Best Unicycle Reviews 2023

Unicycles are no longer just for the circus! These days they’re a fun, quirky way of exercising and getting around! To help you choose the ideal unicycle for you, we’ve selected the best unicycle brands on the market today and are featuring a unicycle from each to give you a better idea of what your options are.
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User Height
Wheel Size
Our Top Choice
Torker Unistar LX Red Unicycle
Torker is a bicycle company that is passionate about bringing its customers products that improve their health and way of life, and are pretty fun too!
The LX Red is lightweight and has a strong, durable chromoly frame. It’s also available in over three different sizes and includes a scuff guard.
Customers found the seat of the unicycle to be quite uncomfortable.
20” / 24” / 26”
Best Value
SUN BICYCLES Classic 18-Inch Wheel Unicycle
Sun Bicycles wants to encourage its customers to enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer, and therefore creates products that make you want to get up and go!
The Classic 18-Inch Wheel Unicycle has a strong and durable steel design and is available in over six different wheel sizes. It also includes a built in scuff guard!
Unfortunately, this unicycle is only available in one color.
16 / 18 / 20 / 24 / 26 / 28”
Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle
Koxx creates professional-style products for unicycle users who want to improve their bicycle skills.
The Fluo Trials Unicycle has a strong and durable steel frame that’s available in three different colors. It also comes with a handy display case!
Some customers found the seat to be too short.
Available in three colors Club Freestyle Unicycle certainly knows what it is talking about when it comes to creating products that suit a wide range of skill levels and ages, creating top-quality products for over 18 years!
The Club Freestyle Unicycle is suitable for at-home and gym use and comes in a fun, vibrant electric green design. Its seat post clamp also allows for adjustments on-the-go.
Some customers found this product to be too short.
All levels
Ages 8+
Generic Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle
Generic is a brand that focuses on creating high-quality unicycle products that don’t cost a fortune. They look pretty snazzy too!
The Wheel Frame Unicycle is affordable and has an adjustable-height feature that makes it suitable for a wide range of ages; it comes in a fun red color too!
The bike doesn’t have as many features as other, more expensive brand products.
All levels
Manganese Steel

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What is the Best Unicycle?

We hope that our buying guide has helped you figure out what type of unicycle is most suitable to your needs and what features you want to have in your new unicycle. This will make the selection process easier for you when looking for your ideal unicycle! So, let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The Torker LX Red is the perfect bike for anyone looking to improve on their unicycle skills. If red isn’t your thing then make sure you check out Torker’s LX 26 Inch Unicycle Unistar in Black instead!

Torker Unistar LX 26-Inch Red Unicycle

Torker is a bike brand that really understand its customers. Its products are designed not only to support communities around the world, but your health as well. By obsessing over the little details, Torker is able to create bikes that are not only affordable but high-quality and high-performance too. Torker also understands that bikes often express the individual that owns and rides them, and therefore creates a wide range of products in different styles, colors, and designs as well.

Torker’s Unistar LX Red Unicycle is the perfect choice for anyone after a quality unicycle and is highly recommended on Amazon as well as other review sites. The bike itself has a lightweight chromoly frame with a saddle that features both a front grab handle and rear scuff guard. The alloy wheels of this bike have sealed bearings, as well as resin platform pedals and alloy crank arms. It’s available in three sizes, too!
Best Value
The 18-Inch Wheel Unicycle by Sun Bicycles is a great product for beginners and is available in several different sizes. If, however, you are after a slightly higher-end product, make sure you take a look at Sun Bicycle’s Flat Top Extreme DX 20 Inch Unicycle instead.

SUN BICYCLES 18-Inch Wheel Classic Chrome & Black Unicycle

Sun Bicycles is a Miami-based company that understands the true joys of riding your bike on a summer day. It was this that inspired them to create bicycle products with colors, shapes, and geometry that make for the perfect sunshine ride. The brand is dedicated to creating products that improves the lives of their customers through their intricate and stylish designs.

We wanted to feature Sun Bicycle’s Classic 18-Inch Wheel Unicycle due to its great reviews on Amazon and around the web. This unicycle has a classic-style saddle with built in scuff guards as well as a long-lasting sealed bearing hub. The seat clamp in this product has quick-release technology that allows for on-the-go saddle adjustments and is available in over 6 different wheel sizes.
If you are looking to maximize your unicycle skills, the Fluo Trials Unicycle is definitely the product for you! If you are after a product with more bells and whistles, however, then check out Koxx’s XForm Midnight 2.0 Trials Unicycle instead.

Koxx Fluo 20-Inch Trials Unicycle – Available in 3 Colors

Koxx specializes in the creation of high-end professional-standard unicycles. They have a huge product range with a variety of styles and colors designed to fit the needs of their customers. If you have been using unicycles for a while and are looking for a top-quality product, then Koxx is the brand for you.

The Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle is a firm favorite of ours due to its different style and color choices, and the fact that it has great reviews on Amazon. The frame is made of a sturdy steel material with aluminum drilled double-wall rimmed tires. The drivetrain of this product has 140mm cranks with a Try All Pit Fighter 250 mm alloy seat post. And an added bonus? It comes with a display stand too!
The Club Freestyle Unicycle is ideal for small children looking to get into the fun world of unicycles! If green isn’t your color then make sure you have a look at’s Club 24" Unicycle in Black instead. Club 20-Inch Freestyle Green Unicycle

Features was created with the idea to create a one-stop-shop for all your unicycle and bicycle needs, with top-quality products and information about the world of unicycles! Available to deliver anywhere in America, is one of the leaders in the production of unicycle products and accessories. test-runs its products so you know this is a brand you can trust.

The Club Freestyle Unicycle is highly recommended across online review sites, including Amazon, and we can certainly see why! The bike was specifically designed with young riders in mind and has everything you will need to improve on your freestyle skills and tricks! A non-marking top-quality freestyle comes included with the unicycle so it can be used in gymnasiums too! This product’s quick-release seat post clamp also allows for on-the-go adjustments.
The Wheel Frame Unicycle is ideal for a large variety of ages due to its adjustable technology. If red’s not your color, however, then have a look at Generic’s 16" Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle in Orange instead.

Generic Astonishing Red 18-Inch Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle with Comfortable Release Saddle Seat

Generic is a brand that creates affordable, stylish unicycles at a price that can’t be beaten anywhere else. They believe that cycling should be fun, and therefore create vibrant, fun products that reflect this. If you are new to the world of unicycles then Generic is definitely a brand you will want to check out!

We decided to feature Generic’s Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle due to its great price and even greater reviews online! The bike comes in a fun and striking red color with 18” wheels. The unicycle also has adjustable height making it suitable for a variety of ages. The frame itself is made from manganese steel and includes a wheel top crank of international quality. The unicycles seat post clamp has a quick release, and a large style saddle with removable guard rails.

How Do I Choose the Best Unicycle?

Unicycles are becoming a very popular way to get around these days, and are a hell of a lot of fun too! Unlike bikes or tricycles, unicycles only have one wheel and are all about balance, so you may want to invest in a helmet too…

When selecting the best unicycle for you, there are a few factors that you may want to consider before rushing into a decision. Firstly, unicycles are available in different styles which are based on your level of unicycle ability. For those of you who have used a unicycle before and have lots of practice, a professional-style unicycle may be best.

Advanced unicycles are often more difficult to use and therefore aren’t suitable for first time users. They’re usually taller in size with smaller wheels, allowing the user to perform greater tricks and use more complex skills. If, however, you’re just beginning your unicycle journey, a smaller, beginner’s unicycle will be more appropriate.

Unicycles for all skill levels are often smaller in size with larger wheels for more support and stability. Another feature that differs between beginners’ unicycles and more professional models is that beginners’ unicycles are only suitable for riding on pavement whereas professional models have a more ‘off-road’ style, making them suitable for a variety of terrain.

Another important factor to consider before purchasing your unicycle is your inseam length, to ensure that your unicycle fits your height perfectly. An inseam length will help you figure out what the best wheel size and seat size is for you. To figure out your inseam length, simply stand flat-footed and measure the length from the floor to your crotch whilst standing upright.

Wheel sizes in unicycles vary quite drastically, and once again the wheel size you choose will come down to your unicycle ability and your own personal preferences. Smaller wheels (16-inch) are usually used by smaller riders, children, and entertainers such as clowns and performance artists. 20-inch wheel sizes are much more popular for beginners as they allow you to learn basic tricks whilst also offering support and balance. 24-inch wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for those looking for a product to get them around town as they require fewer wheel turns and can get you around a lot faster.

Another crucial consideration when buying a unicycle is the seat of the product itself. To ensure you perform to the best of your ability, you’ll want to be comfortable on the unicycle at all times. Therefore, choosing a unicycle with a comfortable seat is incredibly important. If you’ll be travelling long distances on your unicycle, you may want to opt for a thick saddle seat for more cushioning. If, however, you’re only using the product for short rides or tricks, then a standard saddle should suffice.
The style of unicycle you decide to choose will largely determine its price. More professional unicycles will cost between $150 – $200 as they require more durable wheels and support, allowing you to perform a variety of tricks and ride on different terrains. Beginners’ unicycles, however, are slightly cheaper and will cost around $50 – $90, depending on how many features you want included in the product.

Unicycles are often available in different colors too, with more elaborate designs coming in at a higher price. Cheaper unicycles are available on the market as well ($40 or less) but be aware that they may not be as supportive or long-lasting as more expensive models.
The features included in your new unicycle will depend entirely on your own personal preferences and the style of unicycle you’ve selected. To help you choose the best possible unicycle for you, however, we’ve created a list of top features to look out for to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Steel Construction
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Front Grab Handle
  • Seat Clamp
Construction and Design
When looking for a high-quality unicycle, we recommend selecting a product with a solid steel construction. This will make the unicycle more durable and able to withstand a variety of weights. It will also make you feel more confident when riding the product and offer you more support. Steel unicycles are also easier to look after and are less prone to damage and scuffing.

Another important feature to look out for is a product with a lightweight frame. The reason we recommend this feature is it makes the unicycle easier to ride and allows you to perform more tricks. A lightweight frame also means the product is more portable and easier for you to carry around when the bike isn’t in use.

A front grab handle is a particularly great feature to have in a unicycle if you’re new to the practice. The front grab handle is located on the saddle and offers more stability and balance when riding. It also adds extra padding to the seat, making for a more comfortable ride.

Seat clamps are another great feature to have in your unicycle if you’re a beginner. They allow for on-the-go adjustments to the saddle, allowing you to get the perfect saddle height when performing without having to get off the unicycle.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most unicycles require no installation or setup and are good to go when you are. There are a few products, however, that do require a small amount of assembly. These products will come with a handy how-to guide to help you get started and shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes to install. It’s important that the product is set up properly, however, to prevent damage to the unicycle and yourself.

The great thing about unicycles is that they can be adjusted as you gain more confidence or as you get taller. Most seats and saddles have lock technology which will allow the user to move the saddle height to a position which fits them best.

Different wheels are also available on the market if you decide you’ve outgrown the original wheel that your unicycle comes with. It’s important to check your wheel often to prevent punctures or damage as this can affect its performance and your overall safety.

We also recommend cleaning the product from time to time with hot, soapy water to prevent dirt build-up which can affect the smoothness of your ride. When storing your product, it’s important to keep it in a dry area to prevent rusting as well.

If you’re after a high-end product, we recommend selecting a collapsible unicycle for easy portability, allowing you to store the unicycle in the trunk of your car or in your garage. Many unicycles these days even come with a handy carry case!

Get the Best Unicycle of 2023!

Hopefully by now you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in your new unicycle. If the products we decided to feature aren’t doing it for you, don’t panic. All the brands we’ve selected have a large variety of products to choose from, so simply browse through their other collections to find the best unicycle for you!

Our Top Choice
Torker Unistar LX Red Unicycle
Best Value
SUN BICYCLES Classic 18-Inch Wheel Unicycle
Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle Club Freestyle Unicycle
Generic Mountain Bike Wheel Frame Unicycle