Best Trivia Game Reviews 2022

Trivia games have been around for a long time, and we really aren’t surprised! They’re a fantastic way to get family and friends together for a bit of friendly rivalry, and to learn a few interesting facts, too! To help you and your family select your perfect trivia game, we’ve sourced the best trivia game brands on the market today as well as a product to feature from each. This will give you a better idea of what types of trivia game are available to you, and the different styles of game each brand has to offer.
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Play Length
Our Top Choice
University Games Smart Ass Trivia Game
University Games was founded in 1985 with the aim of creating family-friendly games that encourage social interaction and imagination.
Fast-paced; ideal for friendly gatherings; encourages players to shout out answers; game includes 461 question cards
Not suitable for smaller children
General knowledge
12 and up
2 to 6
No play length
Best Value
Mattel Balderdash Trivia Game
The American brand Mattel creates a huge range of gaming products, varying from classic to contemporary board games, collectibles, gifts and toys.
‘Fake it’ to win; game package includes board, clue cards, player’s manual, playing pieces, and die
Game might be slow for some players
Trick-based questions
General knowledge and made-up
8 and up
2 to 6
No play length
Hasbro Trivial Pursuit
Hasbro is one of the largest manufacturers of board games, and is a well-known name in both the US and around the world.
Caters to a wide age-range; perfect for teaming up younger and older players. Wide selection of versions available, with many topics to choose from.
Master Edition may be boring for younger kids - but there are kid-friendly versions.
Timed questions
Science, spots, history, culture
16 and up
2 to 6
No play length
North Star Games Wits and Wagers Trivia Game
North Star Games is a family-friendly American brand that creates one-of-a-kind games with their dedicated team of in-house game designers.
300+ family-friendly questions; short play time; game has 39 awards
Some questions may be too hard for younger kids
History-based questions
6 and Up
3+ players
25 minutes
Asmodee Timeline Trivia Game
Founded in 1995, Asmodee is a Chinese company that’s passionate about all things gaming. The brand's range of games are guaranteed to liven up any gathering
Great for history buffs and kids who love history; 109 playing cards
Cards are small
Large, multiplayer game
History-based questions
8 and up
2 to 8
15 minutes

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What is the Best Trivia Game?

The aim of our buying guide is to help you figure out what type of trivia game is perfect for your friends and family, as well as the style, age group and categories you want included in your new product. This will make it a lot easier when browsing through our top picks and narrowing down your options to find your ideal trivia game! So, let’s get browsing, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The University Games Smart Ass Trivia Game is perfect for all those smarty-pants out there looking to show off their knowledge! In this game, you can land on ‘Dumb Ass’ spaces, which hurt your progress, or ‘Hard Ass’ spaces, which allow you to move forward. If you’re after a game that features softer language, you’ll want to check out the University Games Zero Trivia Game instead!

University Games Smart Ass Trivia Game - Available in 3 Different Packs


Founded in 1985, University Games was created by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman, who shared a mutual love of playing games with their families, and incorporating fun and education into everyday life. Moog and Lehman wanted to create games that encourage both social interaction and imagination while allowing players to learn at the same time. Today, the brand is a major player in the international game industry, selling products to over 28 different countries worldwide.

We wanted to feature the University Games Smart Ass Trivia Game because it’s really fun! Smart Ass encourages yelling out answers even when it’s not your turn. The aim of the game is to be the first one to answer the ‘Who,’ ‘What’ and ‘Where Am I’ questions so you can be the ultimate smart ass. Be careful though! The game also includes ‘Dumb Ass’ spaces where a player can miss a turn. For the lucky ones, there are ‘Hard Ass’ spaces where you can win the chance to move ahead. This fast-paced game can be played by 2 to 6 players, and is suitable for ages 12 and up (as long as parents are ok with the playful reference to the buttocks). The game itself includes the game board, 6 playing pieces, 461 question cards, 2 jumbo dice and the all-important instruction manual!

Best Value
Mattel’s Balderdash Trivia Game is perfect for ages 8 and up, and will have the whole family in stiches! In this game, players are encouraged to create fake answers while other players attempt to call their bluff. Want something a little on the higher-end side? We suggest Mattel’s Bezzerwizzer Trivia Game instead!

Mattel Balderdash Trivia Game - Styles May Vary


Mattel sells a huge variety of gaming products, ranging from classic to contemporary. It offers its customers board games, collectibles, gifts and even toys for your little ones! If you’re after a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs, then look no further than Mattel!

We’re big fans of Mattel’s Balderdash Trivia Game because it’s super fun, low in price, and for ages 8 and up. This compelling game uses unbelievable content regarding people, words, initials and movies, and encourages players to make up fake definitions alongside real answers to see how well you can ‘fake it.’ The game itself includes the game board, clue cards, playing pieces, die and an instruction manual.

Hasbro’s Master Edition of Trivial Pursuit is perfect for those who know and love the Trivial Pursuit collection. With over 3,000 questions, and the option to play either the traditional or contemporary version, this game has maximum replay value. If you want to get a more simplistic trivia game for the kids to join in, take a look at Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuit Family Edition instead!

Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Master Edition


Hasbro is a global company that creates games and entertainment products for the best play experiences. Whether you’re after toys, games, pop-culture games, movies or digital games, Hasbro will certainly have something for you! The brand has expanded globally through its golden reputation in the board-gaming business, and it is a well-known name around the world.

One thing we love about Hasbro, is that they have a wide selection of trivia games under the Trivial Pursuit umbrella. From the Family Edition, to themed ones such as Harry Potter or Star Wars, to versions that focus on specific topics or decades, one thing is for sure, every one will have a great time. For this review, we chose to feature one of the classic versions, the Master Edition.

Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuit Game Master Edition is a super fun game that will have everyone in your house playfully arguing about who’s the smartest. This version of the classic Trivial Pursuit game is ideal for those who want to play a game that’s suitable for a wide range of age groups. With 3,000 new questions, this game will challenge even the most knowledgeable of players. It features a game-play timer to keep you in check, and can be played using both traditional and contemporary rules.

North Star Games’ Wits and Wagers Trivia Game is perfect for large families looking for something educational and fun to do on a Saturday night! It’s difficult enough to hold your attention while still being simplistic enough for your kids. Own this game already, but want another version of it? Check out the North Star Games Wits and Wagers Party edition instead!

North Star Games Wits and Wagers Family Trivia Game


North Star Games is an American brand that sells a variety of gaming products, like party games, family and kid’s games, strategy games and even DIY games! All of North Star’s games are created by the brands in-house designers, so you won’t find products like this anywhere else!

We decided to feature North Star Games’ Wits and Wagers Trivia Game because it’s super popular and fun. This high-quality, history based game has won over 39 awards, and is a game where kids are able to beat their parents! If you’re on the hunt for a trivia game that can be played by the whole family, then this is the game for you. This new edition of the game has simpler, easy-to-use rules with 300 family-friendly questions so everyone can play along.

The Asmodee Timeline Trivia Game is perfect for those wishing to learn a little something as they play. The objective of this game is guess the correct date for when an invention was created, like the lightbulb or automobile, so you can be the first to get rid of your cards. If you aren’t a fan of this product, make sure you check out the Asmodee Werewolves The Pact Game instead!

Asmodee Timeline Trivia Game


Founded in 1995, Asmodee was created by people passionate about gaming. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a game to play with the family, a one-on-one friendship-ruining card game, or something a bit more out of the ordinary, Asmodee will have something that tickles your fancy. With a HUGE range of products, including party games and hobby games, it’s no wonder this company is so well known, so popular, and has amassed so many awards!

We’re big fans of Asmodee’s Timeline Trivia Game because it’s inexpensive, educational, and fun for everyone! The aim of the game is to guess the date of creation for a wide variety of inventions in order to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. This educational game is not only fun, but teaches players an assortment of useful and useless facts, like, “What came first…the lightbulb or the car?” The game itself includes over 109 playing cards as well as a handy instruction manual.

How Do I Choose the Best Trivia Game?

There’s nothing more wonderful than gathering family and friends together for an evening of socializing and bonding, especially after a long week at work. While there are classic games like poker and chess to keep you entertained, they aren’t exactly ‘family friendly,’ especially if you have younger children to keep amused. This is where investing in a high-quality trivia game can come in handy, but what should you look for when purchasing your ideal game?

Trivia to Go games have a variety of play lengths, ranging from 15 minutes to games that only ends when someone wins. If you have smaller children, then you may want to opt for games that have a shorter play length to stop your little ones from getting bored and losing interest. If, however, you’re looking for a game to keep you and your friends entertained all night, then a longer game will be a much better fit.

If you want a more active game adults and kids alike can enjoy playing, we suggest that you get some darts and see who’s got the bull’s eye!


When it comes to the cost of your new trivia game, it’ll depend on how complex the game is, the age specifications, the amount of players and the game’s play time. Most trivia games will set you back between $15 and $45, with products at the higher end of this scale being far more complex. Pricier trivia games often won’t have a specific play length, and will only finish once you get bored or someone wins the game. You can get a lot more use out of the game because it can keep players entertained for hours rather than minutes. These type of trivia games can often be played by larger groups of older players. This isn’t to say, however, that products at the lower end of this scale aren’t as good. They’re just simpler in design and more suitable for family-friendly games and small get-togethers. Cheaper trivia games are available ($10 or less) but be aware that these products are usually not as entertaining or well-thought out, and are usually only suitable for two player games.


The features you’ll want included in your new trivia game will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences, the number of players, and the age of the players. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping a look out for to ensure you choose a product that’ll keep your family and friends entertained!

Here are some important features to look out for…

  • Instruction manual included
  • Variety of questions and categories
  • Accessories Included
Construction and Design

When looking for your family’s ideal trivia game, it’s very important that you look for products that include an instruction guide or manual. This will make it much easier to figure out how to play the game as well as help you brush up on all the games rules and regulations. Although this may not be the most thrilling part of the game, it helps your family get the most out of the product.

You also need to think about is the style of the game itself. Trivia games come in a whole host of forms, and the product you pick is ultimately going to come down to your family’s personal preferences. Are you after a fast-paced, timed trivia game to keep your friends and family on the edge of their seats? Or perhaps a more easy-going game instead? This is probably going to depend on the age of those taking part in the game too, with younger children more suited to a simpler, less complex game.

Another useful feature to look out for are products that include a wide variety of questions and question categories. This will stop the game from becoming repetitive, and allow more of your friends and family to get involved. If you’re planning on playing your trivia game with a bunch of history buffs, however, then feel free to select a game that focuses on this category. If you’re after a game that can involve everyone, then a wide variety of categories will be far more suitable.

Finally, we recommend looking for products that include everything you need to start enjoying your game straight away! Although most games will have the necessary accessories, like dice and play pieces, there are a few games that require you to source these yourself.

Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to caring for your new trivia game, there’s really not much too it. It’s important, however, that you try and keep all your game pieces, dice and cards together to prevent losing them and making the game unplayable. We highly recommend looking for products that include a pouch or carrying case that can keep all your bits and pieces safe and secure. You’ll also want to make sure that you keep your trivia game in a cool, dry space to prevent the board itself from becoming damaged.

It’s also important to know the age boundaries of your new trivia game. Although most trivia games are suitable for ages 6 and up, some have much higher age specifications, such as 8 and up, or even 16 and up! These age specifications will give you more of an idea as to how complex the game is, and whether it’ll be suitable for family game night, or a get-together with friends instead. In addition to this, you’re going to want to look for the number of required players because there’s nothing worse than choosing a game where only a few of your friends and family can get involved. Most trivia games can be played by 2 to 6 players at one time. If, however, you have a slightly larger family or group of friends, then you may want to look for games advertised for 3 + players.

Another point to consider before making your purchase is the type of questions in the game. Whereas most trivia games focus on general-knowledge questions to keep everyone entertained, some focus on history, science or guessing instead. This is where it is really important to think about who’ll be taking part in the game. If you’re looking for an educational game for your kids, then history-based questions may be what you’re looking for. But if you’ll be playing with particularly young children, then general-knowledge or fun, silly questions may be more suitable.

Get the Best Trivia Game of 2022!

We’re hoping that, after browsing through our top 5 picks, you’ve discovered your perfect game and are now busy planning your next family game night! If, however, this isn’t the case, don’t you worry! We’ve purposely selected brands with lots of products to offer. All you have to do is browse through these other products to find a game that works for you!

Our Top Choice
University Games Smart Ass Trivia Game
Best Value
Mattel Balderdash Trivia Game
Hasbro Trivial Pursuit
North Star Games Wits and Wagers Trivia Game
Asmodee Timeline Trivia Game