Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews 2023

When it comes to exercising, there are multiple ways you can keep your gears spinning even without having to go to the gym. There are DVD workout programs you can do at home, there are many types of dumbbells and weights you can try if you want to build muscle and of course, you definitely can get an indoor bicycle to pump up your heart rate and burn some calories! We have selected several upright indoor bikes that are excellent for both professionals and beginners and which will help you kick-start your fitness journey safely.
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Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Nautilus® U616 Upright Exercise Bike
Great fitness machine for all family members. Excellent value for money.
Multiple workout programs. Charging USB port. Built-in acoustic speakers. Warranty - 10 years on frame.
Couple of complaints related to app connectivity.
Up to 300 pounds
29 Workout Programs
25 Levels
Stainless steel
Bluetooth Connectivity
Best Value
Exerpeutic 250XL Upright Bike with Pulse Grips - Exerpeutic 1200
Excellent fitness device for beginners. Sturdy construction. Warranty - 1 year.
Folds for saving space and includes transportation wheels. Affordable. Large seat cushion.
The odometer resets itself if the console batteries get replaced.
Up to 300 pounds
None – just by resistance
8 Levels
Stainless steel
Foldable Compact Design
Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike
Exquisite fitness equipment that harmoniously combines entertainment and cardio workout.
Large HD display. Internet connection. Active gear resistance (like a regular bike). Compatible with fitness apps. Warranty - 3 year.
Large size bike. Expensive - but it's packed with features that come with a high end exercise bike.
Up to 350 pounds
43 Different Tours, 9 Maps
30 Gear Levels: Active Resistance
Carbon fiber and stainless steel
HD LCD display. Internet Music.
Schwinn® 170 Upright Exercise Bike
Excellent indoor bicycle for both beginners and professionals. Sturdy construction and multiple useful features.
Small footprint. Built-in speakers. Good value for money. Dual LCD display. Multiple resistance and program options.
Some components can arrive defective, but this rarely happens
Up to 300 pounds
29 Workout Programs
25 Levels
Stainless steel
Charging USB port, 2 LCD displays
FitDesk FDX v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar
Excellent for beginners who want to work and burn calories at the same time. Affordable - budget price.
8 resistance levels. Desk top surface. .Mini-drawer for storing office supplies. Compact and lightweight.
Relatively small desk space but you can purchase expansion kit to make larger.
Up to 250 pounds
None – just by resistance
8 Levels
Stainless steel
Built-In Desk, Folds for Storage

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What is the Best Upright Exercise Bike?

Now that you have a good grasp of the important factors to consider when choosing an upright indoor bike, it's time to take a look at a few brilliant models we have chosen. These bikes offer multiple features and they will definitely help you achieve your fitness levels.
Our Top Choice
The U616 Upright Bike, Nautilus’ top of the line exercise bike, is suitable whether you’re a fitness professional or a beginner. You get multiple workout programs, comfort upgrades and much more! If this bike is a bit too much for you right now then you can also try the Nautilus® U614 Upright Bike.

Nautilus® U616 Upright Bike - DualTrack™ Display, Nautilus Connect™ & Nautilus Trainer™

The U616 model from Nautilus is compact in size and it features a sturdy metallic frame. It doesn’t fall short of features and if you consider its reasonable price tag, you will realize that indeed this product actually offers excellent value for money. We will go into detail about the excellent construction and design features for this bike, but let's start out with an overview of some useful features of this professional fitness device.
  • Bluetooth LE Connectivity. This allows you to easily exchange data between your bike and your laptop, tablet or smartphone. For example, you can quickly add a couple of songs to your upright cycle and listen to them through the built-in speakers
  • Water Bottle Holder. Especially if you work out for an extended period of time, you will definitely need to stay hydrated and this bike makes keeping your drink nearby super convenient.
  • Transport Wheels. Moving your Nautilus fitness device around the house is much easier thanks to the 4 transport wheels this bike is equipped with.
  • Quiet Operation. A great advantage of this bike is that it doesn't produce loud sounds, even if you are pedaling really fast.
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg). Because this bike can hold people up to 300 pounds, this upright cycle is suitable for most people and it can definitely take you and your family members to the next level of fitness.
Construction and Design
The seat of this exercise bike is very comfortable and it can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of every family member. We chose this exercise bike because it not only has the basic features you would expect from an upright bike, but also some great extras, such as:
  • A Dual Track LCD display that can show up to 13 different workout details, making it very simple for you to monitor your progress and fitness stats
  • The frame of the Nautilus U616 bike comes with a 10-year warranty; you also get a 2-year warranty for other components and 1-year warranty for the electronics of your bicycle
  • You get a fan with 3 speed settings; this helps you stay cool while you work out and makes you feel more comfortable.
  • You get 2 acoustic speakers mounted on each side of the main console; this allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while working out and you can easily control the volume by pressing a couple of buttons
  • Heart rate monitoring is also possible; you can either use a chest strap to get more accurate measurements or you can simply put your hands on the handles of the bike, covering the sensors, to find out how fast your heart is beating
These design features and options will make every workout unique and it will help you eliminate boredom while cycling. The Dual Track LCD display is very useful because it will always show your current workout stats, even if you are accessing other functions of the main console such as the MP3 player, song lists, smartphone apps, etc.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Nautilus® U616 Upright Bike is excellent if you want to improve your fitness level and cardiovascular health – or if you are and experienced fitness buff who really wants to be able to push their training to a higher level. This bike allows you to perform low-intensity and moderate-intensity cardio workouts in a safe and comfortable manner. Let's take a look at some of the greatest advantages of this indoor cycle when it comes to performance and ease of use.
  • 29 Workout Programs. The U616 model from Nautilus offers you 29 workout programs: 4 custom programs, 1 recovery test, 9 heart rate programs, 2 fitness tests, 1 quick start program and 12 user-profile programs. This should be more than enough for you to find your fitness level and monitor your progress in the long run.
  • 25 Levels of Resistance. Once you get used to your indoor bike, you will want to make your workouts more intense and burn more calories. With the Nautilus U616, you have up to 25 levels of resistance to take advantage of. Start your fitness journey at the lowest levels and gradually switch to higher levels once you feel comfortable. If your kids or people of an elderly age use the bike, make sure that you set it to a lower resistance level to avoid injuries.
  • Apps Sync Possible. One of the greatest advantages of this upright bicycle is that you can connect it with specially-designed apps from Nautilus such as Nautilus Trainer™ App and Nautilus Connect™ or another popular fitness app from the Play Store - MyFitnessPal. This allows you to record your data, check your progress, monitor your fitness level and share your stats with your friends.
  • 4 User Profiles. The professionals from Nautilus have designed this upright bike in a very smart way! For example, you can create up to 4 user profiles and record data separately by just pressing a couple of buttons. You can have your own user profile with all your stats like calories burnt, distance, workouts completed, etc as well as 3 more user profiles for your family members. This helps keeping everything organized and makes monitoring your fitness progress much easier.
  • Easy to Assemble. You might be happy to know that this upright bike comes mostly pre-assembled, so it will be very easy for you to put it together and start your first fitness routine. The pedal crank and resistance system are combined together in a single unit. You just have to attach the handles and several other small components. The bike comes with tools and a very detailed user manual, so assembling your Nautilus bike is a piece of cake.
When we reviewed the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike, it had a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, making it an ideal fitness device for everyone. More than 50% of the people who reviewed this bike gave it a 5-star rating and this means that this model from Nautilus really lives up to its expectations. Obviously, no product is perfect as some clients complained that certain components of the bike were damaged when it arrived, but these parts can be replaced by the manufacturer.
Best Value
The 1200 Upright Bike with Pulse Grips by Exerpeutic is perfect for a comfortable, safe, low-impact workout. It can sustain up to 300lbs and has 8 resistance levels. Its big brother - the Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike - can hold up to 400lbs.

Exerpeutic 250XL Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Heart Rate Monitor

The Exerpeutic 1200 Upright Bike, also known as the Exerpeutic 250XL Upright Bike is an extraordinary fitness device that offers good value for money and gives you the basic tools for monitoring your fitness stats and progress. When it comes to the features department, even though it is what we would call a budget upright bike, this indoor bicycle can still impress you. Here are some strong points of Exerpeutic 1200 bike.
  • Compact footprint. This means that the bike requires a small amount of space to be operational, so it doesn't occupy a lot of room in your house.
  • Leg stabilizers. This is a safety feature that prevents tripping or other accidents during long and very intense workout sessions.
  • Transportation wheels. You can easily move the bike from one room of your house to the other without having to call your neighbor for help. If you want a piece of advice, try to cycle outdoors on your deck, you will love it!
  • Weight capacity of up to 300lbs. The upper weight limit of the Exerpeutic 1200 Upright bike makes is suitable for most people.
Construction and Design
Let's explore a couple of design features this bike provides.
  • Comfortable Seat. This indoor bicycle has been specially designed to seat people of various sizes and the cushion of the seat is very comfortable. It can hold users with heights between 5' 3 inches and 6' 1 inches.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring. You are capable to monitor your heart rate by placing your hands on the sensors integrated into the handles of this bike.
  • Compact Design. One of the greatest advantages of this bike is that it features a lightweight and compact design, making it very easy to fold and store it away from plain sight if necessary.
  • Large LCD Display. You are capable of monitoring your fitness stats and your progress by checking the large LCD display on the main console. This display is 3.3 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall and it presents a multitude of fitness details.
  • Quiet Operation. The 1200 model from Exerpeutic has a crank system made from 3 components and it ensures a smooth and quiet operation all the times. As a result, you can begin a workout session without being afraid that you will wake up any family members that might be sleeping.
  • Pedal Straps. This is an excellent safety feature which prevents slipping, tripping and similar accidents during workouts. The pedals themselves offer a generous amount of space for you to place your feet on and they are equipped with straps for additional safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although this bike doesn’t offer too many advanced functions and features that might be geared towards professional fitness enthusiasts, you can still get excellent workout sessions and achieve your fitness goals in the long run. Let's take a look at some performance features offered by the Exerpeutic 1200 bike.
  • 8 Resistance Levels. Go for a simpler or more difficult workout by manually adjusting the resistance levels of your upright bike. You can also adjust the position of the handles in order to obtain a more comfortable and safe posture.
  • Detailed Fitness Data. This bike allows you to monitor your fitness stats very easily. Just check the display on the console and you will find out how many calories you have burned, distance, speed, heart rate and time.
  • Easy to Assemble. You might be pleased to find out that the 1200 model from Exerpeutic features a simple design, so you will not have a hard time putting this bike together. The user manual is supplied with the bike as well as the tools required for assembly. The instructions in the manual are very detailed and the pictures shown will make it even easier to understand the assembling process of this indoor cycle.
It is one thing to take a look at the description of a product and read the manufacturer claims and something completely different to read genuine customer reviews. In this case, the Amazon customer review section is perfect to gauge the true value of this upright bike. When we reviewed the Exerpeutic 1200 model, it had 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 3,200 reviews. 67% of the customers gave this bike a 5-star rating. When it comes to the critical comments, there are some people who have complained that the seat is actually too wide, making it difficult to exercise sometimes, but this depends a lot on your body type. Apart from a few low ratings, this bike is highly recommended for most fitness enthusiasts. For a bike under $150, you get everything you need to get started on your fitness journey. The sturdy frame and high-quality materials used to build this bike will also allow you to enjoy long and safe workout sessions in the upcoming years.
The Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike is one of the most advanced and fun pieces of cardio equipment you have ever seen! Burn calories while racing your friends over the internet from the comfort of your living room. Not sure whether the upright style is best for you? Try the Expresso HD Recumbent Bike for a fabulous riding experience.

Expresso HD Display Upright Exercise Bike by Interactive Fitness – WiFi Interactive Cycling

The Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike is more than just a piece of fitness equipment, it is an entertainment center specially designed to help you achieve your fitness goals without feeling bored or stressed. The price of the Expresso HD Upright Bike might be overwhelming, but the multitude of features that it provides makes it well worth the investment. In addition to the ones that we have already discussed, you also get several others that will even further enhance your riding experience, such as:
  • Group rides. Connect to the internet and get the chance to explore stunning maps in the company of your friends or other cyclers from around the world. This will also make your workouts feel like the most relaxing and entertaining part of the day.
  • Ghost riders. You can actually race against yourself to see how much you have improved since your last workout.
  • Connect to social networks. Share your fitness stats directly to your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • For example, you get the chance to pursue dragons and gather virtual coins before the time expires if you select the "Chase" mode from the bike's control panel.
For people who are undecided about whether or not they want an upright bike or a recumbent one, there is great news. The Expresso HD Recumbent bike features all the same incredible features!
Construction and Design
When it comes to construction and design, this exercise bike truly impresses with:
  • 23" HD Screen. The large HD screen offers stunning graphics and it allows you to dive into a virtual reality while you continue pedaling. Play a multitude of interactive games, race your friends and monitor your fitness goals by simply glancing at this huge LCD display positioned right in front of you.
  • Handlebar Steering. If you can steer a regular bike, why shouldn’t you steer an indoor one? The handlebars of this upright bicycle feature sensors that read your fine movements. As you progress along the track, you can steer your bike using the handles and get a genuine, real-life cycling experience!
  • Adjustable Seat. Not only is the seat very comfortable, it also features 28 height positions and it can be replaced with a standard bike seat if necessary. You’ve never had so much control when it comes to the seating option of indoor bikes.
  • Water Bottle Holder. Stay hydrated while you cycle to achieve optimal fitness results.
  • Heart Rate Sensors. Keep your hands on the handlebars as you pedal and your heart rate will be displayed on the large HD screen. This helps you adjust your workouts to achieve your desired fitness goals.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity. Yes, this bike offers you the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly! As a result, you can share your workout progress with your friends, boast about your fitness stats or simply engage in thrilling bike races with your friends over the internet. Expresso HD upright bike also offers wired internet connectivity should you require it.
Another strong point of this bike consists of its sturdy construction. A metallic frame will help you stay safe and stable while you cycle hard and the components of your fitness equipment are made from the highest-quality materials. Additionally, this high-end indoor exercise equipment comes with a 3-year warranty, so you are free to give it all in your pursuit to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, the Expresso HD upright bike is a few notches ahead of its competition. It has been specially designed by fitness experts to provide top-performance and it is suitable for people of all fitness levels. With this indoor bike you get:
  • 30 Resistance Levels. Start from low and work your way up gradually, to avoid injuries. The best thing is that you can adjust the resistance levels by just pressing a button on the large LCD screen in front of you.
  • 43 Different Tours to Cycle Through. The bike comes with a series of riding tours you can take advantage of to make your fitness routines more enjoyable and entertaining. These tours can vary from 1 mile up to 20 miles in distance and they will definitely challenge your fitness abilities.
  • 9 Maps to Explore. You will never experience a dull moment with this bike. Try all the maps and burn calories at a rapid pace.
  • Spectacular Graphics. The processing unit in your upright bike is created by a dedicated gaming leader - Giada. This means that you will always enjoy spectacular graphics during your workouts and the interactive games will run smooth as silk.
  • Extremely Accurate Readings. This high-end indoor fitness equipment allows you to input your basic physical stats like your age, height, weight and gender so that the fitness readings you get are as accurate as possible. Therefore, you will get better results and you can tweak your fitness workouts to be as efficient as possible.
  • Fitness App Synchronization. Don't keep your fitness stats just for yourself: synchronize your bike with fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and HumanaVitality® to monitor your progress and share your results with others!
It is important to take a look at what other people say when it comes to high-end fitness equipment, to have a better understanding about that particular machine. For example, when we reviewed this bike, it had a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Some people had complaints related to graphics and they stated that the simulation was a bit cartoonish. However, the majority of the clients absolutely adored this bike as more than 65% of them offered the maximum rating. As a piece of fitness equipment, Expresso HD upright bike offers everything you need to lose weight, maintain your current weight or gain more muscle in the lower part of your body. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness guru, this bike will simply exceed your expectations! We can’t imagine you ever using it as a place to hang clothes.
The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is an ideal fitness partner and a professional legs sculptor! It features multiple workout programs, speakers and apps sync. There is a recumbent version of this bike available if you prefer that style of seat more.

Schwinn® Upright Exercise Bicycle with Intuitive Goal Tracking Technology

The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is that type of bike that will make you love working out on a regular basis. Moderately priced at under $400, but less on Amazon, the 170 model from Schwinn shines in the feature department.. This bike has a relatively low price tag, as compared to high end upright bikes, yet it packs a plethora of modern and really useful features you will definitely make use of throughout your fitness routines. In addition to the ones we have already covered, you get:
  • Small Footprint. This bike doesn’t occupy a lot of space, so you can easily place it in your living room or bedroom and enjoy a workout during your spare time.
  • 10 Year Frame Warranty. The frame is very strong and sturdy, not to mention that it also comes with a 10-year warranty which gives you peace of mind. Other bike components have a 2-year warranty while the electrical system comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Transport Wheels. Whether you are relocating or you simply want to move your bike around the house as needed, the transport wheels Schwinn 170 is equipped with will definitely make your life easier.
  • USB Charging Port. Running out of battery? Just plug your phone into this bike's USB charging port and by the time you finish your workout, your phone will be completely recharged.
We also want to mention that this bike can memorize 4 user profiles and the seat can be replaced with any regular bike's seat if necessary. This gives you a lot of customization freedom and it will make your workouts more comfortable and safe.
Construction and Design
The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike has everything it needs to ensure that people of all fitness levels get an intense workout in a safe and comfortable manner. Let's explore some of the design features of this upright bike.
  • Adjustable Console. The main console can be easily adjusted for more comfort. This is really helpful especially if people of different heights use the bike.
  • Dual LCD Display. The 2 displays don't offer touch screen or high-definition features, but they are large enough and they are capable of displaying 13 different types of workout details. You can actually observe your heart rate, speed and distance on one screen while choosing your favorite song from a list on the other screen. Speaking of songs…
  • Built-in Speakers. Yes, now you don’t need have to power up your audio system or keep your TV set on while you work out because this upright bike has integrated speakers. They offer a decent sound quality and you can easily pick your favorite songs by just pressing a couple of buttons on the main console.
  • Adjustable Fan. You get one of these too and you will definitely need it, especially if you are very dedicated to your fitness workouts. The fan itself has 3 speeds, so you will be cool and look cool no matter what.
  • Oversized Pedals. The purpose of oversized pedals is to be suitable for feet of all sizes and to provide extra protection and comfort while pedaling, particularly at high speeds.
  • Water Bottle Holder. You don’t need to stop your workout to grab some water. You can keep your preferred drinks near you in the specially-designed water bottle holder.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. It is wise to check your heart rate from time to time, especially if you often engage in high-intensity cardio workouts. You can see your heart rate at any time by placing your hands on the handlebars, right on top of the sensors.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although this is not exactly a high-end indoor fitness equipment, you might be pleased to find out that Schwinn 170 Upright Bike offers top performance all the times and it can impress you each time when you hop on it. Here is what you get with this indoor cycle:
  • 29 Preset Workout Routines. Most of these workouts are heart rate monitoring programs and they are great if you want to enjoy a high-intensity workout routine.
  • 25 Resistance Levels. Whether you are a beginner or you have years of experience when it comes to fitness and cardio workouts, this upright bike will definitely challenge you. Make sure you switch to a higher resistance level only when you feel ready, to avoid injuries.
  • Online Services Available. You can connect your cycle to various fitness apps like MyFItnessPal and others to track your progress, record your data and even share your fitness stats. This makes working out much more interesting, entertaining and easy.
  • Quiet Operation. The Schwinn 170 bike is specially designed to ensure smooth and quiet operation during workouts. Even if you are changing resistance levels or you are pedaling really fast, the noise levels produced by this bike are always low.
  • Easy Assembly. You will not sweat and waste your entire afternoon trying to put this bike together. It comes with a detailed user manual, tools and pictures to help you assemble your indoor bicycle as soon as possible.
Everything sounds great on paper, but does this bike behave in the real world? Well, you might want to check out the Amazon's reviews section to find out. Last time we did, this extraordinary piece of fitness equipment had an average rating of 4.1 stars from more than 3 hundred reviews. More than 55% of the customers gave this bike the maximum rating. The unhappy customers complained that some of the mechanical components were not in the best shape, but many times this is not the manufacturer's fault as damages can occur during shipping. On the plus side, happy customers praised this model's versatility, reliability and performance.
The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar is perfect for busy individuals who don't want to neglect their health. You can even respond to your emails while burning calories using this efficient indoor cycle which can be improved using the FitDesk Desk extension kit.

FitDesk 2.0 Desk Upright Exercise Bike with Massage Bar, Storage Drawer and Performance Meter

The FitDesk v2.0 indoor bicycle is excellent for everyone who wants to embark in a safe and comfortable workout while typing, reading, responding to emails, drawing, doing homework, etc. Priced in the $300 segment, this reliable piece of equipment packs a lot of features into its compact design and you can add even more if you want to. For example, there is an optional extension kit you can take advantage of if you need more desk space. This kit allows you to place your mouse near your laptop for example, it can hold a glass of water or a mug and you can also deposit a couple of notebooks on the left side of your laptop too. Similarly, you might be interested in a water bottle holder, particularly if you love long workout routines. This feature is optional, but we highly recommend going for it! Here are more features of FitDesk v2.0 bike.
  • Non-Slip Desk Surface. The surface of the desk in front of you features an adherent material that will make your laptop or book stick to it safely.
  • Massage Rollers. The handlebars are equipped with specially designed rollers which will massage your forearms while you type. This feature is really comfortable and useful especially if you type for many hours every day.
  • Resistance Band. A resistance band is included in the packaging box and it can be helpful if you want to work the muscles in your upper body.
Construction and Design
The FitDesk v2.0 indoor bicycle gives you the space to place your laptop right in front of you and type while your legs are busy pedaling. As a result, you burn a decent amount of calories and stay in touch with your coworkers at the same time. Let's explore some of the design features of this bike.
  • Sturdy Construction. FitDesk v2.0 bike is made from tough materials like steel and aluminum. Not only that you will enjoy your bike for years, but these materials are also eye-catching and stylish.
  • Comfy Seat. The seat has multiple height positions and it can be very comfortable even if you are working out for long periods of time.
  • Digital Display. The display is positioned right in front of you and it shows vital fitness stats. Although the display is not enormous in size, it is still very useful to monitor your workout progress.
  • Sliding Desk. The desk on which you can place your laptop or table can slide and it is fully adjustable, so that you feel comfortable while typing.
  • Backrest. This exercise bike is equipped with a comfortable backrest which can be very useful after long periods of pedaling. Obviously, the backrest is also adjustable and it supports your spinal cord and lower back during workout sessions.
  • Storage Drawer. Yes, you can even get a storage drawer to deposit your pens, paper, office supplies, your phone and so on.
Performance and Ease of Use
The FitDesk v2.0 exercise bike has a lot to offer when it comes to the performance department and this makes it an ideal piece of equipment for people of all fitness levels. Here are a few strong points of this indoor bicycle.
  • 8 resistance Levels. The bike has a magnetic cycling system and 8 resistance levels. You can manually adjust the resistance level by operating a knob on the frame of the bike.
  • Monitor Multiple Fitness Stats. Just by taking a look at the digital display you can find out information about your mileage, speed, calories burned and many more details.
  • Quiet Operation. The magnetic mechanism of the bike is whisper-quiet and it runs smoothly.
  • Maximum Weight of 250lbs. Although the bike looks compact, it can easily sustain a maximum weight of 250 lbs or 113 kilograms.
  • Small Footprint. This exercise bike doesn't occupy a lot of space and it weighs only 45 pounds.
  • Easy Assembly. When you receive your bike, you also get a detailed user manual which is filled with instructions and assembly pictures. In the packaging box you will get assembly tools as well.
Now that you know the basics of the FitDesk v2.0 exercise bike, it’s time to find out how it performs in real life. The Amazon review section is filled with commentaries related to this bike and you should read them to have a better understanding of this product before purchasing. On Amazon this indoor cycle has scored 4.3 stars out of 5 from more than a thousand reviews. Some of the critical feedback comments include some people who found that the digital display's buttons were unresponsive and that after a while the bike makes loud noises when used. Make sure that you follow the assembly guide to prevent such issues. On the positive side, most customers praised this bike's features, sturdy construction and fitness potential.

How Do I Choose the Best Upright Exercise Bike?

Once you have made the decision to use an exercise bike, the first thing that you will need to do is decide what kind you want. There are three main types – recumbent bikes, spin bikes and of course, the original style upright exercise bikes. It’s easy to distinguish an upright bike from a recumbent one simply because of the type of seat (traditional bicycle type seat versus one that looks more like a chair), but with the addition of the new indoor cycles, it’s not so simple. From the “outside” a traditional upright bike and a indoor spin cycle look the same, but they differ in how they provide the resistance. While there has been some cross over, most standard upright bikes us electromagnetic induction to create resistance (as compared to a weighted flywheel) and instead of break pads to slow things down, they use magnets to control the rotation of the flywheel). For the purpose of this review, we are looking at traditional upright stationary bikes, but if you want to check out the other styles, take a look at our recommendations. We found 5 really great upright bikes to review, but there was one more that we came across that would be a great fit if you are on a tight budget. The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is a very basic upright style bike that is available for under $100 on Amazon. When looking at upright indoor bikes, you need to know that there are differences among them, and it’s important to do your homework before purchasing one. This will insure that you get the one that is best suited for your needs, so that you can achieve your fitness goals quickly. Here are several questions you should ask yourself before buying indoor bicycles.
  • What budget do I have? Prices for upright bikes vary, however, there are a few good rules of thumb you need to remember. First of all, a cheap upright bike might cost you less, but will have a poor construction, meaning that they can break down after just several weeks of training. On the other hand, a “top of the line” exercise bike might have features you don't really need, especially as a beginner.
  • What is my fitness level? Today's indoor bikes are specially designed for people who have different fitness levels. For example, if you have not tried an exercise bike before then it is a good idea to opt for one that does not feature too many workout programs or resistance levels (or at least one that is easy to understand), so that you will not be confused. We will cover this subject in great detail later in the article.
  • What is my weight? If you know your weight then you should go for a bike that can easily support that, so that you can enjoy safe workout sessions. For example, if you have 190 pounds (86 kilograms) then you are safe with a bike that supports 200 or 250 pounds (90 or 113 kilograms). If you buy the bike as a gift, make sure that you know that person's weight, so that you can make a smart choice. As a piece of advice, never hop on an indoor bike that is not designed to support your weight! Remember that safety comes before everything else.
  • Am I the only one who is going to use this bike? Buying an indoor cycle to be used by the entire family is a great investment you can do for the health of you and your loved ones. If your kids and spouse would be glad to give your newest fitness equipment a try then go for a bike which is fully adjustable. For example, the seat of the bike should have numerous height levels, so that your kids can also use it. Similarly, the handles need to be adjustable, so that everyone in your family can enjoy a comfortable and safe workout session.
When you have the answer to these questions, you will be better prepared to buy a new indoor exercise bike that meets your needs -- you will definitely make the most of it (rather than using it as a place to hang your clothes). Now let’s take a look at the important things to consider.
Although this aspect is not exactly the most important one when considering upright indoor bikes, we definitely have to cover it. You might be happy to know that the 5 bikes we have reviewed have price tags between $149 and $6,499, so whether you have a smaller or a larger budget, you are covered. In most cases, the price of a bike goes up because it offers more features, like a big HD LCD display, multiple workout programs, heart rate monitoring, etc. If you’re a beginner, you might be better off with a bike that has a price tag around $200 or $250, unless you know for sure that it’s a piece of equipment that you will REALLY use. Such indoor bikes offer the basic features like several workout programs and heart rate monitoring and they can be used for a long period of time by you and your family members. When you get more experienced, you can switch to a more advanced model. For example, bikes that cost several thousand dollars are compatible with different smartphone applications; they have Bluetooth connectivity and many other features. Bottom line - assess your needs carefully, speak with your loved ones and together you will be able to make the best decision.
While there are many things that are standard for upright bikes, many modern, and more advanced upright bikes, offer a multitude of additional features that can improve your exercise experience. Here are just some of them.
  • LCD Display. This is optional, but it can be really useful. The LCD display will show various pieces of information such as the number of calories burned, total workout time, distance, heart rate, etc. High-end bikes even simulate that you are traveling across the world by displaying real-life maps, routes and landmarks on the LCD screen.
  • Heart rate monitoring. It is important to monitor your heart rate while you work out. Some bikes have sensors in the handles and for as long as you keep your hands on them, the display will show your current heart rate. This is useful to achieve your fitness goals. For example, if your heart rate is under 120 beats per minute then you are doing a low-intensity workout. If the heart rate is between 120 and 150, you are burning more fat. If your heart rate is over 150, your pulmonary capacity will expand. For beginners, especially those who have never pushed themselves, a heart rate monitor will also tell you when you are in the “danger zone,” and are pushing yourself too hard.
  • USB connectivity. Some bikes allow you to plug in an USB stick and exchange data such as your user profile, workout history, etc. You can also sync your smartphone with the indoor bicycle, monitor your progress and share it with your friends in real-time over your favorite social media platforms. In some cases, this will also double as a charging station.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Do you have a great playlist on your phone and you want to work out while listening to it? You can send your favorite song to your indoor bike using Bluetooth in just a few seconds. This brings us to the next feature of modern upright bikes.
  • Speakers. There are many room bikes which are equipped with speakers that offer a decent sound quality. You don't need to turn on your audio system anymore while you work out, you can listen to your preferred tunes directly from your indoor bike and get a substantial energy boost!
Construction and Design
All fitness equipment, whether we talk about dumbbells, bench presses or indoor bikes, should be made from high-quality and durable materials. This is important because your safety and health are at stake. When you shop for an upright indoor cycle, you need to take care of the following aspects:
  • Quality of materials. You do not have to be an expert to figure this out. If a bike is made from fragile materials then it will not last long. You will probably use it for a few months then it might break down. In most unfortunate cases, you can even get injured by using such poorly constructed bikes, so stay away from them. To be happy with your decision in the long run, try to look for a bike which is made from sturdy materials like iron, aluminum and steel. The design of the bike must encompass multiple screws for added stability and safety. The handles and pedals of the bike should be made from rubber or a material which provides a lot of grip, and optimally should feature a belt around them to keep your feet tight and secure. All these elements combined will make a big difference in the long run – an investment worth making.
  • Practicality. Even if you work out every day, sometimes you still need to store your bike in a safe place, away from plain sight. In this case, it is important to look for a bike which features a compact design and can be folded and stored easily, or that has wheels for easy moveablity. Some bikes are smaller, others are larger and heavier, so make sure that you buy one you can maneuver it with great ease, even without help from others.
  • Comfort. This is an aspect you do not want to overlook. Think about the fact that you are going to spend maybe 30 or 60 minutes a day, several days a week on your indoor bike. During this time, you want and you need to feel comfortable. Therefore, make sure that the seat of your upright bike is made from soft and adherent materials, so that you do not accidentally fall from your bike. Ideally, you might want to go for a large seat cushion to feel really comfortable during your workouts.
Another important aspect is the adjustability of the seat. Especially if you are not the only one in the family who is going to use the indoor bike, the seat should be adjustable so that users between 5 and 6.5 feet can feel comfortable while pedaling. If someone in your family is even taller than that, you need to take this aspect into account and buy a suitable indoor bike.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's upright indoor bikes offer various levels of performance. Again, we present you a couple of aspects you need to take into account when shopping for home bicycles.
  • Resistance levels. All indoor bikes feature resistance levels. Basically, these levels can make pedaling harder or easier for you. Obviously, if you set the bike to a higher resistance level, pedaling will be harder, your muscles will work more and as a result, you get a more intense workout and burn more calories. Go for a bike which has more resistance levels if you are an experienced athlete – or a beginner who has strong fitness goals, so you have room to grow.
  • Workout programs. In a similar fashion, most indoor bikes feature different workout programs which are great to keep you focused and monitor your progress. These workout programs can make you pedal faster for small amounts of time, increasing your metabolic rate and the number of calories you burn. Some indoor bikes are capable of simulating different terrain types, giving you the impression that you are climbing uphill. This will also intensify your workout and make it more interesting and diversified.
  • Transportability. If you go for a larger, more advanced and heavier bike, make sure that it is equipped with sturdy wheels. This will make moving the bike much easier and safer and save you a lot of time as well.
  • Easy to clean. From time to time, it is a good idea to clean your indoor bike to keep it in a good condition over the years. Bikes which feature a simple design and have less components will be easier to clean. Also, for the “outside” cleaning process, all that you need is a towel and a special cleaning solution to wipe off sweat or dust from the bike's frame, seat and handles.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. Sometimes you will need to disassemble your bike and this process should be an easy one. Look for bikes which come with assembly tools, so you do not have to buy screwdrivers separately. Also, you might want to keep in mind that the simpler and less expensive the bike is, the easier it will be to assemble and disassemble it.

Get the Best Upright Exercise Bike of 2023!

As you can see, you have multiple options when it comes to shopping for the right indoor bike. Make sure that you set your budget right from the start and choose a bike according to your preferences and fitness goals. We strongly recommend these 5 bicycles because they offer the biggest bang for your buck!

Our Top Choice
Nautilus® U616 Upright Exercise Bike
Best Value
Exerpeutic 250XL Upright Bike with Pulse Grips - Exerpeutic 1200
Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike
Schwinn® 170 Upright Exercise Bike
FitDesk FDX v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar