Best Upright Freezer And Fridge Reviews 2023

One of the most useful appliances you can have in your kitchen is a refrigerator with a top-mounted or bottom-mounted freezer. This unit saves space and money (as you don’t need to buy one standalone fridge and a separate freezer) while keeping your foods fresh and delicious for long periods of time. We have analyzed the market and discovered five great top-bottom refrigerator and freezer combos which come in a mixture of price points and are made by some of the best fridge and freezer brands. Check these appliances out and see which one fits best in your kitchen. By the way, if you were looking for side-by-side refrigerators and freezers, we have a separate review for those.
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Our Top Choice
Amana ABB1924BRM Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator With EasyFreezer™ Pull-Out Drawer
Amana manufactures quality, consumer-oriented kitchen appliances. The ABB1924BRM model is a spacious fridge with a pull-out, bottom-mounted freezer drawer.
Multiple adjustable glass shelves. Door storage. Spacious freezer. Automatic defrosting. Stainless steel construction.
Maybe a bit too wide, but Amana makes thinner fridges if that's what you are looking for.
18.12 cubic feet
Glass shelves, multiple crispers
Icemaker, frost-free operation
27 x 29.2 x 73 inches/ 220 lbs
Platinum with black control panel
Best Value
Frigidaire FFTR2021QS Upright Top Freezer Refrigerator
Frigidaire is one of the biggest names in the kitchen appliances industry. The FFTR2021QS refrigerator offers generous space and comes with many innovative features.
Top manufacturer. Best bang for your buck. Stainless steel construction. Multiple adjustable glass shelves. Spacious top-mounted freezer.
Isolated complaints about time of delivery.
20.4 cubic feet
2 glass shelves, gallon door bins
Reversible door, dairy bin
30.4 x 30 x 65.4 inches/ 205 lbs
Black, White & Stainless Steel
Summit FF1935PLIM Top Freezer Refrigerator with Right Door Hinge
Summit is among the most successful companies in the household appliances industry. The FF1935PLIM refrigerator is ideal for medium-sized or large families.
Has an icemaker. Multiple adjustable shelves. Electronic temperature control. Eye-catching, attractive design. Generous interior space.
May be a bit pricey for some, but it comes with a lot of advanced features.
18.12 cubic feet
Glass Shelves, 2 crisper drawers
Freezer drawer, reversible door
30 x 34 x 67 inches/ Not given
Black, White & Stainless Steel
LG LBN10551 Large Capacity 2-Door Bottom Mount Fridge & Freezer
LG is a worldwide manufacturer of electronics and gadgets, as well as home appliances. The LBN10551SW fridge features a bottom freezer with four drawers and an ice system
Top manufacturer. Narrow design provides reduced exterior size, yet spacious interior. Door alarm. Electronic temperature control. Energy Star complaint.
Some customers say that the price is a bit high, but you are paying money for a high-quality, features-rich product.
10 cubic feet
2 Glass Shelves + 1 Crisper
SmartDiagnosis, Interior light
24 x 26 x 69inches/ 152 lbs
White or Platinum Silver
Danby DPF073C1WDB Top-Freezer Apartment-Size Refrigerator
Danby is a reputable manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The DPF073C1WDB freezer/fridge combo is ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms.
Top manufacturer. Reasonable price. Small footprint. Automatic defrosting (fridge). Energy Star compliant. Attractive design available in all white or stainless steel with black accents
No ice maker, but remember that this is a smaller, less expensive fridge with limited features.
7.3 cubic feet
3 adjustable glass shelves
Energy star, interior light
22.3 x 21.4 x 56.3 inches/ 104 lbs
White and stainless steel

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What is the Best Upright Freezer And Fridge?

The size of your house and how many people are in your family are important factors to consider when buying an upright freezer and fridge combination. Here are five excellent options coming from prestigious manufacturers at reasonable prices.
Our Top Choice
If you are looking for a great large sized refrigerator with a bottom-mounted freezer then this one from Amana might be suitable for you. This unit comes with a drawer freezer and 18.5 cubic feet of interior space. If you prefer this fridge in a stainless steel finish then check out the ABB1924BRM model from Amana.

Amana Upright Freezer/Fridge Combo – 29” Wide, 18.5 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, with 2 Crisper Drawers, Energy Star Energy Star Compliant, 2 Crisper Drawers

Amana is a brand with a great reputation when it comes to kitchen appliances. This company currently manufactures a multitude of microwaves and accessories that come at reasonable prices and feature an excellent built quality. In a similar fashion, the refrigerators made by Amana are spacious, modern and eye-catching. We have picked the ABB1924BRB model because it features a lot of interior space and it is Energy Star compliant. Energy Star compliance means that this fridge uses electricity more efficiently and in the long run your energy bill will drop significantly.

Let's find out some more interesting details about this appliance.
  • This kitchen appliance comes with a bottom-mounted freezer which is spacious and can be pulled in and out easily, even if it is fully loaded.
  • The door bins are totally adjustable, giving you a lot of freedom for organizing your foods. You even get a separate dairy shelf as well.
  • If you want, you can dismount the fridge/freezer doors and mount them on the left side if this saves you more space or makes the doors open in the direction that you prefer.
  • This unit also comes with 2 humidity-controlled crisper drawers which will keep your vegetables fresh and juicy.
With this top bottom refrigerator and freezer combination, you have three color choices – black (ABB1924BRB0), white (ABB1924BRW) and stainless steel (ABB1924BRM).
Best Value
The FFTR2021QS refrigerator model from Frigidaire comes with more than 20 cubic feet of internal space and the freezer is mounted on top. In addition to stainless steel, you can get it in either white or black. If you prefer a fridge with a slightly smaller capacity then the Frigidaire FFTR1821QS refrigerator might be more suitable for you.

Frigidaire Upright Freezer/Fridge Combo - 30" 20.4 Cu. Ft. Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator Combo with 2 Adjustable Glass Shelves and Gallon Door Bins

It is a high probability that in almost each household there is at least one appliance made by Frigidaire because this brand is very popular, particularly in the United States. Frigidaire specializes in house appliances and it produces a wide variety of HVAC systems, microwaves, dishwashers, grills, griddles and of course refrigerators. For this review we have chosen the FFTR2021QS model because it offers excellent value for money.

Here are some of the highlights of this refrigerator and freezer combination:
  • It comes with humidity-controlled crisper drawers which are perfect for storing your fruits and vegetables.
  • The door of the fridge features gallon shelves which can easily accommodate large jugs of milk, juice bottles, drinks and other beverages.
  • There is also a special dairy drawer for your yoghurts, butter and cheese.
  • The adjustable glass shelves will make it easier for you to organize your foods and they can be easily cleaned when necessary.
  • When it comes to practicality, this fridge is frost-free and it comes with standard interior lighting which will be useful in the long run.
We have pictured the stunning stainless steel finish, but if you prefer black the model number is FFTR2021QB, or if you want white look for model number FFTR2021QW.
The Ingenious FF1935PLIM fridge from Summit is an eye-catching and modern kitchen appliance that comes with a top-mounted freezer and an ice maker. If you prefer a model with a smaller interior capacity then the Summit Ingenious FF1525PL might be more suitable for you as it features 14.12 cu. ft. of interior space.

Summit Ingenious Freezer/Fridge - 30" 18.12 cu. ft. Counter Depth Top Freezer Refrigerator with Icemaker, Frost Free Operation, Express Chill Zone and Smart Station

Summit is one of the most prestigious brands in the house appliances industry and it currently manufactures hundreds of high-quality products such as hoods, ranges, microwaves, cooktops, backsplashes and more. What makes this manufacturer stand out from the crowd is the fact that its products have an elegant and eye-catching design. You will never find a boring or dull Summit appliance and these products can actually enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.

For this review, we have chosen the FF1935PLIM fridge because it has a few unique characteristics. Let's check them out.
  • Unlike the other appliances in our list, this one comes with a factory-installed icemaker which will provide you with a steady supply of ice every day.
  • The interior space is generous (more than 18 cu. ft) and it features numerous adjustable glass shelves for you to store your foods and beverages in.
  • Even the freezer door features storage space for your drinks. When this unit was made, efficiency was a top priority!
  • This unit comes with all the conveniences a modern fridge should have: frost-free operation, interior lighting and humidity-controlled crispers.
  • Needless to say, this fridge looks awesome in its platinum finish and it will actually make your kitchen look more eye-catching and elegant.
The LG LBN10551 is a great refrigerator/freezer combo for medium-sized families. Available in either smooth white or platinum silver, it has a capacity of 10 cubic feet and the freezer is mounted at the bottom of the unit. If you want the freezer to be mounted on top then check out the LTNC11121V model from LG which features 11.1 cu. ft. of space.

LG Upright Freezer/Fridge Combo - 10.0 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Energy Star Rated with Door Alarm, Multi Air Flow and Smart Diagnosis,

As you probably already know, LG is by far one of the most appreciated and popular electronics brands in the world. The experts behind this company produce high-quality kitchen appliances such as microwaves, food blenders and of course, refrigerators. For this review we have picked the LBN10551 model which is a refrigerator with a freezer mounted on top.

Here are a couple of interesting features about this product and why we placed it in our Top Choice spot.
  • This fridge comes with 2 spillproof adjustable glass shelves which will help you keep your foods organized and fresh all the times.
  • The freezer is spacious, featuring 4 drawers. You can store a lot of foods in there.
  • The LED interior lighting casts a natural light on your foods without altering their color and it will be useful during nighttime snacking.
  • This model from LG is quite practical: it has a relatively small footprint and the hinges are hidden, enhancing its design and style.
  • Additionally, this appliance has an electronic temperature control system which takes care of everything for you, keeping your foods fresh every day.
We have pictured the smooth white model but this bottom drawer freezer/top refrigerator is also available in platinum silver (model LBN10551PS).
The 7.3 cu. ft. Apartment Size Refrigerator from Danby is ideal for relatively small families or small households. It doesn’t consume a lot of energy and it comes with a top-mounted freezer as well. If you need something even smaller, we recommend checking out the DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact Refrigerator.

Danby Upright Freezer/Fridge Combo - 22" 7.3 cu. ft Energy Star Qualified Top Freezer Refrigerator, Mechanical Thermostat, Reversible Door Hinge

Danby is well-known for making a multitude of refrigerators for all needs and purposes: compact refrigerators, side door refrigerators, freezerless refrigerators, you name it. This manufacturer puts build quality over anything else and its products come at affordable prices too. For our #5 spot we have picked this Danby compact refrigerator and freezer combo because some of you out there might need a smaller fridge that occupies less space.

Let's explore some of the features of this unit.
  • The refrigerator will defrost itself automatically, but the freezer requires manual defrosting. The freezer is mounted on top of the fridge.
  • Space-wise you get 3 adjustable glass shelves in the refrigerator and 1 wire shelf in the freezer which is very convenient.
  • You can manually adjust the temperature as necessary and this unit comes with interior light.
  • You can also reverse the door to enable left or right hand swing depending on your preferences and needs.
When it comes to look and design, you can choose either the all white model (DPF073C1WDB) or the more modern, sophisticated looking stainless steel model with stylish black accents (DPF073C1BSLDD).

How Do I Choose the Best Upright Freezer And Fridge?

Each and every household should be equipped with a spacious and accommodating fridge and freezer. In the fridge, you can keep foods you're about to eat in the upcoming days, and in the freezer people usually store meat and other types of foods to be prepared and eaten in upcoming weeks or months. Especially if you have a relatively large family (4-5 members), you might need both appliances in your kitchen. Nowadays, you can have an upright fridge and freezer combination that can accommodate lots of goodies and occupy less space!

Reputable manufacturers have responded to customers' needs and created an upright appliance which is basically a regular refrigerator, but with a freezer mounted either on top or at the bottom. This is like having a freezer chest or an upright freezer with a mini fridge mounted above! Not only will you save space, but these modern kitchen appliances are designed to be environmentally friendly; they don’t consume that much energy like they did a couple of years ago.

We are also aware that the market is full of fridge-freezer appliances, and that's why we created this guide. We want to help you make the ideal choice when buying an upright fridge because you are going to use this device for many years to come. Keep reading to find more tips and tricks!
As mentioned earlier, buying a fridge is an important investment, one that you need to be happy with for years. Pricewise, you should expect to pay something between $400 and up to around $1,500 for a high-quality upright fridge with a built-in freezer mounted either at the top or at the bottom. The cost of such an appliance is usually influenced by the physical size and interior space of the device, its features, energy-saving options, whether or not it has an incorporated ice maker and water dispenser, etc.

There are also many cheap upright freezer and fridges out there, but we strongly advise against such products because they are usually badly made and unreliable. Instead of spending a lot of money on fridge repairs in the future, go for a high-end model made by a serious manufacturer and you'll have more peace of mind.
We've just outlined a couple of important features that influence the price of a freezer-fridge combo, but let's expand on that a little bit and find out more details.
  • Size - The size of a fridge is usually congruent with its interior space, so if you want to store more foods, buy a larger fridge. Pay attention to the size of the freezer too, as this can vary from model to model. The actual interior size is usually measured in cubic feet or liters.
  • Shelves - High-end fridges come with spill proof glass shelves and might have multiple crispers inside, which is a great feature to have.
  • Accessories - Some fridges even include an ice maker and a water dispenser mounted on the door, so you always have access to fresh, cold water when necessary. Here we can also include the interior light, which can come in various colors.
  • Design and Color - Not particularly important, but nevertheless an aspect which shouldn’t be overlooked. Some fridges are white, others are black, while most of them have a stainless steel nuance that looks great in any kitchen.
These are just a few interesting aspects to keep in mind, but there are many others. For example, try to get a fridge-freezer combo which is ENERGY STAR qualified, meaning that it will consume less energy in the long run and actually save you money. Most modern fridges also come with automatic defrosting systems and mechanical thermostats, so keep an eye on those features too.
Construction and Design
The market offers you fridge and freezer combos in almost any size possible, so whether you live alone in a one-bedroom apartment or in a huge mansion, you'll definitely find a suitable appliance for your available interior space. When you open the door of the fridge or freezer, you want to find many customizable shelving options which can accommodate vegetables and legumes, large milk jugs as well as pizzas and large food containers. Today's fridges usually provide you with tons of space in the door shelves, allowing you to store multiple bottles of juice, alcoholic beverages and fresh water. There are even special small shelves for your eggs too!

When it comes to design, some fridges have a recessed handle while others have a regular, outward handle. The differences between those two are slim, but to make sure you don’t accidentally hit the handle with your shoulder, you might want to go for a recessed handle. Freezers also have several shelving units, depending on their sizes, and these too can be customized according to your needs. They are usually made of metal and specially treated to prevent rust and deterioration.

We like the fact that manufacturers have thought about small details such as equipping their units with door alarms. If you accidentally leave the door open (maybe you were too hungry and forgot to close the door), an alarm will sound after a couple of seconds, reminding you to take care of your fridge and close the door.
Performance and Ease of Use
Thanks to the fact that modern fridge-freezer combos have automatic temperature control and automatic defrosting systems, you don’t have to do much to maintain them. Once ice accumulates at the back of the fridge, the internal sensors will detect that and the fridge will defrost on its own. From time to time, though, make sure that you give a thorough cleaning to your fridge (maybe once a month) to eliminate small food particles, crumbs, leaves from veggies and so on. This should be done using basic cleaning products and only after you've unplugged the fridge from the power outlet.

Remember that your precious unit is also covered by a warranty period, especially if you buy from a reputable manufacturer. For example, big names such as Frigidaire or Samsung will offer warranties with periods of at least two years, which is very nice to have. Again, take into account your food storage needs based on the size of your family and your personal appetite (professional athletes definitely eat more than regular people) and you cannot go wrong when buying an upright fridge with freezer, as long as you purchase from a reputable brand!

Get the Best Upright Freezer And Fridge of 2023!

After analyzing the market, we've found that some of the best freezers and fridges can store lots of food, are whisper quiet in operation and don’t consume tons of energy. Whether you've moved into a new house or just want a new appliance for your foods and ingredients, these five options might be ideal for you!

Our Top Choice
Amana ABB1924BRM Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator With EasyFreezer™ Pull-Out Drawer
Best Value
Frigidaire FFTR2021QS Upright Top Freezer Refrigerator
Summit FF1935PLIM Top Freezer Refrigerator with Right Door Hinge
LG LBN10551 Large Capacity 2-Door Bottom Mount Fridge & Freezer
Danby DPF073C1WDB Top-Freezer Apartment-Size Refrigerator