Best USB Turntable Reviews 2023

USB turntables are great vinyl audio playback systems that are also designed to convert music tracks on vinyl records to digital formats like mp3, and to transfer them to external devices like your computer and mp3 player. Due to the fact that there is a myriad of brands in the market, sifting through them to make the right choice could be overwhelming for you. To save you the stress, we did research on many brands that produce USB turntables and picked our top five brands that craft some of the best USB turntables. We are only spotlighting one product from each of the five brands, however, do note that these brands have several other amazing USB turntables apart from the ones we featured; you should check them out as well.
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Our Top Choice
Audio-Technica Belt-Drive USB Turntable
Audio-Technica designs and manufactures high-performance, durable and quality problem-solving audio equipment. Its products are top notch in the audio solutions industry.
Easy to use. Converts vinyl sounds to digital audio format seamlessly, using Audacity software. Produces high-fidelity sound. Built-in preamp. Connect to Mac or PC.
It has short output cables.
14 x 3.8 x 14 inches; 6.6 pounds
Windows XP/Vista; Mac OSX
2 speeds: 33 1/3; 45 RPM
USB 16 bit only
Best Value
ION Audio 3-Speed USB Turntable
ION Audio products empower vinyl-lovers and enthusiasts to go back in time as they wish, savoring timeless classics via modern devices in a cost-effective manner.
Has built-in speakers. Dedicated headphone output. Converts records from cassette to digital. 3-speed belt-drive. High-fidelity sound output. Seamless connection to external devices.
The built-in speakers are not loud.
15 x 16 x 4 inches; 7.7 pounds
All Mac and PC
3 speeds: 33 1/3; 45; and 78 RPM
USB, 3.5mm auxiliary
Stanton Direct Drive USB Turntable
Stanton manufactures high-performance audio systems with superior fidelity outputs. Its products are tools of choice and trusted by home users, DJs and other industrial users.
S-shaped tone ensures lowered distortion. Built-in, switchable phono/line RCA output. 3-playback speeds. High-torque direct-drive motor. Sturdy construction. Includes software.
S-shaped tone arm may conceal scratching.
20.5 x 7.3 x 17.4 inches; 22.4lbs
Mac OSX and Windows XP
3 speeds: 33 1/3; 45; and 78 RPM
USB 1.1 only
Sony USB Stereo Turntable
Sony, one of the biggest entertainment companies globally has about 250 products, covering consumer electronics, video games, computer hardware, and telecommunications equipment.
Lightweight with smart design. Easy to handle and portable. Connects seamlessly with your computer. Easy conversion of vinyl record tracks to mp3 files.
Its built-in preamp does not have switchable phono and line options.
15.7 x 3.9 x 13.5 inches; 6 pounds
Info not provided
2 speeds: 33 1/3; 45 RPM
USB only
Rock N Rolla Junior USB Turntable
Rock N Rolla crafts and delivers portable and stylish record players built using only quality components under strict and regulated quality control conditions.
Built-in, high-quality speakers for stand-alone playback. Unique RCA and headphone output. Unique and portable design. 3-speed playback. Reliable belt drive.
The device does not come with rechargeable batteries.
13.8 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches; 7.2 pounds
Info not provided
3 speeds: 33 1/3; 45; and 78 RPM
Bluetooth, USB, SD, and AUX

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What is the Best USB Turntable?

There are a lot of features you should consider when you plan to buy a USB turntable. Since you’ve read our buying guide, we believe you are now better equipped to pick the best USB turntable for you. We now invite you to go through our review of selected products.
Our Top Choice
The Audio-Technica USB Turntable has a built-in, switchable preamp that allows direct connectivity to a Mac or PC, home stereo systems, powered speakers, plus audio systems without designated turntable input. If you’d prefer a USB turntable with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, check out the Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable.

Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable (USB & Analog) – Available in 2 Colors

In 1962, Hideo Matsushita established Audio-Technica in Tokyo, Japan. Audio-Technica has a global reputation as a pioneer group committed to the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-performance audio equipment. Its foremost products were phonograph cartridges, but now it parades a wide range of high-quality headphones, microphones, mixers, wireless sound systems and other electronic products used at home and in professional settings. These products set the standard for high performance, quality and durability for live broadcasts, sound tours, corporate facilities, as well as recording studios, and they have attracted a myriad of industry awards.

Audio-Technica has produced quality products which are choice selections for vital installations in the United States Senate and House of Representatives, and have rendered flawless technical support and audio coverage in the United States presidential debates. Its products also render all-around services at top-profile broadcasts of various sporting events like the Commonwealth Games, the Super Bowl and World Cup Soccer. Audio-Technica, therefore, is a worldwide leader in providing effective audio equipment, and is committed to offering immense value to its customers globally. 

The Audio-Technica USB Turntable is a fully automatic, belt-driven USB turntable, which comes with a USB output that allows direct connection to your computer. It has a built-in, switchable phono preamp, which enables direct connectivity to your home stereo system with either a phono or line-level input, powered speakers, and other audio systems that have no specified input for a turntable. 

Some more awesome features of this turntable include:
  • Phono functions with 2.5 mV at 1 kHz (5 cm/sec), thus, you don’t need an external sound amplifier to connect to your powered speakers for high-fidelity sound.
  • DC servo-controlled motor belt drive functions at 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of >50 dB (DIN-B) ensuring high-quality audio production with perfect pitch
  • Power supply requirement of 120V AC (60 Hz, 3W).
  • You can plug this turntable into any regular AC outlet.
  • Its anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter with a slip mat ensures the safety of your vinyl disc
  • Weighs 3 kg (12 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 14.17 inches (width) x 3.84 inches (height) x 14.02 inches (depth)
  • Includes a dual RCA to 3.5 mm plug adapter cable (male) and 45 RPM adapter
  • Also includes a dual RCA to 3.5 mm plug stereo adapter cable (female), a USB cable, and the Audacity recording software.
  • These added accessories make the necessary connections to your Mac or PC (USB cable and Audacity software) or your home stereo and powered speaker systems (adapter cables).
The Audio-Technica USB Turntable is your go-to device if you want to directly experience your vinyl’s soothing audio or convert it into a digital audio file for use in other devices.

Other turntables from Audio-Technica:
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable: Has an s-shaped tone arm and three-speed playback.
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable: Has a tri-speed playback for enhanced audio output.
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP5 Direct-Drive Turntable: Has a direct drive system suitable for DJs.
Best Value
The ION Audio USB Turntable has a tri-variable speed belt-drive that affords you the luxury of high-fidelity sound output whilst providing you with seamless connections to external powered speakers and your computer. If you’d love a portable USB turntable with rechargeable battery, which can be used anywhere, check out the ION Audio Vinyl Motion Portable 3-Speed Belt-Drive Suitcase Turntable, which also has built-in speakers.

ION Audio 3-Speed Belt Drive USB Turntable with Built-In Speakers and 1/8-Inch Aux Input – Available in 2 Colors

In a bid to bridge the gap between the evergreen classics of yesteryears and today’s cutting-edge, digitalized sounds and music, ION Audio was birthed in 2003. Its vision as a company is simply to blend the revolutionary with the timeless. ION Audio produces USB turntables that empower vinyl lovers and enthusiasts to go back and forth in time as they wish, savoring the ancient with the modern. The entire ION family has manufactured several products for converting VHS tapes, audio cassettes, film negatives from the camera, CDs, non-digital slides and prints into what is now in vogue - digital media, thus making them ready for playback and easy archiving with the digital technology of today.

ION Audio also creates easy accessibility, and the ability to learn music creation, by providing instruments that employ the most recent technology and also make the learning experience fun. In partnership with its sister companies, ION Audio has developed exceptional products tailored to your satisfaction, whether you seek enhanced gaming experience, seamless music, or teaching your child to play a musical instrument. With its exciting and advanced technologies, there’s an affordable solution for everyone.

The ION Audio USB Turntable is a simply unique device. It does virtually everything, from input and processing to conversion and output of great sound. It has a belt-drive which runs at three variable speeds – 33 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM; this affords you the luxury of enjoying high-fidelity audio output with great pitch for all your vinyl.

Connecting this turntable to the computer is easy, as it connects easily via USB, using the USB cable that comes with the pack for audio file conversions. It also comes with an exclusive, easy-to-use vinyl and tape converter that walks you through the conversion process and automatically breaks up the different tracks in an album into separate files. With its 1/8-inch stereo auxiliary cable, you can covert audio files from other sources, like the cassette player, via the auxiliary input.

The ION Audio USB Turntable has its own built-in speakers, thus, you can relax and enjoy your records. It also has RCA outputs for direct connection with a home stereo. Amazingly, it has a built-in headphone output for your private listening. This turntable comes in an elegant natural wood color, which gives a perfect finish to any room. It weighs only 7.7 pounds and comes with a protective dust cover and slip mat, ensuring easy handling and maximum durability.

ION Audio has other turntables, among other offerings:
  • ION Audio Archive LP | Digital Conversion Turntable: Has built-in stereo speakers and diamond-tipped stylus.
  • ION Audio Air LP | 3-Speed Belt-Drive Wireless-Streaming Turntable: Has a tri-speed playback and connects with speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • ION Audio Superior LP | 3-Speed USB Turntable: Has multiple playback options - Cassette, CD, USB, and Bluetooth.
  • ION Audio Photon LP | 3-Speed Lighted Turntable: Has multi-color LEDs, USB connectivity, and a diamond-tipped stylus.
The Stanton USB Turntable has a high-torque direct-drive with three playback speeds for ultimate audio stability and it also comes with a digital S/PDIF and USB outputs for easy connectivity with Mac or PC. If you prefer a straight tone arm turntable, check out the Stanton T52B Straight Arm Belt-Drive Turntable with Pre-Mounted Cartridge.

Stanton USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable with 3 Playback Speeds & Quartz Lock For Superior Fidelity Output

In 1946, Walter Stanton founded Stanton Magnetics. Mr. Stanton invented a phonograph stylus which was easily replaceable; this helped to create a great consumer market in the audio equipment industry. One of the foremost magnetic cartridges sold in America was made by Stanton Magnetics. Its unique stylus enabled users to change worn out needle assemblies easily, without returning them to the manufacturer. This invention is one of the most significant in the design of phonograph cartridges used in most audio systems.

Stanton, as a leader in this industry, designs and manufactures high-performance audio products used by DJs, clubs and lovers of turntables. With over 70 years of consistent innovation, the company parades a wide range of products, including DJ mixers, turntables, high-quality cartridges, compact disc players, and other accessories. Stanton is a name you can trust in this industry.

The Stanton USB Turntable is a professional turntable with a high-torque direct-drive motor, for ultimate audio production and stability. Its drive has three playback speeds (33rpm, 45rpm, and 78rpm) and quartz lock for superior fidelity output. This turntable has a digital S/PDIF and USB outputs, which enables users to digitally archive their vinyl records collection onto a computer (Mac or PC) with ease. A music editing software is included for converting and transferring from vinyl to digital audio. It also helps you clean up and edit your music files for even more professional use.

The Stanton USB Turntable flaunts a tone arm with an S-shape, which guarantees lower distortion and reduced wear on your vinyl records. This turntable has a built-in fader for pitch control, which comes with DSP key lock for tempo control without affecting the pitch. This audio system is packaged with a Stanton-300 cartridge for super quality audio, a slip mat for additional control, and protective dust cover. Furthermore, it has a unique, sturdy design that guarantees maximum durability. The Stanton USB Turntable has a built-in USB connectivity port; this, with the supplied software, makes it much easier to digitalize vinyl records. There is also a built-in, switchable phono/line RCA output for connecting to powered speakers.

Stanton flaunts other USB turntables; they include:
  • Stanton T55USB USB Belt-Drive DJ Turntable: Has a 500.v3 pre-mounted cartridge, with USB conversion.
  • Stanton T62 Straight Arm Direct-Drive DJ Turntable: Has direct belt system with straight tone arm; ideal for DJs.
  • Stanton T55USB USB Belt-Drive DJ Turntable: Has a pre-mounted 300 cartridge with dual-speed belt-drive system.
The Sony USB Turntable has a fully automatic belt-drive with a dual-speed playback system; this endows it with its superior fidelity sound output. You can connect to powered speakers easily with its built-in preamp. If you’d prefer a Sony USB turntable with a switchable preamp, check out the Sony Hi Res USB Turntable.

Sony USB Stereo Belt Drive USB Turntable

In 1946, Masaru Ibuka started a small company – Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, the predecessor of Sony) with about 20 employees. His purpose was to establish an ideal factory that portrayed a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness to contribute to Japanese culture through technology. Its name was later changed to SONY in January 1958, and it later grew to become a group.

Sony boasts a wide array of about 250 products, spanning across consumer electronics, semiconductors, video games, computer hardware, and telecommunications equipment. It also renders exclusive services, such as financial services, insurance, banking, credit finance and advertising. Sony is one of the topmost entertainment companies globally. You know too well that Sony is synonymous with top quality. So, if that’s what you’re in the market for, you’ve got the right brand.

The Sony USB Turntable features a dual-speed motor at 33 rpm and 45 rpm, which enables the device to produce sounds at a stabilized pitch with low noise. With a fully automatic belt drive, the motor speed is automatically regulated by the audio system, allowing you enjoy maximum-quality audio output. To play your vinyl records using a powered speaker and home stereo system, you don’t need an external amplifier because this turntable comes with a built-in phono preamp. The built-in preamp ensures a well equalized superior fidelity output via the external speakers.

This turntable has a USB output for connectivity to your computer if you wish to convert and optimize your vinyl to mp3 files. Once the connection with a computer is made, the vinyl record tracks can easily be ripped and converted into digital audio files. This conversion is made easy with the Sound Forge Audio System Software CD that comes with this turntable. The Sony USB Turntable comes in a sleek design with precise and neat edges; this gives it a unique appearance. It weighs only six pounds is simply classy, easy to handle and portable.

Another USB turntable offering from Sony is the Sony Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable. It has a belt-drive system, with built-in phono preamp and comes with a 100-ft Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire.
The Rock N Rolla Junior USB Turntable has an automatic tri-speed playback that ensures high fidelity output. It offers three great options to connect digital devices - SD card, AUX and USB – and is travel-friendly. If you’d like to go with a turntable that has rechargeable batteries, check out the Rock N Rolla Premium Bluetooth USB Vinyl Record Player Turntable.

Rock N Rolla Junior Portable Briefcase USB Turntable with Bluetooth – Available in 5 Colors

Rock N Rolla was founded by Jonathan Kendrick, Marshall Blonstein and John Paul Dejoria, as a company that produces portable, fun and stylish record players with great innovation. Its quality and reliable record players are superior to others in the market because they are crafted to last, yet affordable. The founders have impressive records in the industry, beginning from the age when vinyl records were in vogue. Rock N Rolla delivers portable and stylish record players built using only quality components under strict quality control conditions. It’s definitely your brand of choice when it comes to quality, high-performance record players.

The Rock N Rolla Junior USB Turntable has a temperature-resistant belt drive, which ensures maximum reliability, even with heavy use. It has a tri-speed playback (33rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm) selectable function with an automatic stop function. Its super quality and durable motor provide accurate playback speed. It has a diamond-tipped needle for superior sound quality with enhanced care for the vinyl disc.

This turntable gives you three great options to connect digital devices (mp3 players and cell phones) - SD card, AUX and USB – allowing you to play back digital audio files from your mp3 players, smartphones, computers (Mac or PC). It allows you to record vinyl directly into an SD card or computer so you can convert your record to mp3. The Rock N Rolla Junior USB Turntable has built-in, high-quality, dynamic speakers and also a unique RCA output; this is for connecting to an external amplifier and/or powered speaker. It has a port for headphones so you can enjoy your audio privately without having to disturb anyone else. This turntable weighs only 7.2 pounds and has a unique, portable and stylish suitcase design; hence it’s travel-friendly and ideal for mobile users like DJs.

Other awesome turntables from Rock N Rolla include:
  • Rock N Rolla Premium Portable Bluetooth USB Vinyl Record Player Turntable: Has a smart suitcase design and can connect wirelessly to external devices.
  • Rock N Rolla XL Portable Bluetooth USB Vinyl Record and CD Player Turntable: Has an additional CD player function plus Bluetooth function.
  • Rock N Rolla Premium Portable Turntable Vinyl Record Player: Has multiple file transfer options – Bluetooth, USB, SD Card and Auxiliary, plus rechargeable battery.
Rock N Rolla USB turntables come in a wide range of colors including black, white, orange, red and blue.

How Do I Choose the Best USB Turntable?

Are you a lover of evergreen classics? Do you wish you could play your timeless vinyl records from anywhere, on any device and in any format, without being limited? Then, USB turntables have you covered. This device is one amazing innovation that has bridged technological gaps in the audio industry. Ever imagined listening to and enjoying your ‘old’ vinyl records via a portable audiophile headphone on your smartphone or computer? Yes, that’s what we are talking about.

USB turntables are simply audio playback and conversion systems. As much as we loved our vinyl discs, times do change, and very rapidly now. No one enjoys carrying a stack of CDs, let alone larger vinyl discs. Even professional disc jockeys don’t do this anymore. And yes, as much we love our digital age, love for music does not wane, hence we will not allow the timeless records of yesteryears to go extinct. USB turntables are not like the old turntables. They connect seamlessly with digital devices like Mac or PC, mp3 players and smartphones, and produce high-fidelity sounds when connected to outdoor powered speakers or indoor bookshelf speakers.

Now, let us guide you on the things you need to know to get the right USB turntable for your particular needs.
Right now, there is a wide array of USB turntables from many brands, but there are crucial features that make each of them stand out, and these same features influence their prices. Features like style of design, playback speed and type determine the differences in their prices to a large extent. Going for one that’s budget-friendly is a great choice, as long as it delivers a great service to you.

Our featured USB turntables have prices ranging from $70 to $240, and this encompasses top-end and lower-end USB turntables. You may be looking for extremely cheap USB turntables; yes, we saw them too, but their performance wasn’t top notch. We are only interested in showing you durable and high-performance products; hence we offer you the ones that will give you the required service.
In making a great choice of a USB turntable, knowing the exact features to look out for makes it easier and fun for you. Here are features to look out for:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Compatibility
  • Playback Speed
  • Inputs/Outputs
Construction and Design
USB turntables are of two types – belt drive and direct drive. The belt drive has a stand-alone motor that rotates the platter using its rubber belt. Belt drive turntables usually produce better sound quality, with less noise and vibration. On the other hand, the direct drive type has its platter integrated into the motor, so no belt is needed. This direct drive type is usually best suited for ‘DJing,’ because it has stronger torque and a sturdier build, and the time it takes to start it up is much lower. Hence, you can make the right choice by taking into account your major purpose for buying the turntable.

Several brands of USB turntables have variable playback (rotation) speeds. They are usually either dual-speed (33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm) or tri-speed (33 1/3rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm). Some USB turntables have a manual switch for selecting the preferred rotation speed, while others have built-in, automatic speed control. If you are not well-versed in the technicalities of turntables, it would be better to go for fully automatic turntables, because the device controls the speed regulation itself, thus you’d get a completely stabilized output here.

It is recommended that you choose turntables with protective dust covers and slip mats to protect the disc platter. You should ensure that you go for portable and lightweight turntables with moderate dimensions. An ideal USB turntable weighs between six and seven pounds, so it affords you easy carriage and mobility. Some USB turntables come in travel-friendly suitcase designs, and this is great for mobility. If you are involved in setting up audio systems in various locations, say, as a DJ, this could be a great choice for you. The more stylish and unique your brand of choice and, more importantly, the clearer its superior fidelity sound, the better you’ll feel, knowing you have more value for your money.
Performance and Ease of Use
The aim of everyone that buys a USB turntable is either to enjoy superior fidelity sound or to be able to convert vinyl record tracks to digital formats like mp3. For another sect of buyers, which is the greater population, they need it for both reasons. Having a turntable that is not compatible with the devices you have at your disposal does not make any sense.

Some turntables support wired connectivity, while others support both wired and wireless connectivity. The wired connections usually make use of USB cables and RCA to 3.5mm adapter cables. With these, you can seamlessly connect to your Mac or PC, and also your external powered speakers. However, a bunch of USB turntables do come with built-in speakers, thus, you may not need an external speaker to enjoy your high-quality sounds. The turntables that support wireless connectivity are mainly via Bluetooth Wireless Technology, thus, they can connect to external speakers and even headphones, which is super awesome.

USB turntables come with many input and output ports, and these vary with different brands, so connecting to any device is a simple walk over. The major output ports are the USB and RCA output, for you to connect with your computer and to external speakers, respectively. Bluetooth is also an output channel. However, input channels include auxiliary ports, SD card slots and Bluetooth; these are seen in different brands with diverse variations. In our product features sections, you’ll see them in detail. Through the various input channels, you can play back your digital mp3 files on your USB turntables. Connecting the USB turntable to a Mac or PC for ripping, optimizing and saving your vinyl tracks in digital formats is simple and easy, using the required audio system software, usually made available by the brands for each product. The beauty of listening to timeless classics on your digital devices surely evokes joy that knows no bounds.

Get the Best USB Turntable of 2023!

We appreciate you reading through this detailed review. We hope that you’re now better equipped to make an informed purchase. Now, do go ahead and place your order today.

Our Top Choice
Audio-Technica Belt-Drive USB Turntable
Best Value
ION Audio 3-Speed USB Turntable
Stanton Direct Drive USB Turntable
Sony USB Stereo Turntable
Rock N Rolla Junior USB Turntable