Best Umbrella Holder Reviews 2023

The rainy season is drifting closer by the day, and you are reading through your checklist to ensure everything is ready for the cold and wet days ahead. But you might be missing one crucial thing – an umbrella holder. Whether at home or the office, sitting next to a dripping umbrella is the last thing you want to do. Well, it’s not too late yet, and if you are ready, we will take you through five of the best umbrella holder brands in town to help you get yourself a good one on time.
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Our Top Choice
Umbra Holdit Umbrella Holder
Umbra sells its products in over a hundred countries, thanks to a combination of dedication and teamwork for the good of the customers.
Has a unique resin material to repel moisture, keeping the base free from rust. Has a spacious interior that holds up to four umbrellas. It is also super easy to assemble.
Its base might be hefty for some.
Wire construction, weighted base
Resin base
Up to 4 umbrellas
16.5 x 6 x 3.3 inches
Black, white
Best Value
Songmics Silver Stand Metal Umbrella Holder
If you are looking for the best quality, Songmics may be the place to turn for an ideal experience.
Combination of durability and unique artisanship. Holds umbrellas or walking sticks. A plastic drip tray at the bottom helps protect your floor from water.
Large-sized, folding umbrellas might be shorter than the stand.
Drip tray, with hooks
Up to 8 umbrellas
19.3 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches
Silver gray
Winsome Wood Rex Umbrella Stand
There are many reasons Winsome Wood is always ahead of the competition, and the company’s quality home furniture is one of them.
It is made of solid wood, built to last for decades. A fitted metal drip pan stops water from dripping onto the floor. It is 24 inches high – ideal for large-sized umbrellas.
It can be a bit wobbly when fitting your umbrellas.
With metal drip pan
Up to 9 umbrellas
26.8 x 10.9 x 10.9 inches
Walnut finish
Brelso Metal Perforated Side Umbrella Stand
Quality is everything when it comes to umbrella stands. Brelso understands this quite well and commits to offering more.
Perforated sides and ventilation holes to dry umbrellas faster. It’s ideal for large umbrellas and yard sticks. Made from solid metal for durability and sturdiness. Classy design.
It is quite light and may be shaky.
Perforated sides
Up to 6 umbrellas
23.6 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
YAMAZAKI Home Oval Umbrella Stand
With the needs of customers evolving, Yamazaki has learned to follow the trend, providing practical, simple and space-saving quality goods.
Built with a compact design for saving space. Frame is sturdy enough to hold up to four umbrellas. Its versatility caters to both folding and long umbrellas.
Some might not like the resin over metallic types.
Super-compact design
Abs resin
Up to 4 umbrellas
11 x 8.2 x 3 inches
White, Black

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What is the Best Umbrella Holder?

Now that you are well informed on the features to look for in umbrella holders, let’s jump to our review and see the products that made it to our top five list.
Our Top Choice
A unique resin material in the Umbra Holdit Umbrella Stand helps repel moisture to ensure the base stays free from rust. If you would rather have an umbrella holder designed with an ash-wood handle, and that comes with a water-resistant base, then check out Umbra Hub Natural White Umbrella Stand.

Umbra Holdit Umbrella Stand— Available in Black or White

Bringing together a team of designers from different countries, Umbra has maintained an edge in creating modern, casual, unique and reliable products for its esteemed customers. Besides, with the budget always in check, you can’t beat the price when it comes to this company’s products, not to mention the customer service that sees to the satisfaction of everyone who visits the company at any of its branches.

You may need an umbrella holder that can cater to a number of people in your home or office. The Umbra Holdit Umbrella Stand is built with that necessity in mind. As such, it has a spacious interior for holding up to four umbrellas. All you need to do is slide them forward to enable a perfect fit. That is only the beginning – there are several other features to reckon with.

Here are some of the features you need to know:
  • With an easy-to-assemble design, and all the necessary hardware included in the package, you do not need to spend any cash to have someone put it together.
  • Due to the heavy base, this holder is capable of holding the weight of a number of umbrellas without tipping over.
  • The ceramic base and unique resin material keeps moisture at bay, preventing the base from rusting, which adds to its overall durability.
  • If you want something with sturdy arms for the job, this one is for you – you can count on this feature for the safety of your umbrellas and of yourself too.
  • Besides, the holder is not only sturdy, but also takes little space around the home or office, if you have limited space to spare.
Don’t forget, you can get this umbrella holder in either white or black; the choice is yours.
Best Value
The Songmics Silver Stand Metal Umbrella Holder is one of their magnificent works, featuring a combination of durable metal and unique artisanship. If you would like a freestanding square design umbrella holder organizer, then check out Songmics Square Metal Freestanding Umbrella Holder.

Songmics Silver Gray Stand Metal Umbrella Holder with Drip Tray and Hooks

One remarkable thing about Songmics is their variety of products and services, from organizing makeup and jewelry to home organizing, sports equipment, and the list keeps going on and on. The company puts efforts into ensuring every customer gets the best. And this is an opportunity for you to get a piece of the pie too.

Talking of pie, this Songmics Silver Stand Metal Umbrella Holder is one of the things that come first. Yes, it is a rainy day must-have, with ample space for holding up to eight umbrellas, more than enough for your family. Now, here is the good news – the stand also features other impressive qualities you shouldn’t overlook.

Here are some of the best things to keep an eye on:
  • One is the sturdy and well-crafted design, featuring a metal construction with unparalleled artisanship for lasting quality.
  • Then, you have two additional hooks on the holder, which can come in handy if you are looking for somewhere to hang fold-up umbrellas.
  • Furthermore, a plastic drip tray at the bottom with a knob (for taking the tray in and out) might be all you need to keep your floor safe. If you have a wooden floor, then you know how important this feature can be.
  • And while we’re at it, it is worth noting that the holder is also designed to take up little space, while still serving the purpose. So, keeping it around won’t compromise your interior plan.
  • Most importantly, several drip holes ensure sufficient ventilation to keep your stuff both visible and dry.
The Winsome Wood Rex Umbrella Stand is made of solid wood and is designed and built to last you for decades on end. If you are looking for an 11-inch umbrella stand made of solid wood in a square design, then check out the Winsome Wood Portland Umbrella Stand.

Winsome Wood Rex Umbrella Stand with Metal Drip Tray

If there is one thing that almost every customer out there loves about Winsome Woods, it has to be the company’s flexibility, which helps buyers customize their products. What’s more, the company offers unprecedented customer service and value for its customers. What more could one wish for from a manufacturer?

Adding a piece of furniture to your already-packed room or office can be quite a pain sometimes – even the most attractive piece can be a serious concern to fit well and match with the existing decor. This is where sleek designs come in handy. The first thing you will love about the Winsome Wood Rex Umbrella Stand is its design – a picture-perfect one for fitting right into your mud room or entryway without a struggle. Then, you will be amazed at the many other impressive features this stand has to offer.

Here are some of the features you should not miss:
  • Since it is made of a solid, composite wood, you can count on its durability, for a good return on your money.
  • Then it comes with a walnut finish, for an absolutely outstanding and attractive look that will do more than just fit into your interior décor.
  • Now, when it comes to keeping any excessive water in check, you have a metal drip pan that is well built and designed to take care of that. Is your floor vulnerable to soaking? This one has got you covered.
  • Another interesting thing is the sheer height that this holder comes in, at 24 inches from bottom to top, so you can store large-sized umbrellas easily and conveniently.
This Brelso Metal Perforated Side Umbrella Stand is one of their best, , as the perforations in the sides dry your umbrellas quickly. If you are looking for a quality holder with an antique look, with a removable dip tray, then check out the Brelso Metal Antique Look Umbrella Holder.

Brelso Metal Perforated Side Black Umbrella Stand with Stainless Steel Rims

From 2009, Brelso has been devoted to offering its customers what they want to see, what they want to have and what they need to use in their homes or offices. Offering a variety of products, the company has been on the leading edge when it comes to innovation, and the products tell the story. Well, and the customer service too. There is always something to go for when it comes to this company.

With dripping umbrellas being one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares, you must look for a way to get rid of the drops as soon as possible. Relax, that is what the perforated sides of this Brelso Metal Perforated Side Umbrella Stand are designed to do. And the stand comes with a whole lot of other qualities, which should add Brelso to your list.

These are some of the features we are talking about:
  • The umbrella stand is built to last, with a solid, quality metal and design for years of service.
  • Also, the assembly is straightforward and super easy, so you can get it in place in no time, without having to call anyone to help you.
  • The height is sufficient to hold your large-sized umbrellas, and does not topple easily when loaded.
  • If you have smaller umbrellas too, don’t stress yourself – you can always hook them by the handles on the rim.
  • Ventilation should never be a problem with this stand, especially with the holes on the sides, allowing airflow for your umbrellas to dry faster.
  • And if you have several yard sticks you want to keep in one place, you can count on the ability of this stand to double as a floor vase and get that done and over with.
The YAMAZAKI Home Oval Umbrella Stand is built with a compact design for spacing while still getting the job done. If you are looking for an umbrella holder made of powder-coated steel that is resistant to rust and water, then check out the YAMAZAKI Home Smart Umbrella Holder.

YAMAZAKI Home Oval White Umbrella Stand— Available in Black or White

If there is one thing that has made YAMAZAKI Home popular, it has to be the attention to detail in design. This has seen the company combine an in-house team driven by passion, with the focus of the company toward becoming a global brand. With the company seeking to grow beyond its Japanese and American market and continue across the world, only quality can take it all the way, at the customers’ advantage. Definitely a company to watch!

It is obvious you will need a stand that can hold a number of umbrellas, and this YAMAZAKI Home Oval Umbrella Stand seems to be the one. Designed to keep up to four umbrellas, you can never go wrong with the sturdiness of this stand, if you need something sleek and classy for your office or living room. And that’s not all; it also features a wide range of other impressive qualities.

These are some of the features to look out for:
  • If you have both folding and long umbrellas, this holder will take them in quite easily, as it is built to offer unique versatility and help you get the best of both worlds.
  • With an Abs resin base, it is free from rust – rust, as you know, spells disaster for both the stand and your umbrellas.
  • The design is practical for squeezed rooms such as a personal office space, thanks to its super-compact nature.
  • If you want to make the most out of an umbrella holder while still adding a little touch to your interior décor, this is probably the one you should be thinking of – it will not disappoint.
But wait, this is not all. You can get this umbrella holder in either white or black, to ensure you get one that complements your décor in the office or home.

How Do I Choose the Best Umbrella Holder?

The rainy season is bound to return time and time again, and avoiding it is never an option. Nature can be unforgiving sometimes, but being prepared can make life easier for you. Umbrellas are essential when the rain is unrelenting – you have to go on with your daily activities. And things get uglier when you are riding in a downpour. So, as you buckle on your helmet and get on your bike for the wet ride, an umbrella is one thing you should never forget to grab on your way out. Well, having your umbrella on standby is one thing, but taking it from an elegant, stylish holder is another story.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these holders is their versatility, as they can hold both large and small umbrellas, as well as walking canes. Perhaps you have invested a considerable amount of time and money in the pursuit of that perfect interior décor so far. But adding a little spice to the existing room plan does not hurt, and a holder can be all you need to add a classy touch while still keeping your umbrellas out of the way – and, most importantly for those rainy days, in a place where you can quickly find them!

Besides adding a little convenience and style to your home or office, umbrella holders have yet another advantage. Designed to fit into virtually any small space available, you can make the most of that space in the entry way or any other free space around. Once you get a holder sleek enough for a perfect fit, you will notice that small space next to your beauty products rack can be useful – and all without compromising the plan of your room.

If you come home with a dripping umbrella almost daily, keeping your house floor dry can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, most holders in the market come with a drip feature that catches the water from used umbrellas to prevent it from dripping down onto your floor. You can then empty the water later and keep your floor dry all through the wet season.

Before you proceed to check out our review of five of the best holders on the market, you can take a look at some of their features.
Getting the right umbrella holder can be a tricky business, but not if you know where to look. And the best part? Well, it’s all about the price, since most of them come at a reasonable price of anywhere between $30 and $50. If you want a higher quality, be ready to spend a little more.

And while still at it, remember that several aspects will affect the price in one way or the other. If you are looking for the most-recognized brand in town, then you can be sure the price will be slightly higher, although this may come with the consolation of a better quality.

And when you want the best deal in the business, there is no better place to look than the umbrella holder’s features and material. Well, most of them are designed to hold several umbrellas, with drainage features, and may have hooks too. If you are lucky enough to get a high-end one, then you can be sure the cost will shoot a little higher. On the other end, if the material stands out, like a metal type, the price may be slightly higher than a plastic or wooden umbrella holder.

Most importantly, you will probably come across some low-cost holders in the market; there are many of them out there. You should be very wary of some of the deals out there. Most of the cheap umbrella holders lack essential features like ventilation, drainage functions and such, which are crucial for a holder to perform efficiently.
In every umbrella holder, the features make all the difference between a great deal and a waste of money and time. If you want to get the right holder for your money, several aspects come into play.

These are the features to look out for:
  • Design – Umbrella holders come in a wide array of designs, as well as different shapes, that you can choose from. All that matters is finding the best one for your liking and ensuring it will suffice for your needs. Moreover, most of them have ventilation for unrestricted airflow, so your umbrellas will always dry quickly.
  • Material – Metal, ceramic, plastic, you name them. These holders come in several materials, so you can be sure to find what you need. Also, if you love wood, then there are options for you too – there is virtually something for everyone.
  • Capacity – Depending on the umbrellas you have around, you can always find the perfect holder for all of them. Most umbrella holders are built to hold two or more umbrellas, and some are spacious enough for up to eight at once.
  • Size – Most holders are built to take up very little space in your home or small office. But their small size does not in any way compromise their efficiency in keeping your umbrellas safe and dry.
  • Color – These holders come in a wide variety of colors, including black, white, and a lot more options. You can decide which color matches your interior décor, or just pick the one you like most.
Construction and Design
Nothing can be more satisfactory than having a stylish piece to keep your umbrellas safe and dry, and taking them as you step out. Let’s get into more detail as to the construction and design, so you can find the right one.


A ceramic holder is not only easy on the eyes, but also an ideal design from its very core. Most ceramic holders are resistant to rusting, and will always be an attractive sight in your house. What could be better than a holder that can last you for years without exposing your umbrellas to rust stains? And this is not all, umbrella holders come in other materials too – wooden, metal, plastic… the list goes on. So, you can choose what best fits your preferences.

Indoor Umbrella Holder

Holders have diverse uses. On rainy days, the first thing you will look for at the moment you step inside is somewhere to hang your umbrella to dry. And, with most entrance spaces being squeezed, finding the right holder can be a great achievement. Well, this is what most indoor umbrella holders are built for – to be sleek in design, and sturdy enough that they don’t topple over.

Outdoor Umbrella Holder

So, your indoor space is packed. Not to worry, outdoor umbrella holders are also available, and they still get the job done. If you know what to look for, this can be a great alternative. After all, you don’t have to stick your umbrella holder in an already-squeezed interior, when you can just keep one outside and still have your umbrellas well kept.


If there is one thing you can go out of your way for, it is a well-designed holder. They may be handcrafted and, while they may have a simple design, they can really attract attention. Well, they are not complicated and do their job pretty well. And when it comes to the cost, you will always get great value. What’s more, these holders come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and shapes, giving you the liberty to choose according to your tastes.
Performance and Ease of Use
An umbrella may not seem important when the sun is out but, when the weather is not on your side, you will need one. Therefore, keeping it safe is crucial, and the right holder should guarantee the best storage possible.


This is the first thing to look for in an umbrella holder. It should ensure fast drying of your umbrellas through sufficient airflow. Most holders are designed to do this.


Inevitably, your umbrella will be drenched by the time you get home. Having somewhere to hang it is one thing, but dealing with a dripping umbrella is quite another. Most holders have a drainage feature to ensure the water does not get on your floor. You can outsmart the rain, but living with a wet floor can be far worse than being rained on.


Umbrellas can be quite hefty, especially when they are wet. Having a holder that cannot support their weight would be a total waste of money. With this in mind, designers ensure they make holders that are stable, whether loaded with umbrellas or not. This not only prevents the holder from falling down all the time, but also helps keep you and your family safe, especially if you have kids around. Then remember, there is always a limit that a holder can bear – if you overload it, you should be ready for anything.


You probably have a number of umbrellas in your house. This does not mean you should buy a holder for every single umbrella in your possession, especially when you factor in the little space available. As such, most holders are built to accommodate several umbrellas. The choice here comes down to the number of umbrellas you have around, so it is important to make your purchasing decision based on this aspect.

Get the Best Umbrella Holder of 2023!

After reading through our review, we are sure you have found the best umbrella holder for your needs. If you have yet to find what you wanted, don’t worry – you can browse through the brands we recommended for you. They have great alternatives, so you can be sure to come out with the best option that suits you.

Our Top Choice
Umbra Holdit Umbrella Holder
Best Value
Songmics Silver Stand Metal Umbrella Holder
Winsome Wood Rex Umbrella Stand
Brelso Metal Perforated Side Umbrella Stand
YAMAZAKI Home Oval Umbrella Stand