Best Wakeboard Reviews 2023

A relatively new sport, wakeboarding hit the scene in a big way in the 1990s. Comparable to snowboarding, wakeboards allow the rider to get some serious air time, offering tricks and stunts that aren’t possible in traditional water skiing. Wakeboarding is growing in popularity, and is now a competitive sport with its own World Cup Series and various tours popping up around the world. It’s a terrific way to stay fit and enjoy hours of fun in the sun. Create your own wakeboard waves with our selection of the best wakeboards by top manufacturers in the biz.
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Our Top Choice
Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard 2018 with Bindings
Hyperlite has been in on the game of manufacturing wakeboards since the sport’s inception. Starting out on the shores of Lake Sammamish, they have a long list of great boards.
Asymmetrical design. Abrupt Continuous rocker. Monocoque construction. Bio 3 lightweight and durable core. Layered glass. Comes with Remix bindings.
Ideal for a beginner/intermediate rider but not great for experts.
Beginner to intermediate
Bio 3
Layered fiberglass
140 - 230 lbs.
Best Value
Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard
Humanoid is a brand that manufactures and distributes all their wakeboards from right here in the US. They’re constantly striving to innovate and improve their boards.
Bi-axial fiberglass top and bottom. Lightweight, flexible. Deep base channels. Flexcavation. M6 inserts. Tapered tail and tip. Sandwich construction. Paulownia Woodland I-Core.
Relatively old model, compared to the 2018 alternatives.
126, 132, 136 or 142cm
Paulownia woodland i-core
Sandwich construction
Not specified
Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf WakeBoard
Driftsun, founded in 2014, is a company owned by a group of passionate individuals who love the outdoors and water sports and want to bring high-quality, affordable products to you.
Great for beginners, intermediates and experts. EPS, wood stringer core. Double concave base contour. Layered fiberglass. EVA traction pad. Futures Fins included.
Not ideal for anyone over 250lbs.
Beginner, intermediate or expert
4’ 8”
EPS core w/ natural wood stringer
Layered fiberglass
150 – 250lbs
Zup YouGo™ 1.0 Wakeboard and Handle
Zup is focused on producing high-quality watersports boards for the whole family. Their range of products are versatile, durable and ideal for beginners to intermediates.
4-in-1 design. Wakeboard, kneeboard, wakesurf and wakeskate board. Durable ABS molded construction. EVA foam padding. Rubber handles. Includes handle/rope. Whole family use.
Construction won’t hold up for expert riders as well as a wood and fiberglass one.
Beginner to intermediate
Not specified
EVA foam
ABS molded construction
All ages welcome
CWB Pure Wakeboard
CWB is a brand who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to watersports. They have a huge range of wakesurfers, wakeboards and bindings.
User-friendly shape. 3-stage rocker pattern. System 80 core. Removable center fin. Full length center spine. Multiple sizes and designs to choose from. Enhanced rail channels.
Not ideal for experts.
Beginner to intermediate
130, 134 or 141cm
System 80 closed cell foam
Full length center spine
Dependent on board size

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What is the Best Wakeboard?

When it comes to wakeboards, the best board really depends on the style and skill of the rider. There are lots of options to consider such as the length and placement of the fins. For example, deep fins are good for beginners, while shallow fins are preferred by more experienced wakeboarders. We’ll get into the details of selecting a board first, then highlight some of the best boards on the market to make the selection process easier for you.
Our Top Choice
The Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard is designed by the award-winning Aaron with a layered glass monocoque construction and asymmetrical design. If you don’t need any bindings, you should consider the Hyperlite State 2.0 Blem Wakeboard which is available in 3 sizes, has all the same great features and an attractive blue and black design!

Hyperlite 2018 State 2.0 Wakeboard with Remix Bindings

Hyperlite got in on the ground floor of wakeboarding, working out their designs on the shores of Lake Sammamish. No newcomer to designing great wakeboards, they use their experience to keep improving designs and fine tuning features that offer advanced moves for experienced riders.

Hyperlite are continually innovating, trying to come up with better boards that yield better results and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with the State 2.0. This wakeboard is a new 2018 addition to their line-up and it features an asymmetric design. They’ve creating a shorter toeside edge with thinner molded-in fins that makes wake jumps that bit easier. The fins make for better release of the wake as there’s less drag.

To complement the new shorter toeside, they’ve kept the traditional length heel-side which allows you to keep your balance and stability with a natural body position on the board. With this asymmetrical design you can still generate a lot of speed going into the wake and you won’t lose any pop. Hyperlite designed this board to make learning the foundations of wakeboarding easier, more fun and successful.

Let’s take a look at some more features of the board:
  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker: Doesn’t sacrifice on speed into the wake but adds more pop thanks to the slightly exaggerated tail rocker and tip
  • Solid Construction: They’ve uses a monocoque construction meaning the glass on the top and bottom are one construction and therefore more durable during side impacts
  • Layered Glass Construction: Usually with fiberglass it can come unwoven over time but the layered glass Hyperlite use will last for years to come
  • Gold Standard Core: Hyperlite has been perfecting the Bio 3 core since the very beginning. It’s the most lightweight and durable core you can get in the industry to date
  • Award Winning Designer: The board was designed by Aaron who, with Rusty, developed the award-winning Marek board
  • Bindings: With this board you also get a pair of Remix bindings in men’s size 7-10.5. They have a dual density footbed, aluminum claw mounting system, rear flex zone, adjustable floating toe, new dual density EVA material and a flex meter of 3
If you love the look of this new 2018 board, which you should, you’ll be pleased to know it’s just one of a line of State 2.0 boards. There’s tons of different colors and sizes to choose from.
Best Value
The Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard boasts of a durable, bi-axial fiberglass sandwich construction that will stand the test of time. If you’d prefer a newer model, you should take a look at the Humanoid 2017 Circus Wakeboard instead. It’s been designed to give you the fastest ride yet!

Humanoid 2015 Huxtable Wakeboard – Available in Multiple Styles, Sizes & Colors

Humanoid is the only company who manufacture and distribute their products right from the US. All their boards are made in USA factories and they offer fantastic factory direct support. Humanoid believe in the importance of using high-quality, space age materials and time-tested, classic designs to product the very best wakeboards they can.

The Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard got some serious plastic surgery work in the off-season of 2015. They redesigned the construction so now it has a bi-axial fiberglass top and bottom. This has made it lighter and more flexible than ever. That’s not all though. If you want a strong edge hold on those aggressive turns, the deep base channels of this model have got your back. ‘Flexcavation’ of the top and base of the board mean that it’s got the rigidity required throughout the core to ride like a boss behind a boat.

With M6 inserts, tapered tip and tail and a special blend Biax fiberglass sandwich construction, you’ve got yourself one durable and versatile board. This is all topped off by the Paulownia Woodland I-Core and 2-years warranty! All you need now is the wardrobe to match and people will think you’re on permanent vacay.

Humanoid want you to be in control when it comes to your wakeboard and so they’ve given you plenty of options. You can firstly choose between the 2015 and 2016 model. Next, pick from 126, 132, 138 or 142cm boards, depending on your preference, weight and other factors. Finally, you can choose from 11 colors and designs, some of which come with bindings too in a range of sizes!
The Driftsun 4’ 8” Custom Surf Style Throwdown Wakesurf Board is a board that grows with you, from standing up for the first time on a board to using custom fins for crazy tricks and jumps, this board will see you through. Wakeboarding is exciting, fun and thrilling, however if you’re just starting out in the water sports arena, you might want to consider starting off with kneeboarding. If so, you should check out the Driftsun 2017 Kneeboard.

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board -- 4’ 8” Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer

Driftsun was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals who live and breathe the lifestyle that their customers do. They produce outdoors and water sports products including wakeboards, paddleboards, kayaks, ice chests, soccer goals and hammocks. They’re inspired by the joy these products can bring and so are constantly striving to improve upon them and deliver them to customers at an affordable price.

The Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board is an affordable beginner to intermediate level board. It’s been designed to be easy for beginners to stand up on and yet still fast and able to perform tricks and jumps. Intermediate level riders will love perfecting their tricks on this board and then when they’re ready to progress further, they can add the Futures Fins for a more challenging but rewarding ride. Included are 2 surf fins and 2 trailing fins.

Here’s some of the important features you can expect with the Throwdown Wakesurf:
  • EPS, full natural stringer and hand finished core
  • 4’ 8” x 20” x 1.5” dimensions
  • Double concave base contour with square nose, low rail and diamond tail
  • Layered fiberglass construction finished with epoxy
  • Diamond textured EVA traction pad for added grip
  • Recommended rider weight 150 – 250lbs
The Zup You Go Board and Handle is a fantastic 4-in-1 board for the whole family. Use it as a wakeboard, kneeboard, wakeskate or wakesurf board. If you like this board, but want to see what they did with it next, check out the Zup You Go 2.0 Board and Handle too!

Zup You Go Board + ZUP Handle – All-In-One Watersports Board, Use as Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Wakeskate and Wakesurf Board

Zup is a brand who pour all their focus into one type of product and that focus is evident in the quality, design and durability of the product. Zup creates its products for people of all ages to enjoy the versatility of their boards. Their main aim is to provide a comprehensive, affordable and safe product that can be used by the whole family to have endless amounts of fun.

The Zup You Go Board and Handle is a 4-in-1 board that can be used as a kneeboard, wakeboard, wakeskate or wakesurf board depending on your preference or mood! This board was designed with beginners in mind. It has a unique, easy to hold double handle with a handle hook. This handle hook allows you to start off in a kneeling position and slowly move to a standing position without having to worry about holding onto the handle the whole time. It’s been said that this is the most user-friendly waterboard to hit the market!

Whether you want to have a calm cruise along or you want to flip, spin, jump and race, this is the board for you. You don’t need to worry about taking it easy; the durable ABS molded construction can hold up to a few scrapes and bruises. The EVA foam padding and soft, rubber side handles will make for a comfortable ride for years to come.
The CWB Pure Wakeboard 2016 features a full length center spine and strong, system 80 core. It’s ideal for beginners and intermediates to practice and develop their skills. If you want a newer model wakeboard from CWB, you should check out the Connelly Reverb 2017 Factory Wakeboard. It also has a system 80 core and 4x4 molded fins.

CWB Pure Wakeboard 2016 – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

CWB Board Co. is a brand committed to the production of the highest quality watersports products around. They are one of those brands that set the standards for all other brands to follow and their versatile range of wakeboards can be found worldwide, in homes, commercial settings and rental businesses. They don’t just create the fastest, strongest board for the most expert rider, they create a seamless range of boards to help you learn, progress and grow.

The CWB Pure Wakeboard 2016 is commonly regarded as the most user-friendly shape in the CWB line-up. It’s a fantastic board to learn on but it will grow with you and won’t hold you back as you develop your skills. Mike Dowdy actually rode a Pure right up until he got his own pro model board. With a mellow 3-stage rocker pattern you can expect an ideal combo between predictability and pop.

Here’s some more features of the Pure 2016 model:
  • Rail channels are enhanced for tracking and stability
  • Durable and strong system 80 core; light density, closed cell foam
  • Removable center fin and long base molded fins for those developing their skills
  • Full length center spine
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediates
  • 130cm board; ideal for riders up to 155lbs
  • 134cm board; riders 145lbs and up
  • 141cm board; riders 165lbs and up
Apart from choosing the right size for you, you can also choose between the red, black and white design or the blue, yellow and black.

How Do I Choose the Best Wakeboard?

If you want to go old school, you can check out our article on water skis, but the exciting new kid on the block is wakeboarding. There are wake ropes designed specifically for wakeboarding with wider handles for a strong grip while working tricky moves, but you can definitely use a traditional water ski line as well. Just make sure you wear a life vest, as things can get pretty heated when you’re edging into a washy wake—you’ll want some protection if and when you bail (aka fall).

Wakeboarding appeals to a wide audience, from kids to athletic seniors, and women love the sport too. Just keep in mind that it’s a sport that can be taken to the extreme with maneuvers such as flips, rolls, and pops that lead to long intervals of air time. If you’re looking for a tamer piece of equipment which also offers a fun and exhilarating ride, check out our article on kneeboards. Otherwise, let’s take a ride through the ins and outs of what makes a great wakeboard, so you can make a wise purchase. We’ll dive into the details of cost, design, and performance so you’ll feel confident in picking out the best wakeboard for you.

Although we’ve featured five awesome wakeboarding brands, there are some out there that didn’t make it to our list (purely because we only have room for 5) but definitely should be! Firstly, for a brand that provides wakeboards, kneeboards and water skis all with badass designs, you need to check out Hydro Slide. If you want watersports products and safety equipment specialized for kids, Full Throttle might be the brand for you. Finally, for boards that pop with designs that pop even more, you’ll never get bored of the Liquid Force wakeboards. They’ve got tons of cool designs to choose from.
In general, wakeboards average about $200 – $300, and many packages come with bindings. Getting a wakeboard and bindings package usually brings the overall cost down. On the low end, you can expect to pay around $200 for a cheap wakeboard that’s appropriate for newbies to the sport, but little else. As you gain skill and expertise, you’ll probably need to shell out at least $300 – $400, and up to $800 for a wakeboard with enhanced design features and custom bindings.

Enhanced design features include options such as removable fins, and the newest models from the best wakeboard manufacturers in the biz. Fiberglass seems to be the material of choice for the outer “skin” of a wakeboard. The core of the wakeboard tends to be made of foam, which is cheaper and lighter, or wood which costs more but is more flexible.
There’s a big difference between boards for beginner riders, and those for intermediate or advanced riders, so pay attention to the features. Further, you’ll need to select a board that’s the right length for your weight class. To help you out with this, we’ve included a chart in the Performance section of this article, outlining the correct board length for your weight.

Here are the most important features to look for when selecting the right wakeboard:
  • Length of board
  • Materials used
  • What skill level the board is designed for
  • Single tip or double tip (double is round at both ends and works well for snowboarders)
  • A fast, smooth continuous rocker or a 3-stage rocker for higher lift off the wake
  • Deep fins for beginners, and shallow or removable fins for advanced riders
  • Wider boards for more pop off the wake and advanced stunts
  • Narrow boards for smooth carving on the “glass”
  • Adjustable bindings for beginners, and customer bindings for advanced riders
  • Hard edges for better tracking, or rounded edges for landing advanced stunts
As you can see, there are lots of factors when it comes to selecting a wakeboard. Now we’ll go into construction, so you can better understand how they factor into performance while wakeboarding.
Construction and Design
For buoyancy, most boards have a fiberglass coating and an internal core of foam, wood, or honeycomb combined with resin. Boards average at around five feet long and about two feet wide. You’ll want to check out our guide in the Performance section to make sure the board length you select is appropriate for you or the person you’re purchasing a wakeboard for.

Bindings attach your feet to the board, and can be adjustable or custom-fit for more advanced wakeboarders. Twin-tipped wakeboards are an up-to-date design that allow for lots of variety when doing stunts. Twin-tips tend to be the design of preference for those with skateboarding or snowboarding experience.

You can save a few pennies and a few pounds by selecting a wakeboard with a foam core, plus foam core wakeboards tend to take a beating and last longer than those with a wooden core. But many advanced wakeboards are made with a wooden core, which allows the board to snap better off the wake. Boards made with graphite are firmer, and provide a steadier, more controlled ride.

The shape of the board is called the “rocker”. A smooth and consistent curve or bend to the board is called a continuous rocker. Continuous rockers allow you to go faster and offer a smoother ride. A three-stage rocker has undulating curves incorporated into the design, which lets you pop into a high lift off the wake, giving you more air time for stunts.

Fin depth and placement affect the wakeboard’s mobility and the type of stunts you can do with the board. Deep fins are ideal for beginners, as they lock you into position on the wake better. However, surface tricks such as flat spins are best supported by a shallow fin. Shallow fins and removable fins are a good choice in wakeboard design for intermediate to advanced wakeboarders.
Performance and Ease of Use
Whether you want to try a basic flip and roll, or max out your moves with a double front roll (called a Speedball), you’ll want to choose a board that’s right for your stature and skill level. Like snowboards, each person usually has a preference for which foot feels comfortable in the forward position. A left foot forward stance is “regular”, and left foot back is “goofy”. By turning your wakeboard 180 degrees, you can do a “switch stance”.

Pick a shorter board for lots of spins and tricks, or select a long board if you’re looking for a smooth ride and clean landings. If you want optimal release off the wake, pick a board with fins that are placed close to the center of the board. Wakeboards with fins near the tip and tail of the board allow you to stay hooked in the wake longer for a steadier ride.

Here’s a good guide to help you with your selection for wakeboard length, based on your body weight:

Wakeboard Length Guide Based on Body Weight
  • Up to 130 pounds — 49.6 in. to 52.4 in.
  • 130 – 150 pounds — 51.9 in. to 53.5 in.
  • 150 – 175 pounds — 52.4 in. to 55.1 in.
  • Over 175 pounds — 54.7 in. to 57.9 in.
Keep in mind that longer wakeboards are better for beginners.

Remember to always get in a good stretch before you hit the wake. You’re going to need excellent coordination to manage the wake and perform stunts, so you’ll want full mobility when it comes to your muscles. And make sure you wear a life jacket, even if you’re a great swimmer.

Now that we gave you the full run-down of wakeboard designs and features, outlining how they affect performance, it’s time to pick out the right wakeboard for you. Let’s check out some of the most popular wakeboards on the market.

Get the Best Wakeboard of 2023!

Edge your way into the wake with some of the finest selections on offer. Whether you want a shorter board for spins and tricks, or a longer board for a smoother ride and clean landings, here are some great options. These boards are real crowd-pleasers, and on offer from some of the best manufacturers in wakeboard design.

Our Top Choice
Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard 2018 with Bindings
Best Value
Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard
Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf WakeBoard
Zup YouGo™ 1.0 Wakeboard and Handle
CWB Pure Wakeboard