Best USB Lighter Reviews 2021

Setting things on fire can be an irritating pursuit if you aren't adequately equipped for the job. A smallish butane lighter often just doesn't cut it because the construction is flimsy and, at some point, it’s going to run out of fuel. So why not try a better option, such as a rechargeable electric lighter?
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Battery Life
Charge Time
Our Top Choice
Sparcker Electric Arc Lighter
Sparker is a company who puts all their focus and attention on manufacturing a versatile, affordable and functional USB lighter.
Chemical and butane-free. Versatile uses. Uses a plasma arc. Windproof. 100 to 300 uses per charge. Eco-friendly. 5 light battery indicator.
One complaint that the arc doesn’t always shut off automatically when pulled back down into the case.
Long fire starter
100 – 300 uses
Not specified
9-inches long
Bamboo, black or silver
Best Value
SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter
SaberLight is a brand who has focused extensively for two years to develop a lighter that doesn’t use harmful butane. They succeeded with a range of plasma arc lighters.
Pack of 2. Windproof and splashproof. Uses plasma wave hotter than fire. Airport safe & TSA approved. 1-hour charge time for 300 uses.
Some isolated issues with charging.
2-pack, flip top
300 uses
1 hour
Not specified
Blendx USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter
Blendx is an online retailer, manufacturing a range of useful products like a handy magnetic wrist strap for tools, a draft door stopper and a rechargeable USB lighter.
Lasts 200 times per charge. Flameless. Safe. Child-resistant safety lock. Windproof. No spark or smell. Green light indicator when charging. Flexible hose neck.
Some people appeared to receive lighters with faulty batteries.
Flexible neck
200 uses
Not specified
8.66-inches long
Black or red
HaloVa USB Arc Lighter
HaloVa is a manufacturer of a wide range of affordable products. Their range includes baby, household, sports, clothing and beauty products.
Stylish silver design. Compact and pocket sized. 1.5 hours to charge. Easy and simple to use. Ergonomic S-shape design.
Some feel the actual arc could be larger.
Pocket-sized with flip lid
Not specified
1.5 hours
Not specified
imenou USB Rechargeable Lighter
Imenou is an online retailer manufacturing a wide range of products focusing on convenience, comfort and style, including their USB lighters.
360˚ rotatable neck. Flexible neck design. Charge lasts over 1000 uses. Recharge over 600 times. No chemicals or flames. Blue indicator light when on.
Battery life isn’t as good as expected.
Flexible neck
1000 uses
Not specified
8.8-inches long

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What is the Best USB Lighter?

Even though electric lighters are still a bit of a novelty on the market, there are already so many different models that trying to figure out which one is best suited for you can get confusing! In order to get you through it, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 USB lighter brands and chosen one lighter from each brand to showcase. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and read!
Our Top Choice
The Sparcker Electric Arc Lighter is a convenient windproof, eco-friendly and rechargeable USB lighter. It’s available in bamboo, silver or black. If you'd like a model with a different shape, you can try the Rectangular Tesla Coil Lighters.

Sparcker Electric Arc Flameless Windproof Multipurpose Lighter, 3 Colors Available

Sparcker is brand that focuses solely on manufacturing a high-quality, functional and stylish USB lighter. They’re passionate about creating a product that’s versatile and affordable.

The Sparcker Electric Arc Lighter uses a special plasma arc, which creates an electric current that can light candles, campfires, gas stoves, fireplaces and more.

Here’s some more awesome features to enjoy:
  • Charges via micro-USB; get 100 to 300 uses out of one charge
  • Use outside, even when windy as it’s totally windproof!
  • Store safely with the useful safety lock
  • Eco-friendly; butane and chemical free
  • 5 light battery indicator; each light represents 20% charge
  • One-year warranty from Sparcker
This lighter is available in 3 colors; bamboo, black and silver.
Best Value
The SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter uses a plasma wave hotter than fire to light anything, rain or shine! If you fancy a USB lighter with a flexible neck, you need to check out the SaberLight Flex Plasma Beam Lighter.

SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Electric Lighter

SaberLight is a brand dedicated to manufacturing a convenient, functional and stylish USB lighter. For 2 years they focused extensively on developing the best possible technology to replace old butane lighters which are detrimental to people’s health. They’ve achieved this and used their plasma wave technology to create two awesome lighters.

The SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter comes in a pack of two, so you will always have a charged USB lighter ready to go! Here’s some features of these lighters:
  • Uses a plasma wave hotter than fire
  • Rechargeable lithium ion cell
  • Windproof and splashproof
  • Airport safe and TSA approved
  • 1 hour charge time last for 300 uses
  • Comes with USB charging cable and gift box
The Blendx USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter is flameless and safe, even featuring a child-resistant safety lock. Once charge it can last up to 600 seconds, or 200 times. Looking for something with a different finish? If so, we recommend the Plazmatic X Carbon Dreams Rechargeable Lighter, which is pinstriped.

Blendx USB Rechargeable Long Arc Lighter with Flexible Neck – Available in 2 Colors

Blendx is an online distributor of a range of useful products. All their products are built with quality in mind, including their magnetic wrist band, drill bits, draft door stopper, angle measurement and USB lighter.

The Blendx USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter is well designed for a range of uses thanks to the flexible neck that can bend and stretch to light hard to reach candles or maneuver between logs to start a fire.

Here’s some more features you can enjoy:
  • Flameless and safe, doesn’t use harsh chemicals
  • Windproof so you can use it outdoors, whilst camping, without any issues
  • Safer, no spark or smell
  • Child-resistant safety switch
  • Easy and convenient charging, green light indicator
  • Use 200 times per charge
  • Measures 8.66 x 0.98 x 0.59”
This impressive lighter comes in both black and red.
The HaloVa USB Arc Lighter is a stylish silver lighter constructed with zinc alloy and porcelain plate. If you’d prefer a more futuristic lighter with a power display, check out the HaloVa Windproof USB Lighter with Hover Detection Power Display.

HaloVa Rechargeable USB Arc Electric Lighter, Silver

HaloVa provides a wide range of products, all at affordable and reasonable prices. Their aim is to enrich people’s lives with their diverse and convenient products. They’ve got products in the baby, clothing & shoes, beauty & personal care, home & kitchen and sports & outdoors categories.

The HaloVa USB Arc Lighter is a stylish looking silver USB lighter constructed with high-quality zinc alloy and a porcelain plate. This construction is far superior to a lot of other brands who tend to just use plastic for price efficiency.

Let’s see what other features you can enjoy:
  • Comes with USB cable and cleaning brush
  • Takes 1.5 hours to charge and can be recharged 300 times
  • Ergonomic S-shape design is comfortable to hold
  • Easy and simple one-button control
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight
The imenou USB Rechargeable Lighter has a flexible gooseneck that can rotate 360˚ to reach anywhere. This stylish lighter is black, but if you wanted a different color, you could opt for the Imenou USB Rechargeable Lighter in Metal Gray.

imenou Electric Arc USB Rechargeable Flameless Lighter with Auto Power Off

Imenou is an online retailer that manufactures a range of high-quality products. They focus on convenience, comfort and style, with their USB lighters, LED light strips, hands free dog leash and electric make-up brush cleaner.

The imenou USB Rechargeable Lighter has a flexible hose neck that can twist and turn any way you like to reach all those hard-to-reach places. No matter what style of candle you have, BBQ, grill or camp fire, this bad boy will light it up.

Some more features you might like:
  • No chemicals or flames so it’s safer
  • End can be rotated 360˚ for convenience
  • Windproof, perfect for outdoor use
  • Blue indicator light when working
  • High-capacity battery, can be used more than 1000 times
  • Battery can be recharged more than 600 times

How Do I Choose the Best USB Lighter?

In the last couple of years, the art of setting something ablaze has reached new heights thanks to a sudden influx of reinvented lighters. Butane-based lighters were once the norm, but nowadays you can get yourself a decent-functioning electric lighter that can be conveniently recharged at the nearest USB port! Nothing is better than being able to charge your lighter, right? Unless you don’t have a charger, that is! But lucky for you, we’ve got you covered there, too, with our super helpful, super thorough reviews of the best AC adapters, charging stations, and portable chargers. Of course, any old laptop or desktop computer will do the job just as well.

Even though battery-operated electronics tend to be heavy, the lighters we've managed to find are both lightweight and small. You can’t really tell an electric lighter from a butane one if you look at them from a distance. Up close, though, these two kinds of lighters are quite different. For example, instead of a flame that's sparked by the combination of fuel and a striker, you get a little electric arc that's much smaller and emits less heat into its immediate surroundings. The arc electronic lighters can be handy in a number of situations, such as lighting a candle, because unless you place your fingers right on the lighter’s arcs, you can’t really burn yourself.

Although electric lighters come in all types of shapes, sizes, and even textures, you’ll find that some companies market their lighters as being specific to one task (lighting up the BBQ, for example). Of course, you’re free to use your lighter for whatever you’d like once you purchase it (unless you think the company is watching you), but take note of the lighter’s size and shape. A candle lighter, as you may have guessed, will be longer and thinner, and therefore not really suitable for carrying on your person.

If you’re looking specifically for a cigarette lighter—something small and lightweight for your pocket—you’ll likely want a lighter that has a shape similar to the well-known Zippo lighters. But you can also find lighters that are short and thin, which are best suited for those times when you need your lighter to be incognito (if you parents don’t know you smoke, for example. These shorter, thinner lighters will fit right in your shirt pocket).
Electric lighters may sound all high-tech, but if you look at their components, you'll see that they're actually of a simpler construction than their fuel-guzzling counterparts, and therefore cost much less. For about $14, you can get a nice electric lighter that’ll likely serve you well for a few years. You can also spend more—around $40—for a higher quality lighter. Ultimately, how much you spend will depend on what you need the lighter for and how frequently you need it.

This is one of those rare cases where you actually can’t get a cheap USB lighter because the cheapest price does tend to hover around $13 to $15. So, go crazy this time around and buy yourself two lighters since you won’t be needing to shell out extra cash for a slightly upgraded, slightly higher quality model (unless you want to, of course).
In a time where e-cigarettes and vaping have become so popular, it’s rare to see a smoker with an electric lighter. Although butane won’t necessarily hurt a smoker (the cigarettes are doing far more damage anyway), it isn’t good for the environment, especially if you’re using your lighter many, many times throughout the day.

One of the advantages of buying an electric lighter is that the amount of charge the lighter carries is based on the number of times you can light it (for example, some electric ones you can ignite 50-100 times before it needs more juice). If you smoke too much and want to cut back, an electric lighter can help you keep track of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked.

In the list that follows, we've compiled the most important characteristics you should pay attention to as you’re considering which lighter to buy:
  • Single or dual arc
  • Protective cap or ‘lid’
  • On/off switch
  • Time it takes to charge
  • Charging cable
  • Battery life
  • Warranty
  • Battery life indicator
Whether you need all these features or just some of them will depend on what you want to use your lighter for.
Construction and Design
Electric lighters come in two major variants. They're either big and elongated and used for lighting candles, barbecues, and other awkwardly positioned objects, or they’rethe shape and size of an ‘every day’ lighter and are great for lighting cigarettes and occasionally burning people you don’t like (we’re joking, of course!).

As far as designs go, it’ll depend on the brand you choose to go with. Some brands go all out on their designs, especially if the lighter is square or rectangular, while the more tubular-shaped lighters tend to remain glossy or matte black. You can, however, find lighters with Star Wars characters, Rastafarian themed, woodgrain, Matrix inspired designs, and tons more. Some companies offer engraving, too, so if you do spring for a luxury-priced USB lighter, you may want to engrave at least your name on it just in case you drop or leave it somewhere by mistake!
Performance and Ease of Use
Lighters have never really been difficult to use. Just a simple click of your fingers and viola! You've got yourself a flame. Electrical lighters work on pretty much the same principle, except instead of the striker wheel working in combination with the fuel lever, you just have a single button to push and that's it!

Some models feature an on/off button to help you preserve the battery life, so if pushing your lighter’s button doesn’t work, try seeing if it has a switch on the side or bottom. Similarly, the lighters are usually built with some safety mechanisms in place, like not igniting when the lid or cap is on, so if pushing the button doesn’t work, check to ensure the lid is completely away from the arcs.

It’s worth mentioning that these lighters don't need to be recharged all the time. Your use will determine how often you need to charge it, but charging usually only takes an hour or two. That being said, when you do first charge your lighter, make sure to let it charge for a good, long while to juice up the battery.

Get the Best USB Lighter of 2021!

Having a lighter that’s not only electric, but also rechargeable, gives you more flexibility in a variety of lighter-based situations, whether you need to light up the BBQ, a candle, or even a cigarette. If you'd like to keep yourself from refilling butane lighters, all while saving some polar bear cubs in the process, we recommend you get yourself one of these eco-friendly USB lighters! They look just like the regular ones, but are much more convenient and can easily be recharged wherever.

Our Top Choice
Sparcker Electric Arc Lighter
Best Value
SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter
Blendx USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter
HaloVa USB Arc Lighter
imenou USB Rechargeable Lighter