been on an endless airplane flight and felt like just shoving your head in some cloths and dozing off as if you were back in your home? Well, you might be interested in the fact that the folk working at Ostrichpillow have pretty much came up with a cushion that does just that! As the company name implies, the idea behind the designs of their neck and entire upper body pillows is that you simply shut off your environment by acting like an ostrich!

While some of the models may look a bit outlandish, most of them do actually make sense, as they provide full support of your neck and head, enabling you to have a proper nap in the middle of an otherwise completely non-conducive environment. Forget the screaming kids and restless passengers – your flights are about to turn into rainbow-filled meadows of mirth and glee.

The design we’re featuring here looks as much like a hat as a cushion, but we wouldn’t advise wearing it on your head! It comes in a variety of colors and is particularly comfortable.

The list of features of the Ostrichpillow Light Travel Pillow:
  • Provides Neck Support
  • Coated Microbead Filling
  • Light and Reversible
  • Can Work as an Eye Mask
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you want to choose a color to suit you, choose from blue reef, cherry night or red dreamtastic. In English, that’s blue/grey, red/navy or red/grey.
Well-rounded and with a sizeable neck-supporting cushion, this travel pillow from the L'Alysse folks can be a great solution for a weary traveler. For a pouch-like insta-inflatable alternative, check out this L'Alysse Push-Button Inflatable Travel Pillow!

L'Alysse Grey Hooded Neck Travel Pillow with Music Earbuds

L'alysse is a supplier of all sorts of cushioned products, ranging from travel pillows and other travel-related accessories to orthopedic, lumbar-support cushions and leg pillows. Its products are consistently well-received and are sold all over the world.

The hooded neck pillow distinguishes itself with a unique design. Part pillow and part hoodie, it looks like a jacket hood that’s encountered a bicycle pump. By following this intriguing design, it basically allows the wearer to fall asleep anywhere they happen to find themselves, in whatever position, and enjoy a properly supported head – genius, really!

The list of features for the L'Alysse Hooded Neck Pillow:
  • Loose Velvet Hood
  • Comes with a Music Speaker
  • Comfortable
  • Completely Washable
  • Features an Invisible Zipper
  • 100% Warranty
Boasting a tough combination of inflatable design and poly-filled build, this travel pillow from Conair might be just what you were looking for to support you through your travels! If you'd like a tooth-shaped model instead, look no further than the Conair 2-in-1 Neck Pillow Massager.

Conair Travel Smart Compact Comfort Neck Pillow with Extra-Wide Air Valve & Soft Fleece Shell

As far as the Conair is concerned, the whole thing kicked off in 1959, when a team of people passionate about their hairstyles decided that the great American fashion market was ready to be enriched with another fashion company. Initially, the plucky business with a sweet French-soundin' name stuck to its main cause, and concentrated on producing and delivering to their growing customer base a range of hair-styling related contraptions. Thanks to hard work and talent, more and more customers began appearing, and soon enough, everyone wanted a Conair hair product!

Soon enough, Conair was providing a range of personal care, health and fitness solutions to a growing number of faithful customers!

The Conair Travel Smart Hybrid Neck Pillow is a simple multi-purpose cushion that can be a lifesaver on a long and arduous trip or even your everyday commute! The soft fleece shell, which is the key part of this pillow, can be easily removed any time and you can wash it along with your other clothes in your washing machine – no special treatment, no nothin'!

The Conair Travel Smart Neck Pillow- the list of the most important features:
  • Extra-Wide Air Valve
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Soft Fleece Shell
  • Instant Inflation and Deflation
  • Poly-filled up to a Half

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Neck Pillow?

As far as getting your good night's sleep in transit is concerned, you can just about forget about it. If you're equipped properly, however, you may actually succeed in sneaking in a couple of hours here and there. Your best chance of achieving this is with a neck pillow.

First of all, let's start dissecting these nifty accessories by assessing their shape. Since a neck pillow is expected to support your neck as well as your head, it's shape will most likely be that of a toilet seat or, more closely related, an office chair cushion. This is merely a design characteristic and isn't meant to put you off your purchase!

There are also models which are simply an elongated strip of inflatable foam structure, allowing you to fashion it any way you desire. This can be particularly useful for those who'd like to use these on some other body parts. Last but not least, it'd be worth mentioning that recently there's been a certain surge of hooded designs, which pretty much look like a hooded bust with a spongy section towards its bottom for extra comfort.

Another thing you should probably look out for would be the kind of cover your future travel body comes with. The goal is to get yourself a model with a removable and washable cover, as a spillage or some other sort of messy accident is bound to happen.

Even though the models we're featuring can be used by kids as well as adults, if you've got a small baby, you might be better off buying a baby pillow, or a convertible car seat if your preferred means of transportation is by car.
You might think that disengaging your neck muscles, getting some sleep and most importantly preserving your mental fortitude during a lengthy trip has no price, but money is always a factor. Price ranges from 15-ish dollars all the way to 50. Unsurprisingly, the bigger models tend to be more expensive while the smaller ones, with a simpler construction, you can buy for a relatively low price. Of course, additional features such as an audio port or a special memory foam stuffing enabling you to change the pillow's shape will set you back a couple of extra bucks. Just avoid the really cheap travel neck pillows, as it’s worth paying enough for a supportive, durable model.
Even though a neck pillow may sound like a standard accessory, nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn't be underestimated when it comes to complexity. Check out these features when you decide to move in for the purchase:
  • Memory Foam Filling Material
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • Earplugs
  • 360 Degree Head Support
  • Micro-bead Filling Alternatively
  • Can It Work as an Eye Mask
  • How Easy is the Maintenance
  • Adjustability
  • Inflatable or Filled (or both)
  • Can It be Used for Adults and Kids alike
  • Warranty
A model capable of being easily adjusted to a number of various positions can be a great investment, as it can substitute for a number of other pillow styles!
Construction and Design
The tricky thing about modern day travel pillows is that you can't really tell when you see one. The designs of these have gotten so wild that some of the models might look like a bunch of art structures rather than travel accessories! For example, other than the standard toilet-seat or hat-looking models, you can come across such masterpieces as hooded pillows or on the other side of the complexity spectrum, just an elongated filled strap you can bend in any way you desire. That being said, pretty much all of today's models feature a memory foam-filled build or some sort of beads, so there's really not much alternation in that field. If you get one with an inflatable element, you’ll be able to adjust it to the firmness you prefer. All in all, whether they're assuming just the regular pillow design, or are a bit on the wilder side of things, you won't make a mistake whichever model you choose, as they all serve their purpose in their own way!
Performance and Ease of Use
Once in the possession of your own travel neck pillow, all you need to do is sit back, get comfortable with it and have a bit of a proper rest! Since their very core goal is to make you feel supported and comfy, these pillows are typically made to be easy to use, as even children can get the hang of the straps and loops. Other than that, all you need to do to ensure they continue to serve you for years on end is to take good care of them. Wash them thoroughly after a long trip – something that’s easier if you choose a model with a removable cover you can put in the washing machine. Remember to deflate and store your pillow safely so it doesn’t get grubby or damaged in between uses.

Get the Best Travel Neck Pillow of 2023!

Want to get somewhere AND keep your neck intact? We hope you find some of our top 5 products to your liking. Good luck with your purchase!

Our Top Choice
Travelrest All-in-One Ultimate Travel Pillow
Best Value
Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Pillow
Ostrich Pillow Light Travel Pillow
L'Alysse Hooded Travel Neck Pillow
Conair Travel Smart Neck Pillow