Best TV Mount Reviews 2022

Placing your expensive flat screen television on a TV stand is not only dangerous, especially if you have pets and/or children in the house, but also limits your viewing experience. Children and pets can easily knock over your TV when playing in the house. A TV mount can prevent such accidents and enhance your viewing experience. However, there are so many such mounts with varying features in the market, that finding the right one for your TV may be challenging. We’ve simplified this task for you by researching some of the best TV mount brands and identified five top brands, picking a unique product from each.
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TV Sizes
Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Videosecu Full Motion TV Wall Mount
Videosecu creates durable, quality TV brackets, including this Full Motion Mount, able to hold screens from 32-70 inches.
Holds up to 165 lbs. of TV weight. Can tilt, swerve, and rotate in any direction. Can be pushed flat against the wall.
A little tight at first, but loosens up after some time. Complicated to install.
From 32"-70"
165 lbs
160° side-to-side. +/-15° tilt.
Lock and release safety feature
Best Value
Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand with Mount
Altra Furniture creates sleek and stylish furniture; that extends to this Galaxy TV Mount, with floating shelves for that modern feel.
Easy to set up. Reasonable price. Very sturdy. Multiple shelves. Sleek design. Hides cords well.
Limited height choices. TV can slide right/left after being mounted. No vertical tilt.
From 50”-70"
70 lbs
Side-to-side. No tilt.
Two shelves
Engineered wood
Kanto Mobile TV Stand
Kanto is a trusted brand for electronics and accessories. Their MTM65 Mount is easily mobile, and there’s also one for TV’s up to 82”.
Easy to install. Movable. Very sturdy. Attractive.
Expensive. The tray is kind of flimsy.
From 37″ – 65″
100 lbs
Freestanding – unlimited swivel
Portable – on wheels
Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand
Mount Factory is a new company that specializes in mounts. Their expertise is apparent in the Rolling TV Cart for screens up to 65”
Sturdy construction. Easy to assemble. Adjustable for various sized TVs and viewing heights.
No cord storage location. If rolled width-wise, it might tip.
From 40” – 65”
100 lbs
Standalone – unlimited swivel
Portable – 4 wheels
Cheetah Mounts Tilt and Swivel Ceiling TV Mount
Cheetah Mounts is a focused brand who produces a variety of mounts. Their Swivel Ceiling Mount is ideal for ceiling or wall use.
Quality Materials. Suitable for different types of installations (cement, wall, ceiling, etc.). Includes 15' ARC HDMI Cable.
Instructions are not very descriptive.
From 32” – 63”
165 lbs.
Provides 60° Rotation/15° tilt
Adjustable height of 32.5"-50.5"

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What is the Best TV Mount?

In your house, there is nowhere safer for your TV than on a wall mount. The best TV mount is one that securely holds your screen on the wall and allows you to watch comfortably from any angle. We’ve tried our best to give you enough information on what to look for as you check out our top picks.
Our Top Choice
The Videosecu TV Wall Mount allows for motion up to 160° side-to-side and 15° forward and backward tilting for screens up to 70 inches. If you’re in need of a mount for a larger screen, Videosecu also offer a Large Articulating Wall Mount.

VideoSecu Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Bracket for Screens up to 165lbs

VideoSecu is a top manufacturer of high quality, cost-effective TV mounting brackets, and CCTV video security products. They are known for offering their customers products at extremely competitive prices. The Full Motion TV Wall Mount MW380B2 is one of their top products going for about $92.99—a bargain given its strength and durability. Its articulating arm can move your flat screen in several directions, meaning you can angle it for the perfect viewing, wherever you’re sitting in the room.

Here are the main features-
  • Articulating arm TV wall mount fits 37" up to 70"
  • Supports displays up to 165 lbs.
  • The extendable arm can be folded to less than 4" or you can extend it up to 25” away from the wall
  • Lock and release safety feature
  • Fits wood studs 16 in. apart
  • It can swivel 160° from side to side
  • It can also tilt +/-15°
  • Compatible with numerous mounting hole patters
  • Constructed of high gauge steel
  • Free shipping on Amazon
Best Value
Take advantage of small spaces with the Altra Galaxy 50” TV Stand which also has two shelves to accommodate your entertainment gadgets. For a model with a little extra storage space, Altra also offer a TV Mount with more shelves.

Altra Furniture Galaxy 50" TV Stand with Mount and Two Shelves

Altra is a renowned brand for making stylish and beautiful furniture. When you’re buying a piece of furniture from them you are buying something that will accentuate your home; it’s not all about practicality. With the Altra Galaxy 50” TV Mount the sleek design is complimented by two shelves, leaving you plenty of space for your beloved electronics.

Also, the fact that it retails at just $79.99 doesn’t hurt either!

Here is what you can expect for your money-
  • Mount a flat screen TV up to 50” with maximum weight of 70 lbs.
  • Small footprint
  • Two fixed shelves
  • Sleek black finish
  • Small cubbies in the spine
  • Laminated MDF and particleboard
  • Wire management down the center spine
You love the look of this TV mount, but it just doesn’t fit into your home, with all your brown wood-work? Don’t panic! Altra Furniture have this same exact mount, in Walnut too! They also offer a variety of sizes that hold TV’s up to 70 inches and one that is just the stylish stand, for your electronics.
Maneuvering your TV has never been so easy! With a sturdy, solid frame that can hold TV’s with up to 65” screen sizes, this is a great pick. If you’re looking for a mount for bigger TV screens, Kanto also have a larger portable mount.

Kanto Mobile TV Stand with Adjustable Shelf and Mount for 37 to 65 inch Flat Panel Screens

Kanto is an innovative electronics brand passionate about producing high quality products. Their products promise reliability and durability. With the MTM65 Plus you have the added advantage, especially if you are planning on moving your screen from time to time. With a retail of $449.99, this TV mount can be used in a variety of setting including the home, office, school or college.

Here are the key features-
  • Fits flat panel TVs from 37’’-65’’
  • Integrated cable management system
  • TVs up to 100 lbs. welcome!
  • The height can be adjusted between 39.4" and 59.1"
  • Made with solid steel and a durable powder coated finish
  • Has an adjustable tray to hold other entertainment components
  • Accommodates VESA sizes from 200x200 to 600x400
  • 4 quick release wheel locks
  • Has a top shelf
  • Free shipping on Amazon
The MTM65 Plus is the successor to MTM65 in the Kanto’s MTM line. It offers you a better experience both in weight allowance and movability in comparison to the former product.

You can also purchase the Kanto MTM82PL Model, which will support a screen up to 82 inches!
Mount Factory’s Mobile TV Cart is a fantastic option for anyone who needs their TV portable. It can sport a screen size of up to 65”, big enough for most. However, if you have a bigger screen, they also have a larger TV mount to accommodate a screen up to 90”.

Mount Factory Mobile TV Cart for Flat Screen 40 in. - 65 in.

Mount Factory is prominent for its mounting products. They not only deal with television mounting gadgets, they also deal with other mounting apparatus such as DVD component shelves, sound bar mount brackets, dual monitor brackets, single monitor brackets, quad monitor brackets, and projector mounts among many others.

With their expertise in mounting equipment, you can trust their Rolling TV Stand with mount for 40’’ – 65’’ screens. Going for about $124.99, this TV mount offers you the durability and flexibility you seek in your office or home settings.

Here are its key features-
  • Universal fit
  • Upright poles and back plate for cable management
  • Integrated leveling system
  • Rolling cart for maneuvering
  • Adjustable height
  • Top shelf can hold other components such as a camera
  • Component shelf for cable box, DVD player, etc.
  • Free shipping on Amazon
Cheetah Mounts Swivel Ceiling Mount is ideal for anyone wanting to gain some extra floor-space in their room. It can accommodate a screen from 32” - 63”. For smaller screens of up to 27”, Cheetah Mounts also has a smaller ceiling mount.

Cheetah Mounts Plasma LCD TV Tilt and Swivel Ceiling Mount for 32 to 63-Inch TV

Like other brands analyzed in this review, Cheetah specializes in mounting gadgets and does especially well on ceiling mounts. Cheetah Mounts Plasma LCD TV Tilt and Swivel Ceiling Mount is one of their prominent products going for an affordable price of $69.95.

For that price, you not only get the TV mount but an extension pole, mount adapter, ceiling plate and installation instructions. Its design ensures that cables are managed well while their construction ensures that you get a durable product worthy of your money. It also accommodates vaulted and angled ceilings. Finally, all the unattractive wires are secured inside the poles, what more could you want! No ugly wires hanging out and no need to worry about the safety of your pets or children.

Let’s see what the Cheetah Mounts Ceiling Bracket has to offer-
  • Adjustable height 32.5"-50.5" from the ceiling
  • Provides 60° Rotation and 15° tilt
  • Supports vaulted ceilings and side ceiling stud installation
  • Manual installation and all hardware included
  • Design that fits 32"-63" displays up to 165 lbs.
  • Free shipping on Amazon

How Do I Choose the Best TV Mount?

Having children in the house can be both fun and hectic. It’s fun to see them play around, stacking those Legos or trying out some tricks with their yoyos. But then, when they begin chasing one another around, it can be hectic and risky with all the cables lying around the house. They can easily trip and fall, injuring themselves, or knocking down your TV if it’s placed on a stand, which can be even more dangerous. You can easily prevent such accidents by mounting your TV on the living room wall and buying wireless devices such as a wireless surround sound system.

As much as you try to reduce wire clutter in your living room, you’ll not completely eliminate it – you need good audio and HDMI cables, especially when you need to connect your screen to your laptop. However, you can get a cable organizer or a TV mount that has enough space to gather them behind the screen.

In addition to organization, a TV mount gives you an awesome viewing experience when watching movies or playing your favorite games. There are times you and your friends want to play games together but are limited because your screen doesn’t have enough HDMI ports. How about getting an HDMI splitter, which can allow you to have as many as four of these cables feeding the same screen?

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritties of what you should look for when shopping for a good TV mount.
TV wall mounts retail from as low as $10 to as high as $200 for the high-end brands. The type of mount and the brand are the two main factors that determine the difference in price. There are three main types of wall mounts available. They include fixed, tilting, and full-motion or articulating mounts. Fixed mounts are the least expensive, while articulating ones tend to cost more, with the tilting types lying in between. Articulating mounts come with more features than the other two, hence, the difference in price. We shall soon see the differences between them. When it comes to brands, the more popular a brand is, the higher its products will retail in the market. But do bear in mind that cheap TV mounts don’t offer the same strength and sturdiness to hold your TV up on the wall and are probably not even worth the few dollars they cost, which is why you won’t find them in our featured products.
Before buying a TV mount, it’s paramount that you consider your TV weight, among other factors. This is especially important, since you wouldn’t want your TV sagging on the mount or, worse still, falling down while you’re enjoying a movie. In addition to weight, there are a few more things you must consider.

These extra factors include:
  • Size -Ensure that the size of your TV matches that of your mount. Check the four screw holes to ensure they fit into your TV.
  • Swivel -This is the range of motion you want your TV to have.
  • Material -Ensure the mount you go for is made of materials that are strong enough.
  • Features -Check for any extra features that could be of use.
Construction and Design
A TV mount has a very simple construction. Ideally, most are made of steel and have VESA screw holes, which you use to attach your TV after fixing the mount onto your living room wall. The fixed mounts have immovable joints and can only face one direction.

The tilting mounts have a movable joint that can move within a limited range of about 180 degrees sideways, and can also move up and down; while the articulating mount can swivel up to 360 degrees. The articulating mounts can be fixed on the ceiling of your living room, hence their range of motion. Most mounts are designed with adequate space behind them for the cables. You’ll also find some with adjustable trays, as well as fixed and top shelves.

It’s very important that you consider the weight of your TV, as well as the size. Mounts come with different VESA patterns and can carry different weights. You need, therefore, to ensure that you get a mount that can sustain the weight of your TV and one that will fit properly.
Performance and Ease of Use
TV mounts provide adequate security for your flat screen set and significantly enhance your viewing experience. Some mounts come with special features, allowing you to get the most out of using them. If you simply want a mount to elevate your TV without the need of moving it to different angles, then the fixed TV mount would be great for you. You simply fix the mount to your wall, securely attach your TV on the VESA pattern with the provided screws, then sit back and enjoy. If your room has a unique layout, so that you may need to adjust the angle of your TV to watch from different locations, then consider going for either the tilting or the articulating mount. You’ll love how you can simply move from one location to another in your house and still enjoy your favorite show.

Don’t forget that you’ll also be using some cables from other devices, like your DVD player or computer. The open wall plate design allows you to arrange your cables and fit them behind the TV, keeping that area neat, presentable and secure. For added security, check for the lock and release mechanism.

There are also mounts that come with additional perks, such as HDMI cables, adjustable, top and fixed trays. These trays are useful for holding additional devices like DVD players, remotes and discs, among other small items.

Get the Best TV Mount of 2022!

We believe that, by now, you’ve identified or even settled on one of the mounts we’ve picked for you. If you’re looking for something a little bit different from the featured products, feel free to check out other options these top brands have to offer. They have some of the best TV mounts you’ll find anywhere in this industry.

Our Top Choice
Videosecu Full Motion TV Wall Mount
Best Value
Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand with Mount
Kanto Mobile TV Stand
Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand
Cheetah Mounts Tilt and Swivel Ceiling TV Mount