Best Tupperware Reviews 2023

Food storage containers are great for preserving meals and ingredients for ultimate freshness. They are quite often microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe, making them not only useful but practical too! Please, note that we are well aware of the fact that Tupperware is a specific brand. However, it has become so synonymous with plastic food storage containers that it's now used by most people to refer to the whole product category. Please, bear this in mind as you go through this review. Look at some of the best “tupperware” brands (plastic food storage container brands) below to find your perfect new set!
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Set Size
Lid Info
Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids
Rubbermaid makes products that make life easier, particularly in the food and kitchen fields. Look no further than this well-known brand for great storage solutions!
Large set. Easy-find lids. Dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.
Set may be too large for some but containers can be purchased separately.
Up to 42 piece set
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Snap-on lids
Best Value
Popit! Plastic Storage Containers
Popit! understands that the world is fast-paced and that its customers need products that can keep up with their hectic lives.
Large set size. 100% leak-proof. BPA-free. Microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe.
Some customers found the containers too small.
8 piece set
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl 3-Piece Set
Tupperware is THE brand for all your food storage needs. Where quality Tupperware is involved, this brand knows a thing or two!
Colorful set of 3. Different-sized bowls. Tupperware quality. Dishwasher-safe.
Lids become harder to snap on over continued use.
3 piece set
Dishwasher safe
Snap-on lids
Limited lifetime warranty
OXO Good Grips POP Containers for Food Storage
OXO is a manufacturer of consumer goods that cut across household, office, and the outdoors. It believes in offering products that make everyday life easier for its customers.
Adequately calibrated sizes. Airtight lids. Stackable design. Easy pop open and close button. BPA-free materials. Easy to use and clean. Transparent color.
Hard plastic containers can be "fragile" and may break if dropped.
Sold individually
Dishwasher safe
Push button for airtight seal
Shaped for max space efficiency
Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers
Efficient Nutrition provides top-quality, budget-friendly, and easily accessible weight loss storage products that help customers stay on track with their diet plans.
Non-toxic. BPA free. Portion control guide. 21-day plan and e-recipe book. Freezer-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe. Airtight lids. Comes with money-back guarantee.
Airtight lids are necessary, but they are quite difficult to open.
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Secure lids with grooved corners
Pre-measured, color-coded

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What is the Best Tupperware?

When it comes to finding your ideal food storage set, it can be confusing due to the number of products available in the market. We have selected five top brands in the market, including Tupperware of course, and a product from each, to give you a better feel for what each brand has to offer! Keep in mind the size you need, the practicality, and the color as the key features of the ideal set for your needs. Now let’s look at our top five brands list.
Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lids Tupperware set is the perfect choice for anyone after a large food storage set. If this set is slightly too large for your needs, consider Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lid 4 Piece Storage Set instead!

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Container – Multiple Color and Set Size Options

Rubbermaid has been creating innovative food storage products for well over 80 years, and it's known for making high-quality products that help in simplifying life! Today, Rubbermaid products are available all over the world in a variety of homes, stores, restaurants, and clubs.

We reviewed Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Lid Tupperware Set due to the set's large size and the brand's popularity as a whole. The lids on this set snap together, and to the container bases, so you'll always be able to find the right lid! This set has a variety of graduated container sizes that nest together for compact storage. The set itself includes five 0.5-cup, five 1.25-cup, two 3-cup, two 5-cup, two 7-cup containers, and 21 easy-find lids!

However, you can also check out the other buying options and assortments Rubbermaid offers to get the best fit for you and your kitchen!
Best Value
Popit!’s Little Big Box Plastic Storage Food Containers are a great choice for anyone after Tupperware that is durable and long-lasting. If you aren’t a fan of plastic containers, see Popit!’s Glass Airtight Containers instead!

Popit! Little Big Box Food Plastic Container Set

Popit! offers customer satisfaction and high-end quality that sets it apart from other storage brands. It's dedicated to keeping up with the fast-paced, modern world with products that make lives simpler. Popit! is one of the leaders in the airtight receptacles market, providing high-quality containers to customers all over the world.

Popit!’s Little Big Box Plastic Storage Food Containers are a #1 choice on Amazon and have received great reviews too! These premium-quality plastic containers have a sturdy design and are 100% leak-proof and BPA-free. They are a great way to save food, keeping your meals fresher for much longer than other containers. This set includes 3oz (0.46 cups), 6oz (0.84 cups), 9oz (1.14 cups), 15oz (1.9 cups), 19oz (2.4 cups), 28oz (3.5 cups), 37oz (4.6 cups), and 47oz (5.9 cups) containers.
If you want to add a dash of color to your food storage, Tupperware’s Wonderlier Bowl 3-Piece Set is the product for you! If you aren’t fond of this set, make sure you take a look at Tupperware’s Impressions Classic Bowl Set instead.

Tupperware Wonderlier Storage Bowl Set of 3 in New Colors

Tupperware was created in 1946 by chemist Earl Tupper. His designs were so revolutionary that his customers actually needed demonstrations in order to know how his products worked! Earl’s friend Brownie Wise started creating Tupperware parties in order to explain their new ingenious creations to their customers, and the ‘"Tupperware effect" was created! Today, Tupperware is the leading brand in food storage containers, with products widely available across the globe.

Tupperware’s Wonderlier Bowl 3-Piece Set has a fun and colorful design. This set includes two Tupperware bowls in three different colors; green (6-cup), Tropical Blue (8-cup), and Daisy Purple (12-cup). This airtight set has liquid-tight seals that are ideal for mixing, storing, serving, and even transporting foods!
The OXO Good Grips POP Containers helps you keep your pantry and home well-organized and also keeps your food fresh and safe from contaminants. De-clutter and make life easier with this great product! If you need more than one storage container, it’s a wise idea to get the OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container.

OXO Good Grips POP Square Storage Container - Available in 3 Styles and 11 Sizes

Through the study of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, OXO has developed products that are designed to make everyday life easier. Its ideology is to “question everything” in order to come up with the best solution in every situation. This, coupled with an unrelenting attention to minutest details, produces items that can be used by as many people as possible. Uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and high-performing products that are also quite affordable are the hallmark of OXO. The icing on the cake is its excellent customer care service and quick resolution of after-sales issues. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a brand that understands and meets your needs?

There’s nothing as annoying and frustrating to a homemaker as cereal that has lost its crunch or weevils in grains or stale dry goods. Another pantry or homemaking headache is clutter. When you get all those groceries and you have to store them in their bags or original containers—phew! Thanks to the OXO Good Grips storage containers, you can now properly store your groceries and dry goods without clutter and still retain their freshness for as long as they last.

The OXO Good Grips POP Containers have many great features that include:
  • Adequate Size - It’s big enough to contain up to five pounds of flour or sugar; this makes it adequate for most family grocery supplies per time.
  • Airtight - The lid is airtight which helps to preserve the freshness of your food and keeps out weevils and other contaminants.
  • Available in Different Sizes - It comes in various sizes that are well-designed to suit household storage needs.
  • Stackable and Space-saving Design - The design allows you to stack them which makes for easy storage and saves pantry space.
  • Easy Pop Open and Close Button - This makes it easy for you to open and close the container.
  • BPA-free and Durable Materials - The canisters are made with BPA-free materials that are long-lasting. This makes them food-safe and non-toxic for your household.
  • Easy to Use and Clean - The canisters are designed in such a way that you can easily pour your food and also clean it regularly. The silicone cover is dishwasher-safe and other parts are recommended to be washed by hand.
  • Transparent Color - The clear body allows you to see what’s inside for easy identification.
  • Versatile and Multifunctional - They are not designed for only the kitchen or pantry; they can be used almost anywhere there’s need for storage and proper organization of small or sundry items.
The Efficient Nutrition set of 7 food containers helps you in your weight loss endeavor. It’s reusable and has color codes that indicate the quantity of each basic food group you require daily. Is the 7-piece option too small for your needs? Then take a look at the 14-piece option of the Portion Control Containers DELUXE Kit.

Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Food Storage Containers - Available in 2 Package Sizes and 2 Colors/Designs

Efficient Nutrition was established as a solution provider to the need for budget-friendly and easily accessible weight loss products. It offers products that remove the hassle from knowing and getting the right quantity of healthy food to eat at the right time. In keeping with its desire to help people achieve healthier lifestyles, it ensures that all its products are made with top-quality products but remain affordable. These products are also BPA-free and come with a lifetime warranty.

The Efficient Nutrition Portion Control set contains 7 food containers that help you get amazing results from your weight loss endeavor. It is reusable and each container has a color code that indicates just how much of the basic food group you require on a daily basis. It removes the hassle of counting calories and enables you to have the right quantity without measuring cups or a kitchen scale.

This amazing product has more interesting features and they include:
  • BPA-free Containers - The containers are made with BPA-free materials which ensure that they are non-toxic.
  • Comes with Complete Portion Control Guide - The step-by-step instructions help you know the quantity of calories to take in daily.
  • 21-day Plan and E-recipe Book - The printable food list for each container makes grocery shopping easier and faster, and the 21-day meal plan helps to keep you on track. You also enjoy over fifty pages of mouth-watering recipes.
  • Freezer-, Dishwasher-, and Microwave-safe - This makes it easy for you to store your meal, reheat, and wash the containers after use.
  • Airtight Lids with Ridged Edges - This ensures that your food remains fresh and also makes it easy for you to remove it fast.
  • Instructions Included - Comes with instructions on how to start your portion control plan immediately.
  • Comes with Money-back Guarantee - There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product just because of the level of confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of the product.

How Do I Choose the Best Tupperware?

If you have ever had issues with poorly preserved food or drinks, then by now you’ll realize that food safety is not something you’d want to compromise on. You might want to go as far as vacuum sealing everything; however, this takes a lot more time and money! Tupperware provides the solution to food safety concerns so let’s take time to understand what it is and what their products can do.

Started soon after the Second World War, offering airtight food storage containers, Tupperware has been around all along, and it never disappoints. Many other brands have come up over time selling similar products, but Tupperware’s high-quality products and a given lifetime warranty have carried its name as a household favorite for many -- so much so that just like Crock Pot is for slow cookers, people often refer to any plastic storage container as “Tupperware.”

Getting the right solution for maintaining your food’s freshness is an immense challenge. And this is where Tupperware comes in with its food storage containers offering more than just food preservation. These containers are made with airtight lids, BPA-free material, and come in all sizes for different uses.

What’s more, if cold food is not your thing, there are other options available for you. Thanks to ventilated type of containers, you can pop your left-over meal straight from the freezer to the microwave oven without issues.

Keeping your food storage clean isn’t complicated. You can always hand wash or put them in the dishwasher (make sure you check the label to ensure the kind you get is dishwasher safe) and get the job done. Usually, foods with oil and boiling water are not ideal for putting in your containers when hot. We have a review of several food container sets, but first, we’ll present to you a few features to consider.

But before we go into the rest of this buying guide, we’d like to draw your attention to one product that didn’t make our top-5 list but is worthy of an honorable mention: Fitpacker BPA-free Containers. It's a great set of plastic food storage containers you might want to consider if you want more options. If you don’t want plastic storage containers, take a look at our review for glass storage containers. If, on the other hand, your preference is for Bento boxes, we also have a review for them.
Looking at the convenience and ease-of-use that food storage containers like Tupperware bring, you will realize that these containers are fairly-priced. Like most other kitchen utensils, the features, size, and brand you choose affect the overall price. With a price between $10 and $50, you can get yourself a set without breaking the bank. Should you prefer to go for the high-end products, expect to spend more for quality.

There are many cheap “Tupperware” deals in the market today, but do not let them mislead you. In most cases, such low-cost plastic storage containers may not offer you the quality features you’re seeking. Many of them are not leak-proof or BPA-free, and this will just be a waste of money as well as a major setback for you. 
Tupperware, as well as many other top quality brands, offer a wide range of options for your food storage needs, but that’s not all; the features behind these containers are what make them so fantastic. The best thing about these containers is that they come in a rich variety of features that ensure something for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Here are the features we’re talking about:
  • Set Size – Most brands of containers feature a whole lot of different sizes and shapes, whether for ventilation purposes or for catering for food that you want to preserve.
  • Material – When you choose a quality brand, besides being safe for advanced situations, the material these products are made of is safe for food preservation. The best brands, like Tupperware, use plastics that are BPA-free.
  • Lid – This is at the center of the food preservation. Whether you want to store food and drinks or pack for “on-the-go” use, you need to make sure that you choose products with tight-fitting lids that are leak proof.
Construction and Design
The first thing to look out for when shopping for these containers is the sizes in different sets. Quality brands offer a wide range of excellent pieces and sizes. This ensures efficiency for storing different portions of food, as well as packing for on-the-go use, like on a picnic. You can get a set with several bowls, cups, you name it. It really depends on what you need.

Food storage containers should be designed to keep your food preserved longer than if you simply use a covering such as plastic wrap, or a product without a tight-fitting seal to keep out air. With the use of these containers, you can keep your food fresh for even up to a week or so.

A safe and convenient food storage solution is very important. When you choose food storage containers that are made of a BPA-free material, you can be assured that food will be safely preserved and your health is secured.
Performance and Ease of Use
Tupperware was made to keep your food tightly secure and safe – and yes, there are many quality brands that have followed their lead. Lids are should always be airtight to prevent leaking when carrying the container or just keeping it on your kitchen shelf. In addition, for the utmost convenience, you may want to choose brands where both the containers and lids are dishwasher- and microwave-safe for easy use and cleaning.

Get the Best Tupperware of 2023!

By now you should have a better feel of what types of food storage containers are in the market today, and what different brands have to offer. All these brands have a wide variety of products to choose from in addition to the particular sets we reviewed. Browse their other collections to find the best plastic storage set for you!

Our Top Choice
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids
Best Value
Popit! Plastic Storage Containers
Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl 3-Piece Set
OXO Good Grips POP Containers for Food Storage
Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers

Tupperware FAQs

What is Tupperware?
Tupperware is a line of home & kitchen products used for storage, preparation, and serving food. Thus, Tupperware could be made from glass or plastic. It is called Tupperware after its inventor Earl Tupper, who sold the first pieces in 1946. In his chemistry experiments, Tupper found a new way to use the newly-discovered material – plastic.
Where can I buy Tupperware?
You can buy Tupperware virtually anywhere. However, we recommend online stores like Amazon because of the large variety of items. Here, you can pick everything you need at different price points. Are you looking for Tupperware to buy? Then, we have reviewed some of the best in the market.
How to organize Tupperware
You can organize Tupperware by carefully storing it in a drawer or cupboard. Start by gathering all the containers together and by matching the bases and lids. If you can’t get a base/lid pair, then toss it away. Also, you may group the containers by their brands and sizes. Organize and stack bases of the same size together. Repeat with the lids. Now nest the boxes starting with the largest size to the smallest.
How to store Tupperware
Before storing Tupperware, you have to organize it first. Then, store them in plastic containers ensuring that they do not shift. Lastly, place the boxes on shelves or inside the drawers. When well-stacked, Tupperware is suitable for storing even in shelf-less cupboards.
What to do with old Tupperware
Are you wondering what to do with old Tupperware? For your information, you can save the earth by recycling or repurposing it. For example, you can turn it into candy containers, carefully stashed away in the cupboard. Alternatively, you may keep Tupperware for special occasions, such as when you have to prepare a meal for a friend. Some people may find Tupperware to be the best way to organize junk in a drawer. A single container can carry pencil sharpeners, shoelaces, tapes, and so on. Also, it may serve as dried goods jars, storage for manipulatives, granola tin, craft containers, and yogurt cups.