Best Trick Or Treat Bag Reviews 2023

Trick or treat bags are an integral Halloween accessory to make trick-or-treating adventures fun and easy for kids. However, it’ll only be fun if your kid has a good bag that’s easy to carry and can hold as many gifts and candies as possible. We’ve compiled five of the best Halloween trick-or-treating bag brands for you, and our featured products are a mix of price, type, size, and design. That’s why we’re almost certain we’ve something for everyone.
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Our Top Choice
Fun Express Drawstring Goody Bags
Fun Express is a reputable wholesale provider of a wide range of toys, novelties, party favors, and party decorations.
Assorted Halloween designs and colors. Great for the price. They’re super cute. Best for parties, schools, or offices. Great quality. Two pack sizes available.
They’re small in size.
Drawstring treat bags
Assorted Halloween designs
72 or 144 Pieces
1.2” x 7.2” x 0.5”
Best Value
Rubie’s Paw Patrol Trick or Treat Pail
Rubie’s is one of the world’s largest costume manufacturers. Having been on the market for over 6 decades, the company defines quality and fun when it comes to Halloween costumes.
Can also be used for holding toys, Easter egg hunting, and putting birthday gifts in. Made of high-quality plastic. Durable and sturdy. Paw Patrol design.
There is no smaller size.
Multipurpose pail
Paw Patrol
1 Piece
4” x 4” x 8”
Bonison Trick or Treat Tote Bag
Bonison is a reputable brand when it comes to Halloween bags, as well as holiday and decoration accessories.
Made of 12 OZ canvas. Reusable and washable. Carries up to 65 pounds. Foldable and multi-purpose. Great design and colors. Safe for food/hand contact. Durable handles.
Available in only 1 size.
Tote bag
Assorted Halloween designs
12 OZ canvas
4 Pieces
14” x 0.5” x 11”
Rhode Island Novelty Jack-O-Lantern Bag
For over 3 decades, Rhode Island Novelty® has brought fun and made it easier for parents and event organizers to hold events.
Great quality and durability. Large size and impressive design. Great for the price. Great for parties, schools, and organizations. Usable as goodies bags. Good handles.
Made of plastic.
Die-cut shopping bag
50 Pieces
17” x 0.5” x 11.4”
Amscan Avengers Trick or Treat Pail
Founded in 1947, Amscan is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of party accessories and decorated party goods.
Useful all year ‘round. Great for Halloween trick-or-treating, parties, and as a sand pail. Great-looking superhero theme, which doesn’t come off. Sturdy plastic.
Available in only one size.
1 Piece
4.5” x 6.25” x 6.6”

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What is the Best Trick Or Treat Bag?

The best Halloween trick-or-treating bag boils down to your kid’s size and preferences. For instance, if your kid is small, you should get them a small and easy-to-carry Halloween goody bag that won’t be an extra baggage. For bigger kids, a large easy-to-carry bag may be the best. If you want a bag to put gifts in, the ideal bag will depend on how much you intend to give and who you’ll be giving it to. Lastly, it should be a design and theme that your kid will love, preferably based on their favorite movie or cartoon characters. Now, take a look at our top five picks and see if any of them match up with your child’s preferences!
Our Top Choice
The Fun Express Plastic Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags are sold as a pack of 72 or 144 bags. These plastic bags come in different Halloween designs. If these are too many for you, check out the Fun Express 16 X 16 Inches Polyester Non-Woven Fabric Halloween Tote Bags available in a variety of colors and designs.

Fun Express Plastic Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags – A Package of 72 or 144 Pieces

Fun Express captures its goal in its mission statement: “When it comes to fun, we're all business!” From its 1.5 million-square-foot warehouse, the company serves thousands of businesses globally. The brand also custom makes products for clients. The company’s product lines include party supplies, crafts, toys and novelties, and educational supplies.

The Fun Express Drawstring Halloween Trick or Treat Bags are available in either 72 pieces or 144 pieces, making them the best when you‘re hosting a Halloween party or expecting a lot of trick or treaters. They come in assorted designs including pumpkin, ghost, black cat, and Frankenstein designs which every kid would love. Even if you don’t use all of them this year, you can preserve them for next year.

The bags are made of plastic and are large enough to fit a lot of candies, small Halloween toys, and other small gifts you’d like to give trick-or-treaters when they knock. Further, the drawstring design is not only pretty but also easy for kids to open and close.
Best Value
Designed for Paw Patrol fans, the Rubie’s Paw Patrol Trick or Treat Pail is not just great for Halloween trick or treating fun, but also for holding toys, Easter egg hunting, and holding sand when building castles. If you’re looking for a canvas bag, try the reusable Rubie's Jurassic World Trick-or-Treat Canvas Bag which is great for Jurassic World fans.

Rubie’s Paw Patrol Trick or Treat Pail

Rubie’s mission is to bring fun to its customers by designing high-quality event and holiday costumes at competitive prices. The family-owned business offers a wide range of products to decorate and bring fun during special occasions and holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or New Year’s Eve, Rubie’s has something for you.

We picked the Rubie’s Trick or Treat Pail for those who wouldn’t prefer a bag. The pail has a blue body and a red handle, and on both sides are well-laminated images, with detailed and clear characters. It’s generous in size, and the quality is impressive. But the best thing is that kids can use it all year long; for example, it’s a great gift bucket during birthdays and can be used to store Paw Patrol toys.

Because of the size, this bucket is best for bigger kids, as small kids will have problems carrying it. If your kid is a Paw Patrol fan, get them matching Paw Patrol costumes—they’ll love it.
The Bonison Halloween Theme Trick or Treat Tote Bags are made of 12 OZ canvas and can carry up to 65 pounds. The bags are washable, and can be used as shopping bags, candy bags, library bags, or Easter egg hunting baskets. If you want a basket, try the reusable Bonison Canvas Halloween Baskets perfect for carrying goodies and trick or treating.

Bonison Halloween Theme Trick or Treat Tote Bag – Available in Multiple Buying Options

Bonison and Topoko are brands owned by the Shenzhen Binfenhui Industry. The brand offers a wide range of products in its drinkware, kitchenware, household supplies, gifts, holiday, and decoration product lines. Apart from Halloween tote bags, its other holiday products include Christmas Santa bags, tree lights, and bunny ear bags.

We picked the Bonison Halloween Trick or Treat Bag for its versatility. Apart from being a great trick or treat bag, this can be an everyday bag, being strong and durable compared to other Halloween bags you find on the market. So, if you’re looking for a bag that you or your kid can use all year ‘round, this will be a smart option. It’s made of canvas, which is plain-woven fabric similar to what is used to manufacture backpacks, marquees, tents, or sails; the same material is widely used by artists to paint wall hanging decorations. This makes it one of the strongest trick-or-treating bags as it can hold up to 65 pounds.

Something else we love about the canvas fabric is that it’s washable and safe for carrying food. The handle design makes it easy to carry and won’t hurt your kids’ hands. Further, the bag is foldable and is available in several Halloween designs.
The Rhode Island Novelty Jack-O-Lantern Plastic Trick or Treat Bags are sold as a pack of 50, making them great when hosting a Halloween party. If you want a different material, try the pack of 12 Rhode Island Novelty Halloween Tote Bags made of non-woven fabric, and available in a variety of Halloween Silhouette designs.

Rhode Island Novelty Jack-O-Lantern Plastic Trick or Treat Bag – 50 Pack

Founded in 1986, Rhode Island Novelty® (RINCO) is one of America’s leading designers, wholesalers, and distributors of novelties, amusement toys, souvenir items, giftware, and incentive merchandise. RINCO has a wide range of party themes for any holiday from Halloween, Day of the Dead, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and still to New Year’s Eve.

The Rhode Island Novelty Jack-O-Lantern Trick or Treat Bags are made of plastic. The bags are 17 inches deep and 11 inches long and are sold as a pack of 50. This makes them ideal when you’ll be hosting a Halloween party or want to gift your kid’s classmates. The bags are large enough to hold several small toys and candies; they’re also great for Halloween shopping for both sellers and shoppers.

The die-cut handles make it easy for young trick-or-treaters to carry around and carry as many candies and gifts as they can. On one side is a Jack-O-Lantern print, while on the other side it’s plain white. What we love about these bags is the quality; they’re strong enough to hold books, educational magazines, toys, and candies. Also, they’re versatile so you can also use them as goody bags for birthdays. If you won’t use all of them this Halloween, you can preserve them for next year, or you can donate.
The Amscan Avengers Trick or Treat Favor Pail is a Halloween trick-or-treating bucket that kids will love. Apart from being great for trick-or-treating, it’s a good sand pail and can be used as a gift bucket. If you want a bag instead, check out a pack of 40 pieces, with a carved pumpkin printed on it: the Amscan Family Friendly Halloween Bags.

Amscan Avengers Trick or Treat Favor Pail

Amscan Inc., derives its name from the nationalities of its two founders—American and Scandinavian, hence AMSCAN. The brand has one of the broadest product lines, offering over 300 party ensembles including accessories, tableware, balloons, novelties, gift wraps, and decorations. And when it comes to Halloween favors and accessories, it doesn’t disappoint.

We picked the Amscan Avengers Favor Pail because of its versatility. Apart from being great for Halloween trick-or-treating, you can use this as a sand pail, Easter basket, or for party favors. It has a plastic body and handles, while its small size makes it easy for kids to carry around when filled with their treats. While we believe that every kid will love this pail, superhero lovers will adore it because of the drawings. It’s also very cute.

Match it with coordinating tableware when holding a party or Avengers-themed clothing to give your kid the best Halloween or party look. Apart from versatility and design, we also love its durability.

How Do I Choose the Best Trick Or Treat Bag?

Did you enjoy Halloween trick-or-treating fun? What do you wish was different? For us, we wish we had awesome trick or treat bags, which are more available today than they were back then. Back then, we could use even ordinary shopping bags; while they did the work, you can’t compare them with what we have today. Today’s trick-or-treating bags bring the natural feel of Halloween; they’re easy to carry and come in different themes and designs.

When you pair them with a matching kid’s Halloween costume, it can’t be more fun for your kid. Don’t forget to get yourself a Halloween costume too, and if you’ve a pet, let them look good with one of these pet Halloween costumes. A good trick or treat bag makes it easy for kids to carry as many gifts and candies as they want. Apart from carrying Halloween candies, gifts, and other treats, they can also be used for shopping and during other holidays.

Halloween treat bags come in different sizes, designs, and themes. Therefore, take your time to select something that your kid will love and that will be strong enough to hold through the adventure. The best approach here is to identify characters that your kid loves. For instance, if your kid is a fan of superheroes get one with superheroes printed on it. You can even make it more fun by embedding their names on the bag.

To help you choose the best trick or treat Halloween bag, we’ve identified bags and pails from prestigious brands. Before we take you to the reviews, let’s discuss in depth what you should consider when buying a Halloween goody, gift, or trick or treat bag.
The price of a Halloween trick or treat bag ranges between $3 and $15, depending on the quantity. For instance, if you buy 50 pieces of plastic bags, you will pay up to $15; for a pack of 3 or 4 packs, it will cost you an average of $5. Apart from how many bags you’re buying, the material used also determines how much you’ll pay. A pack of 3 reusable and multipurpose canvas bags may be pricier than a pack of 50 plastic bags. There’re also cheap trick or treat bags on the market, but most of these are weak, and that’s why we didn’t review them.
Depending on how you’ll be using the bag, you’ll be looking for a bag with the right features. You don’t want something that will break, or that can hold only a handful of candies and small toys.

Here are the important features to consider when shopping for a Halloween trick or treat bag:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Theme
  • Handle design
  • Design
Let’s now see how these features affect the design and performance of a trick or treat bag.
Construction and Design
One of the critical considerations when shopping for a trick or treat bag is the construction, as it determines the strength of the bag. The following are the elements that you should consider:


Halloween trick or treat bags are made of different materials including canvas, cotton, and plastic. The benefit of canvas bags is that they’re stronger than plastic-made bags. Canvas-made bags are also safe for carrying food and don’t contain chemicals, especially if they’re handmade. A good canvas-made bag can hold up to 60 pounds, making them multipurpose and durable. Another great deal with canvas bags is that they’re washable, foldable, and can be used all year ‘round. On the other hand, plastic bags are weaker but cheaper, and most of the time they can only be used once.


Another great consideration when buying a Halloween goody bag is the size. Since trick-or-treating should be fun, get the appropriate size for your kid. Apart from defining the ease of carrying, size also defines how much the bag can hold. For instance, if you’re buying bags to gift your grandchildren or your kid’s classmates, choose the size depending on how much you intend to put in the bag. If you’ve bought large toys and drawing books, pick an appropriate size that can hold them without revealing or breaking.


Trick or treat bags are available in a wide range of designs. This can either be drawstring designs—loved for their ease of carrying and generous capacity—or in plastic bucket design, and sometimes even canvas. Another popular design is paper bag or felt bag. Here you can choose any design depending on your specific needs.

Another aspect of the design is the handles. For ease of carrying, pick a bag that has wide handles that won’t hurt your kid’s hands. The handles should also be strong, because if they break and the candies fall, that will spoil the fun.


This is probably the main interest when it comes to kids. Halloween goody bags come in different Halloween or character themes. Most of the popular themes include black cat, ghost, pumpkin, monster, witch, and Frankenstein. If your kid has no problem with these scary designs, go for them. If your kid isn’t a fan of these, get character themes. Most of the popular ones here include superheroes, Paw Patrol, Jurassic World, Barbie Princess, Hello Kitty, etcetera. To get the idea of the best character design, identify their favorite cartoon or movie characters.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance and ease of use of a Halloween trick or treat bag depend on whether you choose the right material, size, and design. Will the bag be strong enough to hold candies and other treats without breaking? Do the prints come out? Does it smell? These are just a few questions to think about before shopping.

Trick or treat bags aren’t just for kids; some of them make good shopping bags or library books, as well. Except for the specific Halloween themes, these bags and buckets can also be used to hold toys or as gift bags during birthday parties. They can even be used to collect Easter eggs or to hold sand when building castles. You’ll find some bags that glow in the dark and others that you can write the name of your child on. Further, for your kid’s safety, ensure that the bag doesn’t smell and has no chemicals since it will be used to carry candies.

Get the Best Trick Or Treat Bag of 2023!

We hope you found the perfect trick-or-treating bag for the upcoming Halloween. The bags we picked are from reputable brands known for quality holiday accessories; if you need more options, go ahead and check out their other offerings. Shop confidently and Happy Halloween!

Our Top Choice
Fun Express Drawstring Goody Bags
Best Value
Rubie’s Paw Patrol Trick or Treat Pail
Bonison Trick or Treat Tote Bag
Rhode Island Novelty Jack-O-Lantern Bag
Amscan Avengers Trick or Treat Pail