Best TV Antenna Reviews 2023

A reliable antenna can help you gain instant access to tons of high definition channels. The best TV antennas are easy to set up, with weather-resistant mounting hardware included. They may even offer long-range reception. Nothing can compare to the efficiency you can get with an ideal antenna, and some of the best TV antenna brands in the industry are doing everything possible to bring fun to your home. We chose five user-tested models, so you can find an option that works for you.
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Our Top Choice
Antennas Direct ClearStream Antenna
Antennas Direct believes in high quality designs and offers a lifetime warranty on all antennas. This long range antenna offers 70 miles of HDTV reception.
Long 70-mile range. UHF and VHF multi-directional elements for increased reception. Included mount and all-weather hardware. Lifetime warranty on parts.
Coaxial cable sold separately, but many homes already have one installed.
70 Miles
High Definition
Mount & Hardware, Sealing Pads
Best Value
Winegard FlatWave Amped TV Antenna
Winegard makes it easy to watch HD TV with stylish, modern solutions. This antenna is a modern answer to clunky looking old-style antennas, providing powerful HD reception.
Ultra-low noise amplifier with Clear Circuit Technology. Dual-band HDTV reception. Energy saving USB power supply. LED power indicator.
Some users don't like the way this antenna looks on their wall or window.
Flat Indoor
50 Miles
USB Power Saving
High Definition
Amplifier, Coaxial Cable, USB
King Tailgater Portable TV Antenna
King specializes in portable antenna with simple designs. This portable antenna gives you access to DISH TV anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for tailgaters and travelers.
Portable. Can be truck-mounted. Wi-Fi Compatible for streaming. Multiple TV viewing. Powered through its receiver – no separate power source.
Requires DISH service.
Portable/Roof Mounted
High Definition
Coaxial Cable, Manual
RCA Outdoor Compact Digital TV Antenna
RCA has been perfecting consumer electronics since 1919. This simple outdoor antenna is reliable and easy to set up.
Pre-assembled design. Easy-lock fold-out UHF reflector. Supports 1080i HDTV. Durable against tough weather. Can be mounted outside or in the attic.
May need pre-amp if you want to get lots of channels.
Outdoor or Attic
60 Miles
High Definition
Mast, Clamp, Mount, Transformer
1byone White HDTV Amplified Antenna
1byone is a consumer electronics brand committed to smart design and 100% user satisfaction. This simple USB antenna is an easy way to enjoy HD TV any time.
Included amplifier kit. Full HD to any digital-ready TV. 20” cable for easy setup. 1-year warranty.
A small number of users found the signal to be weak, but many more users were satisfied.
50 Miles
1080p High Definition
Coaxial Cable, Amplifier Kit

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What is the Best TV Antenna?

We focused our search on specialty brands that know what it takes to make a high-quality antenna. We compared the price of various models against their range, reliability, and ease of use to find an option that could work for any home. Now that you are well informed of the features to keep an eye on, let's jump to our review.
Our Top Choice
The Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V Antenna offers reception at a range of 70 miles for clear HD reception even in more remote areas. If you don't need such a long range, check out the Antenna Direct Bowtie HDTV Antenna with a 45-mile range.

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount and UHF & VHF Elements – Available in 35, 50, 60 or 70 Mile Range

Antennas Direct prides itself on reliable, high-definition service. They want to provide an easy way to access free television – providing access to important information like approaching weather systems as well as entertainment. They work hard to produce the best value possible and offer a lifetime warranty on each antenna they sell.

The ClearStream antenna uses a unique design to achieve a higher standard without driving up the price. Let's take a closer look:
  • Available in 35, 50, 60 or 70-mile range so you can get the range that fits your needs, no matter where you are
  • Receive free TV channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS and more in clear 1080 resolution where they're available
  • This antenna has dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements so you can get reception in non-ideal areas
  • Your purchase will include a 20" mount, all-weather mounting hardware and instructions
  • Antenna Direct offers a lifetime warranty on its parts so you can be sure you'll get what you paid for
Best Value
The Winegard FlatWave Amped Antenna offers crystal clear reception at 50 miles and does away with the cumbersome old-style antenna. For a more powerful unit and more reception, try the Winegard Outdoor Platinum HD Antenna.

Winegard FlatWave Digital Indoor Antenna with High-VHF/UHF – Available in Non-Amped, Micro and as the Outdoor Antenna FlatWave Air

Winegard is breaking the mold of the classic antenna in order to improve designs and create better reception, without having to adjust directions like you would with traditional "rabbit ear" antennas. They offer a range of flat-style antennas for different users including micro, mini, non-amplified, and more.

This amplified FlateWave antenna offers versatile reception from 50 miles and a totally different look from traditional antennas. Let's drill down into the specs:
  • An ultra-low noise amplifier is built into the antenna to strengthen the signal and uses Clear Circuit Technology
  • Powerful signal uses dual-band (VHF & UHF) amplified HDTV reception for 50 miles with extra-long Quality Coax Technology
  • Unit saves energy with USB power supply and an LED power indicator
  • Purchase includes everything you need to connect this antenna to your TV
  • Since this antenna is "two-sided", you'll never have to turn it or change the direction to improve reception
We chose to focus on the FlatWave Amped, but this antenna is available in several versions: the FlatWave standard, FlatWave Air and the FlatWave Micro. The FlatWave Air is a powerful outdoor antenna.
The King Tailgater Portable Antenna lets you watch your favorite TV while on the go. It can also be mounted directly onto your truck for serious tailgating. For an over-the-air antenna version, check out the King Jack HDTV Antenna.

King Tailgater Portable or Roof Mounted Satellite TV Antenna – Available for DISH with Wally or ViP Receiver or for Direct TV

King was founded in 1985 as a creator of electronic vehicle systems. They slowly developed serious expertise in consumer electronics and began specializing in their innovative dome-style portable antenna technology. King focuses their R&D efforts on making things simpler and easier to use. They want to remove the hassle and complexity out of entertainment.

This automatic tailgater portable satellite antenna makes it easy to enjoy your favorite TV shows anywhere, anytime. Let's take a closer look:
  • Included receiver delivers power and signal to this antenna for easy viewing
  • You can use this as a portable antenna or mount it to the roof of your vehicle
  • Wally HD receiver is Wi-Fi compatible - connect to a wireless network and stream videos
  • Multi-TV, so you can set up multiple TVs using the dual outputs
  • Satellite acquisition is totally automatic so you can start watching right away
This antenna is available in a single or multiple TV viewing version. Furthermore, it’s also available for Dish with a Wally or RiV receiver, or for Direct TV.
The RCA Outdoor Yagi Antenna is a highly reliable option featuring a weather-resistant and pre-assembled design. For a digital alternative you can use inside, check out the RCA Digital Flat TV Antenna.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yago HDTV Antenna with 60 Mile Range, Pre-Assembled Design & Easy-Lock Fold-Out UHF Reflector

RCA was founded in 1919 when it dealt with wireless communications. At a time when the technology was in its infancy, RCA was there, developing new ways to explore wireless methods of communication. They were one of the central innovators in the creation of the original television. Today they continue to lead the way in creating new technologies consumers can afford.

This compact antenna is easy to use and highly reliable, even in harsh weather conditions. Let's see what RCA has done to make this the ideal choice for consumers:
  • Antenna comes in a pre-assembled design so you don't have to do much work to put it together
  • Easy-lock fold-out UHF reflector and snap-lock elements make it easy to increase your signal
  • Supports high definition 1080i quality broadcasts from 60 miles from reception towers
  • RCA uses heavy duty materials and a durable design to make sure this antenna can stand against harsh weather conditions
  • Offers good reception when mounted outdoors or even in the attic
  • Purchase of this antenna includes a mast, mast clamp, mounting hardware and a 75-ohm matching transformer
The 1byone USB Antenna comes with an amplifier kit, is super easy to set up and use. For a more powerful outdoor antenna to catch more channels and radio stations, check out the 1byone Omni-Directional Amplified HD Antenna.

1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna with Amplifier Kit, USB Power & 20' Coaxial Cable – Available with 25, 35, 30 or 50 Mile Range

1byone has a simple mission – to make people's lives better, one at a time, with superior quality electronics and smart design. Their products are built to be easy to use, so you can start enjoying yourself as soon as possible. They also strive to make their products affordable, allowing everyone to enjoy high quality designs.

This best-selling USB antenna is simple and easy to use – far easier to set up than a roof-mounted antenna. Let's see what this little antenna has going for it:
  • Included amplifier kit lets you boost your signal to reach far away towers
  • Full HD compatible so you can enjoy shows in 1080 high definition with any digital-ready TV
  • Extra-long 20' cable makes it easy to set up your new antenna
  • Antenna comes with a byer guarantee - yearlong warranty in case anything goes wrong
  • 1byone even offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can test to see if you get reception in your area
This antenna is available with a range of 25, 35, 40 or 50-miles.

How Do I Choose the Best TV Antenna?

Why miss the latest in sports and trending news when you can bring the action home with a simple installation? You probably have your TV already in place in its mount and the speakers plugged in for the action, but that alone can’t get the coverage necessary. This calls for the use of an antenna that can guarantee clear images and top sound quality. Audiovisual entertainment is one of the most sought-after pastime activities, and this is where it all starts.

Most people have long since switched to standard definition, as high density (HD) signals are now the order in the world of TVs. But if you are still using one of the older types of televisions, it's about time you get part of the action with your HDTV adapter and an ideal antenna that can pick up HD signals from far and wide.

Apart from the ability to pick up ever-changing signals, these antennas are also sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions. Through rainy and sunny days, into the chilly months of the year, these antennas still guarantee access to sports, weather, events, news, and any other entertainment.

What’s more, with some antennas featuring important multi-directional elements such as VHF and UHF, you can be sure to access signals in some of the most unlikely places. Your antenna may come with other accessories for easier mounting too. From hardware to instructions and USB power supply to connect to your AC power adapter, as well as LED power indicators, you can get the best to install your antenna without a struggle.

You need to visit our review on the top five TV antennas in town, but first, take a look at some of the important features.
TV antennas have a lot to offer, and you would likely expect them to cost you a pretty penny. But the good news is that these devices are not costly. You can get one at a price range between $20 and $300, although you can pay more for a high-end model.

The price of any TV antenna you get depends on a few factors. An antenna with a powerful amplifier, cable, or distinct flat shape will cost you quite more. The brand you choose from is also worth considering. Go for the brand everyone is talking about, and be ready to spend more for the quality.

Don't forget to pay close attention to the detail of the antenna you get. The market offers some cheap TV antennas that will turn out to be a total waste of your money. Without essential features like amplifiers, Wi-Fi compatibility, and the ability to offer multi-TV display, these antennas cannot provide what you would expect.
For any TV antenna to perform, you need to have the right features included in the antenna itself, as well as the other accessories. These come in handy when you want to get the best out of your antenna.

If you are looking for the ideal antenna, these are some of the things to keep in mind:
  • Type - TV antennas come in different types, from ones you can mount outdoors to the indoor types. Others work best for fixed or desktop purposes.
  • Range - Antennas have a wide range of reception, with some covering as far as 50 miles. It all depends on the area and the reliability of the signals. You can make decisions depending on the quality of display you want and the accessibility of the signals.
  • Amplification - Amplifiers go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of your antenna to cover a wider range. This can differ from one amplifier to another, with some offering the ability to achieve up to 15dB of amplification to give you better access to signals.
  • Resolution - Most of these antennas offer a great deal for different display resolutions. But most of these devices offer full HD resolution quite remarkably. Make your decision depending on the resolution you want to achieve.
  • Power - Most TV antennas are powered through the receiver, which makes it not only ideal for energy saving, but also makes installation a breeze. Just plug in the receiver, and the antenna is powered.
Construction and Design
For TV antennas, construction and design come in very handy for both the looks and the efficiency of the antenna. Keep an eye on several aspects, such as:

Shape: Forget the circles and bunny ears of the old days. Now, most TV antennas come in flat shapes. This type of configuration offers a full surface to trap as broad a range of transmissions as possible. It is all in the name of providing you more reception.

Installation: For any new TV antenna owner, installation could prove difficult, unless the antenna has what it takes to make the job easier for you. Some antennas come with long coaxial cables to plug into your TV, which is the most common type in this electronic. But the most recent TVs have HDMI input features, so check for them before purchase.

Size and Shape: The sleek design makes it easy to install your antenna virtually anywhere you need it. This feature also means a flat surface, which is very handy when trapping signals.
Performance and Ease of Use
You need an antenna that will provide you with quality TV signals, and this depends on several features.

Extensive Coverage: The antenna itself is capable of offering a wide range of coverage, sometimes extending up to a 70-mile range. But it doesn’t end there. Some antennas come with amplifiers to increase this reception even further.

Efficiency: Besides offering great signal reception, TV antennas can save energy, thanks to crucial features like LED power indicators and USB power supply. These antennas offer unparalleled ultra-low noise and precise circuit technology, which is also attributable to the amplifier feature in most of them.

Portability: With the right size and portability, you can easily install your antenna in a truck and make use of its Wi-Fi compatibility to stream the signals. This can offer excellent TV viewing, and goes a long way in enhancing power saving, as you can efficiently power your antenna through the receiver.

Picture and Sound Quality: The quality of either picture or sound that any TV can offer hinges on how efficient your antenna is. With the designs of these antennas, you can get outstanding high-definition images and crisp sound from your TV, thanks to the cancellation of any audio interference.

Get the Best TV Antenna of 2023!

Consider the area you're in and how clear a picture you want to see. Higher-end models often make it easier to get reception in remote areas, and HD antennas offer crystal-clear pictures. Whatever you're looking for, these highly rated best TV antenna brands have a variety of options to choose from. But if you have not found what you are looking for, browse the catalogs of these recommended brands. We are sure you will get one that suits your needs.

Our Top Choice
Antennas Direct ClearStream Antenna
Best Value
Winegard FlatWave Amped TV Antenna
King Tailgater Portable TV Antenna
RCA Outdoor Compact Digital TV Antenna
1byone White HDTV Amplified Antenna