Best Umbrella Reviews 2023

Umbrellas come in handy during both the rainy and sunny seasons. They help shield people from strong winds, rain, and UV rays from the sun. It shouldn’t be difficult to choose an umbrella, but you might be puzzled when considering the many choices available on the market. We’ve carried out a comprehensive review of five top products from five different brands after researching some of the best umbrella brands in the industry.
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Our Top Choice
GustBuster Fashion Classic Umbrella
GustBuster makes durable and lightweight umbrellas that feature unique designs.
This umbrella comes in various colors and patterns. It offers full coverage and stands up to the rain, wind and lightning.
One complaint that the brand logo ruins the design.
Golf Umbrella
100% Nylon
For winds up to 55 mph
Multiple colors available
48 x 36 inches
Best Value
Lewis N. Clark Auto Open Close Umbrella
Lewis N. Clark designs items suitable for travelers and for outdoor activities, such as on-air neck pillows, wallets, eye masks and more.
This umbrella is easy to open, close and handle. It comes with a clear emergency rain poncho, and has a durable structure. It is considered the best umbrella by Wirecutter.
Isolated complaints that the color is too strong and doesn’t work with every outfit.
Compact Travel Umbrella 
100% Nylon
For winds up to 55 mph
5 colors available
11.4 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches
Blunt Golf Umbrella 2016
Blunt rethinks the design of classic umbrellas to make them withstand the worst weather conditions.
The Blunt Golf Umbrella (2016) is made of 100% polyester, and its canopy is robust and aerodynamic. It ensures full coverage, and it has a unique design.
One complaint that this umbrella is a little expensive.
Golf Umbrella
100% Polyester
For winds up to 70 mph
2 colors available
57 inches diameter
Bodyguard Black Travel Umbrella with Auto Open/Close
Bodyguard constantly enhances the quality of its umbrellas. Its items have low prices, are reliable and feature excellent designs.
This umbrella has a micro-weave waterproof canopy that dries fast. It opens and closes automatically with the push of a button and fits perfectly in your bag.
Isolated complaints that it's too small. Check out its specifications before ordering.
Travel/Golf Umbrella
210t Thread-Count Fabric
For winds up to 70 mph
46 x 12 inches
EEZ-Y 62″ Golf Umbrella
EEZ-Y designs high-tech umbrellas that are durable, strong, easily foldable, and can provide full coverage for two persons.
This umbrella has a double canopy structure to provide full rain protection. It has an attractive design, and it is available in six colors.
Isolated complaints that the umbrella is too big. It is mentioned in the specifications that this is the largest umbrella from EEZ-Y.
Golf Umbrella
Water repellent fabric
For winds up to 55 mph
6 colors available
62 x 40 inches

What is the Best Umbrella?

An umbrella isn’t a complicated item. The best umbrella should shield you from strong winds, sun, or a downpour. It should be waterproof and wind-proof, easy to open, portable, and sturdy. Check out our top selections and make your decision.
Our Top Choice
The Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella from GustBuster has fiberglass ribs. It is also lightning-resistant, so you will be able to go out on rainy days without hesitation. Are you looking for an umbrella that can fit into your bag? If so, then check out the Gustbuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella.

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella, Available in Multiple Colors, Made from 100% Nylon

GustBuster designs premium-quality umbrellas that withstand the rainy weather. It makes umbrellas for every occasion and taste, and for both men and women. The 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella is a classic umbrella that protects your upper body from rain, and it comes at a reasonable price.

Check out its main characteristics:
  • 100% nylon
  • Manual and automatic opening
  • Various patterns
  • Durable ribs and end-caps
  • Heavy-duty and stylish
You have plenty of choices if you want an umbrella from GustBuster. This brand is really popular thanks to the premium quality umbrellas it makes, including:
  • GustBuster Doorman 68" Umbrella (Black) – wind-proof and durable
  • GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella – fiberglass frame and double canopy design
  • GustBuster Proseries Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella (Style 5) – offers full coverage and has attached rain gear
Best Value
The Lewis N. Clark Auto Open Close Compact Travel Orange Umbrella and Clear Emergency Rain Poncho is an easy-to-open umbrella that will keep you warm and dry outdoors. It even comes with a clear rain poncho that will waterproof you completely. If you prefer another color for your umbrella, get the Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella!

Lewis N. Clark Auto Open Close Compact Travel Umbrella and Emergency Rain Poncho

Lewis N. Clark has multiple products in its portfolio. It concentrates mainly on weather gear, bags, luggage items and comfort products. If you want to travel, the products from Lewis N. Clark will make your trip more organized. The Auto Open Close Compact Travel Umbrella is small enough to fit in the pocket of your car door, and it's also strong enough to protect you from wind and rain.

Here are its main features:
  • Strong metal ribs
  • Automatic opening and closing
  • Available in orange color
  • Comes with a rain poncho
  • Lightweight and compact
Keep your belongings safe with waterproofed pouches and packs from Lewis N. Clark. They don’t allow rainwater or beverages to damage your precious gadgets and gizmos. Check them out on Amazon!
The Blunt Golf Umbrella is a high-quality umbrella with a modern design. It will never turn inside out, as it is windproof. Before it gets to you, it has to pass through 38 quality checkpoints. Is your budget a bit smaller? Consider the XS_Metro Umbrella (Mint Green) Windproof, Folding Umbrella from Blunt.

Blunt Golf Umbrella, Available in 3 Colors, Made from 100% Polyester, Totally Windproof - 2016

Blunt tests all its umbrellas up to the breaking point, and all its products come with incorporated safety features. This brand designs high-standard umbrellas that last longer than the usual ones. Blunt also makes attractive skateboards and small scooters for kids.

The Blunt Golf Umbrella is the lightest umbrella from this brand, and it has been tested for winds with speeds up to 75 mph. Here are its strong points:
  • 57-inch diameter
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Aerodynamic canopy
  • Built-in safety features that enhance durability
  • Fiberglass shaft
Want to offer an umbrella as a gift? Get inspired by checking out these other models from Blunt:
  • Blunt XL Umbrella (Aqua Blue) – suitable for two persons, can withstand winds up to 70 mph
  • Blunt Golf G2 Umbrella (2015) (Pink) – high-quality umbrella with fully tensioned canopy
  • Blunt Lite Umbrella (including UV coating) – 41-inch diameter, durable with UV protection
The Bodyguard Innovation 10 Fibreglass Ribs Travel/Golf Umbrella is fully waterproofed and offers you the protection you need on rainy days. Its structure is framed with 10 premium fiberglass ribs for enhanced durability. If you want a more colorful umbrella, go for the Bodyguard Umbrella with Fibreglass Ribs!

Bodyguard Innovation 10 Fibreglass Ribs Travel Umbrella, Made from Finest Waterproof Fabric

Bodyguard makes easy-to-carry umbrellas that are strong and durable. Its designs are classic with modern accents. Apart from umbrellas, Bodyguard also makes aromatherapy oil diffusers, disposable gloves and bike lights.

The Innovation 10 Fibreglass Ribs Travel/Golf Umbrella has a comfortable handle and a stylish design. It comes wrapped in a gift box. Here are its features:
  • Flexible and durable
  • Fabric protection with Teflon
  • Ribs made of fiberglass
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Slip-resistant handle
If you are into fitness, you should definitely check out the fitness gear Bodyguard makes. We are sure you will find something suitable for you.
The EEZ-Y Golf Umbrella is 62 inches in diameter and has a wind-resistant canopy. This is the brand's largest umbrella and comes at a fair price. You can choose your favorite from various colors available. Are you looking for an umbrella that can be folded easily? Try the EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella with Windproof Double Canopy Construction.

EEZ-Y Golf Umbrella w/ Extra Large 62-Inch Windproof Canopy - Auto Open Sturdy & Lightweight

The specialists at EEZ-Y decided to create umbrellas when they realized that the ones people were using had the same design as they did 10 years ago. Today, EEZ-Y makes attractive, durable umbrellas from high-quality materials. You can also buy reliable selfie sticks from this company.

The EEZ-Y 62″ Golf Umbrella is quite popular on Amazon and has multiple useful features. Here are the characteristics of this umbrella:
  • 62-inch diameter
  • Can cover two people
  • Lightweight
  • Wind-proofed structure
  • Ergonomic handle
EEZ-Y designs quality products that meet customers’ expectations. If you like to travel, you should absolutely check out its travel accessories.

How Do I Choose the Best Umbrella?

Rainy days are very inconvenient if you are not prepared for them. A heavy downpour can really mess up your schedule if you have to travel from one place to another for meetings. With a good portable umbrella, this should not be a cause for concern, as you can move about without getting wet. You won’t have to worry that your suit and your nice office shoes will get messed up when it’s raining.

Umbrellas are also necessary during the sunny season. When you and your loved ones take that beach mat and basket and head to your favorite park, you’ll need some shade when the sun is hot. An umbrella not only provides this, but also makes the moment even more intimate.

While carrying an umbrella around might seem inconvenient, it’s absolutely necessary if you don’t want to be stuck in some shelter waiting for the rain to subside. There are now umbrellas that can easily fit into your backpack or even your suitcase, so you don’t have to worry about the carrying part.
Umbrellas range in price from about $10 to as much as $150. The simple, small umbrellas with plain designs cost a lot less, but might fail you in a very heavy downpour. Umbrellas with special construction that include steel and fiberglass, as well as special features such as radial tensioning systems, cost a lot more. They also have larger canopies spanning up to 57 inches. Others have ergonomic sports handles. You should, however, avoid the very cheap umbrellas, as they come with low quality materials, weak frames, and poor controls.
An umbrella should shield you from harsh weather. It should have a sturdy frame and wind-resistant material to ensure that it doesn’t break or blow away during a strong downpour.

Here are some more features that you may want to check:
  • Controls- Should be easy to open and shut
  • Portability- Ensure it's light enough for you to carry. Also see if it can fold to fit in your bag if you’re a frequent traveler
  • Grip- Check the handle build. Does it have a good grip?
  • Strength- Check the frame and the canopy. Are they strong enough to resist strong winds?
  • Color- If you’re buying an umbrella as a present, you need to consider the color or colors
Construction and Design
An umbrella has a canopy, with a rib frame connected to a stalk that extends down to a handle with the controls. You simply press on the control buttons to open the canopy when it’s raining, or when you want to shield yourself from the sun.

Be sure to check the material used to make the canopy and the frame. These are important, since they determine the strength of your umbrella in bad weather. Consider getting one with a sturdy frame with steel and fiberglass construction.

Look at the size of your umbrella, since you’ll be carrying it most of the time, especially during the rainy season. It should be light, but still have a large enough canopy to shield you from the rain. Check whether it folds enough to fit in your bag or in the glove compartment of your car.

Consider the design of the handle. Most are made of rubber or rough plastic with a plain handle. Others have an ergonomic, sporty design. Which one to get will depend on your tastes and preferences.
Performance and Ease of Use
No one wants to be rained on, especially when you’re in your best attire. That's why it’s always good to stay prepared by carrying an umbrella. A good umbrella will shield you from rain and wind any time you head outdoors when it’s raining.

It should have a large enough canopy to completely shield you. Note the canopy's shape and design. This determines if it will keep the rain off completely, should it be heavy or blowing from different directions.

Consider the build of the rib frame and the material of the canopy. Good umbrellas should be wind-proof and have a strong rib frame to stand up to strong winds. Otherwise the umbrella may simply break off, exposing you to the rain. Most umbrellas are made of polyester, and have steel rib frames with fiberglass, making them strong and lightweight. Some can hold off winds up to 70 miles per hour.

Your umbrella should be easy to carry around. Some can fold to fit in your bag. If you travel a lot, this is the best choice for you. Get one of the big umbrellas that you have to carry with your hands if you want one to go out for a picnic.

The handle should have a good grip to prevent the umbrella from slipping out of your hands in strong winds, and easy-to-use controls that you can use with one hand. Some have ergonomic sporty designs that add to the grip. You should be able to control your umbrella and still roll your suitcase with your other hand.

Get the Best Umbrella of 2023!

If you’ve found an umbrella among these options, that’s good, but if you haven’t, consider taking a second look or check out other choices from these top brands. We’re glad though to have helped you sort through the many products in the market to find the best umbrella for you.

Our Top Choice
GustBuster Fashion Classic Umbrella
Best Value
Lewis N. Clark Auto Open Close Umbrella
Blunt Golf Umbrella 2016
Bodyguard Black Travel Umbrella with Auto Open/Close
EEZ-Y 62″ Golf Umbrella