Best Valet Tray Reviews 2022

Valet trays are an essential accessory in the home; they help one keep little but important items organized and handy. Many of us have been in situations where we’ve misplaced a key, ring, watch, ID card or other important items. You probably know the inconvenience of having to look for your house or office key, just as you probably know the frustration of running late for work because you can’t find your ID card or car keys. Imagine having a beautiful piece of furniture or accessory where you can empty out your pocket at the end of the day; think of a valet tray. With all this in mind, we have done extensive research and have narrowed down our results to some of the best valet tray brands out there. Note that these brands have a number of products, but we have featured only one product per brand.
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Our Top Choice
Tech Swiss Kensington Charging Station
Tech Swiss company has evolved through the years from a watch parts company to producers of elegant and durable organizers that meet customer expectations.
It has different holes for charging cords. The different compartments make organizing items easier. The design fits compact spaces and blends with any home décor.
We found nothing negative said!
Desk organizer
15.1 x 12.8 x 3.7 inches; 1.3 lbs.
Black, beige
Best Value
Timely Buys Black Leatherette Valet Tray
TimelyBuys is committed to providing good quality gift items from top designers and ensures a satisfying shopping experience from enquiry to delivery.
It’s handy and functional with eight different compartments and is a beautiful accessory for dresser, desk or drawer.
Some customers complain that it’s smaller than expected
Desk organizer
13.2 x 9.3 x 2.2 inches; 1.6 lbs.
Black, beige
WOLF Meridian Two Drawer Valet Tray
Wolf Designs, established in 1834, takes pride in excellence. Five generations have passed down the distinguished trait of meticulous workmanship in everything it makes.
It's tasteful, has pen holders, one drawer for charging and a second one for keeping little bits and things organized. It also has an opening at the back for charging cable.
The drawers may stick.
Drawer organizer
18 x 10 x 8 inches; 13 lbs.
Bey Berk Leather Snap Valet Tray
Bey-Berk International has unique and innovative designs of useful products for home and office. These highly sought after designs have consistently improved over the years.
Genuine, soft pig skin leather lines the inside of the tray for preservation of stored items. It also has two square holes for charger-cords and is convenient for travel.
None reported.
Desk organizer
10 x 7.8 x 1.8 inches; 0.6 lbs.
Leather, pig skin
Profile Gifts 10 Inch Valet Tray
Profile Gifts is owned by, and for over 25 years, has consistently delivered high quality and flawless products to its customers.
Its interior casing is made of wood and grey artificial suede lining. It has five slots for different items and a black felt bottom to cushion stored items.
None reported.
Desk organizer
10 x 7.1 x 2 inches; 0.9 lbs.
Leatherette, suede
Black, grey

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What is the Best Valet Tray?

As you’ve seen on our guide, you don’t just click and purchase that colorful valet tray you come across online, no! There are many things you need to consider in order to make the right choice. Now let’s get into our reviews and hope you don’t leave empty-handed!
Our Top Choice
Are you looking for a way to de-clutter any desk, dresser or nightstand and keep small important items handy? Then you need the Tech Swiss Kensington Charging Station. It’s designed to make charging and storing stuff easier and keeps important items handy and organized. If you want a larger valet tray for the same price, you can check out the Valet Functional Tray Charging Station.

Tech Swiss Charging Station Tray for Cell Phones Coins Keys Jewelry Black

Family-owned and operated, Tech Swiss Company has, as its goal, the creation of elegant organizers that are durable. It first started as a watch parts company then graduated to making accessories that go with watches and similar items. This has served its customers well over the years.

The Tech Swiss Kensington Charging Station is the answer to keeping sundry stuff organized (manufacturer's suggested retail price is $39.95). The all-purpose valet tray has a charging area for cell phones, MP3 players and other rechargeable devices; this makes charging and storing them more convenient. The valet helps de-clutter any desk, dresser or nightstand and keeps your stuff handy. It has a number of other great features listed below:
  • 3 metal holes for cords that keep cords from knotting together
  • Compact, convenient size to fit small spaces
  • Sunken slot for holding little items
  • Sizeable partitions for charging
  • Total of four partitions
  • Design that blends with any home decor
Best Value
Do you need a well-designed catchall for emptying your pockets at the end of the day? Then the Black Leatherette Valet Tray will serve you well. It’s tastefully designed and has eight compartments that are placed to conveniently store small but important items. If eight compartments are too many for what you need, you can check out the Black Leather Mens Jewelry Catchall which comes with just one compartment.

TimelyBuys Black Leatherette Valet Tray Desk Organizer and Catchall for Phone, Keys, Coins, and More

For close to nine years, TimelyBuys has provided buyers with high-quality gift items from top designers. From answering enquiries about products to actual shopping and delivery of products, it takes pride in ensuring that customers get 100% satisfaction from its services.

The plush Black Leatherette Valet Tray (recommended selling price is $32.99) is a dresser accessory that might be particularly attractive for men. It serves as an organizer when you empty your pockets. With all the compartments in this tray, you wouldn’t have any problem knowing where you dropped important but small items such as keys, ID cards, watches and whatever else. It is beautifully designed and can be placed on a desk, drawer or dresser, whether in the office or at home, and it won’t spoil the effect of your decor. It has eight different compartments that are arranged like this: two side compartments, four inner square compartments and scooped front and rear compartments. It is very functional and handy.

Below are a number of similar products from TimelyBuys…
  • Black Leather Mens Jewelry Catchall Key Wallet Coin Box Tray Valet Change Caddy – It’s beautifully designed with black leather, it can be folded for travelling
  • Jack Cube Valet Tray Leather, Desk or Dresser Organizer, Catch-all for Keys, Phone, Wallet, Coin, Jewelry, and More (10.34 x 2.15 x 8.19 inches) – It’s made with synthetic leather and has a compartment for easy charging of smart phones
  • Red Leather Jewelry Mens Catchall Key Wallet Phone Coin Box Tray Storage Valet – It’s a catchall for small but important items and can be used when travelling
The WOLF Meridian Two Drawer Valet is designed to preserve and organize little but important items that can be misplaced easily. It’s a handmade wooden valet that has two drawers and is tasteful enough to fit in with other household furniture. If you prefer a tray with four compartments instead, you can check out the WOLF 290702 Heritage Large Valet case.

WOLF Meridian Two Drawer Valet, Charging Station and Pen Box - Available in 3 Colors

Wolf Designs was established in 1834 by a German silversmith, Philipp Wolf I. The firm has remained in the family right up to the present, crafting exquisite pieces that include watch winders, watch boxes, jewelry boxes among other things. With 180 years of experience, WOLF is a recognizable worldwide brand that takes pride in an unwavering quest for excellence. Five generations have passed down this distinguished trait of meticulous workmanship in the production of each piece.

The WOLF Meridian Two Drawer Valet Tray (recommended selling price: $205.00) is designed to preserve and organize your possessions. The handmade wooden valet has two drawers and is useful for storing an assortment of little but important items that can be easily misplaced. It has a number of other features:
  • High quality shiny finish for aesthetics
  • Glossy metal hardware on the two drawers
  • Top drawer for charging devices
  • Bottom drawer fitted to store up to 48 pens
  • Charging station with hole at the back for the cable
  • Modular system that makes it possible for it to be fitted with other meridian pieces to form larger units
The Leather Snap Valet Tray is a convenient way to store valuables and keep them handy. The compact and comfy design allows it to fit into small spaces and can be folded for travel. If you prefer a wooden valet with all of Bey-Berk’s typical quality, you can check out the Executive High Gloss Natural Wood Case.

Bey Berk Large Leather Snap Valet and Charging Station Tray – Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Colors

34 years ago, Serop Beylerian and Kurken Berksanlar teamed up to start producing novel items for home and office; thus the birth of Bey-Berk International. By combining their creative resources, it has grown from the manufacturer of a single porthole clock to having a catalogue of over 2,000 products in different categories. By keeping its commitment to continuous development and excellent customer service, Bey-Berk has become a real contender in the industry.

The Leather Snap Valet Tray is a square valet made of real leather (recommended retail price is $45.77). It is portable and mobile, a simple yet very practical item to have on your nightstand, desk or drawer. Because it is easy for one to misplace small items like keys, rings, ID cards and others (something we have all had a problem with), the valet helps to keep such small items organized and at hand when we need them. This product comes with some great features and includes the following:
  • Compact and comfy design that fits into any drawer
  • Corners that can be unsnapped and folded for travel
  • Lined with soft pig-skin leather to preserve stored items from scratch marks
  • Square holes on the two of the sides for charger-cords
The Profile Gifts 10 Inch Valet Tray has 5 slots and is very convenient for keeping odds and ends. It is made with soft leather with wooden interior casing that is lined with grey artificial suede. If you prefer a valet tray with fewer compartments but of similar quality, you can check out the Woltar 11 Inch Wooden Valet Tray.

Profile Gifts Ryan 10 Inch Valet Tray - 5 Compartment Leatherette Organizer Box for Wallets, Coins, Keys, and Jewelry

Profile Gifts is one of the brand names owned and operated by It’s a family owned business that runs out of California and has been operational for 25 years. It consistently interacts with its customers to learn what they want and then goes ahead to ensure 100% satisfaction. It also ensures that all items ordered are flawless, delivered on time with no complaints from the customer. It takes pride in a high quality standard, long lasting materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Profile Gifts 10 Inch Valet Tray has five slots and is very convenient for keeping odds and ends (recommended selling price -- $14.89). Each slot can be designated for particular items. Made with soft black leather, its wooden interior casing is lined with grey artificial suede and has a black felt bottom. It can be placed on top of a dressing table, nightstand or drawer.

There are other valet trays from Profile Gifts with great features. Here’s a few:
  • Woltar 11 Inch Wooden Valet Tray - Brown - 3 Compartment Leatherette Organizer Box for Wallets, Coins, Keys, and Jewelry
  • Black Leatherette Mens Valet Tray Catchall and Storage Organizer Gift Boxed – It’s a perfect handy size when snapped together
  • Max 12 Inch Valet Tray -- 6 Compartment Leatherette Organizer Box for Wallets, Coins, Keys, and Jewelry; Enough compartments for different items

How Do I Choose the Best Valet Tray?

A man gets home around the same time every evening. He’s usually exhausted so, as he comes in, he starts dropping everything he’s carrying. His briefcase gets left right by the door, any fairly important files go on the first table or shelf he sees, his phone usually ends up inside the couch, his smart watch rarely finds its way to its watch box, his keys get tossed somewhere, and so on.

The next morning when wakes up, he’s lucky to find his ties on the tie rack, but and spends a full hour searching for everything else. Sometimes he’ll find all of the things he tossed around so carelessly, sometimes he won’t and will then have to leave without them. This means that several times he arrives late for work; other times he’ll get to work on time but he’ll be missing his phone or the documents he previously took home, or he won’t find his keys and will have to get the spare from the neighbor, only to discover them under his couch a week later.

This is not good way to start your day. Using a valet tray will help you keep all your items organized. It’s quite simply a little open compartment where you can safely store all your items. It is a very helpful tool for organization and storage. You do not need to be as careless as the man above to benefit from a valet tray. No longer will you have to clutter the top of your table with random items, you will spend less time looking for your keys, watch or any small items. With a tray, you can simply keep them all in one place so you can easily find them.

We realize that for a lot of people, a valet tray can be an incredibly convenient item for their household or office. The problem lies in finding the right one. In this guide, we have made sure to include plenty of information that we hope will help you find the best valet tray for you.
As with every purchase, price is a major concern. To help you get an idea of what it would cost to buy a good valet tray, we’ve researched the issue thoroughly. We found out that a good valet tray can cost between $15 and $205. There are certain features that can affect the price; these include type, size, material used and number of compartments, among other things.

You would not expect a $15 valet tray to have the same features as a $200 valet tray, right? Well, that’s true. There are actually some that are more expensive than what we have in the price range and they come with features that justify that cost. All we can assure you is that within the price range we have given, you will get a good valet tray that will offer you good value. We know this because we made sure to avoid cheap valet trays that were of very low quality.
To properly determine which valet tray best suits you, you first have to know what features to look out for and how they affect your use of the tray. We have done the research for you and below we have highlighted some of the most important features to look out for. Some of these features include:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Color
  • Compartments
  • Charging Slots
  • Portability
Let’s look at these in more detail.
Construction and Design
There are different types of valet trays. These are mainly drawer organizers and desk organizers. The type of valet tray usually indicates its mode of operation. Here’s a brief look of what these two types entail:
  • Desktop Organizers - These are best placed on top of desks, shelves and such, and are usually left open to display the items they hold.
  • Drawer Organizers - Unlike the desk organizers, these are much like regular drawers but smaller. They are usually closed and can have many drawer compartments or a single one.
The size of a valet tray will determine the size and number of items that can fit into it. Smaller valet trays are usually more suited to carrying small objects like rings, earrings, clips and coins. Its size also determines where it can be positioned within your home. Large valet trays will need more space on the table, shelf or nightstand you wish to place it on.

The valet tray’s material is also important to consider because it determines how long it can last. Obviously, valet trays made with high-quality materials will last longer while those made with low-quality materials will likely not last for long.

Valet trays are, to a large extent, furniture within your house, and so it is important to note how well they match with the other furniture in your home. This is also why it is important to note the color of the valet tray. It would be unfortunate if you bought a valet tray only to realize later that it does not match any of the furniture in your house. A valet tray’s color will be either displayed or stated, so it’s up to you to make sure it matches your home decor.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the major ways a valet tray helps you keep organized is through its compartments. A valet tray will usually have several compartments you can allot to different items. Smaller items will go in the smaller compartments, making them easier to find, while larger items go in the compartments with sufficient space for them. By separating items according to their categories, all your items will be well organized and easier to find.

It is very likely that you will sometimes wish to keep your phones or other electronics inside the valet tray. In anticipation of this, a lot of valet trays have a special slot within them to accommodate your charger cords. This way, you can conveniently charge your phone while it’s in the valet tray. These charging slots will keep your wires straight and help you avoid having them tangled.

Some people will find their valet trays so practical that they will choose to carry them from place to place. This has been taken into consideration in the design of some valet trays. These valet trays have features that allow them to be folded or closed, so that they take up less space and the items within them stay secure during transportation.

Get the Best Valet Tray of 2022!

Having gone through all the reviews, we sincerely believe that we have made it easier for you to shop for a valet tray. Now go ahead confidently and make the right purchase. If you’re still undecided, take another good look of what these brands offer and you might get that perfect option!

Our Top Choice
Tech Swiss Kensington Charging Station
Best Value
Timely Buys Black Leatherette Valet Tray
WOLF Meridian Two Drawer Valet Tray
Bey Berk Leather Snap Valet Tray
Profile Gifts 10 Inch Valet Tray