Best Waist Cincher Reviews 2022

Waist cinchers have become something of a must-have accessory for the modern-day woman looking for that perfect, curvaceous beach body (you can thank Kim Kardashian and her infamous curves for that one). However, with all the waist trimmers available out there, and diverse personal tastes as well as body types, it is often pretty hard to determine which one is best for you. Not to worry, we have some of the best waist cincher brands in the market. Keep reading as we take you through the most sought-after options.
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Our Top Choice
Miraclesuit Waist Cincher
Mixing function and style, Miraclesuit creates products that are flattering AND comfortable; this is overwhelmingly evident in their sexy yet supple Miracle Suit Waist Clincher.
Inner double-panel construction with side release panels. Provides good back support. Enhances posture. Removes inches from your waist. Extra firm control. Available in 3 colors.
Hand-wash only. Not tumble-dry friendly.
Small to XXL
77% Nylon and 23%Spandex
Available in Black and Nude
Hook and Eye Closure.
Corset Style.
Best Value
ShaperQueen Basic Waist Cincher
ShaperQueen is a brand that is all about creating racy yet flattering products that make you look and feel. This is apparent in their Best Waist Cincher Belly Trainer Corset, available in both black and nude.
Bottom opening for easy restroom use. Made from breathable polyester material. Provides all over support without being too restrictive. Helps relieve lower back pain. Improves Posture.
Not Washing Machine Safe.
X Small to XXX Large.
Polyester and Spandex.
Available in Black and Nude.
Bottom opens/Hook&Eye closure
Girdle Panty.
Ann Chery Sports Latex Waist Cincher.
Ann Chery is a waist cincher brand specifically designed to aid you in your workouts and to maximise results, evident in the stunning 2023 Faja Deportiva Cincher.
Ideal for exercise. Low rise for comfort. Available in blue, pink and purple. Boning in front and back for added support. Ultra-high compression. Lose inches from your waist instantly.
Hand wash only.
X Small to XXXXX Large
Latex and Cotton
Available in Pink, Blue and Purple.
3 Rows of Hook and Eye Closures.
Corset style.
Rago Extra Firm Shaping Waist Cincher
Award winning American brand Rago have been making shapewear for over 65 years in classic, vintage style designs, our favorite is Rago’s stunning 2107 waist cincher with removable garters.
Machine washable. Made from Parisian Powernet lace. Contour bands to help shape the waist. Flexible boning to allow for movement. Invisinet tummy tamer panel for a flat stomach area.
Not as Gym-Friendly as other products.
Small to XX Large
100% Cotton
Available in Red, Pink and Mocha
Hook&eye closure/Metal garters
Corset Style
Camellias Hourglass Shaper Training Belt
Camellias is a shapewear brand that focuses specifically on waist cinchers that are to be worn during workouts. We loved Camellias Waist Trainer Belt and Hourglass Body Shaper Belt.
Double adjustment velcro. Reinforced acrylic bones. Double compression waist training technology. Corrects posture. Increases sweating for max results. Accelerates metabolism. Available in 10 colors!
Hand Wash Only.
Small to X Large
Mesh Back and Velcro Strap
Available in 9 Colors
Velcro adjustment strap

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What is the Best Waist Cincher?

Waist cinchers come in such a wide variety of styles and materials it is often hard to decide which one is the right one for you. All women come in different shapes and sizes, and this is no different when it comes to cinchers; what is best for one person may not necessarily be what’s best for you. Due to this, we have chosen brands that are not only renowned for their quality but also for a large variety of products. Now that you are aware of the features to look out for, let’s jump to our review. Happy shopping!
Our Top Choice
The Miraclesuit Waist Cincher is the perfect choice for anyone looking to drop inches from their waist in comfort and style. It not only gives you that beautifully flat tummy you have been longing for but provides back support as well as enhancing your posture. If you are after something a little racier, however, then the Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer Waist Cincher may be more your style.

Miraclesuit Shapewear Women's Extra Firm Waist Trainer - Available in Small-XXL & 3 Colors

Miraclesuit’s main focus as a brand is to make women feel comfortable and confident every day, something they have been doing successfully since the 1920’s. With a wide range of products varying from jeans and tops designed to slim and shape the body, and fun, figure-flattering swimsuits designed to lift those all important areas, Miraclesuit is THE brand for women looking for shapewear that will make them ooze confidence.

We chose to feature the brands Miraclesuit waist cincher for a whole host of reasons. Available in both black and nude, the product fits perfectly under your clothing with a seamless finish; no one will ever know you are wearing it! The boning within the product also creates a smooth midsection that will look fabulous under all types of garment. Its extra firm control means that it holds you in place as well as providing crucial back support which is perfect for those of us who are, shall we say, ‘well endowed’ in the chest department.

Made from 77% Nylon and 23% Elastane, this waist cincher can be worn all day every day, at the gym, picking up the kids or even under a fancy frock. Its practicality and comfort mean once you put it on you are going to have a hard time taking it off again, and why would you want to! Designed with inner panel construction as well as side release panels, this shapewear provides hold and support without being too restrictive, you will almost forget you are even wearing it!

The products hook and eye closure also means that when it sadly does come time to take off the product (or it’s taken off for you…) you can do so with ease. Miraclesuit are a brand that have really focused on the quality of their products and the needs of the modern day women; available in a whole host of different sizes, the Waist Cincher is a product we have truly fallen in love with and, as a result, made us fall in love with ourselves and our bodies all over again.

If, however, the waist cincher doesn’t quite get your heart racing then Miraclesuit’s vast array of other products definitely will. Whether you are after something a little more flirtatious or maybe an all-over suit that supports the legs and bust, Miraclesuit has you covered…quite literally.
  • Sexy Sheer Extra Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit- Black shapewear/ waist cincher in a racy style that supports midriff, tummy, hips, thighs and rear
  • Extra Firm Control Torsette Waist Cincher- extra firm control specifically designed to banish the dreaded ‘muffin top’
  • Miraclesuit Shapewear Women's Back Magic Waist Cincher-Waist cincher that specializes in back support
Whether its drinks with friends, a romantic meal with someone special or simply a trip to the gym, Miraclesuit’s shapewear will make you feel sexy and confident in whatever you do.
Best Value
The Waist Cincher Corset by ShaperQueen is perfect for those wanting to sculpt their bodies whilst hiding away any unflattering lumps, bumps and wobbly bits! Chic and sexy as well as being incredibly effective, this product has it all! If however, this particular waist trainer is a bit too ‘risqué’ for your tastes, check out the more understated ShaperQueen 106 Waist Cincher Girdle Body Shapewear Tummy Control Panty.

ShaperQueen Women's Basic Slimming Waist Trainer - Available in Black or Nude

When it comes to Waist Cinchers and any type of shapewear for that matter, ShaperQueen is a brand you definitely want to check out, especially as it is such incredible value for money. Renowned for its practical, efficient and sexy waist trainers, ShaperQueen products look great under the fanciest of cocktail dresses or even on their own for that special someone. The brand is also becoming increasingly popular with women who are looking for that perfect post pregnancy body as it offers crucial back and mid-section support to help women get back into shape without being too restrictive. All of ShaperQueens products are also made from breathable Polyester/Spandex material meaning they are comfortable enough to be worn all day or at the gym in sweat free, antibacterial comfort.

We chose to feature Shaperqueen’s 1010- Basic Classic Waist Cincher Girdle due to its intricate and attractive black lace design that’s also available (and just as gorgeous) in nude. With its rave reviews online at Amazon, we can certainly see why this particular product has been such a hit with women of all shapes and sizes. With its cleverly designed 3 hook bottom opening, using the restroom in this product is a breeze (ShaperQueen really do understand the perils women face when trying to look good). As well as reducing the waistline and creating a sumptuous, hourglass silhouette, this waist trainer also improves posture through its all round support and can even relieve back pain, this waist cincher has it all! Its intricate boning system also holds you in place whilst preventing any sort of slippage; so you won’t have to worry about readjusting yourself constantly whilst trying to enjoy your evening. The ShaperQueen 1010 is the perfect product for anyone looking to flatten their stomach whilst also creating an envy inducing curvaceous figure in style and comfort.

If, however, ShaperQueen’s 1010 style isn’t quite the fit for you then make sure to check out their huge variety of other products. With such a strong focus on reducing problem areas in comfort and style we are positive you will find something perfect for you and your own individual tastes.
  • SHAPERQUEEN 101 Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Slimmer Trainer Sexy Lace Brief Shapewear-Sexy lace panty style waist cincher with focus on uplifting the butox area. Available in black and nude.
  • SHAPERQUEEN 2020 Sport Waist Trainer Corset with 6HOOKS Shaper for Weigh Loss- Great waist trainer for gym use. Corset style that focuses on creating an all round slimmer silhouette. Available in black and nude
  • SHAPERQUEEN 109 Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Slimmer Trainer Sexy Lace Brief Shapewear- Seamless design available in black and nude. Creates an all round slimmer silhouette
The Ann Chery 2023 Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher is perfect for any gym loving individual looking to step up their work out and get some real results. Available in a wide range of colors, we are sure you will love this waist trainer as much as we do! If, however, the 2023 isn’t the product for you then checkout the 2045 3 Hooks Black Latex Metallic Ediiton Waist Cincher instead.

Ann Chery Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher with 3 Hook Closure - Available in Pink, Blue and Purple

Ann Chery is a shapewear brand designed to maximize your workouts whilst making you look and feel incredible. By focusing on core compression and stimulating thermal activity and perspiration, their waist cincher products are guaranteed to remove inches from your waist and make you look good whilst doing so! THE biggest name in Colombian waist cinchers, this is a brand you can trust, just look at their impressive reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe us! With the majority of their products available in such a wide range of styles and colors, Ann chery is not only effective but fun, if you have been considering adding a supplement to your workouts then Ann Chery is the brand for you.

We chose to feature the Ann Chery Women's Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher due to its practicality and look. With three rows of hook and eye closures, this waist cincher fits perfectly to your body with a comforting latex and cotton blend designed to create compression in your mid section (this can also be adjusted so you have the right amount of compression for YOUR body). This product can be used for a one off event to remove inches from your waist instantly or long term to really make the most of your workouts and achieve that hourglass figure we are all so desperately trying to achieve!

The felix boning anchors in this cincher also prevent the product from slipping which is great for when you are in the zone and don’t want to be faffing about with re-adjusting your shapewear. As well as this, the boning in this garment allows for a smooth waistline and added support. We simply adored the array of colors this product is available in too; adding a splash of hot pink, electric blue or royal purple to any workout is sure to make you feel that bit more glamorous, even if no one can see it!

If, however, this Latex cincher isn’t for you, check out the brands huge assortment of other sexy shapewear to find the product that is perfect for you, your body and your workouts!
  • Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica Animal Print Workout Waist Cincher-A cincher with attitude! Leopard print design available in hot pink or yellow
  • Ann Chery Women's 3 Hooks Body Shaper Latex Sport Vest Shapewear, Blue 5XL/46-cincher that also focuses on the bust and bum area
  • Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica Workout Waist Cincher, Nude, 3X-Large/42-More of a simpler, everyday cincher that can be worn under any garment
This is THE brand for any gym bunny looking to step up her workout.
Rago’s sumptuous 2107 Waist Cincher with removable garters is so beautiful that we almost don’t care if it works or not (endless reviews on Amazon, however, can confirm that it thankfully does!). If the Parisian lace style of this shapewear is a bit too much for your tastes, however, let us direct your attention to the equally as effective Rago Women 821 Waist Trainer, available in black, white and beige.

Rago 2107 Firm Shaping Women’s Waist Cincher With Removable Garters - Available in Pink, Mocha and Red.

American brand Rago have made quite a reputation for themselves over the last 50 years by creating ornately designed shapewear that really works. They have also won several awards including ‘best control shapewear’ in not only glamour but function too. This means that Rago is a brand you can depend on when it comes to buying waist trainers and shapewear that will look great and shape your body in a way you have always dreamt of. The brand itself has engineered its own individual sewing and fabric designs with the ability to shape your body comfortably.

Rago have also made a point to keep up to date with realistic female measurements, this means that you are guaranteed to find a product that is the perfect fit for you which, in turn, will create better long term results. Rago’s vast selection of fabrics are unique in the fact they are made from a higher denier Lycra, a material renowned for its outstanding strength. This means that when you wear any shapewear from Rago, you are wearing a product that’s quality is exclusive only to this brand.

We chose to feature Rago’s 2107 Extra Firm Shaping Waist Cincher not only for its elegant design but its incredible reviews on Amazon. The exquisite French detailing of this waist cincher adds a touch of class not seen in other brand’s shapewear products. The 2107’s Lacette Jaquard knit fabric is made from 70% nylon and 30% Lycra with two-way stretch, meaning its flexible enough to be worn at the gym as well as every day.

The sexy lace pattern of this product also means it can be enjoyed on its own as lingerie: available in pink, mocha and red, you are sure to find one you (and maybe someone special) will love and enjoy. The 2107’s matching removable metal garters also give a vintage feel to this waist cincher that only adds to the glamour of Rago’s product. The extensive flexible boning in this waist cincher allows for movement whilst also shaping the body; this means you can lose inches from your waist in comfort as well as wearing a cincher that looks wise, is at the height of fashion.

If the 2107 waist cincher isn’t your style, however, and you are perhaps after something a little more understated then make sure you checkout Rago’s huge selection of other shapewear products. With such a reputation in the shapewear and waist cincher industry, we guarantee you will find the perfect product for you!
  • Rago High Waist Brief Girdle w/ Zipper (6101)-Brief style waist cincher with zip for easy removal.
  • Rago Women's Waist Cincher-Simmilar to the 2107 but with a simpler design. Available in black and White.
  • Cassandra Thong Back Waist Cincher by Rago 801 2XL Beige-Simple high waist thong shaper
Camellias Waist Training Belt is the perfect shapewear for any gym bunny looking to maximize the efficiency of their workout routine. Available in an astonishing array of colors you are bound to find one for you. If, however, you are after something a little racier in your waist trainer then check out Camellias Steel Boned Waist Training Cincher Underbust Corset Shaper.

Camellias Waist Trainer for an Hourglass Figure - Available in 10 Colors

Camellias is definitely a shapewear brand that focuses on style as well as substance. With such a huge collection of products you really will be spoilt for choice when selecting your product. Ranging from simple shapewear designed for gym use to eccentric corset style waist cinchers with all the bells and whistles, you can go from day to night with this brand and still maintain that beautifully elegant hourglass shape.

We chose to feature Camellias Waist Training Belt Corset Shaper due to its impressive Amazon reviews and the vast array of colors the design is available in; we aren’t lying when we say you really will be spoilt for choice! Not only this, the waist trainer is made from a mesh material that allows your skin to breath whilst its acrylic boning structure provides outstanding support (this means no wobbly bits while you work out, perfect!). Its double adjustment Velcro strap gives for a perfect, comfortable fit and its double compression waist means you can achieve a stunning hourglass shape instantly! Not only does Camellias Waist Cincher reduce and shape your waistline but it corrects your posture and accelerates your metabolism for ultimate results. For such a cheap brand this product really does have it all!

If Camellias Waist cincher is a bit too simplistic for your tastes, however, then take a look at the brands huge selection of other shapewear products. From simple structured designs to more elaborate and risqué corset styles, Camellias has your shapewear needs covered.
  • Camellias Zipper & Hook Latex Hourglass Waist Trainer Corset Body Shapewear-Available in black and white, a waist cincher specifically designed to aid weight loss
  • Camellias Latex Waist Trainer Corset Shapewear Waist Cincher Belt Body Shaper-Available in black, pink, blue and animal print. Simple waist cincher design specializing in lifting the bust and flattening the tummy area
  • Camellias Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Open bust Bodysuit Body Shaper Black-Also available in beige. A seamless look waist cincher also available in panty or thong

How Do I Choose the Best Waist Cincher?

You have probably fought hard to attain that 36-28-36 shape you have always wanted, but it seems you just can’t pull it off. Maybe you are working yourself to death at the gym or, worse yet, punishing your body with an extreme diet, but still, nothing is working. Well, apparently you overlooked one of the most comfortable options – a waist cincher. Whether it is a tummy control after your pregnancy or just keeping your body size and figure at its best, there is no need to push your body to extremes. This simple option is all you need; but first, you should find the right one, which comes down to several aspects.

One of the most important factors to pay attention to is the size. Just as you would do with your body shaper or any other outfit, selecting the perfect size comes in handy. Make sure not to choose a size that is way over your measurements, as this will not offer you the benefits you are after. Similarly, you do not want to struggle all day with a tight cincher clamping down on your waist. Get a size that is the perfect match to control your waistline without causing any significant discomfort.

While still at it, remember that comfort is not only about the size; the design of the cincher is far reaching as well. The cinchers out there vary in style and shape. Some options are designed to complement your lingerie, innerwear or other clothing and accessories. But the most important of all is having a cincher that will make you feel both comfortable and confident at the same time.

What’s more, and perhaps most important of all, the material counts too. This factor will largely depend on your needs, or maybe your preferred cincher. The fabric might mean added comfort, but what you need to be more careful of at this point is the support material. Selecting the perfect one could mean all the difference between a cincher that will fail you when you least expect it to break down and one that you can use for years.

You need to check out our review on the five top waist cinchers and abandon the struggle of keeping your body at its best, but make sure to stop by and take a look at the features.
When you consider the benefits that cinchers offer and factor in the price most options come at, you will notice that these waist trimmers come at reasonable prices. If you are ready to spend any amount within the price range between $20 and $50, you can get a cincher to use for years. And that’s not all yet; you can always spend a little more for a higher-quality cincher.

Several factors come into play to set the price. The features, material and brand usually determine the price of virtually any cincher. Look for the one with the perfect closure design – it may cost more but will be well worth it. Similarly, if you want one made of cotton with steel bones or another popular material, the price will most likely spike too. And the brand is worth considering. If you want to buy from the brand everyone is looking at, you will need to spend more, but you can be assured of high quality.

Most importantly, you need to avoid the many cheap waist cinchers in the market. These offers could easily entice you with budget-friendly prices, but usually lack essential features like the right material, color or designs that are important in quality cinchers.
Pay attention to the features when choosing a waist cincher. Features in cinchers vary from one product to the other, but what matters most is having the fundamental qualities in the one you want.

When checking for the features in any cincher out there, here are some of the things to look at:
  • Size – Selecting the size is a matter of going for the one that will fit you just tightly enough for waist slimming without squeezing the breath out of you. Most models come in small to X-large sizes, but you can always find other variations like small to XX-large, X-small to XXX-large and X-small to XXXXX-large.
  • Material –Yet another feature you cannot afford to miss in selecting the perfect cincher for your needs. The most important thing is getting the right one to cater to your comfort. Choose any material from durable 100% cotton to the lightweight combination of polyester and spandex, mesh black and Velcro strap options. You can also count on the lasting latex and cotton types; cinchers always have something for everyone.
  • Color – Everyone has a color that they like best. The good thing about most cinchers is the vast array of colors you can select. Some come in up to nine colors; others are available in blue and purple; others come in red, pink, and mocha. The options are almost endless; it all boils down to the color that looks prettiest on you.
  • Design – The design varies from one cincher to another, offering a broad range of options. From lace-up to lace-front types, as well as diverse styles and shapes, cinchers have something for everyone.
  • Closure – This feature also varies significantly depending on the type of cincher you want or the manufacturer’s design. Some feature hook and eye closures (with several rows in some), others come with Velcro adjustment straps or metal garters.
  • Support Material – To ensure the cincher is sturdy enough to take on the hard task of waist training, most of the options have an additional structure for support within the fabric. Although most have steel bone, others feature a double-boned make that offers extra support and durability.
  • Type – Cinchers come in different varieties; you can go for a corset style, belt type, girdle panty and several other options as well. The choice comes down to the style that can work best with your body.
Construction and Design
In most cases, cinchers feature a wide range of differences in construction and design. This goes a long way in offering a sufficient range of options for users to select the one that fits perfectly for the best results. Besides, some options come with several other construction aspects that you will come to love.


The size is one of the factors you cannot afford to overlook when shopping for any type of outfit, and cinchers are not any different. However, there is something special about this type of clothing, as you will need to get one that fits snugly to get the best results possible. Well, cincher manufacturers have this necessity in mind, and they usually come in a wide variety of sizes that cater to users with different body types. Whether you are slim or require an extra-large garment, you will always find a cincher that fits perfectly.


When it comes to durability and comfort, as well as what any cincher can achieve, the material comes into play. Most types feature two materials – a fabric as well as a supporting material for sturdiness. For the fabric, you can choose based on comfort. The supporting material usually comprises of steel bone, but some have other types of material. The basic need for having this material on board is to offer the much-needed support for the cincher; it further offers an unparalleled level of durability, too.

Shape and Style

As much as you want a cincher to train your waist, you need one that can provide a perfect look altogether. Well, cinchers feature different styles and shapes to offer this benefit for users with different tastes. The differences are apparent in not only the different shapes, but in the closure. From adjustment straps to hook and eye closures, as well as other types, you can always find the perfect one for you.


When it comes to the color, you can rest assured that whatever your favorite color is, you will find a cincher for you. Most of these waist trainers not only feature a well-built design with an array of designs and material, but come in a broad range of colors too. Whether you love the bright options like pink, or want a dark one like black, or anything in between, there will be a cincher with the best color for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
You can always find numerous things to fall in love with when it comes to cinchers, but the performance that these waist trainers are built to deliver surpasses all. However, this comes with having the right features, so make sure to choose wisely. Here are several things that make cinchers stand out.


One of the things you can count on in a cincher is service that you can enjoy for years. And this is all thanks to the material and the design. Most cinchers feature a support material that not only adds to the performance of the trainer in bringing out the best of your body’s figure but further offers unprecedented durability. When shopping, make sure to get a cincher with the best material, and you can use it for generations. Most importantly, ensure it does not come with any imperfections in the design, since this could be a significant drawback to its durability.

Shaping Results

Cinchers never disappoint when it comes to losing a few inches from your midsection. Just wrapping it around is all you have to do, and it does the rest. If you are using the right cincher regarding size, material, and other aspects, the results will be faster than you would expect. The good news is, cinchers do not pose any risk to your health, so you can use it continuously until you realize the results you want.


Another thing that cinchers are built to deliver is comfort. No matter how long you are going to wear it, you can be sure that a cincher will feel snug on your body while bringing back the good old shape. All you need to do is make sure you have the right size, since using one that is too large for your body will not offer any results, and an extremely tight one will only end up making you feel uncomfortable. Plus, the flexible internal boning used in most cinchers helps prevent back pain, since the feature keeps your cincher from rolling up or down, hence maintaining the right posture. If you are seated for long hours at work, then this option is suitable for you.

Weight Loss

Another thing you will come to love about cinchers is the fact that you will be aware if you are overeating. This goes a long way in helping prevent weight gain in the first place. Besides, it offers the much-needed solution to regaining your pre-pregnancy state, just by putting it on regularly. The firm fabric and boning structures hold the tummy tissue in position without compromising flexibility, and it stretches for comfortable movement. And there is more; if you want to add a little push-up effect to your bust area, then a cincher will take you there with its sturdy make.

Get the Best Waist Cincher of 2022!

Now you have a better understanding of the waist cinchers out there and what different brands have to offer, and you can finally start shopping for your perfect cincher! If, however, you aren’t a fan of the products we have featured, then don’t panic! Our selected brands have a huge variety of products to choose from, all available in different materials, designs, and colors, so there is sure to be one that’s the perfect fit for you. The only thing left for you to do now is to pick your favorite and start thinking about how envious everyone will be of your newfound curves, we are jealous already.

Our Top Choice
Miraclesuit Waist Cincher
Best Value
ShaperQueen Basic Waist Cincher
Ann Chery Sports Latex Waist Cincher.
Rago Extra Firm Shaping Waist Cincher
Camellias Hourglass Shaper Training Belt