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An under-cabinet radio is a kitchen appliance that can keep boredom at bay. It keeps you supplied with good music, informed news updates, and thought-provoking audiobooks while cooking, cleaning, and organizing your kitchen space. The only pain in the neck is determining which under-cabinet radio is best for you. That’s where we come in. After thorough research, we’re proud to present you with our top five products from some of the best under-cabinet radio brands. We’ve reviewed one radio from each brand, but you can always look through their selections for more.
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Our Top Choice
Auna KR-200 SI Under Cabinet Radio
Berlin Brands Group Inc., the company behind the auna brand, brings to you the very best of German innovative technology. Its goal is to offer products that make life more enjoyable.
Sleek modern look. Compact and lightweight. Easy to install. Easy to use. Wi-Fi. Over 20,000 radio stations. Supports Spotify. Great sound quality.
It does not have Bluetooth.
Retro design
FM/Internet radio/10 presets
Wi-fi, Aux
No batteries
5.4 x 9.4 x 2.9 inches/2.4lbs
Best Value
Jensen SMPS-628 Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio with Speakerphone
Jensen is a manufacturer of a wide variety of products which range from electronics to musical instruments, motorcycle and power sports accessories and more.
Sleek design. Compact. Easy installation. Bluetooth function. Hands-free and speakerphone function. Clock and timer. Work area light. Clear sound. 20 presets.
It has no AM tuner.
Bluetooth/FM Speaker/Timer
FM tuner/20 presets
Bluetooth, Aux.
2 AAA batteries for backup only
3.4 x 12.2 x 8.1 inches/2.05lbs.
Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen Radio
Sony is a leading manufacturer of electronics that chart new frontiers for your entertainment.
Easy to use. Time sets automatically and clock can be used as a kitchen timer. AUX input. Bass Reflex Sound System. Built-in CD player.
Changing the system’s batteries can be tedious.
Built-in CD player and timer
AM/FM tuner; 15 presets
Audio cable
Backup battery available
13.7 x 12.2 x 3.4 inches/6.4lbs
iLive Wireless Bluetooth Under Cabinet Music System
ILive designs innovative products with cutting-edge technology to enhance your digital experience. Its focus is on delivering these products at affordable prices.
Lovely design. Compact. Easy to install. Mounting hardware included. Good sound quality. Good reception. Bluetooth connectivity. 20 presets.
Buttons may be very tiny for some users.
Bluetooth digital radio
Digital FM tuner/20 presets
2 AA batteries for backup only
8.4 x 3.1 x 11.5 inches/1.6lbs
Sylvania Under Counter CD Clock Radio
Sylvania manufactures high-quality consumer electronics including radios, speakers, DVD players, and a vast collection of prime LED lighting solutions.
Compact. Good quality. Easy to install. Mounting hardware included. CD player. Bluetooth. Remote control. Good reception. Good sound quality. Affordable.
Display appears to be viewable only from certain angles.
CD player/Radio
FM tuner
Backup battery
14 x 4 x 12.5 inches/2lbs

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What is the Best Under Cabinet Light?

The best under-cabinet radios take up minimal space and incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming. Other things to look out for include built-in stereo speakers, long-lasting battery life, and convenient cooking timers. With the information from this buying guide, we’re confident you’ll choose the right under-cabinet radio for you.
Our Top Choice
Tune in to up to 20,000 internet radio stations and your regular FM stations with this Auna KR-200 SI Under Cabinet Radio. Perfect for under-the-cupboard installation, your time in the kitchen can now be more enjoyable. Would you love a different design with more features? If so, check out the auna connect 150 BK.

Auna KR-200 SI Under Cabinet Radio with Wi-Fi, Spotify Support and Remote – Kitchen Radio Available In 2 Colors

Berlin Brands Group Inc., the owner of the auna brand, is an international company that brings to the world the best of German designs and engineering. Its products are made with the best of materials and offer a perfect blend of creativity, innovation and functionality. The goal is to make living and carrying out day-to-day activities both enjoyable and easier.

The Auna KR-200 SI Under Cabinet Radio represents what the brand stands for. It brings unlimited entertainment into the kitchen with access to over 20,000 internet radio stations via the included Wi-Fi feature and your regular FM stations. You can never run out of radio entertainment.

You can also store up to 10 stations with the preset option for quick access, and every time you listen to music, the RDS feature provides additional information, including genre, album and title. All this information is displayed on the 2.4-inch TFT-color screen. By the way, it also supports Spotify.

It's one thing to have access to a plethora of stations and another to actually enjoy what you hear. With the dual broadband speakers built into it, you can enjoy good sound delivery. If you desire to boost the sound even further, you can connect to an external speaker or amplifier via the line-out connection.

In the same way you can easily connect to an external speaker or amplifier, you can also connect an external device like your phone, tablet, iPod, mp3 player and more to it via the aux-in input. This device is easy to install and use. It comes with the installation mounts and screws and also has a remote control for easy, hands-free operation.
Best Value
Enjoy more than just radio entertainment with the Jensen SMPS-628. With its Bluetooth feature and the hands-free speakerphone, you can easily listen to music or receive and make calls without having to hold your phone. If you want one that comes with a cable for connection to your devices, go for the Jensen Under Cabinet Bluetooth Clock Radio Universal Music System.

Jensen Under Cabinet Universal Bluetooth Music System with Hands Free Speakerphone

Jensen manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products. Its products are mainly in the electronic range, covering multimedia equipment, automobile accessories, radios, speakers and much more. It also supplies RV electronics and appliances, accessories for power sports and more. With the range of products it offers, everyone is sure to find something of use in its line.

The Jensen SMPS-628 provides kitchen entertainment with some interesting conveniences. It comes with an FM tuner with provision for up to 20 presets. The digital tuning feature makes for precise searching, while the multifunctional screen provides a display of various readings, including the time.

For easy connection to various devices, it has a Bluetooth feature. You can connect your phone, iPad, Bluetooth speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. For more connectivity options, it has an auxiliary input for connecting your mp3 player or other devices with a jack output. You can choose to listen to music on the radio or through any of your devices.

Many phones have had to suffer various levels of smearing because a call came in and the phone was picked up with a dirty hand. With this device's Bluetooth function, the built-in microphone and the hands-free speaker, you no longer have to smear your phones to receive or make calls. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth and receive or make calls with ease.

That's not all! Need to time your cooking? Make use of the included timer. This surely is a combination of entertainment and convenience. Get this and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.
The Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen Radio comes with fifteen preset stations, ten of which are FM while five are AM. The Bass Reflex Sound System gives a rich and powerful sound, and this radio also has a built-in CD player for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for an under-cabinet TV and radio combo, we suggest you take a look at the Sony Under-Cabinet TV\/Radio - ICF-DVD57TV, an equally great product from this company.

Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen Radio with CD Player and Clock

When Sony was created by Mr. Masaru Ibuka in 1946, the company was born of a sincere desire to facilitate the healing process of Japan after World War II. Mr. Masaru and his first twenty employees had previously worked for a company that tested and produced new military equipment for the war effort. The company dissolved at the end of the war, and Mr. Masaru brought some of his passionate, capable colleagues together to start up his company with only 190,000 yen (about $1735). The principles of fairness, open mindedness, and freedom of creative expression were central to Sony’s foundation, and the need to contribute to Japan’s reconstruction was a major driving force. Today, Sony is a leading electronics manufacturer with an innovative spirit that is as strong as ever.

The Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen Radio comes with fifteen preset station slots, ten of which are for FM stations while the other five are for AM stations. The power cord doubles as the radio’s antenna and, as long as it’s properly placed, it maintains great reception. The sound from this unit is loud and clear -- whether you’re listening to your favorite station, playing a CD, or streaming music from your iPod, the sound from the Bass Reflex Sound System will fill the room and even rooms beyond, if set to the maximum volume.

The built-in audio cable allows digital music players and phones to stream content through the radio, so you can easily play DJ at get-togethers and parties or play your favorite podcasts while you cook. For extra convenience, there is an attachable cradle where you can safely place your phone, mp3 player, or iPod while it is connected to the radio. The CD player can also read any disk, whether the CD is factory distributed or a mix tape you burned yourself with friends.

The clock automatically sets itself when the radio is plugged into a power source, and you can easily set the clock to your preferred time zone. The lithium ion battery keeps the clock working even when there is a power outage, so you won’t have to bother with resetting the clock once the power comes back on. The radio also comes with a useful kitchen alarm and a magnetic remote control that you can keep on your fridge.
The iLive Under-cabinet Digital Radio is your preferred option when you need to take entertainment with you into the kitchen. Enjoy your FM stations and connect to other devices via Bluetooth for even more music options. Need a more affordable option? Check out the iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio with Bluetooth Speakers.

iLive Electronic Under-Cabinet Bluetooth Digital Radio and Music System

ILive was established in 2011 as part of Digital Products International, Inc. to produce a line of Bluetooth-activated devices compatible with Apple, Android, and other Bluetooth technologies. Digital Products International, Inc. is considered to be a giant of the industry, and it specializes in providing phone and tablet users with a variety of enhanced features, such as Bluetooth-activated speaker systems.

The kitchen is not a place you want cables dangling around, and the iLive Under-cabinet Digital Radio makes sure this doesn’t happen. Fully wireless, every connection to this device is via Bluetooth. It comes with a digital FM tuner and 20 presets so you can take advantage of your FM stations. If, however, you find these inadequate, you can always expand your entertainment options via Bluetooth. Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and enhance your entertainment.

More than being just a digital radio or entertainment device, it also comes with some features you will find handy in the kitchen. The clock feature includes a timer and alarm which offers you the convenience of not needing a separate timer for timing your cooking. Of course, there is also the convenience of having a timepiece you can easily turn to, to know the time.

It also has LED light that can illuminate the area under the cabinet where it is installed. This can be a great help, especially at night. Installation is pretty easy with the included mounting hardware. This is your kitchen entertainment taken care of.
The Sylvania Under Counter CD Player with Radio gives you access to the entertainment of your choice. You can choose to listen to music from a CD, on an FM radio station or via Bluetooth connection. The choice is yours. Don’t need the CD player function? Try the Sylvania SKCR2810BT Under Cabinet Clock Radio.

Sylvania Under Counter CD Player with Radio, Clock and Bluetooth - Silver

Sylvania’s roots go back nearly as far as Thomas Edison’s incandescent bulb in the late nineteenth century. It was first established by Nilco as the Sylvania Products Company and has since undergone a number of metamorphoses to become the company it is today. It produces an assortment of high-quality consumer electronics including radios, speakers, DVD players, and a vast collection of prime LED lighting solutions.

The Sylvania Under Counter CD Player with Radio is one of the products from Sylvania designed to enhance your time in the kitchen. It makes available to you various entertainment options. You can choose to listen to your favorite CD with the CD player, or you can tune in to your preferred FM stations via the FM tuner. If that is still not enough, you can connect to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices to further extend your options.

It is very easy to use any of the functions. With a single button, you can connect to your devices via Bluetooth, and you can also control all of its features and functions with the included remote control. The large display screen also allows you to easily read the time or any other information displayed.

This under-cabinet radio is easy to install. It comes with its mounting hardware, an AC adaptor and a backup battery pack for whenever there is a power outage.

How Do I Choose the Best Under Cabinet Light?

Whether you consider meal prep to be a chore or one of your favorite activities, there’s nothing quite like settling into a long podcast or rocking out to your most-played music while you slice, dice, and get cooking. An under-cabinet radio will help you perk up and add some fun to your kitchen routine, without taking up any of your coveted counter space. Under-cabinet radios are compact units that are mounted under kitchen cabinets. Their power cords usually double as the radio’s antenna, so you don’t need to worry about bulky antennas or wires.

These radios are generally flat and square or rectangular, with control buttons, LED or LCD display, and a power cord or AC/DC adapter. Most of them come with great features like Bluetooth, which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your phone, or other compatible device, through the radio. They usually also feature clocks and kitchen timers, and some even come with CD players or televisions.

We are glad to be of help on your shopping adventure and want to emphasize that the best under-cabinet radio for you will be largely determined by your personal preferences. You have the best understanding of your budget, décor, and kitchen design. We’re here to give you five diverse and trustworthy options to make your choice just a little bit easier.

Arriving at these five options was a bit difficult, given the number of quality products out there. One particular product came very close to making the list. In fact, if there was a product 6, it would have been it. We think you deserve to know about this product to give you more options. It is the RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet Wireless Speaker. Check it out.
Under-cabinet radios generally come in a wide price range and there is a reason for this. First off, established brands are able to sell their appliances for higher prices, while newcomers tend to offer much lower competitive pricing. Some under-cabinet radios have basic designs, but many come with attractive extra features like preset AM and FM stations, LCD display, a clock and timer, Bluetooth, a USB port, a built-in CD player, or even an attached television.

During our research, we found that you can get a budget-friendly under-cabinet radio for under $70. If you choose to go a bit higher for the mid-level ones, these will cost you anywhere from $71 to $150. If, however, you’re considering the high-end products, you should expect to spend over $150. In some cases, you can spend as much as $500.

We must also point out that we found some cheap under-cabinet radios that we did not bother to include in our review, mainly because they do not offer much value. We will strongly advise that you avoid these.
Before you purchase one of these units, it’s important to know how you want to use it. You don’t want to end up with an under-cabinet radio that lacks the features that are important to you, or one that is so advanced that you end up discouraged and confused. When it comes to finding an under-cabinet radio with the color and construction that you desire, it shouldn’t be a problem since there are so many options to choose from. Some other principal features to consider include:
  • Design
  • Radio
  • Connectivity
  • Power
  • Size
Construction and Design
It’s important to estimate, no matter how roughly, how much space you have beneath your cabinet for your radio. That way, you can compare the dimensions of different radios and avoid having to make any adjustments. That said, under-cabinet radios range in size and are usually a maximum of fourteen inches long, twelve inches wide, and four inches high.

Most under-cabinet radios are designed to receive AM and FM stations, but some can only play FM stations. Many units also come with built-in CD players to increase your listening options and play your preferred songs. Another thing worth mentioning is the availability of television and radio hybrids. The TV is usually a seven-to-ten-inch LCD display attached to the unit by a swivel mount. The screen can be folded back to save space when not in use, and these units often come with built-in DVD players.
Performance and Ease of Use
The wireless feature in an under-cabinet radio is courtesy of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When you purchase a radio with these features, it means that you’ll be able to access the media on your iPod, MP3 player, tablet, phone, or other compatible device. We advise you to find out the range of a radio’s Bluetooth so that you know how remotely the connection can be sustained. A device can also have an auxiliary input or USB port for you to plug in your devices and enjoy.

Most of these units have a 120 AC/DC power cord that doubles as the antenna. The rule of thumb with a wire antenna is to keep it as straight as possible. This will give you much better reception than what you’ll get if the wire is bunched up somewhere behind the counter or cabinet.

Some under-cabinet radios are also backed up by AAA or Lithium-ion batteries, which are often chargeable. In the case of a power outage, the radio and its features will continue to work (although radio reception may be interrupted if the power outage is caused by severe weather), and the clock will not need to be reset when the power returns. Many under-cabinet radios also come with a remote control, and some are even magnetic so you can conveniently store them on your fridge door. Installation is usually quite easy, and units usually include mounting instructions and hardware.

Get the Best Under Cabinet Light of 2022!

We’re glad you stuck with us until the end, and we’re even happier to know you’ve found a quality under-cabinet radio. We won’t keep you any longer; go ahead and place that order.

Our Top Choice
Auna KR-200 SI Under Cabinet Radio
Best Value
Jensen SMPS-628 Bluetooth Under Cabinet Radio with Speakerphone
Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen Radio
iLive Wireless Bluetooth Under Cabinet Music System
Sylvania Under Counter CD Clock Radio