Best Vibration Platform Reviews 2023

Vibration platforms are ideal for people who want to improve their general level of fitness without lifting heavy weights or running several miles each day. These fitness devices are excellent for people of all ages as well as for those who want to accelerate their metabolism and improve overall health. We carefully analyzed the broad range of vibration platforms and picked 5 excellent ones from some of the best vibration platform brands out there!
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Our Top Choice
Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Machine
Merax makes a wide variety of products including furniture items, toys and fitness accessories. This brand also has an impressive range of luggage and travel gear.
Powerful 2000W motor. MP3 player incorporated. Comes with yoga straps for upper body workouts. 10 different programs.
Isolated reliability problems which were quickly fixed.
2000 watts
10 preset programs
2 yoga straps included
300 lbs
Best Value
Confidence Whole Body Vibration Machine
Confidence Fitness makes a wide variety of fitness accessories such as treadmills, inversion tables, vibration platforms and others. Its products are very easy to use.
Easy to use. 50 speed levels. 600W motor. Compact and lightweight. Comes with straps for upper body workouts.
Some seniors experienced dizziness, but probably because they used a higher speed level for which they were not yet ready.
600 watts
50 speeds
2 yoga straps included
300 lbs
GForce 1500W Dual Motor Vibration Machine
GForce makes a wide variety of fitness accessories, travel gear, TV wall mounts, kitchen appliances and more. It currently sells hundreds of products to a broad range of customers.
2 powerful motors. 6 operating modes and 60 speeds per motor. Comes with DVD with instructions. 1 year warranty.
Might be too expensive for some, but GForce also makes other vibration platforms which are more affordable.
1500 watts
6 modes, 60 speeds
400 lbs
Rock Solid 500W Vibration Machine
Rock Solid specializes in fitness accessories and similar equipment. It designs vibration platforms, yoga towels and resistance bands with various strength levels.
2 years warranty. 500W motor. Multiple speed levels. Compact, lightweight and portable. Comes with yoga straps.
Isolated reliability problems, but remember that the machine comes with a warranty period of 2 years.
500 watts
Multiple speed settings
2 yoga straps included
330 lbs
Clevr Crazy Fit 200W Vibration Machine
Clevr makes fitness devices, household items as well as kitchen appliances and selling them at reasonable prices. Many of its products are currently bestsellers.
Available in 4 colors. Built-in speakers. Supports Bluetooth connectivity. Compact and lightweight. Includes yoga straps.
Not the loudest speakers out there, but good enough for listening music.
200 watts
Multiple speed settings
2 yoga straps included
330 lbs
4 colors available

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What is the Best Vibration Platform?

As you can see, vibration platforms can be quite different. Don’t rush in making a decision without taking into account the aspects mentioned above. Let's go ahead and look at the 5 products we picked for this review and find out how they stack up.
Our Top Choice
The Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine from Merax has 10 different preset programs and a powerful motor capable of pushing out 2000 watts, seriously vibrating your whole body! If you prefer a more compact and lightweight vibration machine without handles, check out the Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine from the same manufacturer.

Merax Crazy Fit 2000W Vibration Platform Fitness Machine with 10 Preset Programs

Merax is a well-known manufacturer of household items including furniture, alarm clocks, outdoor swings for kids and many others. This company also makes high-quality fitness devices including vibration platforms, motorized treadmills and climbing machines. We like the fact that many products made by Merax are well-received by the broad public and its vibration platforms are currently bestsellers in the fitness industry.

For example, the Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine from Merax has a powerful 2000 watts motor which can make your whole body vibrate for hours, helping you get rid of excessive fat and toning your muscles. This device has 10 preset programs from which you can choose and it is also equipped with an MP3 player to let you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes while you get slimmer.

Another advantage of this machine consists of the yoga straps which basically let you work your upper body while the machine is vibrating. For example, you can work your biceps as well as your shoulders and get a complete body workout without spending hours and a lot of money at the gym.
Best Value
The Slim Full Body Vibration Platform from Confidence Fitness comes at a reasonable price and it has 50 speed levels to choose from. If your budget is not that flexible, maybe the Confidence Vibeslim Vibration Trainer is suitable for you. This model also helps you eliminate excessive fat and it is available in a beautiful red color.

Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine – Improves Circulation, Metabolism and Bone Density

Confidence Fitness or simply known as Confidence is a great brand specialized in fitness equipment for developing cardiovascular health. For example, you can buy multiple electric treadmills from this brand as well as vibration platforms and inversion tables. We liked that its products come at affordable prices and they are backed up by warranty periods of at least 2 years.

For example, the Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine from Confidence Fitness is available in a beautiful black color and it has 50 speed levels to choose from, giving you multiple customization options when it comes to your workouts. The display console features oversized buttons which can be easily pressed by anyone. The machine also includes straps for upper body workouts and its design is a compact and lightweight one, you can even call it portable.

This device is powered up by a 600W motor which is sufficient for most people and it will help you burn more calories and get more defined muscles. The maximum capacity of the machine is up to 300 pounds and ideally you might want to use it 3 or 4 times a week for about 15 or 20 minutes to get optimal results.
The Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine from GForce is designed to get you that beach body you've always wanted and it is backed up by a warranty period of 1 year. If your budget is a bit smaller, check out the Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine from the same manufacturer. This model is more compact and is available in 2 colors.

GForce Dual Motor 1500W Whole Body Vibration Machine with 6 Operating Modes & 60 Speed Settings

If you are a gamer, when you hear about GForce you are probably thinking about the famous G-Force steering wheel from Logitech. Well, the brand GForce we picked up for this review is not related to that, but it is an equally expansive and prestigious company nevertheless. For example, it makes a wide variety of useful and attractive products such as TV wall mounts, small pouches with zippers, vibration platforms and even electric air fryers.

We selected the Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine for our list because it is really a professional piece of fitness equipment. It has 6 operating modes and 60 different speeds for each motor, so you have plenty of experimenting to do in the long run.

The machine is actually powered by 2 different motors, so the benefits of the vibrations are greater. You can select between speeds and operating modes using the digital control panel which is intuitive and easy to use. Obviously, you also get an instruction manual and an exercise DVD to help you get started on the right foot. Lastly, the machine is backed up by a warranty period of 1 year. If you want one of the best vibration platforms out there, this is probably ideal for you!
The Whole Body Vibration Machine from Rock Solid includes yoga straps for working your upper body and it is backed up by a warranty period of 2 years. If you want a larger machine which also incorporates handles and an electronic display then go for the  Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine from the same brand.

Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Machine with 2 Years Warranty & 330 Lbs Capacity

Rock Solid is a professional fitness brand which strives to surprise its customers with efficient, reliable and affordable products. Its fitness accessories are designed to improve muscular endurance, burn fat, tone muscles and increase metabolism. Apart from vibration platforms, Rock Solid also makes resistance bands and yoga towels.

The Whole Body Vibration Machine from Rock Solid has a 2-year warranty period and it is a compact and lightweight fitness device. Unlike other vibration platforms, this one doesn’t actually have handles and an electronic display, but that's not a bad thing. Its powerful 500W motor will "shake" you thoroughly, helping you burn fat at an accelerated speed.

The machine includes 2 yoga straps you can use to work your biceps and shoulders. Thanks to its lightness, you can take it with you wherever you go and keep yourself in shape whether you are on vacation or travel for business purposes. The maximum capacity of the machine is 330 pounds and it has multiple speed options you can choose from.
The Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform Massage Machine is available in 4 color options and it can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, making it ideal for most people. If you require a more sophisticated machine which also includes handles and an electronic display, go for the Crazy Fit Pro Vibration Massage Fitness Machine from the same brand.

Clevr Crazy Fit 200W Full Body Vibration Platform Massage Machine with 99 Speed Levels – Available in 4 Colors

Clevr is another brand that surprises us with the sheer size of its product range. For example, you can get fitness devices from this brand as well as outdoor dog houses, commercial deep fryers, electronic keypads and even party gazebos which can be used for outdoor party purposes.

The Crazy Fit Full Body Vibration Platform Massage Machine we picked up for this review is crazy indeed! This model is available in 4 color options such as black, red and 2 shades of pink. Its motor might not be particularly jaw-dropping (only 200W of power), but it is sufficient to shake you thoroughly and activate your muscles, so that you burn more fat and start sweating toxins out of your body.

The machine also has a capacity of 330 pounds and it is relatively silent when operating. This means that you can enjoy an intense workout without waking up your family members or neighbors. You can monitor your progress on the LCD display incorporated into the design of the machine. You can even connect your phone to the machine via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music while working out as this model comes with built-in speakers.

How Do I Choose the Best Vibration Platform?

There are so many attractive and easy-to-use fitness devices out there that it would actually be a pity not to take advantage of them to lose a few pounds, eliminate cellulite or get a stronger upper body. For example, you can opt for elliptical machines, treadmills, upright bikes, home gyms and plenty other fitness accessories. These products are designed by experts to help you achieve your fitness goals quicker and easier.

In a similar fashion, you might also be interested in a vibration machine which basically gives you tons of health benefits without requiring for you to undertake too much effort. You just step onto the platform, press the start button and select your preferred speed setting. The vibration machine is equipped with a powerful motor which will literally shake fat off of you. The vibrations sent to your body will contract and relax your muscles multiple times every second, improving circulation, stamina, metabolism and general level of fitness.

If this sounds very attractive and interesting to you, well, there's more good news to come. We have created this guide to give you the basics when it comes to vibration platforms and help you pick the right one for your needs. Continue reading and soon you'll know everything you need to know about vibration platforms.
Let's start with the price factor, just to get this out of our way. You might be happy to find out that the price for a good vibration machine starts around $130, so it is not particularly expensive or inaccessible. At the same time, a more sophisticated and advanced machine might cost in excess of $1,500 and although that sounds like a lot of money, the health benefits you get are actually priceless. Obviously, most vibration machines fall somewhere in between when it comes to their cost and they have sufficient features to help you achieve that beach body you've always wanted.

Of course, there are multiple cheap vibration platforms out there, usually priced way below the $130 mark, but you should seriously stay away from them. These products are cheap because they are made from poor quality materials and they don’t come with as many operating modes as more expensive models feature.
Now let's actually dive into the problem and see what makes a vibration platform special and different from the other.
  • Type - some vibration machines feature handles, so they look like an elliptical machine, while others come with just the platform and 2 straps for performing upper body workouts
  • Motor - this is basically the engine which will shake your muscles and help you sweat. Most machines come with motors around 500-1000 watts, but obviously this is not written in stone
  • Capacity - the platform itself is pretty strong and it can hold up to 300-330 lbs of weight
  • Settings - each machine has its own settings, but it is important for you to know right from the start what you are paying for. As an example, a really sophisticated machine might have more than 60-70 speed settings, allowing you to enjoy a different workout each time
Before purchasing, make a list with priorities. Is capacity that important to you? What about power and operating modes? Once you have a few ideas jotted down you'll be able to make a better decision.
Construction and Design
When it comes to design, most high-quality vibration platforms are made from superior and durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or iron. Basically, the frame of the machine is designed to be as strong as possible, to support your weight and the endless vibrations produced by the powerful motor.

At the same time, the platform you are sitting on is usually made from rubber or a similar material which prevents skidding. This adds safety and lets you enjoy a good workout having more peace of mind. In some cases, the platform itself might also feature small grooves which direct sweat away from the machine itself. Yes, you're going to sweat heavily on this machine!

As mentioned earlier, some machines include the handles and usually an electronic display, others are simpler and more compact. This doesn’t mean that the latter ones are of poorer quality; they are just built to be portable and easy to store. In many cases, you'll also get yoga straps in the package which can attach to the platform, letting you enjoy a serious upper body workout.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's fitness devices are very easy to use as they have LCD displays, oversized buttons and also include instructional DVDs and manuals in the package. A high-quality vibration platform is also accompanied by a warranty period of 1 or 2 years, so remember to go for these models to ensure that any reliability problems will be well taken care of.

As far as performance goes, most vibration platforms are ideal for both experienced fitness enthusiasts as well as novice ones. Apart from selecting from multiple-speed settings (which basically means that you can get a more intense workout), you can also choose from various operating modes and even have the ability to connect your smartphone to the device and listen to your favorite music. If anything related to gym, exercise and fitness gave you headaches before, a vibration platform is actually the best tool to start your fitness journey on the right foot!

Get the Best Vibration Platform of 2023!

Taking care of your health is your own responsibility and as you can see, it is not harder than stepping on a vibration platform and pressing the power button. So go ahead and choose the best vibration platform that’s right for you. Give it a try and in a few days you'll know you haven’t made a mistake by buying one of these machines!

Our Top Choice
Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Machine
Best Value
Confidence Whole Body Vibration Machine
GForce 1500W Dual Motor Vibration Machine
Rock Solid 500W Vibration Machine
Clevr Crazy Fit 200W Vibration Machine