Best Truck Tent Reviews 2023

The truck bed tent is one of the best ways to travel and camp light. We’ve researched 5 of the best truck tent brands that topped our chart with the best truck bed tents available, and reviewed one product from each. Remember, though – our featured brands still have some great models apart from those reviewed here. You might do well to check them out in the unlikely event you don’t find what you’re looking for among those listed.
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Our Top Choice
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
Napier is the largest developer and purveyor of vehicle camping tents in the world. It seeks to continuously develop new products and meet the changes in consumer demand.
Quick and easy to set up and take down. Roomy with ample ventilation. Convenient lantern holder. Carry bag for proper storage.
Sizing guide isn’t detailed.
Includes floor
Multiple sizes from 5.5’ to 9’
Flap in door
Best Value
Rightline Gear Truck Tent
Rightline Gear is committed to creating products with which you’ll have experiences that keep you smiling for a long time.
Quick and easy set-up. Protects your truck from scratches with the nylon straps and buckles on it. Door and windows have storm covers that offer more privacy.
Seams could be made a lot more stronger.
Floorless design
Multiple sizes from 5’ to 8’
Entrance from the rear
Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent
Kodiak Canvas makes tents that are dependable, comfortable, sturdy and long lasting. It’s made a name for itself as a source of the finest truck tents.
Affordable price point. Waterproof but breathable Hydra-Shield material. Sturdy even in high winds. 5 windows and a can access hatch.
Difficult to set up (but worth it!).
Floorless design
Hydra-shield cotton
Multiple sizes from 5.5’ to 8’
Cab access window
Dac Inc Full-Size Truck Tent
Dac Inc believes its customers deserve quality materials and excellent workmanship and it strives to give them all that and more.
Easy to put up and take apart in a short space of time. Well-made with well-sewn zippers and seams. Of high quality and made to last. Convenient inverted ‘T’ zipper on its outer flap and insect screen.
Small gaps in the tailgate corners.
Floorless design
Full and mid-sized truck sizes
Entrance from the rear
Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent
Guide Gear is focused on creating and distributing affordable equipment for the avid outdoorsman.
Withstands rain and sustained winds well. Easy to set up and take down. Well made and durable.
Instruction manual isn’t detailed enough.
Includes floor
Fits compact beds 72-74"
Side entrance

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What is the Best Truck Tent?

Truck tents possess various features that make them unique and functional. Having gone through our buying guide and armed with relevant information geared towards helping you make the best choice, have a read through our individual product features review. You’ll be sure to find the perfect truck bed tent for your needs.
Our Top Choice
Available in 5 sizes, the Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent features a full floor with plenty of headroom. It’s a 3-season, 2-person truck tent with two large windows and rainfly made with waterproof polyester taffeta. If you’re looking for a truck tent with an awning, check out the Sportz Blue\/Grey Truck Tent. Sportz is a Napier product line with equally great products.

Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent with Sewn In Floor – Available in Multiple Sizes

Since it first opened its doors for business in 1990, Napier’s been changing people’s perception of camping by merging the camping and the automobile industries into one adventurous picture. It observed the lack of flexibility and convenience in the way outdoor activities were carried out and a need for excitingly attractive gear in the automobile industries; its response to these needs was the development of Vehicle Camping Tents. Its vision is to place tents as a leader in the industry and to be known for quality, innovation and excellent service. Through its brands Sportz, Backroadz and Dome, it supplies tents for vehicular camping to retailers in North America, Australia and Europe. It proudly reports that Sportz tents, its signature brand, are the top selling SUV and Truck Tents worldwide.

The Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent incorporates certain features that’ll keep you cozy in your truck whether you’re taking a mid-day nap or turning in for the night. It has sewn-in flooring that keeps you off your truck bed’s cold metal. It’s a lightweight unit that can be stored behind your cab seat, at the ready for any adventure you might decide – no matter how unexpected. This tent is available in a range of sizes – 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8 and 9 foot – all of which are quite roomy and comfortable, with plenty of headroom, and windows on each side to allow the free flow of air in and out of the tent.

It’s a three-season tent, designed to shield you from the elements at all times and with its waterproof polyester taffeta and mesh material, you’re assured complete protection from the rain. This Backroadz tent has a height of 68 to 70 inches and is big enough to accommodate two adults. It’s pretty easy to set up and while the first try might take longer, subsequent times shouldn’t keep you out for longer than 10 to 15 minutes. It can take way less time than this; we’re just being on the conservative side.
Other interesting features about the Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent:
  • It has four shock-corded fiberglass poles that make setting up this tent easy
  • A handy flap for plugging into your truck’s power
  • A storm flap on the door for privacy and safety
  • Watertight polyester taffeta wall and roof to keep you safely away from rain
  • Full, polyester rainfly with taped seams which provides added protection from the rain
  • There’s a lantern holder to conveniently hang your light source and a carry bag to stow the tent away in
This truck bed tent is covered by a 1-year warranty and an awesome support team.
Best Value
The Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent is elements-proof with color-coordinating poles and sky-view air vent designed for your convenience. It features glow-in-the-dark zippers, a lantern hanging hook and 2 gear pockets. If you need something to transport your truck tent, consider the Rightline Gear 100S50 Sport Jr. Car Top Carrier – a waterproof car-top carrier offering 9.1 cubic feet of storage with no roof rack required.

Rightline Gear Long Truck Bed Tent – Available in 8 Sizes for Compact, Mid-Sized and Full Size Trucks

Rightline Gear has been making car top carriers since 1997. Its promise is to keep up the innovation and to continually ensure every product it develops is both convenient and functional. This company has been in the production of truck and SUV tents since 2003. Rightline Gear realizes the importance of faith and has incorporated that into its vision, mission and values as a brand. It demands that good work ethics and a hands-on-deck attitude be exhibited by its team and when the combined efforts result in success, it doesn’t hide its gratitude.

The Rightline Gear Truck Tent is designed to be quickly and easily set up; it has 3 color-coded poles that go into matching or corresponding pole pockets for convenient set-up, and it’s just as easily taken apart. It features a floorless design that doesn’t require your moving gear and stuff away during set-up. This means you can set up your tent without having to get into the truck – plus, you don’t have to worry about the tent rubbing the greasy bed of the truck. The need for guy lines, stakes and tarps is eliminated with this truck bed.

The material for the tent’s wall, roof and rainfly is polyester (breathable polyester in the case of the roof) with tape sealed seams, making it waterproof. The rainfly is optional – depending on the weather, you can easily attach it over the tent (yes, over as in all of it) or simply leave it be – it would be wise to always have it handy though, as we never can truly predict the weather. This tent has a sky-view no-see-um mesh that lets in plenty of light and ventilation. Another thoughtful addition is the glow-in-the-dark zippers with which the entry flap can be located in low-light situations.

Here are some other interesting features:
  • The fabric and mesh are treated to be fire-resistant for extra-safety measures
  • Protective polypropylene straps and plastic buckles that won’t damage your truck’s paint
  • Two storage or gear pockets for orderly stowing of your equipment in the tent
  • A lantern hook from which your light source can be suspended
  • Simple-to-follow sewn-in set-up guide
  • It comes in a lightweight, compact carry bag for convenient storage in your truck
We almost forgot to tell you it’s a Three-season tent – for winter, spring and summer. Plus, with a wide range of available sizes, you are sure to find one that will fit your truck, whether it’s a compact, mid-size or full sized pick-up.
The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is an all-season tent that features a breathable, waterproof Hydra Shield treated material. It has a roomy interior with 5 feet roof height, 5 windows and a handy cab access window. If you’re interested in a large canvas tent, that can accommodate up to 6 adults, check out the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent, Deluxe. It has plenty of headroom.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent– Available in Sizes for Compact, Mid-Sized and Full-Size Trucks

The Kodiak Canvas brand has been in business for over ten years and in that time has proved itself a maker of the highest quality tents available. Whether you’re adventuring in the wilderness or enjoying the best of nature in the areas close to your home, Kodiak has a tent to keep you safe from the forces of nature. All its tents feature a Hydra-Shield canvas that’s breathable and waterproof thus keeping you from being drenched whether by water from within or without. In the manufacture of its tents, it has stuck to using choice, first-rate materials and refused to cut corners or compromise on that. Little wonder, it receives fan mails describing how their Kodiak Tent was the last tent standing after the storm.

The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent can be enjoyed all year round as it’s constructed from long-lasting Hydra-Shield treated canvas that is 100% cotton. The design boasts a 5 feet ceiling height – that’s plenty of room and headspace. It has a design that allows you to extend usable space and enjoy the included awning when the tail-gate is lowered, and includes four windows and a large D-shaped door, each featuring ‘no-see-um’ mesh which allows air inside and keeps bug and prying eyes outside. They are positioned in such a way as to facilitate cross-ventilation and let in light. The entire setup is held up by sturdy, well-constructed 0.25-inch steel tube frames.

Other features of this truck tent include:
  • ’Clampable’ rails for easily and securely fitting the tent to the truck
  • Available in sizes to fit compact, mid-sized and full size pick up trucks
  • One of the windows grants you access to the cab of the truck
  • A tunnel-shaped design that optimizes interior space
  • 2 large gear pockets to hold some of your important stuff
  • A carry bag in which the tent can be comfortably stowed
We said it’s an all-season tent, and it is. You should however note that it’s not guaranteed against heavy snow.
The Dac Inc Full-Size Truck Bed Tent has elastic shock-cords and plastic-coated hooks that draw the tent snug against the vehicle. If the full-size tent seems larger than your truck bed and your tailgate is less than 58 inches wide, you could check out the Dac Mid-Size Truck Tent.

Dac Inc Full-Size Camper Truck Top Tent - Also Available in Other Sizes

DAC Inc was founded in 1987 with the aim of introducing an innovative product for vehicles with caps or camper shells; it was christened the Camper Top Tent. It observed that outdoorsmen and sportsmen alike wanted to include their vehicles in their outdoor routines and its “vehicle tents” provided a means for them to do so. As acceptance of SUVs and minivans grew in the mid-1990s, it created the Explorer 2 Tent for those vehicles. Its products include tents for SUVs, trucks and minivans with camper caps or shells; these convert your vehicle into a complete camping unit. DAC Inc. is a brand based on the premise of offering its customers nothing but the best quality and service.

The Dac Inc Full-Size Truck Bed Tent is made of heavy-duty, waterproof polyester, making it flame-retardant and mildew-resistant. It’s easy to set up with a bungee cord and hooks, coated in plastic, that attach to your truck’s under frame, its tire well, its doors, and underneath the tailgate. To achieve a closer fit around your truck, you can pull the cord tighter. The tent has Inverted ‘T’ outer door flaps and an inner ‘no-see-um mesh’ directly behind the entry (or door) flaps with zippers sewn in the same manner. The outer door flaps can be folded up and held back for free flow of air in and out of the tent. It comes in a signature blue wall and tan roof color and with an accompanying carry bag. After use, it folds in a space that’s about the size of a shoebox for easy, convenient storage.
The Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent features a sewn-in waterproof floor and 4.75 feet of headroom and fits 72 to 74 inch beds. It takes just minutes to deploy this tent, with its shock-corded fiberglass poles. If you have a larger bed – 79 to 81 inches – the Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent may be what you’re looking for.

Guide Gear Compact Truck Bed Tent – Fits Most Beds 72-74", Full Size Tent Also Available

Guide is the in-house brand for Sportsman Guide, an internet retailer and direct marketer of outdoor sporting goods, fishing gear, hunting gear, military surplus and ammunition. It was founded in the winter of 1970 by Gary Olen, an avid outdoorsman himself. It was set up with the goal of providing whatever gear or outfit a person might need for a pleasant encounter with Mother Nature and at the lowest prices. It has a huge collection of products on offer – more than 300,000 deals – from the biggest name in the outdoor industry. Over the years, this brand has continuously reinvented itself to keep up and ahead of the times ensuring that its customers never lack the gear they need.

The Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent made with a 190T polyester fabric that has a 1500-millimeter water-resistant coating. Not only is this fabric impervious to water, it is also mildew-resistant and breathable, preventing any resultant odors and condensation. In addition, it has a sewn-in floor made of watertight polyethylene and keeps you off the (probably) greasy floor of your truck bed. The fabric is supported by four shock-corded poles that make up the frame of the tent; they are well-constructed and built to withstand high winds.

This tent has a large interior space and 4.75 feet of headroom. It has a large door, shaped like a D, for easy entry and exit from the tent and ‘no-see-um’ mesh on its windows. This truck bed tent is a three-season tent that will accommodate two adults and fit most truck beds that measure between 72 and 74 inches.

Some more features of this bed that you should know:
  • Comes with a ‘full-covering’ rainfly as an extra measure to ensure the user stays dry
  • Two storage / gear pockets to safely stow your stuff away
  • Heavy-duty weather-proof carry bag to store the tent when not in use
  • Roomy 63 by 74-inch footprint

How Do I Choose the Best Truck Tent?

Most people who commute by air do so to get to their destination faster but more importantly, to bypass the hassles of frequently stopping at motels or inns to pass the night. As fast and convenient as air travel is, you miss out on a great deal of fun afforded by road travel. If you’re a fun loving person or a nature enthusiast, you probably don’t mind driving cross state to get to your destination as nothing can actually compare to the natural breeze blowing in your face or the charming scenery rushing past you. If by chance you’re travelling with a truck, you’re in for a treat because now you don’t need to make those stopovers again or get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no provision for passing a comfortable night. Although you can pass the night in a sleeping bag in the truck bed, it’s obvious that you’ll be well and truly exposed to the elements like rainfall, snow, wind and hail which is extremely uncomfortable and hazardous.

A truck tent, also known as a truck bed tent, is a portable canvas that fits onto the open back of your truck, providing adequate secure shelter where you can pass the night in the comfort of your own truck, fully protected from the elements. It mounts in a jiffy, after the truck bed cover has been removed if you have one (and some are actually designed to go with trucks that have covers). The truck bed tent affords many advantages over the traditional camping tent or a trailer camper. It offers better security against snakes and insects than the camp tent can ever do because you’re ensconced safely above ground level and as high as the floor of your truck bed is from the ground.

With a tent for your truck bed, you can pull over somewhere safe, set up and have a wonderful night’s rest before continuing your journey in the morning. It can also be used in place of a traditional camp tent, especially if you’re going on a romantic getaway with a loved one and you just don’t feel like setting up a full sized tent or using a camping mattress on the hard ground and having to contend with nature and wriggly bugs.

Although truck bed tents have similar designs, there are bound to be some features that distinguish great truck bed tents from others. Such features are the construction material, ventilation provisions, ease of set up, type of truck bed tent and not forgetting the cost of the unit. These features are discussed in detail so you can understand better what to look out for while shopping for.
When you want to buy an item like a truck bed tent, it’s safe to assume you want a product that stands the test of time. Cutting corners is counterproductive – you’re better off planning your budget towards buying a quality truck bed tent which is sure to give you best value for your money. Things like the construction materials and ventilation system are some factors that are likely to determine the price of the truck bed tent and so should be considered carefully.

The truck tents featured in our review have prices from around $80 to as much as $350, a range that covers quality products from reputable and trusted brands. Granted, there are many cheap truck tents that we stumbled upon in the course of our research, but we decided not to feature them as they’re made from flimsy materials sure to get blown off by the slightest wind.
For the desired truck tent to be considered top grade both in function and design, there are some features that should be in place and you should be on the lookout for them so as to make the right choice. These features include:
  • Construction material
  • Type or design
  • Ventilation system
  • Ease of set up
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Truck tents are usually constructed from lightweight, tough and resilient materials that are easy to handle by users and unyielding against the elements. The tent materials commonly used by manufacturers are polyester taffeta, nylon materials and breathable cotton hydra-shield material. These materials make waterproof and durable truck bed tents, with the nylon material having the lowest durability rating. The cotton hydra-shield material is reasonably breathable which increases air flow and circulation within the tent, keeping the interior naturally cool and comfortable and as far as ruggedness goes, the polyester taffeta is a tough cookie and can take a lot of beating from the elements without so much as a tear.

Apart from the fabric, there are poles that help shape and stabilize the truck bed tents. The poles can be fiberglass, steel tube frames or a combination of both. The poles hold up the fabric and help mount the unit unto your truck securely.

There are two main types or designs of truck bed tents; floorless and the floored truck bed tents.
  • The floorless type of truck tent is designed to cover the sides and top of the truck bed only; it doesn’t come with any material that covers the truck bed floor itself. This means you’ll most likely require a sleeping bag or something similar, unless of course you don’t mind a very firm sleeping surface! On the plus side, this type of truck bed tent is super-easy to install and you don’t have to move anything out to set it up.
  • The floored type of truck tent has a sewn-in floor that covers the truck bed rug. This type is a little more involved when setting up, and you have to move out everything loaded in the truck bed before you can install it. For extra comfort, you may also like to add a sleeping bag to it, but the sewn-in floor of the truck bed tent is adequate to pass the night on.
You cannot camp out in a tent that has no form of ventilation. The truck bed tent is usually constructed with windows. The number of windows depends on the manufacturer but it can vary from 2 to 5. These windows are cut-outs from the tent fabric with net coverings so air can pass through while blocking out insects. If you’re travelling or camping in warmer climes, then you may want to get a truck bed tent with sky view for increased ventilation and a bit of star-gazing while relaxing in your tent. Another ventilation system seen in truck bed tents is the cyclone ventilation system which allows more airflow in and out of the tent.
Performance and Ease of Use
Generally, truck bed tents are simple to set up, with three straps that go into each side of the vehicle and 3 straps for the tailgate. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can most tents up and functional in just a few minutes. The heavy-duty tension straps ensure a firm and taut hold on the truck and the buckles are made from materials that won’t mar or scratch your car paint.

Some truck tents come with a rear cab access that lets you get into the tent from the rear cab of the truck. This convenient set up means someone in the truck doesn’t have to get down and go all the way to the back of the truck just to get into the tent. This feature can come in handy in emergency situations or adverse weather conditions when getting out of the vehicle is best avoided.

Other features that improve the general performance of the truck bed tent are a storm flap or rainfly on the door for added protection, interior storage pockets for storing small items and shock-corded poles for improved resilience. There are also color-coded poles, pole pockets for easy setup and awnings for more storage space. These features are not present on all truck bed tents so you’ll want to check to see if the tent you’re looking to buy comes with the extras that are most suited to your needs.

Because of their lightweight design and detachable poles, truck tents are foldable and easily stored away (or kept right in the cab of your truck for easy access whenever you need it). A few of the truck bed tents are equipped with custom carrying bags for easy and safe storage when not in use.

Get the Best Truck Tent of 2023!

Thank you for staying with us till the end of this comprehensive review. You can now go ahead and place the order for the truck bed tent that struck your fancy.

Our Top Choice
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
Best Value
Rightline Gear Truck Tent
Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent
Dac Inc Full-Size Truck Tent
Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent