Best Triplet Stroller Reviews 2023

Triplets can be adorable, but taking walks with them can give you a headache. We understand this and have taken time to research so we can present you with the five top triplet stroller brands with the best triplet strollers. We’ve chosen one amazing product from each, but there’s more where these products came from so you can always check them out if the featured ones don’t suit your taste.
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Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Child Craft Trio 3-Passenger Sport Stroller
Child Craft has been providing comfort and safety to children and parents for more than sixty years.
40-pound capacity per seat. Individual canopies for sun and bad weather. Heavy-duty and shock-resistant tires.
It may be a bit hard to push when heavy.
Side by side
32.3 x 42.5 x 40.2 in; 48.4 lbs
Up to 33 lbs for each seat
5-point safety harness
Best Value
Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller
Obaby, with a focus on making parenting less stressful, has been manufacturing innovative, exciting, and durable children’s gear since 2002.
Can be used by newborns. Lockable front swivel wheels for easy control. Adjustable leg supports.
It may be too big to transport without a van or jeep.
48 x 22 x 18 in; 59 lbs
Up to 40 lbs for each seat
SafeBreak system
Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller
Since 2005, Joovy has been producing an excellent range of products that make mobility for large and growing families easier.
Maximum weight capacity of 125 pounds. Footrests. Adjustable footrests. Car seat adjusters. Child trays. Car seat adapters.
This stroller is somewhat hard to move around.
Stand on
300D Polyester
55 x 21.5 x 44.2 in; 32.3 lbs
Two seats 40 lbs max, other 45
5-point safety harness
Foundations Trio Sport Splash Triplet Stroller
Children are of great importance to Foundation and this has been emphasized in its provision of top-quality kids’ items for many years now.
Canopy for weather and UV protection. Easy to fold. Large storage baskets. 40 pound/seat capacity.
It may be a bit difficult to push around, especially over bumps.
48 x 22 x 18 in; 59 lbs
Up to 50 lbs for each seat
5-point safety harness
BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller
For many years, BeBe Love has been manufacturing top-quality strollers for children all over the world.
Five-point safety harness. Lots of under-the-seat storage. Able to fully recline for a comfortable ride.
Its tires are fixed so it cannot be easily used for non-streamlined jogging.
Side by side
52 x 40 x 42 in; 57 lbs
Up to 50 lbs for each seat
Hand and foot brakes

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What is the Best Triplet Stroller?

The best triplet strollers should not only give you value for your money, but should also be something your kids look forward to riding in. Having gone through our buying guide, we’re sure you know what value now means to you. You will find, as you go through the following individual product reviews, what works best for you and your precious children.
Our Top Choice
The Child Craft Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller is durable with heavy-duty rubber tires that make it easy to maneuver, and also absorb shock for a smooth ride. If you need a four-passenger sports stroller instead, we recommend Child Craft’s Quad Sport 4 Passenger Stroller.

Child Craft Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller

Since 1954, Child Craft has been providing comfort and happiness to children and their parents with its products. It’s a brand known for innovation and precision in the manufacture of children’s items. Its product designs are timeless and can be used again and again. Because its products are available in different styles, its customers are bound to find something that they like. Further, they can be assured that whatever they walk away with will be reliable for a good, long time—what more could a person want in their furniture?

The Child Craft Trio Sport Stroller is an item that perfectly combines mobility and strength. Each seat in this stroller has a forty-pound capacity, and to help you maneuver your children more easily, it also has an ergonomic handle. Further, it features canopies that protect the stroller and children from bad weather and ultraviolet rays.

Its heavy-duty rubberized tires act as shock absorbers and help provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The Child Craft Trio Sport Stroller is easily foldable, so it can fit into a car without any hassle. It consists of a safe break system that makes the child as secure as possible—these attributes combined make this a stroller you can rely on!

Here’s another triplet stroller by Child Craft:
  • Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Stroller - It has a calming blue color and heavy-duty tires, and accommodates four children at a time.
Best Value
The Obaby Mercury Adjustable Triple Stroller has three seats that are individually adjustable. Each seat has a 5-point harness and maximum capacity of about 33 pounds. It also has a comfy, easy-to-carry handle. If you would like a baby carrier, we recommend its Manduca Baby Carrier Navy. It has a 100% organic cotton inner layer, and grows with your child.

Obaby Mercury Adjustable Triple Stroller

Obaby was founded in 2002, and since then has greatly expanded, going from a small garage business to a well-known brand. It’s known for its revolutionary products in the nursery scene, all of which are centered on safety, style, and design. With a goal to make parenting less stressful, its number-one priority is to satisfy both the parents and the children; Obaby makes products that ensure maximum comfort for everyone. If you want a high-quality triplet stroller, Obaby is definitely one of the best places to check.

The Obaby Mercury Triplet Stroller is an advanced and efficient stroller for triplets, with three individually-adjustable seats. It can be used from birth, and because each seat has a five-point safety harness you can be sure that nothing happens to your child. You can also be assured maximum comfort as this stroller features foam handles to keep you at ease during your walk. It has lockable front wheels that swivel to help the stroller move swiftly, detachable hoods, and a convenient and comfortable carry handle.

Here are some other features of this triplet stroller:
  • Each seat has a maximum weight capacity of about 33 pounds
  • It has a front wheel suspension
  • It has large coordinating storage and shopping baskets
  • It’s easily maintained as it just needs to be wiped clean
  • It has a compact umbrella fold
  • It’s collapsible, making use of its easy-to-use folding clip
  • It weighs a total of 43.4 pounds
  • It has a compact PVC rain cover and a matching trim
  • When it’s folded, its dimensions are 39 x 27.2 x 14.2 inches, so you may need a large car to carry it around
  • It has ergonomic foam handles for comfortable handling
This stroller is quite safe, reliable, and easy to use.
The Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller has two front seats to hold children of 40 pounds and below, with a rear bench and standing platform for kids 2.5 years and above. In case you want a double stroller instead, you can check out the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller.

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller

Joovy was founded in 2005 as a family business and has been manufacturing top-of-the-range baby products and related accessories since then. Its products are designed with both you and your child in mind, seeing as its goal is to make mobility easy for large and growing families. Its products pay special attention to things like safety, style, and your convenience, ensuring that its strollers are durable and reliable.

The Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller is perfect for twins, twins and a toddler, triplets, or three little children—now that’s versatility! It has two seats in the front for those 6 months and older, and a back seat with a standing platform for your older (or bolder) child who enjoys moving around during walks. The stroller has a maximum capacity of 125 pounds, 40 in each of the front seats and 45 in the back. Further, it has car seat adapters, and its two front seats have a dual-position recline option.

Large storage baskets are in place underneath the chairs so you can keep your things and theirs organized, and this stroller also includes child trays, car seat adjusters, and adjustable footrests. It also has five-point harnesses and a large canopy to protect the stroller and children from harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. And you needn’t worry about being overwhelmed with steering, as the wheels’ sealed bearings make it easier to push and steer. All of this, along with its linked parking break, make this a stroller that’s hard to pass up.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also easy to fold, and when folded it has a measurement of 14 inches (height), 21.5 inches (width), and 63 inches (length); it weighs 32.3 pounds total.
The Foundations Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller is made with durable steel, and can carry three children easily with a weight capacity of 40 pounds per seat. If you want a 6-passenger stroller, we recommend the Foundations Regette 6 Passenger Stroller. It also has storage baskets and a large overhead canopy.

Foundations Trio Sport Sport Triple Tandem Stroller

Foundations has been manufacturing top-quality children’s products for many years. It believes children are the most important part of the world and should be everyone’s top priority. It also believes that children should be helped to grow and develop properly because they’re the ones who will change the future of society. Foundations integrates these beliefs into all its products, which are generally made to be environmentally-safe, efficient, and safe for your children; they’re also easy to use and durable. If you need a high-grade stroller that will make transporting your kids easy and secure, Foundations is a great place to look.

The Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller is made with highly durable steel and has a handy canopy to protect your children from high heat and rainy days. The maximum capacity of one seat is 40 pounds, making the overall capacity of the stroller 120 pounds. Each of the seats also has a 5-point safety harness, ensuring your kids are securely strapped in for your stroll.

This triplet stroller is foldable, and features heavy-duty rubberized wheels that are impact-resistant and provide a smooth ride. It has an ergonomic handle that makes the control and maneuvering of this stroller a bit more comfortable on your part. All in all, this stroller is reliable, durable, and easy to use—and just in case you find something wrong it, this stroller is backed by a 365-day return policy from the date of purchase.

Here are some other strollers by Foundation:
  • Foundation Worldwide Foundation Regette Blue Six Passenger Stroller - It accommodates 6 children, 50 pounds per seat. It also has a large canopy to protect your children from ultraviolet rays.
  • Foundations The Quad Four Passenger Stroller - It has an ergonomic handle that makes the stroller easy to maneuver.
The BeBe Love Triple Jogging Stroller is great for streamlined jogging, with its effective fixed tires. Further, it has a 50-pound per seat maximum capacity. If you need a single jogging stroller, you could check out the BeBe Love Single Jogging Stroller. It has a front swivel wheel for easy coordination and control.

BebeLove Triple Jogging Stroller with Air Fixed Tires

BeBe Love has been manufacturing top-quality baby strollers and other baby items for many years. Its products are generally known to be efficient, durable, and easy to use. BeBe Love started as a small business, and now its products are being used all over the world. The brand always strives to find the perfect solution for all its customers, regardless of their needs. One way it ensures customer satisfaction is through extensively testing its products before sale to ensure their safety. Further, it stands behind all its products and always has numerous positive customer reviews to back it up. If you need a top-quality stroller, BeBe Love most likely has that in stock at a reasonable price.

The BeBe Love Triple Jogging Stroller is an effective jogging stroller with fixed air wheels specifically for streamlined jogging. It can conveniently hold three kids from age 6 months and above, with a 50-pound capacity per seat for a total of 150 pounds. It has two hand brakes for increased security and safety, a foot brake mechanism for slowing and outright halting, and a canopy that can either be extended or detached for protection against the elements. This toddler stroller has a five-point safety harness as well, to keep your little ones even more safe and secure wherever you are. For your convenience, it features a good amount of under-the-seat storage and seat pockets at the back of the seat, and can be fully reclined for maximum comfort. All in all, this stroller is reliable, durable, and effective for joggers.

How Do I Choose the Best Triplet Stroller?

This is a product that optimally caters for parents with triplets or three young children under "walking age." To find the one that will work best for your situation, you’ll need to consider the age and weight of your kids and the number of years apart they are.

A triplet stroller provides a convenient alternative to having one of your babies strapped to your body by a carrier while you push one of them in a single stroller, with the older child trotting along. This will not only exhaust you, but will definitely reduce your efficiency outdoors, as you’ll keep a divided attention on each of the kids.

Cold weather presents another challenge because you wouldn’t want to compromise their warmth for anything. A triple stroller will have them in one place, making it easy to tuck them safely under plush and cozy blankets so that you all enjoy the stroll in utmost comfort.

You’ll need to also remember that maneuvering a triplet stroller is more demanding than a regular stroller and will require more skill and strength to do so. To this effect, carefully consider your schedule and where you’ll be bringing your kids along with you to.
Think of the multiple benefits wrapped in one product, and you’ll understand why the price of triplet strollers seems to be on the high side with a range of $200–$670. Beyond brand differences, materials used for construction and weight capacity account for differences in cost.

A product that caters for three kids all at once is an investment in durability, quality, and comfort. A cheap triplet stroller may come close but won’t satisfy you in these respects.
Like the name implies, every triplet stroller must have seats available for three kids, above all else. It should also come with wheels that are balanced enough to make turning and maneuvering as seamless as possible. There are a number of other key features to look out for:
  • Handlebar: this should be both balanced and comfortable to grip for extended periods, without making your palms sore.
  • Canopy: this is an essential, especially for sunny days.
  • 5-Point Harness: the safety of your child is paramount, making this invaluable.
  • Handbrakes and Footbrakes: if you’ll be doing downhill strolls, this will be of great necessity.
  • Foot Rests: this gives your child more comfort and helps him relax.
  • Storage Compartments: this is an ideal place for you to place things so your hands are free to hold onto the handlebar.
Construction and Design
Triplet strollers are primarily of two types: the tandem or in-line type and the side-by-side type. The tandem type will take up more space in front of you, while the side-by-side type will take up space beside you. Whichever you choose will largely depend on your preference and the nature of your kids; some kids don’t mind sitting in a row, while some may feel more at peace if snuggled behind another. Reclining a seat for a napping child could be easier in a side-by-side type, but maneuvering the stroller (especially in a busy area) will be easier for the tandem type.

Most triplet strollers are made with steel or aluminum alloy. Because they have to accommodate more than one child at once, they’re built to be sturdy and may come off as quite heavy. The average weight is usually between 40 pounds and 60 pounds. While this may be a tad uneasy to move around, you’re sure that the product you have won’t give way under the weight of your kids.

Every stroller is built to carry a maximum weight, and this capacity is usually partitioned between the three individual seats. For instance, a maximum weight of 150 pounds will likely be divided into 50 pounds per seat. Further, you can find some models that offer removable seats, whereas some models don’t. Your priorities and circumstances should guide you here.

Some products are made more compact than others, especially when folded, but this doesn’t change the fact that they’ll always be bigger and will occupy more space than a standalone stroller. However, if you consider the size of one stroller in three places, you’ll find this enough compensation.
Performance and Ease of Use
The purpose of a stroller is to help you move your baby as you move (and as reasonably fast as possible). A triplet stroller achieves this with strong and smooth-motion tires; a good swivel front system is also great for maneuvering. The brakes help you bring the stroller to a quick stop and without hassles each time you wish to, since they lock the stroller into place when engaged. The handlebars give you a firm grip and make pushing or pulling easy.

If you intend to drive to destinations where the strollers will be needed, it’s necessary to find those that can collapse easily and become quite compact when collapsed. You’ll need this to fit into your car trunk comfortably. You should also go for a stroller that’s relatively lightweight as you don’t want to be out of breath each time you carry it.

Setting up or collapsing a triplet stroller doesn’t require professional expertise. Following instructions, you can get through it, and with prolonged use it becomes almost effortless. Cleaning and maintenance is important as well, and it will be in your favor to purchase a product with easy-to-clean fabric. Kids will always be kids, and being children involves soiling their strollers. Further, dirt within the tires can be cleaned with a light brush.

Get the Best Triplet Stroller of 2023!

We believe you know enough now to make an informed decision. Get your preferred triplet stroller and be a family everywhere you go.

Our Top Choice
Child Craft Trio 3-Passenger Sport Stroller
Best Value
Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller
Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller
Foundations Trio Sport Splash Triplet Stroller
BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller