Best USB Office Headset Reviews 2023

There’s nothing quite so difficult as focusing on your office work when there’s just so much noise in the background. If you’ve been having trouble video conferencing or making online calls with the built-in mic and speakers in your laptop, you may want to get a USB office headset. We’re talking about superior sound quality and crisp clear voices! Here’s a review of some of the best USB office headset brands out there and 5 quality models you can get today.
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Cable Length
Our Top Choice
Jabra Headset for Softphone
Jabra focuses on helping people stay motivated with their top-quality intelligent audio solutions.
It comes with a noise-cancelling microphone, reducing any unwanted noise in the background. It also has a flexible arm tip, allowing you to position it any way you want.
Because of the impressive features, these headsets are quite pricey, but they’re worth every penny!
7 feet
PC, Mac, Gaming
3.2 ounces
PeakStop tech, plug-and-play
Best Value
Plantronics USB Corded Headset
Plantronics has over five decades of industry experience to its name.
Features simple inline controls that let you control the volume easily. It’s also lightweight, allowing you to wear it all day without feeling fatigued.
The wire connecting the headset might be a little thin for some people, but with care it works perfectly.
6.56 feet
PC, Mac
3.2 ounces
Digital Signal Processing
Sennheiser USB Wideband Headset
Sennheiser is a global audio equipment manufacturer that’s driven by the pursuit of excellence.
Noise-cancelling microphone that filters out all ambient noise, giving you better speech clarity. The large ear pad is lightweight and offers comfort for a relaxed fit.
The microphone can’t be adjusted from the left side to the right side, but it offers great voice clarity.
6.89 feet
PC, Mac, Gaming
4 ounces
Plug-and-play design
Logitech USB Headset
Logitech began in 1982 as a computer accessory manufacturer, but it has grown to become a producer of leading products worldwide.
The microphone is flexible, allowing you to rotate it out of the way when you’re not using it. Its plug-and-play feature allows you to use it hassle-free.
Although this headset comes with padded ear pads, it might be a little uncomfortable when worn for long hours.
8 feet
PC, Mac
12.3 ounces
Advanced digital USB
Koss USB Communication Headset
Since 1958, Koss has been in the business of producing quality audio equipment with its first stereophone getting attention globally.
The plug-and-play feature makes the headset incredibly easy to use. It’s ideal for a range of applications, including speech recognition and interactive gaming.
The earpiece might be a little small for some people, but it works great at reducing background noise.
8 feet
PC, Mac, Gaming
6.4 ounces
Plug-and-play design

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What is the Best USB Office Headset?

If you constantly handle calls with colleagues and customers at the office, you’ll appreciate the value of a USB office headset. Our review brings you 5 quality headsets from reputable brands, giving you important information to help you get the right one.
Our Top Choice
The Jabra Headset for Softphone is a binaural headset that guarantees you crystal clear conversations and impressive audio. Prefer a different design? Why not check out the Jabra Pro 935 2G4 Headset? We think it might a great option as well.

Jabra UC Voice Duo Corded Headset for Softphone

Jabra is all about making the world an exciting place to live. Its headsets produce crystal clear sound, making them some of the most sought-after headsets in the market.

For professionals looking for reliable and comfortable USB office headsets, the Jabra Headset for Softphone is a must-have. Retailing at just $69, it features padded headbands, allowing you to have them on for hours without feeling fatigue. The noise-cancellation feature gives you quality, unmatched performance. When it comes to the sound, you get to enjoy a wideband stereo sound with a microphone that has a 300-degree rotation for quality conversations.

This USB office headset is made to fit professional requirements. Here’s more it has in store:
  • Designed for unified communication systems and IP-based technology
  • Optimal positioning with its boom arm tip
  • Offers seamless connectivity to softphones and UC applications with its plug-and-play design
  • Capable of removing potentially loud and harmful tones with its PeakStop technology
  • Delivers intelligible communication thanks to its high-definition sound
  • Duo speakers and quality sound performance
  • Quality conversation with flexible microphone placement
  • Ideal for noisy and crowded environments thanks to its noise-cancelling feature
Best Value
The Plantronics USB Corded Headset is designed for simplicity and durability. It offers premium stereo audio and all-day comfort. Want a stereo binaural headset? We think the Plantronics Stereo USB Headset might be your best bet.

Plantronics Blackwire Corded USB Monaural Headset

Over the years, Plantronics has been a leading manufacturer of innovative audio solutions that offer clear and straightforward communication. Currently, its workforce includes a team of experts that work to deliver new technologies that increase mobility and performance for professionals.

The Plantronics USB Corded Headset is an affordable USB office headset that is currently retailing at about $44.95. It delivers professional quality sound that both big and small enterprises can rely on for their daily activities. It also offers unified communication that most startups find useful. The unique thing about this headset is that it’s capable of juggling between multimedia and PC calls thanks to its audio alert that manages connections. You won't have a hard time training your employees to use it as it's designed for simplicity and comfort.

Let’s check out more of the Plantronics USB Corded Headset:
  • Lightweight and durable design with a metal headband that adjusts for the right fit
  • Professional audio quality with its enhanced Dynamic EQ and Digital Signal Processing
  • Easy to use inline controls with an answer/end, mute, and volume controls
  • Natural sound quality thanks to its quality Wideband audio technology and hi-fi stereo sound output
  • Reduces and eliminates background noise with its noise-cancellation feature
  • Delivers speech clarity that enhances PC audio quality
The Sennheiser USB Wideband Headset is a high-quality binaural model designed to offer you impressive voice clarity and crystal clear audio. Want a monaural headset instead? Why not check out the Sennheiser PC 7 USB - Mono USB Headset. It might be just what you’re looking for!

Sennheiser Culture Series Wideband Headset with USB Connector

Sennheiser is known to exceed benchmarking standards with its futuristic designs. With more than half a century of experience to its name, the family-owned company is destined to grow its influence tremendously.

The Sennheiser USB Wideband Headset is designed for those who need to work with both ear pads for quality conversations. It’s an easy plug-and-play office headset that performs as expected. It’s a good fit if you’re planning to use it for Skype Business or online marketing. With its price point set at $76, this office headset offers convenience and comfort thanks to the large ear pads. When you put them on, you’ll be amazed just how light they are with a stable construct. The boom arm to this headset is designed to easily bend so that you can position it however you like.

That’s not the whole story with this headset. Here’s what more you can expect:
  • Offers quality speech clarity with its noise-cancelling microphone
  • Stereo HD sound quality that still works even in noisy places
  • Delivers a natural sound thanks to its wideband sound capacity
  • Built for relaxed and comfortable wearing thanks to its large ear pads
  • Easy to use with its direct call control to allow rejection and redialing of calls from the headset
  • Offers protection from acoustic injury or loud sound bursts thanks to its Sennheiser ActiveGard technology
  • Boom arm offers sufficient flexibility to keep the microphone in place
  • Smooth plug-and-play experience that’s ideal for office environments
  • Double-sided wearing design for quality conversations
  • USB connector and an integrated call control that is optimized for Microsoft Lync
Featuring a noise-cancelling microphone, the Logitech USB Headset allows you to enjoy loud and clear conversations. Want a corded option with a monaural design? We think the Logitech USB Corded Single-Ear Headset would be a great option for you.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone & Headphones for Computer

The philosophy of Logitech is based on customers and their needs for quality and functional digital devices. At the moment, its innovations are providing comfortable and fun experiences for consumers globally.

If you’re looking for USB headsets that can guarantee a crystal clear digital sound experience, then the Logitech USB Headset is an excellent choice. It comes with an adjustable headband that’s well-padded for utmost comfort. The ear pads are quite cozy, leaving you feeling good all day long. Thanks to its noise-cancelling microphone, you can be sure to have crystal clear conversations even when working in a noisy environment.

This office headset is currently retailing at $39.95, which is affordable considering its impressive features. Here are some of them:
  • Rotating microphones with noise-cancelling technology for quality conversations
  • Features a 2-year warranty on limited hardware
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows 7,10,XP,Vista, and also Mac OS X
  • Easy to use with inline controls for mute and volume buttons
  • Padded ear pads and headband for comfort
  • Quality USB connectivity
The Koss USB Communication Headset brings your conversations to life thanks to reduced sound distortion and high noise sensitivity. Want to go with a binaural design? Koss has that as well. Check out the Koss Communications USB Headset with Microphone and it might strike your fancy!

Koss USB Communication Headset with Noise Reduction Microphone

Many professionals are constantly looking for sound solutions that perform with excitement, and this is what Koss aims to fulfill. To date, its influence and reputation for quality are still intact.

The Koss USB Communication Headset is designed to deliver life-like conversations with its full-range sound construct. It gets rid of audio distortion thanks to its noise-cancelling microphone, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear audio. If you’re in need of clarity in your work, you can grab this office headset for just $24.99 and connect it with your PC or Mac.

Here are a few benefits to enjoy with this headset:
  • Offers lasting comfort
  • Full sound range for quality performance
  • Offers extended frequency response with its dynamic design
  • You can hear conversations in noisy places thanks to its cushioned ear foam
  • A headband that is adjustable for an easy fit
  • Designed for speech recognition and interactive voice applications on the PC
  • Crystal clear communications thanks to the USB connectivity

How Do I Choose the Best USB Office Headset?

When you’re on a business call, there’s nothing more vital than hearing the person on the other end and being heard, period! But what happens if your colleagues are busy narrating how their weekend was, or when your laptop fails to capture your voice clearly? Does it mean that it’s not business as usual?

Well, we have some good news for you. With a USB office headset, you can enjoy HD sound whether you’re in a noisy environment or not. It allows you to focus on your calls without silencing your colleagues. It works as good as an in-ear headphone, but it’s designed mostly for office use.

If you constantly speak to your friends or family through Skype or handle business that requires you to be on your phone for the better part of the day, a USB office headset can be a great addition to your arsenal. But your purchase might not be as easy and smooth as you would think, considering the different types of headsets out there. You can get either:
  • Monaural headsets – These feature just a single earpiece that you can choose to fit either on the left or right ear. They allow you to switch your listening focus between your call and immediate work place.

  • Or

  • Binaural Headsets – These are the kind that comes with earpieces for both ears. They look and work just like the regular headphones, but most are made with a microphone and advanced noise-cancelling technology for better sound clarity.
Whether you choose to go with monaural or binaural headsets, you will not only enjoy communicating over the internet; these devices will also let you listen to audiobooks or music as you chat or work on your computer. Better yet, you can also use them to play online games on a lazy afternoon. If you want to switch them for a wireless option when listening to music on your smartphone, we suggest that you get Bluetooth earbuds.
So, how much should you spend on a USB office headset? Generally, these devices are priced between $20 and $80. The difference in prices is of course attributed to the speaker and microphone performances, as well as the technology each headset incorporates.

The main difference is the speaker frequency range, which is measured in hertz. Some speakers are more powerful and deliver clearer sound than others, and hence are more expensive. On the other hand, the cheap USB office headsets might incorporate less powerful speakers, but are capable of serving your needs effectively.

Just like speakers, microphones also have a frequency rage. Some microphones are able to capture and transmit voices better than others. The trick here is that you go for a reputable brand so you will be sure to get good features at reasonable prices.
Once you decide whether you want monaural or binaural, you don’t just stop there. There are a couple more features to keep in mind for that perfect fit. These include:

  • Noise cancellation– Does the headset offer a noise-cancelling feature? You will need it to focus and concentrate on your conversations when in a noisy environment.
  • Ease of use– Is the headset plug-and-play or does it require you to install some kind of software? Where are the volumes placed? Is it strategic for better performance? Always ensure that the headset you purchase doesn’t make your life any more difficult than it has to be.
  • Cable length– Yes, you will want to know about the length of the cable as well. The longer the better, as it will give you more room to proceed with your conversations even when not near your computer.
  • Extras– Is the headset built only for conversations? Is it powerful enough to do gaming and listen to music as well? This is where the power of speaker comes in handy. If you do more than just making online calls, get a pair that can handle other functions as well.
Construction and Design
Comfort is one of the most important factors to look for in a USB office headset. If you’re getting this device, chances are that you talk regularly over your PC. You won’t want headsets that will make you feel fatigued or uncomfortable all day. We recommend that you go with those that have extra padding on the ear pads as they will guarantee the utmost comfort. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get one that even comes with over-the-head padding.

Just as stated earlier, USB headsets can come with a single speaker (monaural) or double speakers (binaural). Depending on your workplace, you can choose a suitable headset for your needs. Regardless of the type you choose to go for, you’ll get controls strategically placed within your reach so that you can either mute, decrease, or increase the volume.
Performance and Ease of Use
Audio quality is important when purchasing a USB office headset. This doesn’t just apply to the speaker but also to the microphone. You’ll want your calls to be crystal clear and your favorite music to be rich and full. Your microphone should incorporate noise-cancellation technology and a good frequency response to ensure that callers can hear you sound and clear, and not your colleagues at the office. Go for headsets that offer these benefits.

Right from the earpieces to the headband, USB office headsets should be padded in order to help ease vertical and horizontal pressure points. Yes, a model could be light, but remember that it can make you feel sore after long hours of use.

Get the Best USB Office Headset of 2023!

Improve your business productivity with one of these USB office headsets. If you want more options, check out other similar headsets by our brands for a good fit. You just can’t go wrong with them!

Our Top Choice
Jabra Headset for Softphone
Best Value
Plantronics USB Corded Headset
Sennheiser USB Wideband Headset
Logitech USB Headset
Koss USB Communication Headset