Best Waffle Maker Reviews 2023

Do you want to make some mouth-watering waffles right from the comfort of your kitchen? This is very possible thanks to the many waffle makers available on the market today. If you have kids, you can take creativity to another level and get one that makes animal-shaped waffles: there would be no fighting to get them to eat breakfast if that was served! However, as is the case with most appliances, there’s a dizzying selection of brands, designs, styles and features to choose from. But that’s why we are here! After thorough research, we are glad to recommend some of the best waffle maker brands to make your purchasing process simpler.
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Overall Size
Waffle Info
Plate Info
Bake Time
Our Top Choice
Chef’s Choice Kitchen Waffle Maker
Chef’s Choice has certainly lived up to its name in the kitchenware industry. Their Classic Belgian Waffle Maker guarantees tasty waffles in less than 90 seconds.
Makes waffles quickly. Non-stick surface. Custom color and texture. Fast temperature recovery.
Cannot change the plates.
12 x 12.8 x 5.2” / 5.1lbs
Round waffle in 4 sections
Non-stick cast aluminum
90 Seconds
1100 Watts
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker
Being in business for years, Hamilton Beach understands all the ins and outs of waffle makers. This is evident in the innovative flip design of the 26030 Waffle Maker.
12 ways to make waffles. Simple clean up. Allows for mixing toppings. Flip design means you get evenly baked waffles.
Takes quite a long time to bake. Not enough heat for quick baking.
10.5 x 16 x 9.2” / 6.8lbs
Round waffle in 4 sections
Non-stick flip tray
5-8 minutes
800 Watts
Waring Breakfast Express® Belgian Waffle Maker
Waring makes breakfast even more delightful thanks to their advanced waffle makers. Their Breakfast Express® WMR300 allows you to make a waffle while cooking an omelet.
Makes omelet and waffle simultaneously. Extra-deep waffle pockets. Non-stick coating.
Bakes fairly slow. No stainless steel material.
10.7 x 16.7 x 10.3” / 13.6lbs
Round waffle/omelet in 4 sections
Non-stick flip tray
6 minutes
1400 Watts
CucinaPro Classic Heart Waffle Maker
CucinaPro lets you start your day happy thanks to its wide range of waffle makers. Their Classic Heart Waffler makes 5 crunchy heart-shaped waffles in just minutes.
Non-stick baking grids. Easy to store. Brushed stainless steel exterior.
Taking a bit long to heat.
11.8 x 5.2 x 9” / 5.1lbs
5 heart-shape waffles
Non-stick baking tray
3 minutes
1100 Watts
Nostalgia Animal Circus Waffle Maker
Breakfast is a party with Nostalgic Waffle Makers. The Animal Circus Waffle Maker will get your little ones excited for breakfast and they come in perfect child-sized portions.
Perfect for little kids. Exciting animal waffle shapes. Easy to clean. Non-stick tray.
Heats rather slowly.
11.8 x 5.2 x 9” / 5.1lbs
4 animal shaped waffles
Non-stick baking tray
Less than 5 minutes
520 Watts

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What is the Best Waffle Maker?

Maybe you would prefer a Belgian waffle maker that can make more than one waffle at a time. Maybe you want one with interchangeable plates. Or, maybe you have no idea where to start. Well, don’t worry. We have recommended five great brands, choosing one great waffle maker from each with a variety of price tags to hopefully suit your needs. We have considered different sizes, shapes, grill surfaces, and of course, the budget to ensure no shopper is left out.
Our Top Choice
Chef’s Choice M840 is an advanced waffle maker that makes delicious round waffles in just 90 seconds. If you are looking for a model that makes just as good waffles effortlessly, but produces different shapes, you can’t go wrong with the Sportsman Classic Waffle Pro 853. It bakes two deer head patterned waffles, bringing a smile to anyone’s face every breakfast time.

Chef’s Choice 840B Waffle Pro Express Classic Belgian Non-Stick Waffle Maker

There’s a good reason why Chef’s Choice has managed to make a name in the kitchenware space, turning to be a favorite brand not just for home kitchen enthusiasts but professional chefs as well. It’s simple - they never disappoint!

This is quite evident with the Chef’s Choice 840B WafflePro Express Waffle Maker. It’s a classic Belgian waffle maker that makes scrumptious waffles in less than 90 seconds! Yes, you can have a quick snack as you leave for work in less than 2 minutes. Retailing at round $69.99, this waffle maker allows you to choose the ideal flavor, texture and color of your waffles.

Here are more reasons you should go with this unique waffle maker;
  • Non-stick material, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • It makes delicious waffles in the shortest time possible, within 90 seconds
  • Comes with an advanced floating top plate to allow for uniform thickness
  • Equipped with Unique Quad Baking System technology that allows you to select a flavor and retain aroma, choose between deep backed and crisp exterior, and make brown or golden waffles
  • Designed for upright storage, meaning that it can save space in your kitchen
  • Has Instant temperature recovery
  • Power rated 1100 watts
Although we are featuring this waffle maker by Chef’s Choice, it doesn’t mean that the brand is limited to just one model- no. It makes a wide range of waffle makers to suit different uses. There are models that make exciting Sportsman deer shaped waffles and others that make circular and rectangular waffles. There’s certainly an option for everyone.
Best Value
The Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker 26030 is designed with style and functionality in mind. It makes even the most complex waffles with deep pockets to allow for plenty of toppings. If you prefer having square Belgian-style waffles instead of a round one, you can choose to go with the Belgian Style Waffle Maker (26009). It’s just as good and very affordable!

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

From blenders to coffee makers to slow cookers, and now waffle makers, there’s no doubt that Hamilton Beach is the brand to go for when looking for kitchen appliances.

Imagine being able to make your own dessert waffles and add any toppings you want; chocolate, fruit, nuts, it could be a tower of toppings if that’s what you want! Breakfast waffles anyone? Whip up some beautifully golden waffles in minutes and pile on that bacon and maple syrup. Mmm, are your mouths watering yet, because ours are? Don’t worry, we aren’t setting you up for a fall; for just $59.99 the Hamilton 26030 Waffle Maker could be yours!

Let’s check out what you can expect with this waffle maker:
  • Flips easily to allow for thick, tasty fluffy waffles
  • READY and ON lights to show when power is on and the right time to add butter
  • Easy-flip handle allows the waffle maker to fold easily for storage
  • Browning control for customizing your waffles
  • Brushed stainless steel housing to guarantee longevity
  • Drip tray to catch any excess butter
  • Advanced heating technology to ensure consistent browning and baking
  • Removable drip tray and grids are dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick finish to allow trouble-free cleanup and easy release
Being a big brand specializing in kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach makes a good number of waffle makers to suit different people. A model such as 26009 makes 2 square waffle makers and the 26040 makes one large round waffle. Depending on your budget and design preference, there’s no doubt you will get a perfect match.
The Waring Breakfast Express® WMR300 is more than just a waffle maker – it allows you to prepare an omelet at the same time. You can even make English muffins and pancakes if you prefer something different. If you want a more affordable waffle maker – one with similar features but makes two waffles at the same time- then you can go for the Belgian Waffle Maker WMK600.

Waring Breakfast Express® Waffle & Omelet Maker with Non-Stick Flip Tray

Can you imagine whipping up a Belgian waffle and a delicious omelet at the same time? That’s right. Warring has mastered the art of making kitchen appliances, making them even more exciting to use. Going for around $179, the Waring Breakfast Express® WMR300 allows you to load your waffle ingredients in one side, flip the plates, and load omelet ingredients right in the other side, and in less than 6 minutes you get some tasty breakfast for two! Better yet, you can even prepare some delicious grilled cheese, English muffins, fried eggs or pancakes if you prefer a different breakfast snack.

Here are some features of this impressive waffle maker:
  • Makes one omelet and one Belgian Waffle simultaneously
  • Browning control knob allows users to get their preferred color
  • Extra-deep waffle pockets of up to 1 inches in case you prefer adding some toppings
  • Three audio beep tones and two LED indicator lights to indicate when each omelet or waffle is ready
  • Non-stick coating that makes cleaning effortless
  • 1400 watts, which is enough power to get the waffles ready in a short time
  • Perfect for making English muffins, fried eggs, frittatas, pancakes and more
  • 1-year warranty
  • Also available in black
The Waring Breakfast Express® WMR300 is part of a line consisting of other great waffle makers with different designs and functionality to suit different users. Although this product makes circular waffles and omelet, there’s another option such as Belgian Waffle Maker WMK250SQ that makes square shaped waffles.
Classic Heart Waffler allows you to add a touch of creativity to home-baked waffles thanks to the heart shape design and an amazing 6 browning settings. It lets you serve your family crispy waffles just how they want them! If you prefer to have square waffles and a higher power rating then you can invest a few more bucks on CucinaPro’s Non-Stick Four Square Waffler.

CucinaPro 5-Heart Waffle Maker, Non-Stick with Adjustable Browning

CucinaPro has never disappointed when it comes to making special kitchenware products that bring users favorite worldly cuisines right into the comfort of their homes. When it comes to waffle makers, they remain one of the unbeaten brands!

Retailing at around $44.99, the Classic Heart Waffler allows you to make interesting heart-shaped waffles, just as crunchy and brown as you want them. The grids are deep enough so as allow you to add some strawberries and cream to make your breakfast not only tasty but also inviting.

Here’s what more this waffle maker has in store for you:
  • Non-stick baking grinds to allow for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable browning control that lets you to have complete control over the color of your waffles
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing for durability and longevity
  • Stands upright, meaning that it can be easily stored
From Classic American waffle to Belgian Waffler, CucinaPro has an option for everyone within its line of waffle makers. The main difference between these waffle makers is the size of waffles, thickness and of courses the shapes. While the featured product makes heart shapes, you will find a model that makes hexagon shapes, round shapes and square shapes.
The Animal Circus Waffle Maker by Nostalgia is designed to make animal shaped waffles for little ones. It’s cute, fun and very easy to use. The waffles are small enough, even for toddlers learning how to use their hands. If you would prefer a more traditional Belgian waffle maker, then Nostalgia also offer a larger, 50’s style maker that could be perfect.

Nostalgia Animal Circus Waffler – Makes Dog, Cat, Elephant & Lion Waffles

Want to make your little adorable munchkins love waffles? Well, there’s no better way to help them satisfy their smaller appetites than the Nostalgia Animal Circus Waffle Maker. Nostalgia hasn’t forgotten little kids and their love for waffles when making wafflers. This model is specifically developed to make scrumptious animal-shaped waffles, whether your kids prefer to have a lion, elephant, cat, or dog shape.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss this waffle maker in your kitchen:
  • It makes interesting lion, elephant, cat and dog waffle shapes
  • Easy-open latch that even small kids can operate it
  • Quick-cooling appliance
  • Cast aluminum griddle that’s also non-stick evenly distributes heat
  • Power indicator light to alert you when the waffles are ready to serve
  • Cord storage space at the bottom
When it comes to bakery products Nostalgia has a lot to offer. While this product is made to prepare stunning animal-shaped waffles for kids, there are more bakery appliances that you can consider having in your kitchen to make your breakfasts even more pleasant.

If you love cupcakes you could go with the CKM400 Cupcake Maker, CPB400 Cake Pop Maker or the RCKM700 50S-Style Mini Cupcake Maker. Alternatively, if your sweet tooth demands for some donuts, you can get the RMDM800 50S-Style Mini Donut Maker, RCPM900 50S-Style Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker, or the MDM400 Mini Donut Maker. With so many delicious treats to choose from it’ll be hard not to want them all!

How Do I Choose the Best Waffle Maker?

For centuries, waffles have been a popular breakfast meal in the United States, well, other than the usual cereal. Waffles are popular for a couple of reasons, the first being that they are somewhat a healthy choice for a breakfast meal (before you add the syrup, that is). In addition to that, there are plenty of different waffles you can make, depending on how creative you are feeling—plus, there are a lot of blogs that provide waffle recipes online, so you’ll always have something new to try out.

To have waffles for breakfast at your home, you have to order from a restaurant or make them yourself. While most people would just prefer to get a delivery of ready waffles at their doorstep every morning, there are plenty of benefits to making your waffles at home. Firstly, you can customize the waffles in whichever way you like. Secondly, it’s cheaper in the long run. For the price of a few waffle orders at your favorite restaurant, you can buy a brand new waffle maker.

All you have to do is purchase a waffle maker, and you are good to go. But if you have no experience whatsoever when it comes to buying waffle makers, it can be confusing. Just as with a pizza maker, you want a waffle maker that will produce evenly cooked and great-tasting waffles, and also one that matches your kitchen style.

And, while at it, remember to get yourself a good-quality coffee grinder if you are one of those who believe in a morning cup of coffee. A good toaster will also help add variety to your breakfast table.

If you are thinking of buying a waffle maker for your home, here are some important factors you need to consider before you make this investment.
Waffle makers vary in price, depending on functionality and several other factors. Some waffle makers have limited functionalities; others can be used to make a lot more than just waffles. If you want room to express your creativity with a waffle maker, you will have to pay a little more for it. Within a price range of between $10 and $100, you should be able to get a good-quality waffle maker that meets your needs. Avoid very cheap waffle makers, as they may not serve you for a long time or offer the functionality that you need.
Waffle makers are not all the same. They not only come in different shapes and sizes, but they also sport different features. Here are some of the most important features to look for in a waffle maker.
  • Speed – The time it takes to make a waffle is not uniform across the different brands and types of waffle makers. Some are faster than others; make sure that you check the speed before you buy one.
  • Number of Waffles – Typically, waffle makers are built to make one to four waffles at a time. Before you buy one, think about the number of people you will be serving. Waffles can be refrigerated, meaning that you can always make extra for a busy morning.
  • Surface – Waffle makers come in non-stick and other types of surfaces. A non-stick waffle maker is easier to use and allows you to use less cooking oil or butter while making your waffles.
  • Ready Indicators – Typically, waffle makers come with either an audible or visual ready indicator. An audible indicator beeps when the heating surface is ready and when the waffle is cooked to the set specification. A visual ready indicator waffle maker has two lights; one that turns on when the waffle maker is ready and heating up and another one that turns on when the waffle is ready.
Generally, there are two types of waffles; American-style or classic waffles and Belgian waffles. The specific waffle makers used to make these two types of waffles are physically different. Consider what type of waffles you will be making before you purchase a waffle maker.
Construction and Design
The next thing you need to consider is the design and construction of the waffle maker. As we said earlier, these devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This depends on the type of waffles they make, the number of waffles, etc. There are two main designs of waffle makers. These are the stovetops waffle makers and electric waffle makers.

There are various types of stovetop waffle makers; it all boils down to personal preference. These waffle makers are handheld, so watch out for the hot handle. If you choose to get this type of waffle maker, get one that’s non-stick for easier use. Also, go for a flat handle, as it ensures that the waffle maker stays even with your cooktop.

The construction and design of an electric waffle maker depends on the type of waffles it makes and the number or shapes and sizes of the particular waffles. These devices can hold anywhere from half a cup of batter to three quarters for each waffle. The specific amount will depend on the model and specific design.

If you are an adventurous person (remember, waffle makers are not restricted to making waffles alone), go for a bigger waffle maker. With a bigger waffle maker, you will be able to cook things like pizza, French toast, quesadillas, and grilled cheese. There are several designs of waffle makers to help you make any waffle you desire. Choose one that meets your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Everybody wants a waffle maker that’s easy to use. Indicator sounds and lights are important when it comes to ease of use, or how else will you tell that your waffle is ready? Without functional indicator lights and sounds, most of us would just burn whatever we are trying to cook in the waffle maker. Choose a waffle maker that beeps or lights up to indicate that it’s heated up to cook and that your waffles are done. This allows you to do other things as your waffles cook.

When it comes to choosing between an audible and a visual indicator, pick an audible indicator. They offer more flexibility, as you don’t have to stay there and stare until the light comes on. With a waffle maker that chimes or beeps when it’s done, you can put your waffles in and go on with your business. When it comes to the crispiness of the waffle, a waffle maker that is customizable when it comes to the browning of each batch is preferable. Pay attention to the adjustments; they should be accurate, as well as easy to read and change.

Other factors, such as cleaning and storage, also come into play. A waffle maker that will cause problems when it comes to cleaning is not a good investment. Additionally, waffle makers are rarely used on a daily basis, so they need to be easy to store. Some come with locking mechanisms that allow for easier storage. Just make sure that your choice of waffle maker fits your space and storage needs.

Get the Best Waffle Maker of 2023!

Whether you are looking to get a high-end appliance as a gift for your loved one, or a basic one that your adorable munchkins can use to make exciting waffle shapes, you will certainly get the best waffle maker for your needs. We hope we have come to your rescue and saved you from the hassles of shopping for a great kitchen waffle maker.

Our Top Choice
Chef’s Choice Kitchen Waffle Maker
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker
Waring Breakfast Express® Belgian Waffle Maker
CucinaPro Classic Heart Waffle Maker
Nostalgia Animal Circus Waffle Maker