Best Upright Freezer Reviews 2023

Whenever you find yourself in a situation with plenty of meat and not enough space to store it, an upright freezer will go a long way in terms of longevity. Combining the convenience of frozen food with a kitchen-friendly, space saving design, it expands your storage without cluttering. Check out our top 5 list of the best upright freezers to learn more!
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Our Top Choice
Sunpentown Upright Freezer
Coming from a stern, professional business company, this freezer possesses all the qualities of a proper business-person: tough, reliable, and with a frosty temperament.
A well-known home improvement company. A simple, elegant design. Stainless steel door. Energy Star.
It can rattle loudly and vigorously if positioned even slightly off its level.
3.0 cu. ft.
21.1 x 19.4 x 33.8 inches/57.3 lbs
Energy Star
Manual Defrost
Stainless Steel
Best Value
Midea Compact Single Upright Freezer
As a product from one of the most prominent house appliance-producing companies, this upright freezer boasts high-reliability and a budget-friendly price!
One of the leading refrigeration-producing companies in the world. An attractive snow-white finish. Adjustable legs.
The temperature control is a bit awkwardly positioned.
3.0 cu. ft.
19.7 x 21.3 x 33.9 inches/57.3 lbs
Energy Star
Manual Defrost
Stainless Steel
Danby Designer Freezer Upright or Chest
Built by a dedicated, family-run business called Danby, this upright freezer offers a well-known design enhanced with modern-day additions!
A well-known refrigeration-oriented company. A compact design. Three quick-freeze shelves. Energy Star.
Defrosting can get tricky.
8.5 cu. ft.
25.7 x 23.6 x 58.8 inche/124 lbs
Energy Star
Manual Defrost
Avanti Vertical Freezer
As a product of a well-versed home appliance company, this upright freezer has a number of interesting features to cover your cooling and freezing needs!
A leading home appliance-producing company. A simplified design. Full-range temperature control.
Obtaining smaller spare parts can be a challenge (if one of the hinges breaks, for example).
2.8 cu. ft.
19.2 x 21.5 x 33.2 inches/54 lbs
No Energy Star label
Manual Defrost
Igloo Upright Compact Freezer
Coming from a cooling and water-oriented products company with a long tradition of production, this upright freezer offers some attractive features at a fairly reasonable price.
An experienced company. A simple, cube-like design. Wire shelves. Leveling legs.
It doesn't come equipped with an inside light.
1.1 cu. ft.
18.2 x 20.3 x 20.5 inches/34.2 lbs
No Energy Star label
Manual Defrost

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What is the Best Upright Freezer?

If you're about to buy yourself one of these majestic pieces of convenience and design, we'd like to invite you to read through our top 5 list of models, so you can choose the best one for your needs.
Our Top Choice
With its simple and elegant design, this upright freezer from Sunpentown will bring back the cool into your kitchen! (both aesthetically and literally) If you need a smaller model that's just as good, check out this sub-zero white cube of coolness, also from Sunpentown!

SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet - Available in 2 Colors

Dedicated to quality, reliability and trailblazing innovation, the Sunpentown folks have produced a myriad of useful household appliances and home-improvement utensils. Over the years, their grandiose efforts have been crowned with a series of high-quality products. They address a wide range of needs, producing namely power generators, refrigeration machines (the UF-304SS Freezer is one of them! how exciting), vacuum cleaners, and a bidet.

Coming forth as a flagship model of one of their latest refrigerator-themed household series, the upright freezer featured on this list offers a compact size, simple design, and an energy efficient consumption of your electrical resources.

The elegant design features a stainless steel door contrasted with the black cabinet, a recessed handle and some front leveling legs for good measure. Other than that, it comes equipped to the teeth with additional gadgets such as the lock & key, as well as an adjustable thermostat.
The Sunpentown upright freezer list of features:
  • Featuring a flush back design for space saving
  • Freestanding appliance
  • Manually defrosted
  • 3 pull out baskets
  • Labelled as 'Energy Star'
All in all, if reliability, simplicity and looks are what you're looking for in a kitchen appliance, then this model from Sunpentown might be just perfect for you. Also, its unique energy efficient ways combined with the conveniently separated compartments make for a budget-friendly home-improvement solution!
Best Value
Offering a rather compact size from the outside, the inside space is large enough to house a smaller elk - this upright freezer is as space efficient as a Japanese hotel room! If you like the concept, but don't need as much space, then this smaller alternative, also from Midea, might pique your interest better!

Midea Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet - Available in 3 Colors

Employing more than 16, 000 workers in its refrigeration division alone, the Midea company is capable of producing more than 14 million pieces of cooling equipment annually, including various types of fridges and freezers. Along with having high expectations of their technicians' work ethic, the people at Midea's design team also sport a certain air of diligence and creativity. These two teams combined make for a production force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to the refrigeration compartment of their works, the designing principle seems to be simple enough: make it energy efficient, make it quiet! Within the model we've chosen to feature on this list, this simple goal was implemented in its entirety, resulting in an end product that is compact and well-rounded - a freezer of sheer excellence!

The simple construction of this freezer contains some convenient features. For one, it has adjustable legs for leveling out the freezer with the surface it rests on, along with a mechanical control controlled by an adjustable thermostat. Additionally, for extra tight spaces, the door has been designed to be reversible, allowing you to fashion the swinging motion to either the left or right side. Switch them from to time to time to confuse your family members and discourage your pets who just managed to learn how to open a fridge! It's also very good at cooling food down – the most important requirement of any freezer.
Here's a feature list for this Midea's refrigerating solution:
  • Separate wire drawers
  • A 2-year warranty on the compressor
  • Exceptionally low noise
  • Integrated freezing coils
  • Roomy 3.0 cubic foot capacity
This Midea's freezer is a well-rounded refrigerating product indeed: preserve your food and make some quality ice cubes quickly! Put your husky pup in it for a couple of minutes if it feels low in its spirits! The small size and the cheeky reversible door will enable you to position it in every way you desire.
Compact and easy to move around, this freezer can be a great solution for people with cottages, trailers and particularly small apartments! However, if you require a really petite freezer for preserving a just a couple of pieces of your favorite food, this Danby's cube-like freezer may suit you better.

Danby Designer White Freezer - Upright or Chest - Available in 6 Capacities

From its humble beginnings back in the 1965, spurred on by the desire to make the best, most innovative cooling products on the market, the Danby company has come a long way to gain the position of a refrigeration giant that it holds today.

According to their enthusiastic team, they are motivated daily by ideas such as: 1) creating compact yet powerful appliances which will inspire people and make them go on and be the best versions of themselves! 2) making sure that the machine in question freezes their food while they're away fulfilling that glorious task. With ambitions like these, it unsurprising that they deliver such high quality products.

As for the freezer we've chosen to feature on this list, we can say that it's a true Danby product indeed. It features a design simple and is compact enough to take up as little space as possible, while still offering a relatively spacious inside with plenty of room for your groceries.
Here's a list of important features of this Danby's upright freezer:
  • Energy Star compliant
  • 3 quick freeze shelves
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Integrated door shelving
  • Featuring a mechanical thermostat
  • Defrosted manually
All in all, an attractive refrigerating solution for a person living on their own or a smaller family. It's compact and lightweight enough to be positioned virtually anywhere in your apartment or cottage. As a neat side perk, you can also put more kitchen items on top of it, as it features a non-scratch top surface.
Sporting an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as a compact size convenient for any living environment - no matter how small - this Avanti vertical freezer represents a fine home-improvement solution you won't regret buying! If you need an even smaller, safe-like freezer, see this alternative model, also from Avanti. It doubles as a fridge too!

Avanti Avanti VF306 Vertical Freezer 2.8 Cubic Feet - White

Specializing in all sorts of refrigeration-oriented gadgets and appliances, such as wine chillers and freezers, the Avanti company has been providing both North and South American continent with cutting-edge products for over 44 years. The result of such a tradition is a faithful customer base who enthusiastically stand by the products they own.

Furthermore, Avanti's goal is to make high-quality products and to keep up with the times by incorporating technical innovations and new design solutions. The vertical freezer featured on this list is a fine example of their work philosophy, as it offers an innovative compact design combined with some old-fashioned yet fairly convenient features, such as the fixed metal shelves.

The technical aspects of this freezer are also well covered, and it includes an advanced temperature control gauge that can be accessed from behind.
Here are some more interesting features of this Avanti freezer:
  • Integrated recessed door handle
  • Flush back design perfect for space saving
  • Reversible door (you can open them swinging either left or right)
  • Adjustable front leveling legs
  • Full range temperature control
To sum it all up, featuring an easy-to-operate temperature gauge as well as taking up just a small patch of your living space, this Avanti freezer is one cooling solution you might want to consider if you're planning to get yourself a refrigerating machine. It's compact, quiet and does its job well - what's not to love?
This little box of coolness will click snugly into wherever you choose to install it in your house. If you need a bigger solution, check out this chest-like model instead. The cleaning is easier thanks to its defrost drain!

Igloo FRF110 Vertical Freezer 1.1 cu. ft. - White

Having started out as a small metal-working business in the year of 1947, the now well-known and respected Igloo company has come a long way to rise to the prominent position they hold today. The first steps they took in the market looked like a water-boy's struggles on a hot summer day, as their initial duty was to provide workers on the nearby building sites with fresh cool water.

In time, they realized that there is a notable lack of products which can keep the liquid cool and at the same time be small enough to be easily carried about a busy working site. Soon enough, as the 1950's were dawning upon mankind, they produced some of their first prototypes of the beverage cooler, a specialized tin bucket, with an Igloo logo written on it!

Nowadays, that initial bucket has been replaced with some more advanced design solutions, usually made of plastic. As for this model, it's been fashioned to resemble an ice box. Thanks to the additional features that have been installed, we can say with confidence that it is an attractive solution for people who dwell in small living quarters and can't afford to waste space.
Now for the features of this exquisite Igloo freezer:
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Comes complete with a reversible door - you can set it to swing from either left or right side
  • Leveling legs for fine positioning adjustments
  • Full width shelves for convenient storage
  • A recessed door handle
Light and featuring an all-white finish, this Igloo product represents a cheeky little freezing box perfect for a student or a smaller family! Since its convenient shape resembles a building block, you might as well use it as one, meaning that you can place it virtually anywhere or on top of anything without ruining the surrounding decorum.

How Do I Choose the Best Upright Freezer?

We’re all familiar with chest freezers – large top-opening treasure troves of ice and frozen food taking up space in the garage or utility room. They're simple, easy-to-use and don't take up kitchen space! In this particular buying guide, however, we'd like to avert your attention to another kind of cooling device – the upright freezer. With a small enough, standardized footprint to fit in your kitchen alongside cupboards and other appliances, these bring the features of freezing to a convenient place.

Nowadays, you can find these upright freezers in a variety of shapes and sizes. To help you find the best model for your needs, we've decided to make this buying guide to let you know the type of specifications you'd need to pay attention to. First of all, you'll be faced with the choice of size- upright freezers are produced in either minute cube-like sizes typical of a chest freezer, or larger, elongated models resembling your fridge. The first cubical kind, and all of its variations are usually best for students, people who live alone, or small families, as their size will allow for only so much food to be stored in one go. On the other hand, bigger models can be a perfect choice for people with larger families.

Another thing that stems from its size would be the number of shelves a model possesses. Typically, the biggest upright freezers feature about three shelves with plenty of space still left towards the bottom, which effectively makes it a four-shelved appliance. As the size and with it the volume of a freezer decreases, however, the number of shelves goes down as well. Moreover, many manufacturers usually include some sort of extra compartment, usually in the shape of a wire drawer, or a basket. All in all, it's safe to say the vast majority of manufacturers recognize the necessity to in a way segregate the inside of their freezers. For example, keeping all your meat together in one compartment and having another one free for the vegetables can be a great way to keep track of your cooking ingredients and have them easily accessible.

All things considered, organizing your kitchen has never been an easy task, and getting yourself a properly-functioning upright freezer would be a great first step. If you'd be interested in learning more about the other steps as well, we'd like to invite you to check out our other reviews concerning such kitchen essentials as bread boxes, breakfast sandwich makers, and bullet blenders. Only top tier devices at TopProducts, as always!
Like many other electrical appliances designed to cool something down or indeed completely freeze it, upright freezers aren't the cheapest contraptions out there. That being said, buying an upright freeze could be considered a long-term investment, so paying a little bit more than you expected, (if you've got the means to do so) can be beneficial in the long run. The factors that dictate price include size, energy efficiency and whether or not you can switch its hinges from one side to the other.

The pattern is rather easy to follow, really – the bigger the device, the more it will cost, and if its hinges come off as well (hopefully only when you want them to!), you can count a slight increase in your expenses right away. Of course, the brand will also play a role. All in all, we'd advise you to go for a famous brand even if it's a bit pricey, because they often come with warranties and a sleek energy efficiency sheet, both of which you're going to want in the long run!

There are cheap upright freezers available – below the price of our included models – but these are models we considered unreliable or lacking essential criteria. We want you to find the best value upright freezer available, not necessarily just the cheapest.
In order to help you out with this frustrating task, we've assembled a list of features to look out for when buying yourself a brand new upright freezer.

The list of the most important properties of upright freezers:
  • The Size of the Freezer
  • The Number of Compartments
  • Whether it Comes with a Special Basket
  • Energy Efficiency
  • What Kind of Thermostat does it Come with
  • Kind of Defrosting
  • The Type of Hinges
  • Are There Shelves on the Door
  • Levelling Legs
  • Warranty
Additional shelves on the door itself can be a great way to save some space and also line up some of the smaller food items neatly!
Construction and Design
While upright freezers aren't exactly the most advanced home appliances when it comes to design, there are still some differences between the models. What we're talking about is the 'squareness', or rather 'cubeness' of these freezers. The small ones look like a big ice cube, somewhat appropriately, while the medium-sized and big ones look like fridges, and that would be about as diverse as it gets with them. The craziest these manufacturers will go for would be the changeable hinges on the doors, enabling you to open them from either left to right or the other way around.
Performance and Ease of Use
About the most important feature of an upright freezer regarding its performance and overall well-being would be its energy efficiency. The higher the score a model has, the less money you'll be paying on your electricity bill, which can be an important factor in the long run. Also, if you have space issues in your kitchen, getting yourself a smaller model, preferably with the doors with the hinges capable of being swung either way would be the course of action we would suggest. Other than that, make sure to defrost and drain your freezer every now and then, and you should be good! We hope this overview helped you understand what sort of model would pique your interest the most. Good luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Upright Freezer of 2023!

Designed to look like a fridge and operate like a freezer, these contraptions keep meat and vegetables at a low temperature, so that you can prepare them weeks after they've been frozen (hopefully without Gordon Ramsay popping up from nowhere!). We hope our article helped you decide which one might be best for you.

Our Top Choice
Sunpentown Upright Freezer
Best Value
Midea Compact Single Upright Freezer
Danby Designer Freezer Upright or Chest
Avanti Vertical Freezer
Igloo Upright Compact Freezer