Best Tree Swing Reviews 2023

A tree swing is something that any household with a yard, garden or basement needs to get. It’s a fun way for kids and even adults to get exercise. However, selecting a good swing might not be a fun adventure. That's why we have done some research. We have come up with this list of five top products from five top brands, and while these are not the only swings they have, we are just featuring one swing each per brand in this review. If you aren't totally sold on the featured products, you can always check out other swings from these companies.
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Our Top Choice
Swinging Monkey Giant Mat Tree Swing
Swinging Monkey Products is a trusted manufacturer of children’s toys and outdoor play gear, with products that are certified safety compliant.
It has a steel frame, and long-lasting mat fabric that’s safe and durable. Your kids can have hours of fun!
The foam on the edge of the platform is thin.
Mat platform
600D Oxford fabric/steel
32 x 4 x 8 in, 6.7 lbs.
250 lbs.
Best Value
Super Spinner 27” Tree Swing
Super Spinner manufactures swings and gets parts in the USA, so it can monitor product quality and be sure no harmful material is used.
It’s heavy-duty, with a solid patented seat design to ensure maximum safety and tangle-free play.
It’s too tippy and slippery for kids under four years old.
Crimp seat
Polypropylene/plastic ropes
27 x 27 x 4 in, 6.1 lbs.
200 lbs./2 children
HearthSong Deluxe Platform Tree Swing
HearthSong enables parents to give their kids safe playthings that are age-appropriate and of good quality.
The steel frame is padded, and the seat is made of strong nylon ropes. It can handle hours of energetic use.
You have to untie the netting to assemble it.
Basket platform
40 x 30 x 0.1 in,14.3 lbs.
250 lbs.
M & M Tractor Tire Tree Swing
M & M is a maker of quality home outdoor play gear. It makes a wide variety of unique products that give free rein to the imagination.
It's made with rust-proof materials and nylon rope that doesn’t decay. It’s environmentally sound, has no sharp edges exposed, and is already assembled and ready to use.
There is no hole in the seat for water to drain out, so water pools in the seat whenever it rains.
Tractor recycled tire
27.5 x 10.8 x 53.5 in, 19.9 lbs.
175 lbs.
Little Tikes Disc Tree Swing
:: Little Tikes opened in 1970. Its inventive kids' products are known for providing long-lasting, creative, and active fun.
It's easy to assemble, and it has a molded plastic neck that protects the user's legs from rope burn.
Water pools in the disc, and you have to bend it to let it out.
Disc seat
Molded plastic
11.6 x 4.9 x 11.4 in, 2.3 lbs.
100 lbs.

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What is the Best Tree Swing?

No tree swing can be rightly described as the best tree swing. There are lots of swings available, with differing features. The best tree swing for you appeals to you. It meets your requirements, and, of course, your budget! Look for the features that matter most to you and note them so that you'll know what to look out for in your tree swing shopping expedition.
Our Top Choice
The Swinging Monkey Products Giant Mat Tree Swing attaches to a tree or an existing swing set. It holds more than one child and is great for family fun time. If you prefer a spinning tree swing, check out the Swinging Monkey Products Saucer Spinner Swing.

Swinging Monkey Products Giant Yellow Mat Fabric Platform Tree Swing

Swinging Monkey Products is a brand name that can be trusted; it is one of the top manufacturers of toys for children and outdoor play gear. It started out when a family needed healthy and safe toys that would also provide exhilarating activities and fun for the whole family. When they couldn't find what they wanted, they started making their own fun toys and outdoor play equipment, hence the birth of Swinging Monkey Products.It prides itself on safety, and every product undergoes thorough testing to ensure that it meets safety standards.

The Swinging Monkey Products Giant Mat Tree Swing is an advancement in outdoor fun! This swing is wide enough for more than two children to use at once, and can be put up in your garden, the porch or on a swing set. It also has many more great features, which include:
  • Versatility - The options of play on this swing are unlimited; children can stand, sit, or lie down to swing
  • Adaptability - Can be attached to a backyard playground swing set or set up on a tree
  • Recommended weight - It's made for children ages 5 and up, and adults with a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Adult supervision is required anytime it is used
  • Safe - Made with a steel frame and long-lasting mat fabric. The quality engineering of the swing makes it durable
  • Adjustability - It has adequate rope length that allows you to adapt it to the setting of your choice
  • Ease of assembly - This giant platform swing can be assembled in minutes, and it comes with all the hardware that's needed to put it up
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty
Best Value
The Super Spinner Tree Swing is one of the latest inventions in swings. This outdoor tree swing allows kids to swing and spin, unlike conventional swings, giving them unforgettable experiences in their backyards. If green is not your favorite color, you might prefer the Blue Super Spinner Swing, also with a 200lbs capacity.

Super Spinner 27 Inch Tree Swing with 200lbs Weight Capacity - Available in Different Colors

Super Spinner believes that kids can have fun outdoors and still stay safe. It also understands that it is the kids that determine which products are fun and which are not, while it is the adult's responsibility to ensure safety. For this reason, Super Spinner conducts its own autonomous product testing to ensure that every part it uses performs flawlessly. Its products are made of the highest quality materials possible, since they are expected to go through years of intense use and all sorts of weather.

The Super Spinner Tree Swing is one of the latest inventions in swings. This outdoor tree swing allows kids to swing and spin, unlike conventional swings. It has many great features that include:
  • Designed to hold at least 200 pounds
  • Has adjustable ropes that let you set it to the desired height or position
  • Comes with all the hardware needed, and installation is a breeze
  • Solid patented seat design
  • Built with six ton copper safety crimps instead of plastic rope welds, to help avoid cracking or breaking
  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer
The HearthSong Deluxe Platform Tree Swing is safe for kids and adults. It has enough space for many children to swing or enjoy as a relaxing play area. If you want a curved platform swing that can accommodate multiple kids, we recommend the HearthSong SkyCurve Platform Swing.

HearthSong Deluxe Platform Tree Swing with Nylon Rope & Padded Steel Frame

HearthSong believes that childhood is an important phase in life, a special time when kids should also engage in creative and imaginative play, since they learn a lot through play. It manufactures toys and games for children that are without screens and would allow them to physically exert themselves and also encourage group/family activities and fun.

The HearthSong Deluxe Platform Tree Swing is a new and fun design with enough space for many children to swing or enjoy as a relaxing suspended play area. This huge tree swing offers hours of excitement, fun and play in the backyard or garden; it can even be used indoors during winter. It's safe for both kids and adults, and it's designed to foster friendships and great relationships through group play. It has many great features which include:
  • Seat tmade of thick and sturdy nylon rope
  • Padded steel frame that is strong enough for hours of vigorous swinging, standing or sitting
  • Padding for comfort and safety as you hang legs over the edge
  • A great accessory for parties or any outdoor group event
  • Makes a fun and exciting gift item
The steel frame comes in four pieces that are assembled into a 40 x 30-inch hanging platform and requires two adults to assemble it.
The M & M Sales Enterprises Tractor Tire Tree Swing is made from recycled tires. It has a steering wheel that gives the rider the experience of being a driver. If you’d prefer a spinning swing for multiple kids, get the M & M Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N' Spin.

M & M Sales Enterprises Tractor Recycled Tire Tree Swing

M & M's motto is "inspiring outdoor adventures," and it does this by making a wide variety of one-of-a-kind products that gives free rein to children's imaginations. Its toys encourage children to stand up, go out and play. It doesn’t select any product until the twins Mary and Max have tested it and given it a pass mark on the fun factor, because it knows that it's children that determine whether a product is fun.

The M & M Sales Enterprises Tractor Tire Tree Swing is made from recycled tires. It gives kids the chance to imagine riding through a field. It’s exciting and fun to ride, as it's made with a steering wheel that gives the rider the experience of being a driver. It has many great features that include:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Trademarked dug-in seats that are only found on this swing
  • PVC stabilizer that lets the swing hang from either a tree limb or a swing set
  • Already assembled and ready to use
  • Made with rust-proof materials
  • Nylon rope that is anti-decay
The Little Tikes Disc Tree Swing is a plastic disc rope swing that can be set up on any tree branch to offer hours of fun for kids. If you want a secure swing with shoulder straps for toddlers, look at the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing.

Little Tikes Classic Plastic Disc Tree Swing with 10 Foot Rope

Little Tikes makes a wide variety of products for small children. Its lines include baby toys, common games, juvenile furniture, creative arts and so on. Its products are known for long-lasting, active fun. Little Tikes aims to manufacture and supply insightful and creative products to customers and consumers globally. Its actions are directed by the code of teamwork, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, Innovation, marketing, and sustainability.

The Little Tikes Disc Tree Swing is a disc rope swing that can be set up on any tree branch. It has great features which include:
  • Molded plastic neck to protect against rope burn
  • Strong long-lasting design
  • Made in the USA and easy to assemble
  • Comes with 10-foot rope to let you adjust it to different tree heights
  • Smooth rounded seat with no ragged edges

How Do I Choose the Best Tree Swing?

It's summer holiday, and the kids are all home. From the moment they wake up and eat breakfast, they latch onto their computer games or video games. Kids who aren't interested in video games sit in front of the television all day, while from the rambunctious one who needs constant activity, all you hear is "I'm bored!" They may have a lot of toys and playthings, and can stay indoors all day with all the gaming equipment they have. But it’s necessary and healthy for kids to have outdoor play. A tree swing would keep the kids energetically occupied, and also help them get the much-needed exercise that’s good for them!
The cost of tree swings is as varied as the product itself, because there are different types of swings. The type, design, construction, versatility and material used are all factors that determine a swing's price. A good tree swing sells for $21.99 to $129, depending on what you want and the features that matter to you.

During our research, we saw some cheap tree swings. They weren't of the quality that we know is worth spending money on, so we decided against featuring them. Any product you choose based on this review is worth it, as these swings are tested for safety and quality.
There are many tree swings available, with different features. Know the features that must be present to make a swing worth your money and time. Some of the features to look for include:
  • Safety - This is of utmost importance since children are using it for vigorous play. Be sure it doesn’t have parts that may injure the users, and that it’s secure enough to hold users' weight
  • Ease of assembly and convenience of use – Know how easy it is to set up the swing, and also how easy it would be to get on and off it
  • Versatility – A number of tree swings can be used by more than one child at a time, and can also carry the weight of an adult; the more people can use it, the better for the buyer
  • Quality and durability of material – It should be made with quality, tough materials that will withstand long hours of vigorous use
  • Adaptability – It should be able to be adapted to the proper height for the kids at every stage. It should have adequate ropes or a rigging system for the size of the trees to be used and the constant growth of kids
  • Additional features – Some tree swings have special features such as aesthetics, unique designs and eco-friendly materials
Construction and Design
Tree swings are made of different materials, ranging from wood and recycled tires to steel frames and plastic discs.

Before you get a swing, determine the weight, height and motor sensory abilities of the user. A single-person tree swing, which is usually made of wood, plastic discs or some form of tire, is designed to carry users with weight not usually exceeding 117 pounds. This means that each child would have to wait for a turn on the swing.

A multiple-person swing would help to solve the issue of bickering and waiting turns among the kids. It's usually strongly built to carry up to 250-pound weights. Some have steel frames and are padded at the edges, to ensure comfort and safety. The padding at the edge is essential because, without it, the steel frame might be harmful to the user.
This type of swing would also be good for children with special needs, because they can swing with their siblings, friends or an adult.

Most tree swings are padded or made with materials that ensure that ragged edges are well covered, so users won't be injured in the course of play. Any part that sticks out or is in contact with the user should be well-padded for safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
For swings like a plastic disc rope swing, check that the neck of the rope is covered with molded plastic, so that users' legs won't be harmed. Some people wrap the rope with some soft but firm material to prevent rope burns.

Multiple-person swings have strong seats made of either mat fabric or strong nylon ropes. Some may also be plastic, but they should be strong and sturdy enough to withstand children standing and jumping on them.

Some swings come with the complete hardware for assembling them, while others sell their mounting gear or hardware separately. Be sure that the swing you are getting is easy to install and doesn’t require technical knowledge. All the swings featured in this review are easy to assemble.

Get the Best Tree Swing of 2023!

We appreciate the time you have taken to read this review. We are optimistic that we have provided you with the facts you need to know as you search for the right tree swing. Now that you are armed with the right information, go ahead and close the deal, and enjoy unlimited hours of fun on your tree swing!

Our Top Choice
Swinging Monkey Giant Mat Tree Swing
Best Value
Super Spinner 27” Tree Swing
HearthSong Deluxe Platform Tree Swing
M & M Tractor Tire Tree Swing
Little Tikes Disc Tree Swing