Best Truck Tire Reviews 2023

Your safety on the road depends on the tires your truck runs on, especially on rough roads and if you carry heavy loads. Driving on the "wrong" tires can be the difference between life and death. The problem is how to determine which tire to buy for your truck. We have taken over this headache from you by doing a thorough review of some of the best truck tire brands in the world. These brands have a range of different tires for different situations. You’ll get one that fits your truck with one of these brands. We hope that these reviews help you make the right choice.
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Our Top Choice
Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire
Michelin tires deliver excellent on-road comfort, plus significant reduction in vibration and noise. The LTX A/T2 typifies the Michelin culture of excellence and innovation.
Tough and long-lasting. Resists chipping and tearing when driving on gravel. Great on-road comfort and handling. Designed to greatly reduce noise and vibration.
Tread life not as good as you’d expect from a tire of this quality.
3,748 lbs
Up to 106 mph
Best Value
Goodyear Fortera® HL
Goodyear tires offer benefits desired by drivers: innovative technology, performance handling, all-weather reliability and affordability. The Fortera HL Edition embodies these.
Quiet ride, stable handling and year-round all-season traction. Rides well on heavy vehicles, tracks straight and has no vibration. Helps with fuel economy.
More gasoline consumption. Loss of mileage. More aggressive tread.
2,039 lbs
Up to 112 mph
Serrated black stripe
P245/65R17 105S
Toyo Tires Open Country M/T Truck Tire
Toyo Tires are well known among amateur and professional drivers for winning, performance and consistency. The Open Country Mud Terrain Radial upholds this reputation.
At 10,000 miles, the tread wear is still good. Doesn’t buckle regardless of the kind of roads you drive on, including rough, paved, gravel, and dirt roads. You won’t be stuck in the mud.
More expensive than most light truck tires in the market.
3,748 lbs
Up to 94 mph
Cooper Tire Discoverer M+S™
Cooper Tire draws from over 100 years’ experience to give us excellent traction and handling in the Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire - 275/70R18 125R.
Excellent traction on snow and ice. It’s difficult to find a tire that handles wet clay like these tires.
Poor cornering performance. Some noise on dry pavement (as it’s a winter tire).
Mud & snow
3,638 lbs
Up to 106 mph
275/70R18 125R
Hankook Dynapro AT-M Truck Tire
Hankook’s foremost goal of ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience led to the design and manufacture of the DynaPro AT-M tire.
Has excellent traction in muddy or snowy conditions. Reinforced under-tread gauge. Thick sidewall rubber gauge. Reinforced carcass and rubber gauge.
Not ideal for hard-core drivers. Deep tread which requires rotation about every 10 thousand miles, or else they will start to vibrate when braking.
Off road
2,601 lbs
Up to 118 mph
265/75R16 114T

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What is the Best Truck Tire?

Determining the best of anything is a subjective process because "best" is really about your peculiar circumstances - what kind of roads you often ride on, for instance. What’s good for one truck is not always good for another. Now that you have read our guide, when going over our reviews focus on the features of the various products and brands and consider which of these features are most important for your truck. In general, you'll want a sturdy tire with excellent traction when on rough roads.
Our Top Choice
Your sturdy truck deserves durable tires, and Michelin delivers such tires with its Comfort Control Technology. The LTX A/T2 All-Terrain truck tires will go the distance with you. You can also try the Michelin LTX A\/S Radial Tire and enjoy the traditional Michelin satisfaction with low rolling resistance and tread wear indicator.

Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire With Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology

Michelin has been in the tire business for several decades, producing tires for every kind of vehicle, including trucks, cars, and motorbikes. Over the years, it's distinguished itself by leading in various innovations in the automotive industry, thereby enhancing the safety of cars through tires that are durable and affordable.

The Michelin LTX A/T2 is Michelin’s toughest, longest-lasting, all-season on-/off-road tire. Think about that: this tire does not care if you are in an extreme winter climate or tropics like Africa. It serves you loyally all the time. It resists chipping and tearing when driving on gravel. It doesn’t compromise on-road comfort and handling; you won’t feel every bump on the road. The LTX A/T2 has been innovatively designed to greatly reduce noise and vibration based on Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology.

Naturally, the LTX A/T2 is pricey and this could discourage you from purchasing it, in spite of the fact that no amount of money spent in acquiring these excellent tires can ever be considered too much. If you have a tight budget, or are looking to check out other Michelin’s tires so as to make a more informed decision, we invite you to look at these:
  • Michelin LTX A/S Radial Tire: Features a blackwall sidewall, load index of 112, speed rating of T, and warranty of 60,000 miles
  • Michelin LTX M/S2 All-Season Radial Tire: Excellent traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, long tread life and smooth, quiet ride, outstanding water evacuation for short, safe stops, black sidewall letters
Some of the best tires in the world are Michelin tires, and you won’t go wrong with any of these.
Best Value
Goodyear’s Fortera HL Edition is made by a culture of innovation. It provides a quiet ride, stable handling and year-round all-season traction on dry, wet and wintry roads, even in light snow. Check out another Goodyear signature product, the Wrangler DuraTrac Radial, for higher item weight and slightly higher rim diameter.

Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire - 245/65R17 105S

Goodyear produces a wide range of tires for consumers all over the world. Based on innovative technology and performance handling for all-weather reliability and affordable quality, Goodyear tires offer drivers all the benefits they desire in tires. With 49 facilities and in 22 countries, Goodyear is definitely not a small player in the automotive Industry.

We are focusing on Goodyear’s Fortera HL Edition. These tires give you stable handling, a quiet ride and all-year-round traction on wet and dry roads. Customers who have used the Fortera HL Edition continue to praise it for coming at a great price, especially when compared with the value they derived from the product. It was worth every dime they invested. The Fortera works well on heavy vehicles, tracks straight, has no vibration and helps with fuel economy.

While the Fortera can be bought at a great price on Amazon, you may also want to consider similar tires produced by Goodyear that share the same signature features, such as:
  • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial - LT275/70R18 125Q
  • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Traction Radial Tire - 265/75R16 123Q
  • Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire - 235/75R15 105S
Goodyear tires guarantee safety on the roads, whether smooth or rough, and in any climate.
For a comfortable, quiet, well-mannered daily driven Mud Terrain tire that works as a weekend warrior on moderate to tough terrain, tackling serious trails, you need Toyo’s Open Country Mud Terrain Radial tire built to Toyo’s winning performance standards. Try the Toyo Tires Radial Tire for a heavy-duty all-season tire for pickup trucks.

Toyo Tires Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 285/75R16LT 126P

One of Toyo Tires’ customers once said: “I've been using Toyo tires for more than 5 years …They’ve kept me from getting stuck on numerous occasions in deep mud and have impressed me and those in the vehicle with me.” This is the kind of satisfaction you get from using Toyo Tires. They are dependable.

Among all the tires produced by Toyo, we have selected the OPEN COUNTRY M/T. At 10,000 miles, the tread wear is still good. Regardless of the kind of roads you drive on – rough, paved, gravel, or dirt – and no matter how frequently you ride on rough roads, the OPEN COUNTRY M/T will not buckle. You will never be stuck.

If OPEN COUNTRY M/T tires are out of your budget, you can consider other Toyo truck tires that are equally strong, durable and reliable. Some of these include:
  • Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 265/75R16LT 123P
  • Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 35 x 1250R20 121Q
  • Toyo Tire Open Country A/T ll Radial Tire - LT285/75R16 126R
Toyo has made a bold trial offer about the Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 285/75R16LT 126P: if you are not completely satisfied after 500 miles or 45 days, it will take them back.
Whether there's a light dusting of snow or a heavy snowstorm, the Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire gets through it. Acceleration, ride comfort, and braking on ice is very good compared to others in this class, plus there's less road noise. For an all-season Cooper tire, check out the Cooper Discoverer H\/T Plus All-Season Tire.

Cooper Tire Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Truck Tire - 275/70R18 125R

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and its subsidiaries have manufacturing facilities on three continents, with products that meet and exceed the demands of the world's most dynamic markets. Millions of vehicles globally depend on Cooper tires. The company's guiding principles continue to inspire excellence and integrity in the production of all Cooper tires.

The Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire - 275/70R18 125R is a winter tire specially crafted for drivers looking for excellent traction on snow and ice. You must bear in mind that it was built for winter, as you'll notice a difference when using it during non-winter seasons. It’s difficult to find a tire that handles wet clay like these tires.

If you are looking for other winter tires by Cooper, or other Cooper tires that are not purely winter tires, you may consider the following:
  • Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction Radial Tire - 275/70R18 125S
  • Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire - 265/70R17 115S
  • Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire - 275/65R18 116S
Cooper tires serve millions of drivers all over the world, and you could be one of them.
Hankook’s DynaPro AT-M is a premium aggressive all-terrain tire for light truck, van, and sport utility vehicles. It offers a great grip and acceleration both on- and off-road. Want to find another good off-road tire for light and pickup trucks? We recommend the Hankook DynaPro HT RH12 Radial Tire.

Hankook DynaPro AT-M RF10 Off-Road Tire - 265/75R16 114T

Hankook believes that a lot of emotion goes into driving, and that the quality of tire your vehicle rides on affects this emotion positively or negatively. Good tires provide safety and driving comfort and make driving enjoyable. This driving enjoyment comes from the proper user of technology in the making of tires, and this is Hankook’s forte.

The Hankook DynaPro AT-M RF10 Off-Road Tire is Hankook’s signature product. It's built for aggressive and all-terrain driving and has excellent traction in muddy or snowy conditions. The DynaPro AT-M has reinforced under-tread gauge, thick sidewall rubber gauge, reinforced carcass and rubber gauge, and jointless bead wire. Hankook has many other good tires, any of which will be a great buy. Here are a few:
  • Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - 265/70R17 113T
  • Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Tire - 235/75R15 109T XL
  • Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - 275/65R18 114T
  • Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - 275/60R20 114T
Drivers are Hankook’s top priority, and its tires show this.

How Do I Choose the Best Truck Tire?

No vehicle is any good without a great pair of tires because any mechanical device that moves— whether bicycles, tricycles, wheelchairs, scooters, skateboards—needs wheels to facilitate movement. Since tires are an essential component of any vehicle, it’s important to understand which tires go with which types of vehicles. No one (hopefully) would attach car wheels to a wheelchair, and even if they tried, they wouldn’t fit right because every vehicle has a specific tire.

If you’re not a mechanic or cars simply aren’t your interest, you may not understand all the technical jargon associated with vehicles and their parts. But that’s okay because that’s why there are experts! And if you aren’t sure about your tires, relying on an expert is a smart move. In most cases, you will find that the tires you use would not work best during winter, and you might want to get a pair specifically for those cold months.

Since tires are vital to your vehicle’s performance, you always want to make sure they’re in good condition, especially if you’re venturing outside your normal route. If you’re worried your tires make not be able to ride on certain types of terrain, you again easily check this information by looking at your owner’s manual or going to an automotive shop to ask a mechanic. Be sure to carry a scissor jack though, in case you might need to change one of your tires while on the road. A tire repair kit is another good idea to have handy, especially if you don't have a spare!

If you’re a seasoned truck-fanatic, however, you may have some degree of familiarity with your truck and the special tires it needs. If you’re not familiar, that’s okay! Our guide is here to help you figure out pricing and features and how they play a role in the kind of tires you get.
Since so much depends on the quality of your tires, it’s always a good idea to shop around to try and find the best ones available. In general, you can get good ones for about $115, but each tire can go as high as $321. You’ll also be able to find ones that are more expensive or cheaper, but pricing will vary based on the brand and a number of other variables.

You’ll want to do your best to avoid cheap truck tires. Like the spare tire in the back of your car, cheap tires are fine for “in a pinch” situations, but you don’t want them on your truck long-term. The products and brands we’ve chosen are known for their durability and reliability, so spending a little bit extra may be a good idea, especially if it gives you peace of mind.
There are myriads of tires available on the market, and each has different features. It’s important to note that the tires you choose may not fit your vehicle, even if they’re labeled “truck tires.” You’ll want to make sure the tires you buy are able to fit on your make and model. You’ll also want to look at the following features:
  • Manufacturer's warranty – Always check for warranties because anything can happen to your tires
  • Off/on-road performance - It should be able to perform well on regular paved roads and off-road
  • Traction - A good grip on the road is essential
  • Low rolling resistance - Helps with fuel efficiency
  • Tire specification/design - Determines what type of road/terrain it’s best suited for
  • Size – Usually the same size as the tires your vehicle came with (unless you’re lifting or lowering your truck)
  • Tread wear rating - Determines the durability of the tire
  • Weight specification - Shows how much weight the tire can carry
Construction and Design
The majority of truck tire brands offer a warranty for any flaws in manufacturing, but some brands have a tread wear warranty. This warranty guarantees the life of the tire for a certain number of years or miles (whichever comes first). The longest warranty period we’ve seen covered 6 years or 700,000 miles. For tires that are designed for off-road, there is no tread wear warranty.

When buying tires for your truck, think about the type of road/ terrain that you drive on most frequently. There are different types of tires for different roads and seasons. All-season tires are good for driving on roads that are paved. All-terrain tires are ideal for trucks that are used mostly on the streets, but occasionally for off-roading. Mud tires, on the other hand, are mainly for off-roading and for very rough terrains.

Although debated, the tread wear rating determines how durable the tire is. This rating also indicates the hardness of the tire compound, which is related to tire’s overall durability. If you aren’t sure about this feature as you’re selecting your tires, call an automotive shop and ask the mechanics there for their opinion.

Before you change out your truck’s tires, consult your owner's manual to re-check the size. Also remember that tires are made for specific load/weight capacities, so even two tires that are similarly sized may have totally different capacities for weight. If you’re unsure about whether you need LT (Light Truck) or P tires, we recommend checking the owner’s manual or asking your friendly neighborhood mechanic.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good tire should roll smoothly on paved roads and have some off-roading capabilities, whether they’re all-season or all-terrain.

If you do a lot of off-roading and know you’ll probably buy mud tires, make sure you look at their traction. You’ll also want to check how well they’ll work in the winter, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of ice and snow.

For people after fuel efficiency, you should consider tires with low rolling resistance. These will reduce the traction some, but they’ll also reduce how much fuel you consume per mile.

Get the Best Truck Tire of 2023!

Thanks for reading our reviews! It’s now time to get the right tire for your truck. The tire has to be sturdy and able to resist extreme weather conditions. Make sure it fits, and drive yourself and your loved ones safely.

Our Top Choice
Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire
Best Value
Goodyear Fortera® HL
Toyo Tires Open Country M/T Truck Tire
Cooper Tire Discoverer M+S™
Hankook Dynapro AT-M Truck Tire