Best VHS Rewinder Reviews – Save Wear and Tear on Your VCR with a VHS Tape Rewinder

Many people do not know this, but using your VCR to rewind VHS tapes regularly might wear the belt and strain the motor, making the machine stop working. This means getting a new VCR! These vintage tape players are not cheap, and a good one can see you part with hundreds of dollars. To save yourself the headache, and, of course, time, it’s a good idea to get a VHS Rewinder that’s built for that particular purpose. Here’s a review of some of the best VHS Rewinder brands and good options from each to get you started.
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Our Top Choice
Gemini Industries, Inc. VHS Rewinder
Gemini is a known performer when it comes to producing functional products.
Protects VCR heads. Longer life. Fully UL listed.
Slightly noisy.
One–way rewinder
No lighting
12.4 x 6.6 x 2.7 inches
1.85 pounds
No power adapter needed
Best Value
Dynex VHS Tape Rewinder
Dynex products are carefully designed and tested to meet quality standards as well as reliability.
Strong material and build. Soft eject and auto stop. Careful and consistent rewinding.
Some reports that runs a bit slow.
One-way rewinder
LED signal
11 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
1.5 pounds
Auto stop, soft eject
Kinyo UV-428 VHS Rewinder
Kinyo prides itself on creating a long-lasting impression with its video cassette rewinders.
One-touch button. Automatic start/stop. Auto soft eject.
A bit pricey compared to other models.
One-way rewinder
LED signal
14 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches
2 pounds
Auto stop, soft eject
Memorex MR100 VHS Tape Rewinder
Memorex was founded to bring quality products at affordable prices throughout Mexico, Canada and United states.
Easy to rewind. Slim design. Fast one-way rewind.
A bit noisy when rewinding.
One-way rewinder
No lighting
11.7 x 5.9 x 3.3 inches
2 pounds
Auto stop, soft eject
Philips VHS-C Tape Rewinder
Phillips is a well-renowned brand that specializes in quality electronics.
Compact and lightweight. Convenient see-through front panel. Starts rewinding automatically when cover is closed.
Only works for camcorder VHS-C tapes.
One-way, camcorder rewinder
No lighting
8 x 7.2 x 3.1 inches
1.1 pounds
Automatic power shutoff

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What is the Best VHS Tape Rewinder? Yes, You Can Still Get Them!

Just as with a VCR, it’s not an easy thing to get a good VHS Rewinder. There are countless options on the market. To be on the right track, keep the features we have talked about in mind in order to get the right one for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Gemini Industries VHS Rewinder is made to guarantee longer life for your VCR, protecting its head from damage that occurs from regular rewinding. Prefer a different model with two-way rewinding? Why not try out the Gemini VHS Tape Rewinder.

Gemini Industries, Inc VHS Rewinder - Saves Wear on VCR Heads and Motor

Since 1954, Gemini Industries has grown in its operation. What started as one man’s dream has expanded into one of the largest manufacturing companies. Gemini is able to meet any industrial needs while still offering a touch of personalized customer service.

Although VCR machines are not as common as they used to be, VHS rewinding is still a problem for many people. The Gemini Industries, Inc. VHS Rewinder is a classic item that solves the problem of wear and tear on your VCR.

Here are some features it promises
  • Guarantee longer life for your machine
  • Power supply is fully UL listed
  • Stops high-speed tape action that’s experienced on VCR motor during rewinding
  • Protects the costly VCR heads
Best Value
The Dynex VHS Rewinder is built to last thanks to its strong plastic and metal materials. It comes with a soft eject button, allowing you to easily remove your VHS tape. Want a good Videotape cassette that can record up to 6 hours? You will love the Dynex VHS Videotape Cassette. It comes with a pack of 4!

Dynex VHS Tape Rewinder – 120 Volt, Soft Eject and Auto Stop

Dynex doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to making its products – each one is built to last! The company focuses on delivering exceptional quality and value in all its product categories, ranging from mobile accessories, computing, audio and home theater.

The Dynex VHS Rewinder is made from plastic and metal materials, giving you peace of mind even when the machine is dropped. With its soft eject and auto stop buttons, you are sure to operate this rewinder without any issues whatsoever. To save your VCR head, just use it to rewind VHS tapes and you will leave to use your machines.

Here are some of the features of the Dynex VHS Rewinder:
  • 120V power
  • One-way Gray/black color rewinder
  • Rewinds with minimal tape stress
The Kinyo UV-428 VHS Rewinder comes with an automatic one way rewind function for faster rewinding. Want a more stylish option with headlight illumination during operation? Maybe you can try the Kinyo UV- One-Way Video VHS Rewinder.

Kinyo UV-428 VHS Video Cassette Tape Rewinder with VCR Auto Stop Soft Eject

Kinyo is a known industry player with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing excellent electronics. The Taiwan-based company has constantly been in the forefront of product expansion and enhancement. Its products have been known to grab the attention of consumers due to their impeccable performance.

The Kinyo UV 615 VHS Rewinder is a one-touch button video cassette rewinder that makes your VHS rewinding experience a breeze. It helps you preserve the condition of your VCR by reducing wear and tear, making your machine last longer.

Here are some of the features it offers:
  • One-way VHS rewinder
  • One touch button for easy rewinding
  • Auto soft eject to ensure you don’t damage your VHS tape
  • Comes with a manual for easy operation
The Memorex VHS Tape Rewinder provides great functionality in a simple, slim build. Want a VHS video tape that can record up to 6 hours? Check out the Memorex 9-Pack of Blank VHS Tapes.

Memorex VHS Tape Rewinder – Slim Design, Automatic Eject

With its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Memorex is manufacturing, and marketing company that specialized on making quality products. From Bluetooth speakers to headphones, to TVs and DVDs to VCR rewinders, you can get just about any electronic from Memorex.

The Memorex VHS Rewinder provides the experience of one-way fast forward functionality to make your entertainment experience more enjoyable. With an automatic eject function, this VHS rewinder will give you a pleasant nostalgic feeling every time you watch those old movies on your VCR.
The Philips VHS-C Tape Rewinder is a good example of what the company is capable of. The rewinder rewinds VHS-C tapes in just 2 minutes, saving your camcorder the battery power, not to mention prolonging its life. Want a nice VCR to watch those old, classic movies on your VHS tapes? Check out the Phillips Magnavox VCR and you might like it.

Philips VHS-C (compact VHS tape) Rewinder for Camcorders - Rewinds Tapes in Two Minutes, Auto Shut Off.

Phillips is a household name when it comes to electronics. It has been in the business of manufacturing various machines for long enough to understand what customers want. Whether you want a home theater, a camcorder or a DVD, it’s certainly the brand to go to.

When it comes to VHS rewinders, we thought to include an option for the VHS-Cc camcorder tapes. You see, your camcorders too can get damaged because of regular rewinding. Their batteries are not spared either. If you keep on rewinding the tape, chances are that you might not record your videos to full time. But with the Philips VHS-C Tape Rewinder, you are safe. The rewinder is compact to allow for portability and comes with a convenient see-through front panel.

How Do I Choose the Best VHS Rewinder ?

If you are a movie collector or still have those old classic VHS tapes that you can’t do away with, chances are you have a VCR or a VCR/DVD combo in your home. Well, these machines don’t come cheap, especially now that most companies are not making them anymore. If you have one, you need to cherish it and ensure that it serves you for long.

Unfortunately, if you keep on rewinding your VHS tapes using that same machine you might not get to enjoy its services a year or two from now. You see, with constant rewinding the heads that read the tape tend to get damaged, rendering your VCR as good as dead. How can you avoid this? Your guess is as good as ours – a VHS Rewinder! These are sometimes called VCR rewinders, but the true name actually comes from the fact that it resinds VHS tapes.

A VHS Rewinder is a life savior when it comes to prolonging your machine. It’s made to rewind or forward your tapes, allowing you to watch your movies when moving from ne VHS to another. And that’s not all – there are even those options made to rewind the small VHS-C tape in your camcorder. They prolong its life and even save the battery life, allowing you to record your videos for longer.

We know that it’s not easy to find the best VCR rewinder. And when you search for good options, you might find a lot of discontinued models because not many companies make them anymore. But don’t worry, just extend your search and you will find them in other brands such as Radio Shack and RCA.

Or you could make your own with a with a wire hanger and a paper clip, but we think that would get tiring, real quick!

VHS Rewinders - Boring And Necessary

VHS Rewinders are an essential tool for the Home Video enthusiasts. | Courtesy of Allan Hazle
Just as we mentioned earlier, VCR rewinders can be hard to find, and when you get a good one, you could spend a considerable amount of money to own it. But hey, it’s worth every single penny, considering the good job it does. Generally, you can get budget-friendly models ranging at around $59 or less. There are also moderately priced options going for $60 to $100.

The high-end ones, especially those from well-renowned brands, can be costly, going for about $100 and above. Some features that make them cost more include type (whether they are one-way or two-way rewind), speed and design. While you can find some cheap VHS Rewinders, we urge you to consider quality ones that are fairly prices. Don’t compromise your tapes with cheap models!
A VHS Rewinder doesn’t come with many features because it’s made for one job – rewinding VHS tapes! Here some things to keep an eye on:
  • Speed at which it rewinds VHS tapes
  • Whether it has a soft eject button
  • Whether it has auto stop
  • Does it offer just one-way rewinding or two way rewinding?
  • Does it have a lighting to notify you when the process is done?
Let’s check these features in more detail.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the design, it really doesn’t matter; provided the rewinder does it job. However, you will find some really small options that are made to allow for portability, especially rewinders that are only made for camcorder VHS-c tapes.

The type of the VCR rewinder is a crucial aspect to look at. Some of them offer just one way rewinding, while others offer two-way rewinding, meaning that you can fast-forward the tape to a specific point. Amazing, right?

VHS Rewinders can come with a lighting that notifies you when it’s rewinding and when the process is done. Again, this might not be important for options that open the cover when they are done. But if they don’t you might want to get a powered one that has lights or LED signals.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance and ease of use, you will want a VHS Rewinder that has auto stop. This allows the rewinder to halt the process once the job is done automatically and shut off the power.

The speed is also something you should look at. You see, there’s no point of getting a rewinder then having to spend twice as much time as you would have used with your VCR machine. Most of these devices are made to do the job quickly, with some rewinding a standard VHS in less than 2 minutes. But if you want a speedier one, be ready to dig deeper into your pockets.

Noisy VHS Rewinder? Let's fix that problem, shall we?

Fixing a faulty lid on an old VHS Tape Reminder. | Courtesy of Allan Hazle

Get the Best VHS Rewinder of 2022!

We hope you have found a good VHS tape rewinder that you fancy. Save money by sparing your VCR from straining the motor and get this useful machine. Take another good look if you are still undecided; every pick is a good pick!

Our Top Choice
Gemini Industries, Inc. VHS Rewinder
Best Value
Dynex VHS Tape Rewinder
Kinyo UV-428 VHS Rewinder
Memorex MR100 VHS Tape Rewinder
Philips VHS-C Tape Rewinder

VHS Rewinder FAQs

Where can I buy a VHS tape rewinder?
It is not a huge surprise to find that you won’t find these little gems in a lot of retail stores. However, this is not to mean you cannot get one if you so wish. You could look for an electronics outlet and hope they have one available, or you could use online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. These e-businesses have a vast selection of devices and brands to choose from too. We've done some research and reviewed five VHS rewinders that should work for you.
How to fix a VHS video cassette rewinder that does not stop rewinding
Let’s be honest. When was the last time you took your VHS video cassette rewinder for servicing? Probably a hundred years give or take, right? However, if you don’t have the time, money, or patience, you could clean the machine with a blower to remove any dust and try again. If it still doesn’t work, then consult the manual before and while you dismantle the rewinder. Try to gently clean these parts and then reassemble and assess its state then.
Why should I use a VHS tape rewinder?
VHS rewinders are the go-to devices when you need to get your VHS tape rewound before the next viewing. They were way faster than the VCR and did this work smoothly. In addition to these benefits, their use would prevent wear and tear from occurring to the VHS itself while making it very convenient, watching the tape almost immediately after.
Reasons why VHS rewinder not working
This device is made of a couple of constituent parts; they include the motor, a wall adapter, or a built-in transformer, some reels, the belt, and a few other parts. Problems with this machine are normally caused by either a broken built or the mechanical failure of some other part. Parts can also come off from their mountings, and in some cases, break off entirely. Test the power switch, test the motor, check the belt, and replace it if need be.