Best Travel Pillow Reviews 2022

A travel pillow is an important consideration when any long journey is looming. Of course, the market is saturated with choices in this area, and they come in a baffling array or shapes, sizes and functionality. Our researchers have looked into the best five travel pillow brands and picked a showcase product from each. Below, you’ll find a buying guide to help you decide what type of pillow is best for you, and then we’ll delve into the details of our featured products. This review covers a mix of all types of travel pillow, but we also have dedicated reviews for neck pillows, children’s travel pillows, and inflatable travel pillows. If you already know you’re interested in one of those, head on to our specific reviews for them!
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Our Top Choice
Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel Pillow
Boasting an impressive roster of travel accessories and camping ware, Trekology is a busy-bee factory that’s not going out of business anytime soon!
Cool, lifeboat-like design. Compact little pillow. Slip-resistant surface. Improved ergonomic design that inflates to the size of a normal pillow.
Outer layer can be a bit stretchy
Head and Neck Travel Pillow
80% Polyester, 20% TPU Fabric
16 x 12 x 4”, 0.2lb
6 colors
Best Value
Daisy Bonded Double Travel Pillow
Revolted by the discomfort of common airplane seats, the couple behind Bcozzy decided to take matters of poor comfort and support into their own hands!
Comes in two sizes: kid and adult. Unique design. Fully supports chin and neck with encircling design. Ideal for many types of transport. Full machine-washable.
Unusual looks may put off some.
Chin Supporting Travel Pillow
Soft Washable Outer Layer
Conjugated Siliconized Polyester Fiber
10.8 x 8.3 x 3.6”, 0.6 lb
Pink, black, green, red, navy, gray
Malouf Z Travel DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow
The Malouf company is a business run by a bunch of avid pillow makers who aren't afraid to experiment with different designs.
Luxury design incorporating bamboo. Good for neck or back support. Great for kids. Increased air circulation. Compressible.
Doesn’t ‘hug’ your neck the way the other pillows do.
All-Around Travel Pillow
Rayon from Bamboo Velour Cover
Memory Foam
6.3 x 4.7 x 2”, 1 lb
Black and White
Teton Sports Camp Pillow
The Teton company is a business with a number of interesting solutions in the areas of outdoors equipment and travel accessories.
Lightweight build. 100% brushed flannel. Accessories sack. Easily portable. Washable pillow case. Limited lifetime warranty.
A bit large for some users.
Camping Pillow
100% Brushed Flannel
Super Loft Elite Fill
18 x 18 x 12”, 0.6 lb
Black, Brown, Green or Grey
Disney Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow
Other than making Oscar-worthy cartoons, Disney has been responsible for some quite useful accessories.
U-shape design for head support. Includes autograph book. Pink Minnie Mouse design.Suitable for ages 3 and up.
Not suitable for adults
Minnie Mouse pillow for kids
Fine Plush
Soft Fill
Information not provided
Pink and Black

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What is the Best Travel Pillow?

As you’ve seen, there are several factors to consider when choosing travel pillows. However, what matters most is your comfort and health, so make sure you get one that’s just right for you. Now, let’s have a look at our top picks of great options from trustworthy brands.
Our Top Choice
The Trekology Inflatable Travel and Camping Pillow is a great product thanks to its attractive design and ergonomic soft touch. Alternatively, you might also want to try out the Trekology's Ultralight Neck Air Pillow for Airplanes.

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel and Camping Pillow - Compact, Ultra Lightweight, Slip-Resistant, Available in 6 Colors and 2 Designs

In the city of Portland, Oregon, a group of particularly avid outdoorsmen and women with a Ph.D. degree gathered around and agreed upon an undertaking that would make them all rich and also allow them to wallow in the comfort of their own products. That's right – they ventured onwards toward the treacherous but highly rewarding territory of travel pillows!

Every product goes through a thorough testing process before being ready to be marketed to customers. Trekology is so confident in its products, it now issues 100% money-back warranties on everything.

Trekology's Ultralight Inflating Travel and Camping Pillow represents the pinnacle of their designing genius. It looks like a miniature inflatable lifeboat and comes with an ergonomic build, enabling you to relax to the fullest whenever you have the chance to do so. You can inflate it to a pressure of your desire, so whether you like it nice and squishy or solid and offering sturdy support, this model’s the one for you.

Here are some other notable features of Trekology’s pillow:
  • Head or Lumber Support
  • Easy to Inflate or Deflate
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Comes with a Storage Bag
Featuring a pert design with tightly-sealed seams for a good night or fair day's sleep wherever you are, Trekology's Ultralight Inflating Travel and Camping Pillow is a must-have for any frequent traveler. You can choose between the slightly slimmer design or the new, thicker design which bosts that it is the same size as an average pillow when fully inflated. You can purchase this cool, plush pillow in blue, deep blue, brown, green, orange or purple.
Best Value
Coming from a well-known pillow-producing company responsible for some trailblazing designs, the Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is a best-seller! If you want something a bit more luxurious, there's the Daisy Travel Pillow, a product of a similar design with a double construction.

Daisy Travel Pillow, 100% Polyester, Bonded Double Cushion Design– Available in 6 Colors or 10 Color Combinations of Twin-Packs

Born of the frustration a certain married couple felt at not being able to have a bit of rest during their arduous and lengthy business trips, the Bcozzy company is a business with a pragmatic approach to its products. Having endured one too many pain-in-the-back airplane rides, the founding couple decided enough was enough and went on to design their own pillow to give their aching bodies at least a little bit of airplane rest. (Unless there's a baby on board, but that's collateral stuff, really!) What they came up with represents a detour of sorts, away from the pillows you've seen so far, as this one offers support to your neck AND your chin.

In spite of its unusual looks, the cushion solution became an overnight success, and the company quickly grew as the sales went upwards. Nowadays, the Bcozzy business is one of the most go-to places for people looking for affordable neck support.

Leaving you with no guesswork at all, the name of this model is the Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow- and its most notable design feature is that it, well, supports chins! It comes in two sizes for adults and children, so if you have kids you can equip them as well with one of these. Once you've arrived at your destination, you can simply machine wash this pillow – no effort required! You can buy this dream pillow in black, navy, gray, apple-green, pink or red, and what’s even better is that there are twin-packs with 10 different color combinations, so you still have one when the other is in the wash!
As a product of a company dealing all sorts of sleeping utensils, the Z by Malouf Travel Dough Pillow is a stylish and compact travel companion that you're gonna love! If you'd like a U-shaped alternative instead, check out the Z by Malouf Travel Dough Memory Foam Pillow.

Malouf Z Travel DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow, Luxuriously Soft, Open Cell Technology

Malouf is a company that manufactures and sells a variety of cushion designs and additional contraptions you might need to get a good night's sleep and feel refreshed and renewed the morning after (it's pillows and stuff, as you may have guessed!). Also, it’s not limited to just bedroom environments, as this company makes other sleep-related goods and travel accessories.

Assuming the third position on this top 5 list is the Z Travel Dough Memory Foam Pillow, a comfortable cushion that kinda looks like an eraser. It also comes with a rather luxurious removable bamboo velour cover for good measure!

Here are some other features of this pillow:
  • Comfort Zones for Neck and Head
  • Increased Air Circulation
  • 'Dough' Formula for Extra-Soft Foam
  • Compressible Design
  • Compact Size
  • 5-Year Warranty
Stylish and boasting a top tier bamboo covering, this Malouf Travel Dough Memory Pillow can be a great option for an avid globe-trotter. You can use it on airplanes, trains, in cars – you name it!
Other than boasting a cheeky lumberjack's pattern, this Teton Sports Pillow also boasts impressive durability features for good measure! On the other hand, the Teton Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Pillow can be a great alternative, especially if you prefer sporty types of pillows!

Teton Sports Camping Pillow, Lightweight, Extra Soft, Limited Lifetime Warranty – Available in 4 Colors

Teton is a business that thrives on a number of principles – quickness when it comes to decision making, nimbleness with arranging new deals, and loyalty to its retailers and customers.

Among other things, in its roster of products you can find sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, cots and camp pads as well as other accessories of that kind. On the company website is a link called 'Adventure Hub', where you can read about Teton Sports-related stories.

The Teton Sports Camp Pillow looks like a lumberjack's accessory with its checkered pattern. What's more, this little pillow is lightweight and features a SuperLoft Elite filling which enables comfortable use even in some pretty rugged conditions.

Here are some other properties of the Teton Sports Camp Pillow:
  • Comes with a Free Stuff Sack
  • 100% Brushed Flannel
  • Washable Pillow Case
  • Easily Portable
  • Comes in Four Different Colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Equipped with one of these, you can experience an exciting outdoorsy adventure, and if you're lucky, there won't be any bears around to ruin it!
Coming from a company responsible for such cinematic wonders as Aladdin and Mulan, the Disney corporation strikes again, this time with a Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow. If you've got a boy, you might be better off getting him a Mickey Mouse 3D Character Travel Pillow.

Disney Minnie Mouse Comfy Plush Travel Pillow for Ages 3 and Up - Comes with Autograph Book

Disney is a company that needs no introduction, being a giant force in the world of cinema and popular media in general. It’s no surprise that Disney properties dominate children’s merchandise (everything on the planet can now be bought with Frozen branding!), but there is a guarantee of quality that comes with Disney-endorsed goods. Not only will your kids love you for buying it, you’ll be getting a product you can trust.

Swinging over to the matters of a Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow, it's exactly as corny and kid-friendly as it sounds. What you get is a simple U-shaped cushion that your nipper can use to keep their noggin from wobblin' around, and have a safe trip in the embrace of a favorite Disney character!

This model also comes with an autograph book for good measure. Your kids are gonna love it!

How Do I Choose the Best Travel Pillow?

Getting on board a means of transportation without a travel pillow is a risky venture that might leave you sleepless and irritable afterwards. Arriving at your destination in pain, with a grumpy temperament, can only lead to your day getting progressively worse!

A key consideration to focus on is the type of pillow you’re looking for. When you’re buying for your bed at home, you look for a classically-shaped memory foam pillow, or perhaps a body pillow if you like the idea of being held in a certain position. If you’re off on a camping trip, a camping pillow will be more appropriate, and this is certainly closer to what we’re focusing on here.

When you’re buying a pillow specifically for travelling, the priorities change. Travel pillows are designed for use while you’re sitting upright, so the key consideration is how well they support the head and neck. There’s the well-recognized U-shaped design, which clutches the neck from behind to prevent the head lolling too far back or sideways, and some designs now also wrap around the front like a big friendly scarf, so the chin also enjoys support. Depending on modes of transport, you might want a miniature version of the traditional pillow shape, and some travel pillows follow this trend – especially if they’re designed to also be camping pillows. Which one you want will depend on how you tend to sleep – if you don’t move much, a traditional shape will probably work, whereas the neck-wrapping design is best for restless travel sleepers.

Since this is a mixed review, covering a broad gamut of travel pillows, you should also consider whether you want an inflatable design, a cushioned one, or a hybrid of the two. Inflatable pillows have two key benefits – they can be deflated and stored flat so they take up no extra space in your luggage, and you can inflate them to the firmness of your choosing. Padded pillows, conversely, will offer better overall support, especially if you have orthopedic issues.

Finally, if you’re looking for children’s travel pillows, ensure you choose a product designed for infants as there are obvious differences both in the sizes and the levels of support required.
It’s possible – as with any product – to spend lots on a travel pillow, and this can extend to prices beyond $30. This is usually down to the materials used – there are some with bamboo-infused Rayon covers, and memory foam fillings, both of which will impact cost.

On the other hand, simpler models come with reasonable prices ranging from $10 to $20 and still offer good head and neck support. Also, some manufacturers offer additional items to go with their products, so it's safe to say that there're plenty of fish in the pillow sea!

We do advise you to avoid especially cheap travel pillows as they’ll be made from lesser materials and may not provide the essential support you need. The brands featured below are all trustworthy, with a reputation for making products that are great value, meaning their prices are reasonable for the quality they offer.
Here, we’ll look at some of the most important considerations when deciding which pillow is best for you. If your chosen product can match your preferences for each of the features below, you know you’ve found a good buy! Let’s go through them:
  • The Type of Pillow – will you use it just for your neck while travelling upright, or do you want something more versatile – for camping use and sitting on if necessary? This will inform which shape you choose
  • Designed for Children – if it’s for a child, make sure it’s aimed at them
  • Washable Cover – essential if you’ll be making frequent use of the pillow!
  • Type of Filling – for ultimate portability, choose an inflatable model, but go for memory foam or other filling if stronger support and additional comfort is a priority
  • Comes with a Storage Bag – this can be helpful for keeping the pillow clean and safe whilst storing and transporting it
  • Stylistic Appeal – it’s always worth choosing something that suits your preferred looks and you won’t mind being seen using
Construction and Design
Material and Stitching

A travel pillow needs to be made from materials you find comfortable. This is important both for the feel of the cover against your skin – some people hate the touch of certain fabrics, and synthetic materials may not be breathable enough for hotter situations – and the plumpness and softness of the filling. A lot of this is down to personal preference, but make sure you end up with something that can support the weight of your head unassisted when you go out like a light!

Quality of stitching and strength is important – especially for inflatable models, where they need to resist the pressure of your weight when fully inflated. If you have the opportunity, try squeezing someone else’s to see if it seems right for you!

Shape and Style

Make sure you choose a pillow in the right style for your intended use. Neck and wrap-around models will be best for air travellers or those expecting to sleep on trains of in the backs of cars whilst sitting up. Of course, if you’ll have the opportunity to lay down or expect to also use it for camping, a squarer pillow shape is best, and travel versions distinguish themselves chiefly by size and potentially the ability to inflate them to your desired firmness.
Performance and Ease of Use
Storage When Not in Use

If you’ll need it to take up as little space as possible, go for a travel pillow that’s fully inflatable and features a thin cover – that way, it can be stored completely flat.

Washable/ Removable Covers

Once you have your travel pillow, the most important thing to remember is to wash it thoroughly and regularly, as the sweat and nasty bacteria can build up over time – even over the course of a single journey, and especially if you’re travelling in hot climates! Most of the models currently on the market come with a removable cover that can be machine-washed, so you don't really need to worry about the maintenance that much.

Finally, make sure not to lose any additional straps or carrying bags it comes with, and always store and transport is as set out in the user instructions. That way, you’re ensured a long term of use and your future trips should be A-okay!

Get the Best Travel Pillow of 2022!

Hopefully, there was a product in our list that looked perfect for you, in which case you’re probably not reading this because you’re busy making a purchase! If none of them were quite right, have a look what else is available from the featured brands – they were chosen because they make well-regarded, good value products. Good luck with your purchase!

Our Top Choice
Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel Pillow
Best Value
Daisy Bonded Double Travel Pillow
Malouf Z Travel DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow
Teton Sports Camp Pillow
Disney Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow