Best Travel Plug Adapter Reviews 2018

Essential products like travel adapters have so many options out there that it’s almost a nightmare sifting through them to decide on one. But your struggle may have come to an end, because we have researched those options and come up with 5 of the best travel plug adapter brands and a product from each. Do note that these brands have other variants of adapters you can check out if their featured products don’t satisfy your needs.
Plug Type
Our Top Choice
Poweradd 2-Outlet Travel Plug Adapter
Established just seven years ago, Poweradd has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech and user-friendly electronic products.
This travel adapter comes with changeable plugs which make it applicable in most countries, and has a voltage input of 100V – 240V.
This adapter isn’t compatible with the 3-prong socket.
2x 3-prong; 2 USB
8.2 x 4.5 x 2.3 inches; 0.75 pounds
UL and C-UL approved
4 countries’ 2-prong outlets
Best Value
Bonazza Travel Adapter Kit
Bonazza specializes in manufacturing versatile and high-performance products that effectively solve multiple needs.
The multiple plugs on this adapter make it ideal for travelers, and its 1840W maximum output ensures your devices will charge fast.
Some users complained that the device didn’t work in certain countries.
UK/US/AU/EU plug
2 & 3 prong converter; 4 USB
2.5 x 2 x 2.3 inches; 0.3 pounds
FCC-CE approved
150 countries’ 2&3-prong outlets
Bestek Voltage Converter/Adapter
Bestek is reputed for offering superior-quality electronic products, electrical accessories, and household appliances at affordable prices.
This travel adapter outputs 6 amps of current through its 4 USB ports which let you charge multiple devices fast, and also protects them from power surge.
You cannot use an appliance that’s rated more than 200W with it.
UK/AU/US/EU plug
3x 2 & 3 prong converter; 4 USB
4.5 x 3 x 4 inches; 0.25 pounds
TÜV SÜD certified; NRTL tested
150 countries’ 2-prong outlets
Urophylla Wall Travel Adapter
Urophylla specializes in business-to-customer e-commerce, selling top-quality merchandise to customers all over the world.
This compact adapter has multiple plugs that slide out using the knobs on its sides, and has two 2.5A USB ports that will quickly charge your devices.
This device may be a little bit bulky.
UK/AU/US/EU plug
2&3 prong converter; 2 USB
3 x 2.6 x 3.4 inches; 0.28 pounds
CE approved
150+ countries’ 2&3-prong outlets
Ceptics Travel Plug Adapter
Ceptics is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality performance and safety-tested travel adapters, enabling you to go on trips without electrical compatibility worries.
The plugs are made of durable plastic and their combined effect allows you to use wall sockets in most countries all over the world.
The plugs won’t fit into recessed wall outlets.
Polarized plugs
5x 2-prong outlets
7.4 x 1.8 x 6.1 inches; 1.2 pounds
CE approved, RoHS compliant
60 countries’ 2&3-prong outlets

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How Do I Choose the Best Travel Plug Adapter?

You’re on vacation, heading to your dream destination. You have everything you need to have massive and memorable fun. Phone: check. Camera: check. Ready for some serious fun: check. You’ve started taking pictures and recording videos right from the airport. You use the GPS on your phone to locate where you’re going. In an ideal world, the batteries on your devices will last your entire trip, but you went on vacation in the real world, so you have to charge at some point.

You get to your hotel so you can charge them, only to find that the sockets look strange. You look at the plug on your chargers and realize there’s no way they can fit into the available sockets. Your devices are already getting low, and it’s just the first day of your vacation. What a drag!

A travel plug adapter would have made the vacation the epic one it was planned to be. Such adapters let you use your current plugs with sockets of a different type that would have been incompatible without the adapter. You might face the same issue as our friend above if you go on vacation in France, for example, without a travel plug adapter.

The best travel plug adapters have multiple plugs that are compatible with most socket types in different countries, and have universal sockets for you to plug your devices into. They also provide protection for your plugged-in devices/appliances from an electrical surge. Some of them have USB ports and are safety certified.
The number of options a travel plug adapter provides is usually the main determinant of its price. An adapter that doubles as a voltage converter, and multiple USB ports and sockets, will definitely command more than those without, all other things being the same. An adapter with many options like that can cost up to $80, and those that are just adapters with no USB option will usually go for less than $20.

There are cheap travel plug adapters in the market, too. As their category implies, they will only give you cheap value. They don’t last long, and those that have USB ports will take forever to charge your device. So don’t let the price fool you; they’re not worth it. And that’s why they’re not part of our consideration.
It’s a great experience to travel to other countries around the world. But as nice as the experiences are, traveling comes with its own peculiar challenges; power is one of them. Your plug might not work with the sockets in your next destination, and you’ll need an adapter to sort that. Here’s a list of important features you need to look out for when choosing your travel adapter:
  • Plug type
  • Voltage compatibility
  • USB port
  • Design
  • Size
  • Carrier pouch
  • Protection
The above list will help you identify the features important to your needs. As you read further, you’ll have a better understanding of how they can influence your choice of travel plug adapter.
Construction and Design
What makes a power adapter an adapter is its ability to allow you to use electrical appliances in sockets that would be otherwise incompatible. They can achieve such feats because of the types of plugs they have. There are several types of sockets peculiar to different countries/regions. Travel plug adapters are useful because a lot of them have multiple plug types that will fit into different sockets. The popular socket types are:
  • UK:which has 3 thick pins
  • US:which has 2 flat parallel pins like those in Japan (grounded version with rounded pin at top)
  • EU:which has 2 rounded pins
  • AU:which has 2 flat pins in a V-shape
These travel plug adapters are designed in almost as many ways as there are manufacturing brands out there. There are designs that have a central box and let you interchange the plugs somewhere on its body, depending on the one you require for use. There are still others that are designed as individual universal adapters. Each of these adapters has plugs of the different types we mentioned earlier so it can fit into its corresponding socket.

On the other side, it has a universal socket configuration that lets you plug in your devices and appliances. A third design type is a standalone adapter. These types are designed such that you can flip up/out the individual plug pins and use with the applicable socket. There are other similar designs where you slide in/out the plug pins to use. They also have a universal socket on the other side that you use for connecting your devices and appliances.

These travel plug chargers also come in different shapes and sizes. They all come in manageable sizes since they’re travel chargers, but there are some that are super compact. The really compact designs are the ones with built-in multiple plugs that you flip or slide to use. They’re usually about the same size as the regular adapters with a single plug type. But they make maximum use of space by retracting the plug pins within their casings. There are also the slightly bigger ones that come with the added advantage of having multiple sockets on them.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s not only the socket types that vary by country/region; the voltage does too. There are two main voltage ratings: the 110V and the 220V. Most devices and appliances are designed for one or the other; therefore, matching your appliance with the wrong voltage can damage it.

Most travel adapters only let you use sockets that would have been incompatible without them. You will need a voltage converter to make your device compatible with the voltage available, not an adapter. You can solve the voltage issue by buying an adapter that doubles as a converter, or use only devices that are dual voltage. Another alternative will be buying a separate voltage converter.

Most adapters output a steady flow of current, but there are cases where there are rapid changes in the flow of electricity which could sometimes be detrimental to devices plugged in at the time. It’s important to look out for adapters that provide surge protection. In addition to surge protection, there are some adapters out there that also protect your device from short-circuiting, high-temperature, and over-current.

There are some intelligent technologies that are sometimes infused into certain adapters. For instance, there’s a certain adapter that can determine the current requirement of connected devices, so it can adequately share the current so each device can get enough to perform optimally. Isn’t that just awesome?

A standard micro USB cord is all you need to charge your portable devices nowadays. That’s why most manufacturers fit USB ports into their adapters to make them more versatile. Some travel plug adapters have as many as 4 USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at a time. This option helps you save time as you don’t have to wait for one device to charge before you charge another. Anything that can help you save time is valuable, isn’t it? It’s also important you consider the wattage of the appliances you want to use and be sure you’re buying an adapter that has enough wattage to supply the device. It’s also important to check for certifications and standards these adapters have met. Like we always emphasize, your safety comes first.

Quite a number of these travel plug adapters come with carrier bags so you can keep them in one place, especially those that have multiple units.

What is the Best Travel Plug Adapter?

You now have some knowledge of travel chargers and have hopefully decided on the features you consider critical to your needs. Now keep those features in mind as you read through our individual reviews of brands/products. We hope at the end you’ll be able to decide on the best travel plug adapter for you—and at an affordable price!
Our Top Choice
The Poweradd 2-outlet Travel Plug Adapter has built-in power protection with double sockets and USB ports, and a 7-inch wrap-around micro USB cord. If you would prefer a more compact design, check out the Poweradd Mini Portable Charger. It has a 2 x power 3.4 amp USB ports.
Poweradd 2-Outlet International Travel Plug Adapter with Wrapped Cord Design

Poweradd Travel Plug Adapter S9P2240020A0F

Poweradd is a young company that’s determined to become a global leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art and high-performance electronic products. It aims to create products that are practical and directly proffer solutions to people’s everyday electronic needs. Some of its products include solar panels, travel chargers, power banks, multi-port wall adapters, and mobile phone accessories.

The Poweradd 2-outlet Travel Plug Adapter is truly a universal adapter because the socket options bundled with it let you plug in your electric devices wherever you are in the world. It’s known that different regions have different electric socket designs, so Poweradd adds all those socket types as changeable options for this adapter, making it true to its international tag. Some other features of this travel charger include:
  • Dimensions of 8.2 x 4.5 x 2.3 inches
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Accepts voltage input of 100V – 240V
  • Each USB port outputs 2.4A
  • It has a 7-inch micro USB cord
  • Made with strong and durable plastic
  • Port A is designed for Apple devices and tabs, while port B is for other devices
  • It’s UL and C-UL approved
  • It has a maximum power of 1250W
  • It comes with a carrier bag
  • It has a 24-month limited warranty
Best Value
The Bonazza Travel Adapter Kit has 4 USB ports to charge multiple devices at a time, and a built-in 8A fuse to protect the adapter and your devices from the electrical surge. If you want a similarly versatile adapter with lightning fast USB ports, check out the Bonazza AC Travel Power Adapter.
Bonazza Universal World Travel Adapter Kit With 4 USB Ports – Comes With Carrier Bag

Bonazza Travel Plug Adapter FC-4U

Bonazza is a brand committed to offering high-quality and superior performance products. It manufactures products such as plug adapters, phone accessories, solar chargers, and much more. It aims at satisfying its customers with products and services that surpass their expectations, giving it a loyal customer base.

The Bonazza Travel Adapter Kit is an epitome of versatility packed in one little box. It has multiple plugs that are compatible to different regions built into it; you just need to move a slider to reveal the type of plug you want. This makes it the adequate travel partner as you don’t need to worry about what type of socket is used wherever you’re going. The following are other useful features of the travel adapter:
  • 1840W max power output
  • Slide-out multiple plugs
  • It has an LED power indicator
  • Plug lock system
  • Over-current, short circuit, and surge protection
  • 2.4A USB ports on the side for charging iPhones and tablets
  • Dual 1.5A USB port underneath for charging Android devices
  • It has a universal input voltage of 100V – 240V
  • It has dimensions of: 2.5 x 2 x 2.3 inches
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • FCC-CE approved
The Bestek Voltage Converter/Adapter has interchangeable plugs that make it applicable in most countries; it also converts voltages of other countries to the 110V US standard. If a standalone plug adapter is what you want, you can check out the BESTEK Grounded Plug Travel Adapter which is available in 8 different plug type sets.
Bestek Voltage Converter & Travel Adapter – Available in 2 Colors

Bestek Travel Plug Adapter MRJ201GUBK - Black

Bestek Group was established in 2007 and has subsidiaries in three overseas countries and six in China Mainland. It’s on a mission to provide great quality and superior performance products that make everyday living convenient. Some of its numerous products include power strips, intelligent desk lamps, solar chargers, travel adapters, and much more. Its commitment to the quality offered at competitive prices has made it a trusted brand.

The Bestek Voltage Converter/Adapter has a compact design and a detachable power cord that lets you conveniently pack this adapter for travel. The changeable plugs that come with it allow you to use this device in most countries so you don’t have to worry about electric sockets on your trips. It has a cumulative rated output of 6A for its four USB ports. The following are some more features of this utility power box:
  • 3 AC outlets
  • 3 replaceable AU/EU/US plugs
  • Input voltage range of 90V – 260V
  • Maximum AC output of 230W
  • 5-foot detachable input cable
  • 2 USB ports with 2.4A output
  • Double USB port with 1A output
  • LED power indicator
  • Current, temperature, short-circuit, and surge protection
  • Its dimensions are: 6 x 3 x 1.6 inches
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • NRTL safety tested and TUV, SUD listed
The Urophylla Wall Travel Adapter has an intelligent current distributing technology that automatically gives the amount of current a device requires so it can perform optimally. If you’d like a wall USB charger, you should go for the Urophylla USB Wall Charger which has three 2.4A USB ports.
Urophylla Universal Wall Travel Adapter – Available in 2 Colors

Urophylla Travel Plug Adapter adapter003 - Black

Urophylla is a technology brand founded in 2016 and is located in Shenzen, China. It manufactures diverse products such as car mounts, car cigarette lighter chargers, smartphone accessories, USB hubs, and so much more. It adopts a culture of providing the best quality products and offering the best support services. This way of doing business has endeared a lot of customers to this brand.

The Urophylla Wall Travel Adapter is a single unit adapter with multiple plugs put into its creative and compact design. There are knobs on this adapter that you use for sliding out whichever plug you require depending on which socket type is available to you. This versatile adapter is compatible with US, UK, AU, and Europe plug-in sockets. The following are some more features of this uniquely designed adapter:
  • Built-in intelligent current distributor
  • Dual 2.5A USB ports
  • It offers surge protection
  • It has a maximum power output of 1380W
  • It’s sturdy and portable
  • It has a voltage input range of 110V – 230V
  • It has dimensions of: 3 x 2.6 x 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 4.5 ounces
  • It has 4 built-in multiple plugs
The Ceptics Travel Plug Adapter is a set of ungrounded plugs that can be used with dual voltage output, is CE approved, RoHS compliant, and comes with a travel pouch. If you would prefer an adapter with USB ports from this same manufacturer, check out the Ceptics All-In-One Travel Plug Adapter which has 2 USB ports.
Ceptics World Set Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Ports – Available in 4 Variations

Ceptics Travel Plug Adapter UP-5KP – World Set W/ Pouch

Ceptics is a company based in the United States and is popularly known for manufacturing superior-quality and reliable travel adapters that let you wave goodbye to electrical compatibility issues. Its quality products are rigorously tested for safety and performance, which has earned it much deserved respect from both customers and distributors alike.

The Ceptics Travel Plug Adapter comes with 5 high-quality polarized plugs that are labeled, so you can easily identify which plug is compatible to the country you travel to. The plugs are ungrounded and are not restricted to a particular voltage. This travel adapter is CE approved, RoHS compliant, and comes with a travel pouch. Also, its dimensions are: 4.5 x 3 x 4 inches, and it weighs 4 ounces.

The following are some other great travel adapters from Ceptics:
  • Ceptics Travel Adapter with USB Ports – It has a 3-in-1 input, comes in 12 different styles, and includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • Ceptics GP-12PK International Grounded Plug adapter – They’re high-quality plugs in a 12-piece bundle that lets you use electrical sockets all over the world
  • Ceptics Grounded Travel Adapter – They’re high-quality 5-piece plugs that are compatible to most power outlets and come with a velvet carrier pouch

Get the Best Travel Plug Adapter of 2018!

You’ve come to the end of our review, and it’s our hope that you now have the information you need to make an educated purchase. If that’s the case, go ahead and make a buy. However, if your mind isn’t made up yet, remember that the trusted brands we featured have other variants of adapters you can check out.

Our Top Choice
Poweradd 2-Outlet Travel Plug Adapter
Best Value
Bonazza Travel Adapter Kit
Bestek Voltage Converter/Adapter
Urophylla Wall Travel Adapter
Ceptics Travel Plug Adapter