Best Walker Reviews 2022

Mobility is important. A good walker can help with mobility, provide rest and even store or carry belongings! Walkers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors with a variety of different features for everyone. It’s important to choose a walker you can depend on, and that’s why we’ve chosen to review some of the best walker brands you can count on. We know this is a purchase that comes with a lot emotional battles and we hope we can make this a lot easier with our detailed reviews on walkers.
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Handle Height
Seat Size
Wheel Size
User Height
Our Top Choice
Nova Medical Products Heavy Duty Walker
Nova’s mission is a modest one, to “change the world”! They accomplish this by giving people the freedom of mobility, with a sturdy, durable rolling walker like this.
Sturdy construction. Very comfortable. Extra wide. High weight limit. Wire basket. Multiple Colors.
Slightly larger and heavier than the compact models.
Heavy Duty
24.5'' (D) X 25.5″ (W) X 31''(H)
Best Value
Lumex Everyday Walker with 5” Wheels
Lumex specialises in creating versatile walkers to suit a variety of people. Their Everyday Walker is a classic aid for those that struggle with balance and comes at an affordable price.
Strong, lightweight aluminum. Glide tips. 5” wheels. Dual release folding mechanism.
No seating option.
No seat
5'3'' - 6'0''
RollzMotion 2-in-1 Rollator and Wheelchair
Rollz Motion designs ergonomic and innovative solutions to provide people with the freedom to walk around. Their 2-in-1 rollator will get you from A to B comfortably and safely.
Best in class engineering for comfort, support, and safety. Drum brakes. Threshold assist. Cushioned tires.
A little more expensive than bargain brands.
16.5'' (D) X 25.76'' (W)
Front wheel-8”. Back wheel-12”
5'2” - 6'2”
Drive Medical Rollator Walker
Drive is a global company aiming to enhance the lives of those who use their medical products. The Rollator Walker is durable and offers tons of useful features.
Padded seat. Ergonomic design. 6” wheels and serrated brakes. Under seat pouch carries your things with privacy!
No carry basket included.
8.5"(D) x 15"(W) x 21"(H)
5’2” - 6’0”
PCP Folding Hemi-Walker
PCP has been creating products to aid in mobility for decades, making them a brand to trust. This Hemi-Walker is a great solution for anyone with trouble on one side of their body.
Specialized design for one-sided operation. Cross bracing for stability. Cushioned handle.
Indoor use only.
No seat.
No wheels.

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What is the Best Walker?

The best walker is going to be the one that has all of the functionality you need with reliable quality and at an affordable price. Because it’s such a personal decision, the best walker for you or your loved one may not be the same as the best option for a friend. Think about where, how, and for how long you will be using a walker, and consider the ease of use and storage. The best walker is going to have the perfect combination of features at a great price.
Our Top Choice
The Mighty Mack by Nova Medical Products is an amazing 2-in-1 rolling walker with top of the line features and construction. For those who want a more portable alternative, or don’t need the full size, the Mini Mack may be perfect!

Nova Medical Products Rolling Walker 4216BL - Blue

Nova Medical Products was founded in 1993 with a mission to increase the mobility and independence of its customers. Nova has produced quality walkers for decades, provides exceptional customer service, and actively pursues charity and volunteer opportunities to show support and compassion. Nova Medical products has a wide variety of walkers and mobility products, in multiple colors and configurations for everyone! The Mighty Mack is a heavy duty rolling walker and the strongest model in the Mack series of rolling walkers.

The Mighty Mack is indeed, mighty. It can handle 600 pounds of weight on its extra wide, padded seat. The seat is at a standard height and includes a removable back. While you’re comfortably seated on the Mighty Mack, it features locking hand brakes for safety and tall 8” wheels.

Here are a few other features of the Mighty Mack:
  • Front wire basket
  • Backrest flips up
  • Removable seat pad
  • ”Lock n’ Load” feature to make it easy to transport
The Mighty Mack comes in both red and blue colors, folds easily, and stands apart as one of the most full-featured and aesthetically pleasing walkers available today!
Best Value
The Lumex Everyday Walker with 5” Wheels is made from quality components, and keeps its design, simple and reliable. Lumex: everyday walking for everyone! For a three-wheeled approach and extra storage, check out this three-wheel cruiser!

Lumex Standard Walker 716270B-1 - Blue

Lumex is a trusted brand that designs rolling walkers for standard and specialty purposes. Lumex is known for the quality of their rollators and specialty products for different shapes and sizes. Lumex also designs some more progressive models, including three-wheeled rollators and hybrids that turn into a wheelchair complete with arm and footrests. The Lumex Everyday Walker is a great all-around rolling walker that is sturdy and portable.

The aluminum construction of the Lumex features strong, 1” diameter aluminum bars. Aluminum is known for its high strength to weight ratio, and this keeps the Lumex light while providing support. The Lumex features a dual release mechanism that allows the sides to fold independently. This can help you avoid unwieldy folding situations or unpleasant pinching. The 5” wheels are fixed and attached securely, and the glide tips are great for getting over tough surfaces.

Here’s a summary of its features:
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum
  • Glide tips
  • Stable 5” wheels
  • Meets HCPCS code: E0143
  • Dual release folding mechanism
  • Affordable value
If blue isn’t the color for you, then this everyday walker comes in 6 color options!
The Rollz Motion sets the bar for 2-in-1 wheelchair rollators. Every single feature is spectacularly designed for safety, comfort, and stability. The Orange Rollz Motion takes safety even further with new, innovative drum brakes for safe, balanced braking.

RollzMotion Walker – Cool Gray

Rollz International is a Dutch company that is pioneering the technology in 2-in-1 walkers that also function as wheelchairs. It is their mission to give people the opportunity to live a full life, even if mobility isn’t what it used to be. Rollz features multiple products for mobility, and they have a great selection of accessories for shopping, a day at the park, or anything you can imagine while out with your Rollz. The Rollz Motion is a great example of Rollz engineering and showcases their patented 2-in-1 technology.

Every feature of the Rollz Motion has been meticulously crafted for comfort, stability, and safety. Ergonomic handles, cushioned tires, and a padded seat makes the Rollz unlike any other. The nimble front wheels and threshold aid helps you navigate doorsteps, curbs, or unusual terrain with ease. All of these features and the peace of mind knowing that you have the innovative drum brakes and compact storage to go anywhere!

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Ergonomic handles and cushioned seat for comfort
  • Cushioned tires with drum brakes for safety and soft rolling
  • Threshold aid to get over curbs and doorsteps
  • Easy folding and adjustment
  • Sit comfortably as a wheelchair or walk upright
  • Great color choices
Drive Medical is a name that medical professionals and hospitals trust - why shouldn’t you? The Rollator with Folding Removable Back Support is an absolute steal at its low price. For those a little smaller, consider the Adjustable Height Rollator with 6" Wheels.

Drive Medical Rollator Walker with Fold Up and Removable Back Support and Padded Seat

Drive Medical is a distributor or durable medical equipment known all over the world for their quality and variety of products. As a company they have a proven track record that you can trust. Drive Medical furnishes hospitals with accessible furniture, powered scooters, and all types of walkers and rollators! The Rollator with Folding Removable Back Support is an amazing value of features and functionality from a name you can depend on.

With ergonomic handles, a cushioned seat, and padded backrest, the Drive Medical Rollator is comfortable for long periods of sitting AND standing. The 6” wheels help you navigate obstacles and come complete with serrated brakes for safety. It comes with a carrying pouch underneath the seat to protect the privacy of your belongings, and an additional carry basket can be bought as an accessory!

There’s a lot that’s great about the Drive Medical Rollator:
  • 6” wheels with serrated brakes
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Private storage under seat
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Loop locks for extra security
  • Comes in multiple colors
Personal Care Products is a company that understands mobility and the Hemi-Walker was designed with their research and expertise. It’s perfect for those who can only use one side. For a more traditional walker, take a look at the Double Button Folding Walker with Wheels.

PCP Side Style Folding Hemi-Walker for Adults

PCP Personal Care Products has the longest history of all the brands we’re reviewing. With a history dating back to 1893, PCP has a legacy of helping restore individuals to an active, independent lifestyle. Alongside convalescence equipment and special safety equipment, PCP creates mobility products for a variety of purposes. The PCP folding Hemi-Walker is a specialty product for one sided use.

The Hemi-Walker is especially designed for those who may have full use of his or her arms or legs on only one side. It’s designed for indoor use to help those with limited or no dexterity in one arm or hand. The firm cross brace locks to provide a secure base with angled feet that provide stable support. Black foam hand grips cover the strong aluminum frame for a mixture of comfort and strength. The Hemi-Walker has a 300 pound weight capacity and comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

Here’s the rundown of the Hemi-Walker:
  • Strong aluminum is extremely light
  • Padded grip for regular use
  • Cross brace is strong and secure
  • High weight capacity
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • One of the best walkers for limited dexterity

How Do I Choose the Best Walker?

Living a healthy and active life is perhaps the ideal goal of everybody on this planet—a life without restricted movements where every part of your body is functioning as required. However, given the numerous uncertainties we face daily in life, this dream is not entirely achievable. A considerable portion of the population falls victim to unavoidable circumstances, paralyzing parts of their body.

One system in our bodies that can be affected by the above-mentioned circumstances is the one which controls locomotion and movement—the muscular and skeletal system. Whether the cause is a disease, accident or old age, the end results are the same—our mobility is hindered. Some severe cases may render the victim immobile, forcing them to use a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Those who have a chance of recovery may use crutches or walking canes. Moreover, those who were not severely injured (old-aged persons) and those on the advanced path to recovery may use walkers. All this is in a bid to realize mobility, which is a precious attribute to human beings.

Like the name suggest, walkers help in walking. Walkers are useful in aiding mobility of those whose muscles are not strong enough to support themselves. The elderly and those recovering from skeletal issue are the prime candidates for usage of walkers. In the case of the old, having a walker negates the need to be carried over short distances, hence people are not likely to see you as burden. On the other hand, walkers are often recommended by physiotherapists to patients whose movement was affected by accident or disease. Before they are fully recovered, the walker complements the body support system, enabling them to move around. This exercises the muscles, propagating a fast and healthy recovery.

Before buying a walker, you should consult with a medical expert on its suitability to your case. Once given the green light, you can go on to explore the market. There are several options available, so you might find it difficult to spot the appropriate walker. After thorough research, we compiled a detailed guide on how to choose the ideal walker for nearly every situation. Keep on reading to find out.
The price range of walkers varies greatly, and is reliant on features. Two-in-one walkers, which can act both as a walker and wheelchair, are very expensive as compared to the normal walkers. Extras such as seats and wheels also increase the price of the walker where applicable. Similarly, walkers meant for heavy duty are more costly than standard ones.

Cheap walkers go for as little as $36, but they will give a mediocre performance. To get your hands on premium walkers, you may part with up to $1,000, but it will be worth every penny.
The quality and performance of any product depends massively on its features. For this reason, attention to detail regarding specifications is a must before purchasing anything, including walkers.

That being said, you should look for the following in a walker:
  • Type–This relies on the built quality, specifying how the walker is to be used. It may be heavy-duty, standard, or otherwise.
  • Handle Size–This states the length of the handle, where applicable.
  • Seat Size– If a seat is present, what are its dimensions?
  • Wheel Size– If wheels are built-in, this specifies the size.
  • User Height– How tall should the prospective user be?
Construction and Design
When it comes to design, walkers are divided into three broad categories, namely:
  • Basic walkers – Faithful to their name, these walkers are bare and simple – no fancy add-ons. They are ideal for those seeking stability, as their design allows them to stand firmly on the ground.
  • Wheeled walkers – They are similar to basic walkers in almost every aspect, with the little difference being that they have two wheels, which are paced on the front side. In addition to stability, they help their user in walking through surfaces that are not flat.
  • Rollators – These are walkers with wheels, each on every limb. Due to their design, they can move on almost every surface. To control their speed, they come fitted with handbrakes.
Walkers are controlled using hands. For this reason, an appropriate walker shoud have a handle that is big enough to accommodate everyone’s hand size, as well as have a firm grip and be comfortable. In this regard, several walkers possess cushioned handles. This ensures the user is safe at all times, as the walker would not slip out.
Performance and Ease of Use
Individuals who resort to using walkers cannot walk over long distances without getting tired. A majority of walkers take this into consideration, hence the increase in the number of seated walkers. This enables the user to rest when tired, recuperate some energy and then move on. To complement the seats, a pouch is included, where a refreshment to be consumed while resting can be stored. The bag can also be used to carry other personal items.

Walkers have a large footprint. They can be particularly irritating while not in use. However, modern walkers are foldable, and can save on space when not in use.

Get the Best Walker of 2022!

We’ve reviewed five of the top walkers, and even learned a little along the way. From wheeled walkers with seats to simple walkers (with tennis balls!), we know that you have the knowledge to choose the best walker for your needs. Any of these brands will be dependable and trustworthy, so discern the right one that’s suitable for you. We hope these walkers will help you or your loved ones gain the mobility they so desire.

Our Top Choice
Nova Medical Products Heavy Duty Walker
Best Value
Lumex Everyday Walker with 5” Wheels
RollzMotion 2-in-1 Rollator and Wheelchair
Drive Medical Rollator Walker
PCP Folding Hemi-Walker