Best Tripod Dolly Reviews 2023

There are many tripod dollies out there, and if you’re keen on making a choice that you will have to stand by, this could make it difficult to pick one. You can relax and take a voyage through some of the besdt tripod dolly brands we have reviewed – featuring a product from each. However, if there are some other features you are looking for, kindly note there are more tripod dollies available from these companies.
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Our Top Choice
Magnus DWF-2 Universal Tripod Dolly
Magnus designs and manufactures tripods and tripod dollies exclusively. Its products are top quality and affordable.
Lightweight and compact. Has a carrying handle and folds up easily. Step-on locks for the wheels so it can stay in one place.
Can be a bit shaky on uneven textured floors.
17.6 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches; 4.8 pounds
Up to 33 pounds
Best Value
Dolica Professional Tripod Dolly
Dolica designs quality products that help to support the powers and creativity of artists.
It has metal wheel bearings and three-inch non-marring wheels for easy movement. The leg locks help you adjust the dolly to fit different tripod sizes.
It is a bit stiff and does not make sharp turns easily.
Video camera
12 x 6 x 23 inches; 5.8 pounds
Up to 4.5 pounds
Manfrotto Video and Movie Heavy Dolly
Manfrotto makes a wide range of camera gear and lighting support equipment.
This dolly is heavy-duty and carries up to 132 pounds. It has cable guards and is easily transportable and foldable.
It can only be used on smooth floors, as it is a bit shaky if the floor has any texture
Video camera
20 x 20 x 20 inches; 17.6 pounds
Up to 132 pounds
Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly
Since 2010, Neewer has been producing gear for the photography, film and music industries.
This tripod dolly has a firm grip big handle. It is portable, with a leg that can be removed and put in the carry bag. It also comes with an extendable dolly leg.
Since the wheels are hard rubber, there is a bit of vibration when moving.
Large still and video tripods
22 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches; 5.5 pounds
Info not provided
Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly
Ravelli offers many terrific products for photography at reasonable prices.
This dolly has adjustable tripod foot locks, so almost any tripod can fit in. It also has a maximum load capacity of 45 pounds.
It may be a bit hard to maneuver because the wheels flip when rolling.
Video/photo camera
13.2 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches; 5.5 pounds
Up to 45 pounds

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What is the Best Tripod Dolly?

To choose the best tripod dolly for your use, keep in mind the nature of work you’ll need it for and if it’ll be used more indoors or outdoors. Hopefully, you’ll find enough information in our buying guide to make up your mind. Let’s see the individual product reviews and all that they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The 33-pound capacity Magnus Universal Tripod Dolly can fit any tripod, and has rubber wheels that make it easy to maneuver and control. If you want a professional high-performance tripod system, we recommend the Magnus VT-4000 Professional High Performance Tripod System. It has a two-stage leg design and supports an 8.8-pound weight.

Magnus Universal Tripod Dolly - Adjustable Diameter Fits Any Tripod

For many years, Magnus has been manufacturing top-quality tripods and tripod dollies. Magnus’ team is made up of professionals that have committed themselves to developing products of the highest quality your money can buy. Every Magnus tripod or camera item is tested extensively by them and other professionals. If you are looking for quality, Magnus is definitely a good place to look.

The Magnus Universal Tripod Dolly is reliable and easy to use. It is constructed with durable aluminum and plastic. It has two-inch ball bearing metal and rubber wheels that have revolving assemblies. This makes it easy to steer and move your tripod. Its doorway width is 31 inches when fully extended. It has a capacity of 33 pounds, and it also has adjustable clamps that make it possible for you to lock in the tripod foot. This tripod dolly works for all tripods, as its leg bar extends up to 4.9 inches.

It has flip locks that help keep the extension secured. It also has step-on locks on each wheel so the tripod can serve as a stationary mount for a camera, and two foldable legs that can be tucked into a convenient small package. This tripod dolly has a carry handle and a hook and loop strap that secures the legs when folded. Fortunately, it also comes with a carry bag that has a shoulder strap. In the unlikely event anything goes wrong, this tripod dolly is backed by a limited four-year warranty.
Best Value
The Dolica Professional Tripod Dolly is made from lightweight aluminum for superior mobility. It also has fast action foot brakes on the wheels and adjustable clamps to lock in the tripods. If you want a carbon fiber tripod, get the Dolica Professional 60-Inch ZX Series Tripod. It has a maximum 60-inch operating height and a minimum height of 22 inches.

Dolica Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly with Adjustable Leg Mounts

Dolica makes excellent camera gear. Its aim is to support artists and people that have a passion for photography with products that will help improve their artistry. It has a group of professionals such as videographers and photographers that help with designing and development. They also share their personal experiences with Dolica’s products, which helps the company to make improvements. Dolica’s products are made to be durable, reliable and efficient.

The Dolica Professional Tripod Dolly is an efficient dolly that helps to move your tripod easily. Its fluid motion is perfect for videoing with your camera. It has metal wheel bearings and three-inch non-marring wheels. Its weight capacity is 20 pounds, and it has a net weight of 4.5 pounds. Its doorway width is 31 inches. The step down wheel lock easily locks the wheels in place. It is also made with lightweight aluminum for durability and easy mobility.

This tripod dolly has a single leg section for increased structural stability. The leg locks can be adjusted and allow any size of tripod to fit into the dolly. It is constructed with rubber and aluminum alloy. The tripod is easily secured and locked in by adjustable clamps and fast-action foot brakes. This dolly can be folded easily, thanks to its dolly pins for easy opening and folding. It also comes with a black nylon carry case. The Dolica Professional Tripod Dolly has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Dolica has a number of other tripod dollies, including:
  • Dolica GX Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo: A tripod dolly with reversible locking column and leg adjustments for macro lens
  • Dolica 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head: An aluminum tripod with ballhead and slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Dolica with Professional Ball Head and Monopod: A 57-inch column extended tripod dolly with in-built monopod
  • Dolica LA600 Aluminum Tripod: A traveler tripod with optimal performance ball head and multi-angle rotability
  • Dolica ST-500 Lightweight Tripod: A 68-inch, lightweight tripod suitable for outdoor and indoor photography
  • Dolica TX570DS Ultra Compact Tripod: A tripod dolly with incorporated monopod
The Manfrotto Video Heavy Dolly has 127-millimeter smooth rolling wheels that are “braked” individually for smooth control and easy mobility. If you want a more affordable tripod dolly that can be used for videos, try the Manfrotto 127 Video Dolly. It supports up to 22 pounds.

Manfrotto Video/Movie Deluxe Dolly for 117X Tripod with 5-Inch Wheels

Manfrotto started by producing products such as lights and sturdy lamps to help photographers. Now, it produces a wide range of camera gear. Its equipment is made especially for professional photography, theatre, film, and video markets and live entertainment. Manfrotto has nine companies of its own and independent distributors in over 65 countries. Its products are heavy-duty and of the highest quality.

The Manfrotto Video Heavy Dolly is easy to use. It is designed to be used with large stills and large video tripods. It has 127-millimeter large wheels that are “braked” individually. It also has cable guards, and is easily portable because it can be folded. This tripod dolly can also hold up to 132 pounds, which means it can be used for large cameras.

Here are some other tripod dollies by Manfrotto:
  • Manfrotto 181B Folding Auto Dolly for Twin Spiked Metal Feet Tripods - Has a single lever brake system and attachment for head for low shooting angles
  • Manfrotto 127 Basic Portable Dolly - Constructed with durable aluminum and it has a foldable length of 22.5 inches
  • Manfrotto 114MV Cine Video Dolly for Tripod with Twin Spiked Feet - Constructed with aluminum for lightness and durability; can support up to 132 pounds-
  • Manfrotto 127 VS Variable Spread Video Dolly with 3 Inch Wheels - Aluminum-constructed and designed to fit all types of tripods. It is also coated with a black finish to reduce light reflection
The Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly is constructed with aluminum alloy. It has lockable rubber wheels with all-metal ball bearing casters for smooth movement. If you prefer a track dolly, look at the Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly. It is used for stabilizing film and video making.

Neewer Photography Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly with Rubber Wheels and Adjustable Leg Mounts

Neewer specializes in the development of items for film, photography and music. Based on customer feedback, it produces quality products that meet the expectations of these customers. Neewer’s goal is great products at an affordable cost. This is why its slogan is “Pro Quality, Amateur Prices.”

The Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly can be used for professional cameras, light stands, background stands and video tripods. It has rubber wheels with all-metal ball bearing casters that help to give it sturdy and smooth movement. This tripod dolly is also constructed with aluminum alloy for durability. It has leg locks that are fully and easily adjustable for all its wheels. It also has a large handle for a comfortable and firm grip and for easy portability; you can tuck its leg in and put it into the included carry bag. The dolly leg can be extended from 274 millimeters to 400 millimeters. Its clamp knobs fit almost all tripod legs.

Neewer has some other tripod dollies in its collection, such as:
  • Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider with 22-Pound Capacity - With rotatable rubber wheels and fluid roller bearings. It also has adjustable aluminum rods
  • Neewer Camera Dolly Kit for DSLRS - Has mobile rolling sliding dolly stabilizer and an adjustable friction magic arm
  • Neewer Professional Table Top Roller Slider Dolly Car Skater Video Track Rail for Digital SLR Cameras - Has an aluminum platform and sturdy rubber wheels. It is a mini-sized dolly with articulating design
The Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly has rubber wheels and metal ball bearing casters that help to give it a smooth roll. It also has one-step easy-locking wheels for control. If you want a professional tripod with adjustable pistol grip head, we recommend the Ravelli New Professional Tripod.

Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly with Carrying Bag

Ravelli is all about maximum customer satisfaction. Its products have some of the best features available in the industry. They are generally known for their functionality, durability, style and reliability. Ravelli tries to incorporate any advice it gets into the development of new top-quality products. This system enables its continuous success.

The Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly is great to use for professional photo shoots and filming. It comes in handy when used alongside backgrounds and light stands. It possesses good quality three-inch diameter wheels. These wheels have metallic ball bearings, complete with outer rubber encasing. This helps to give it a sturdy and smooth rolling. It also features easy-locking wheels, which help users to control and maneuver it easily. This tripod dolly has comprehensive leg locks that make it possible for almost any tripod to fit it. It is also designed with leg grips that help to adjust to the arc and angle you need for the tripod in use. This tripod dolly also has an integrated carry handle and a carry bag.

Ravelli makes an array of other tripod dollies, including:
  • Ravelli APGL5 Professional Ball Head Camera Tripod: Has three detachable legs that can each be used as a monopod. It has a reversible center column to achieve low angle shots
  • Ravelli AVTP Professional Camera Tripod: A dual handled tripod dolly with segmented interlocking crutch legs and universal mounting bowl
  • Ravelli AVT Professional 67 Inch Video Camera Tripod: Features adjustable leg section, center column and dual control handles
  • Ravelli APLT2 Lightweight Aluminum Tripod: With legs that lock by means of a lever, and a carrier bag
  • Ravelli Professional 66-Inch Three Axis Tripod: Professional tripod dolly with center elevator, adjustment heads and swift release leg locks

How Do I Choose the Best Tripod Dolly?

Everyone enjoys a top-quality video. People love watching scenery shot from different angles and varied ranges. Whether it’s a photo shoot or a video production, ease and convenience is vital, as this improves the motivation level. It's great to know that you already have the camera lens that works best for you, but you deserve a tripod dolly that gives you both stability and mobility while you carry out your task. The wheels should glide smoothly to reduce bumps that may end up showing in your video.

These products come in different designs, and it’s important that you know what you hope to achieve with one before making a choice. If the equipment that will be set up on the dolly is heavy, you’ll definitely need a product that is enabled to withstand large weights. If your productions are mostly done in the studio, you’ll want a product that comes studio ready with braked wheels and cable guards. This, in addition to your quality photography lighting, will be an asset to your sessions.

Just as your camera is kept safe and secure in your camera bag, your tripod dolly deserves a storage bag as well. Consider this while choosing your preferred product, as the durability of your equipment will depend on the kind of case in which it is stowed. No one wants to watch something that cost quite a lot deteriorate and run down in between periods of usage.
The prices of the tripod dollies we reviewed range from about $40 to $400. A number of factors affect the cost of each product. Generally, the material used in construction is primary. Carbon fiber tripods will likely cost more than ones with aluminum or rubber components. The diameter of the wheels also influences the price. You may have to pay more for large wheels with all-metal ball bearings and rubber outer surfaces than for smaller plastic wheels.

Some dollies are sturdier than others and have designs that are quite complex and intricate. Products in this category will not cost the same as those that are lighter and bear less weight. Whatever appeals to you is fine, but a cheap tripod dolly may not have much durability as needed for a product that requires constant mobility and versatility in use.
Your tripod dolly is primarily used to move your tripod without having to pick it up. Ideally, it will be compatible with a good number of tripod stands, and have locks that keep the tripod in place when fixed in. Some are foldable, while others have to be mounted and dismounted. The type you choose will depend largely on your preference.

Here are other features to look for:
  • Locks: how firm are they, and do they require screwing or clamping?
  • Grip: how comfortable is the grip?
  • Height: both maximum and minimum
  • Wheel Rotation: its maneuverability is key
  • Weight: especially for mobility reasons
  • Load Capacity: how much equipment can it carry?
Construction and Design
Lightweight materials are used in constructing tripod dollies. Many are made with just aluminum, or rubber and aluminum alloy. Some are made with carbon fiber, which is said to be an upgraded material that is more resistant to vibration and has greater torsional stability. The idea is to give you a product that is sturdy enough to have your tripod firmly in place, and also light enough to move or carry around. To this end, you can find products that weigh as little as five pounds.

Locking in a tripod is necessary to prevent your tripod and expensive camera from falling. Dollies are built with adjustable clamps and leg locks that are easy to use. They are also designed with handles and foot-operated brakes for convenience while working with them.

Most dollies are made to stand at a minimum height of 10 inches and maximum height of up to 37 inches. You can adjust the heights and maintain a height closer to the ground when doing light wind or waterfall photography, as this keeps the dolly sturdy enough to withstand the waves. This adjustable feature is important, as not only do heights of users vary, but the circumstances for usage may not always be the same.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good tripod dolly should be adaptable to most, if not all tripods. You should have the flexibility to vary your equipment as needs arise without having to worry if it’ll fit. The shape of the ball bearings beneath the slider area will ensure both smooth motion and reduced friction on the superior quality carbon fiber tubes. Clogged motion will get in your way and reduce efficiency. Executing smooth tracking shots is necessary, so you should be able to switch among vertical, horizontal and other angles of shooting.

The presence of a bubble level will help indicate your slanting degree. A product with an easily replaceable ball head is a great idea. Foldable legs are a good thing too, as this makes your dolly more portable and easier to set up. The slider plates have threaded holes, which are a plus for setting up other components such as magic arms to improve the quality of your pictures.

Setting up a tripod should be a simple task, and ones with foldable legs have a shorter setup time. A connecting interface with locking knobs gives better position fastening. Cleaning the dolly regularly will help to keep it in top form. Heavy abrasives are not necessary. A light brush can clean off dirt stuck in the wheels and any tight point; for everything else a cloth will do a perfect job.

Get the Best Tripod Dolly of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through all of these, more words won’t be necessary. Get those tripods moving!

Our Top Choice
Magnus DWF-2 Universal Tripod Dolly
Best Value
Dolica Professional Tripod Dolly
Manfrotto Video and Movie Heavy Dolly
Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly
Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly