Best Volleyball Net Reviews 2023

These days, there’s hardly anything one can simply go online and pick with ease. There appears to always be a wide variety of options to choose from, making the process more tedious, as is the case with choosing volleyball nets. While some enjoy comparing between products, many just want to get what’s best for them so they can move on to other things. If you’re one such individual, then you’re in luck as we have taken some time to research volleyball nets and have found five top brands that make great nets. To help you understand their quality, we’ve chosen one product per brand for our review.
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Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Olympic Volleyball Net
Since its inception in 1961, Champion Sports has manufactured a superior assortment of products, creating experiences that help customers achieve desired goals.
Sturdy and easy to set up. Retains elasticity for a long time. Holds up really well against rain and wind.
The net has a slight odor when the package is first opened.
Net only
32 x 3 1/8 feet
Best Value
Mikasa Sports Volleyball Net
Mikasa maintains the perfect blend of passion, inspiration, and cutting-edge technology in each game net. This undeniably speaks of excellence.
Affordable, fits most poles, is sturdy and durable, and comes with a free carrying case. Easy to install.
Some users have complained that the net fits tightly into its plastic case.
Net only
32 x 3 feet
Competition quality
Weather treated
Park & Sun Classic Volleyball Net System
Over 30 years ago, Park and Sun Sports innovated volleyball nets with its Spectrum volleyball net series which is unmatched in its portability and ease of use.
Well-designed and high-quality. Easy to setup. Heavy-duty materials and yet portable. Easy to adjust tension. Sturdy carrying bag.
When it rains, the bottom of the net sags because water collects in it.
Volleyball system
32 x 3 feet
Nylon net/aluminum poles
Reinforced corners & side sleeves
Gold Medal Macgregor Pro Volleyball Net
  BSN SPORTS based in the US, is a brand that desires to be the best – and in so doing, it wants to help you become your best with its quality products.
High-quality, made from heavy-duty materials for durability. Solid dowels on each side for easy installation.
Some customers believe the net is too heavy.
Net only
32 x 3 feet 3 inches
Reinforced with steel cables
Champro Recreational Volleyball Net
Champro Sports is the place to look if you want high-quality sports equipment, crafted to keep the customer happy and the brand continuously growing better.
Affordable, good quality for home use. Functional and effective. Extremely versatile.
Not suitable for professional use.
Net only
30 x 3 feet
Recreational net
Reinforced top

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What is the Best Volleyball Net?

The volleyball net that’s right for you can only be determined by you, after you’ve considered all the factors and features that have been mentioned and explained. Armed with the information you now possess, let’s begin to look at each of our top 5 selections closely. When you find what you like, take note of it.
Our Top Choice
The Champion Sports Olympic Power Volleyball Net is a professional net made from the best of materials which include a rip-resistant 3 mm knotless nylon netting. It withstands the rigors of professional play. Need a more affordable option for casual gameplay? Try the Champion Sports Vinyl Volleyball Nets which are available in multiple sizes for you to choose from.

Champion Sports Official Olympic Power Volleyball Net – Durable Side Pockets, Rip-Resistant Nylon

Since its inception in 1961, Champion Sports has been manufacturing high-grade sporting equipment, and today prides itself in offering a superior assortment of products and services guaranteed to create experiences that won’t disappoint.

The Champion Sports Olympic Power Volleyball Net is a professional, resilient net that’s great for tournaments. Made from the best grade materials, it’s made to withstand fraying, tearing, and slacking during intensive gameplay.

This product’s features include:
  • Olympic-style power net
  • 3 mm knotless nylon netting
  • Vinyl-coated steel cable
  • Net dimensions of 32 feet x 3 1/8 feet
  • Durable side pockets
  • Dowels to maintain net's shape
Best Value
The Mikasa Sports Volleyball Net is ideal for indoor and outdoor games. Made of polyester netting with aircraft steel cable, it’s prepared for the worst. If you also love a beautifully designed ball, the Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball is it! This ball is available in multiple colors and comes at a reasonable price!

Mikasa Sports Competition Volleyball Net – Steel Cables, Polyester Netting, Good for Beach or Backyard Games

Long before the game of volleyball became a very big deal, Mikasa Sports has been creating and perfecting quality products. Having started in Hiroshima, Japan over 89 years ago, Mikasa Sports became the standard - since there was none - by infusing passion, inspiration, and cutting-edge technology into every product made.
The Mikasa Competition Volleyball Net suits both indoor and outdoor competitions as it’s been treated to withstand harsh weather. This high-quality net is made of polyester netting with aircraft steel cable, and it measures 32 x 3 feet. As an added bonus, it comes with a free carrying plastic case and it is ridiculously easy to install.

Aside from volleyball nets, Mikasa Sports offer other accessories you may need for your volleyball game. These include:
  • Mikasa Indoor and Outdoor Olympic Replica Volleyball - Soft stitched, official size
  • Mikasa Beach Classic Volleyball - Official size and weight
  • Mikasa Official FIVB Super Lightweight Training Ball - Foam covered, low impact
  • Mikasa Squish No-Sting Volleyball - Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • 2012 London Olympic Beach Volleyball - For beach/pool games
  • Mikasa Starter Two 7 Ounce Oversized Volleyball - For training
  • Mikasa Dimpled Micro-Fiber Cover Volleyball - Trainer volleyball
  • Mikasa Outdoor Replica Volleyball - Game ball of the NVL
The Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Volleyball Net System is a professional net for competitive athletes and it comes in several color options. It’s also portable and sets up quickly - you can even pack it up in the equipment bag provided. Don’t have a very flexible budget? Try the Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net System which comes with a volleyball, carrying case and other accessories.

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Outdoor Volleyball Net System – Available In 5 Colors

Park and Sun Sports has achieved a lot in the world of sporting equipment. Over 30 years ago, it set out to innovate volleyball nets with its introduction of the Spectrum volleyball net series, unmatched in its portability and ease of use. Till date, this net still remains a favorite among competitive and casual players, not forgetting tournament organizers.

The Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net is a professional volleyball net for competitive athletes. It’s highly portable and sets up quickly to provide a fun game for every player. You can as easily pack it up for storage in the equipment bag provided.

This product’s features include:
  • A 32-foot-long and 3-foot-high regulation-sized net
  • 2-inch telescoping aircraft aluminum volleyball poles with pushbutton lock systems, providing three height settings
  • 5/16-inch pre-measured volleyball boundary, corner anchors, and cord winder
  • 6-inch side sleeves
  • Available in colors such as yellow, red, white green or blue
  • 12-inch ground stakes for additional stability
  • Equipment bag made from polyester
The Gold Medal Pro Power 2 Volleyball Net is a regulation-sized net that grants players the chance to feel like true athletes. It’s made from 2.5-millimeter-thick polyethylene for durability. Need a more affordable high-quality net? Try the Econo-Standard Volleyball Net which can also be used indoors.

Gold Medal Macgregor Pro Power 2 Volleyball Net – Regulation-Sized Net, Made from Polyethylene

BSN SPORTS based in the US, is a brand that desires to be the best – and in so doing, it wants to help you become your best with its quality products. If you’re in the market for sports equipment or tools, you can’t go wrong with this beloved brand.

The Gold Medal Pro Power 2 Volleyball Net is a regulation-sized volleyball net that grants players the chance to feel like true athletes. Compete like an Olympian in your gymnasiums and beaches with this durable net. Made from 2.5-millimeter-thick polyethylene and featuring 2-inch, heavy-duty, 18-ounce vinyl liners, you can be certain it will last for a long time.

This product offers features that include:
  • Reinforcing cables with a thickness of 1/8-inches
  • Designed for double ratchet systems
  • Vinyl liners along top and bottom
  • Wood dowels on the side
  • Synthetic leather covers for the dowels
The Champro Recreational Net is a good quality net made of 1.7 mm twisted polyethylene. It also has a top reinforced with 4 mm coated polyethylene. Looking for a professional training net? Take a look at the Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen which delivers infinite rebound angles and it is an ideal training tool!

Champro Recreational Volleyball Net – 30 Feet, Polyethylene Top, Braided Rope Mesh

Champro Sports’ cutting-edge equipment and apparel has been trusted by America’s athletes for over 25 years. Its high-performing products are manufactured with nothing but the best in mind, and according to the highest specifications and standards.

The Champro Recreational Net is a good quality, standard-sized net made of 1.7 mm twisted polyethylene. It has a top reinforced with 4 mm coated polyethylene and can be used on the court or in the pool. This level of versatility is sure to please you and your family, wherever you go – not to mention its durability!

Champro has other great products. Here are some of them:
  • Champro Indoor/Outdoor Net with Rope Cable – 2.5 mm polyethylene net
  • Champro Twisted Volleyball Net - Features a vinyl headband for added strength
  • Champro Twisted Volleyball Net (Black/White; 2.0-mm) - 2.0 mm twisted polyethylene
  • Champro Varsity Volleyball Net - 2.0mm polyethylene net
  • Champro Twisted Volleyball Net (Black/White, 2.0-mm) - fiberglass dowels
  • Champro Twisted Volleyball Net (Black/White, 2.5-mm) - Fiberglass dowels
  • Champro Volleyball Antenna with Sleeve Set – Pockets that lace to net

How Do I Choose the Best Volleyball Net?

It’s a nice summer afternoon. The trees sway gently from side to side as they’re teased by the cool breeze blowing through. The birds are singing, the leaves rustling, and from a distance, the breeze blows to you happy shrieks, yelps, and laughter that indicate a swell time. You trace your way down to the source of the racket and discover a family making the most of the lovely weather, playing a game of volleyball in their yard while someone cooks on the grill.

You’ll agree that it’s always a lovely sight, seeing family and friends having fun with a game of volleyball (or even tennis). Having enjoyed professionals play, we many times feel drawn to the game and want to replicate the same in our pools, yards, and even local gyms with our family and friends. Achieving this is not difficult. It’s actually simple, because all you need is the right equipment - which must, of course, include a volleyball net.

You’re here because you’re interested in volleyball nets. Do you know exactly what you need? Do you need only a volleyball net, or a volleyball system? A net is just a net, but a system includes the volleyball, poles, and other accessories you need to set up and enjoy a game of volleyball. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a pump around you, so that you can inflate the volleyball if required, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and of course, a spacious bag to carry them all wherever you go.

It would be sad if you were to put on your sporting clothes and volleyball shoes, and pick up your ball for a lovely game, only to be thwarted by your volleyball net. This is why in this guide, we’ll help you through the process so you can get the best volleyball net possible so you and your family and friends can also enjoy the game.
There are different kinds of volleyball nets and they cost different amounts. A professional-level net won’t cost the same as a recreational net. However, at any level you can get good quality nets, and this is part of what we found in our research. With between $20 and $300 you can get a good volleyball net. Which you go for will depend on your budget and your needs.

Each of the nets we have listed will offer you good value for the money you pay for it. Obviously, the market is also filled with cheap volleyball nets, but these products are usually badly made by so and so companies, so it is advisable you stay away from them.
Choosing the right volleyball net is simplified when you know exactly what to look out for. We’ll list some important things to note, things that should form the basis of whatever decision you make. Some of these include:
  • Size
  • Location (indoor/outdoor/beach/pool)
  • Net only or system
  • Material
  • Professional or recreational use
  • Ease of use
  • Portability
Let’s now look at these in more detail.
Construction and Design
One of the most important things to consider is the size of the volleyball net you’re considering. The main reason you need to consider the size is so it can fit your game location. If you’ll be playing at a standard court or a location (whether beach or park) with existing setup for volleyball, you’ll most likely need a regulation-sized net. If, however, you’ll be playing in your yard, pool, or any other location where you’ll have to use your own setup, you just need to determine the size that’s right for you.

This leads us to looking at the issue of whether to get just a net or a system. Like we stated earlier, if you have locations that already have poles set for the game of volleyball, then all you need is the net. If, however, you don’t have such a location, you’ll need to get a system that will provide you with the other accessories you need to set up for your game.

If you’re choosing a system, you also need to decide if you want your setup to be permanent or mobile. Some systems will provide you with everything you need to set up a permanent or semi-permanent volleyball court. If you don’t have space for this and just want to set up and pack up when you’re done, then you’ll need to get a portable volleyball net system designed for temporary setup.

Most volleyball nets are made from synthetic materials like polyethylene for more strength. You need a net that can withstand the rigors of the game; you also need the top and bottom to be reinforced so the net can stay tout throughout the game. This is especially important if you plan on using your net outdoors, as the net will be more exposed to the elements.

Another thing you need to decide on is whether to get a professional net or a recreational one. For starters, professional nets will cost more and will likely be of a higher quality. The basic feature of a professional net is that it must be dark colored, measure about 32 feet long and 3 feet wide, have a grid pattern of about 3.94 inches, and it must have net antennas attached to the two sides. Get them only if you want to use the net for professional play or a tournament.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you’re getting a volleyball system for temporary setup and want to move it around with you, you must consider the weight and how easy it is to set up. A portable system should be easy to carry with you to the beach, pool, or other location you may want to take it to. It should also be easy to set up and pack up when you’re done.

It’s also important to ensure the kind of volleyball net you get for pool games are weather-resistant so water splashing on it won’t reduce its lifespan drastically. You already know that unless the pool has poles where you can attach the net, you’ll need a portable system.

Another thing you should look out for is how easy it is to adjust the tension of the net should it become slack. You want something that can be adjusted very easily without disrupting your game.

Get the Best Volleyball Net of 2023!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide and review. It’s been a pleasure bringing you this information and we hope you found the information we provided helpful. It’s now time to act on the information you’ve received - go right ahead and place your order now!

Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Olympic Volleyball Net
Best Value
Mikasa Sports Volleyball Net
Park & Sun Classic Volleyball Net System
Gold Medal Macgregor Pro Volleyball Net
Champro Recreational Volleyball Net