Best Wall Safe Reviews 2022

Wall safes are necessary to safeguard your valuable items. The challenge is picking a particular brand or product that gives you the kind of security features you want at a price you can afford. We have simplified the work for you by narrowing your options down to 5 of the best wall safes out there. Take a look at the reputable brands reviewed below while bearing in mind that these brands have other types of wall safes you can choose from.
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Our Top Choice
Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Combination Lock
Stack-On, a leading manufacturer of secure storage solutions, delivers an easy-to-install and solid steel wall safe with features that give you peace of mind.
Easy installation. Concealed hinges are 1/8th plate steel and solid enough to deter a burglar. Digital keypad is easy to program. On/off feature for beeps on the keypad a good idea.
Because of its relatively large size, locking mechanism takes up a good portion of the safe.
Electronic lock
13.81x3.75x20.63 inches;30.875lbs
Not fireproof
No, but inset design
Best Value
Barska AX12038 Biometric In-Wall Safe
Barska, an innovative manufacturer of security solutions, offers a biometric wall safe that’s difficult to break into with an easy-to-conceal design that lies flush with the wall.
Design for concealment behind furniture, paintings, etc. Easy to set up. Fits well between wall studs. Beeps for low battery warning. Stores fingerprints of up to 120 users.
The black color might make it stand out as a target in some settings if not behind something.
Biometric lock; 2-point deadbolt
15.5x3.73x20.75 inches; 28.8lbs
Not fireproof
Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe with Combination Keypad
Protex, with a reputation for building highly secure solutions, makes this great electronic wall safe with a design that makes concealment easy.
Heavy construction is difficult to break into. Easy to conceal. Door springs open. Good quality, flush digital.
Locking mechanism takes up a large amount of space, reducing what is left for your items.
Motorized locking bolt system
14.13 x18.25 x 3.88 inches; 28lbs
Not fireproof
Paragon Lock and Safe 7750 Deluxe Wall Safe
Paragon Lock and Safe, a brand that stands behind its products, sells a top quality fire-resistant, electronic hidden wall safe.
Fire-resistant. Heavy construction with inside tamper-proof hinges. Easy to conceal. Pre-drilled holes inside safe for easy installation. Pin code can be changed infinitely.
The keypad and opening mechanism take up a large part of the middle shelf.
Programmable electronic lock
14 x 4 x 19 inches ; 37lbs
Fire resistant
AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet
Who doesn’t know Amazon and what it stands for? AmazonBasics produces this reliable bestselling entry-level safe with electronic lock.
Solid steel construction with pry-resistant concealed hinges. Soft scratch-proof carpeted floor. Quick set-up and easy operation. Adjustable interior shelf to organize items. Can be bolted to wall, floor or shelf.
Bolts to wall, but not flush/hidden. You’ll need a flashlight to access it in the dark since the keypad isn’t lighted.
Steel with carpeted floor
Electronic lock;2 live-door bolts
13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches; 16.5 lbs
Not fireproof
No, mounts outside wall

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What is the Best Wall Safe?

With the information you just read about wall safes, we hope you have been able to make up your mind on the features you want in your ideal choice. Now you can read our reviews of individual brands/products, taking into account those needs you want met. We hope you will then find it easy to decide on a particular product that will become the best wall safe for you.
Our Top Choice
Stack-On offers top quality and secure storage solutions. This wall safe with electronic lock gives you a secure storage point for your confidential documents and other valuables. For even more security, you can get this wall safe with a biometric lock.

Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock Available in Two Colors (Black on Black, or Silver on Black)


Stack-On is a leading maker of secure storage solutions for industrial, office or home use. It caters to tradespeople, professionals and DIYers who want to install a bit of security in their homes. If you want a secure storage solution, try Stack-On.

The Stack-On PWS-15522 wall safe is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device. This means that it meets the requirements set forth by Section 23655 of the Penal Code. It comes with great features that ensure your confidential documents, passports, credit cards, guns and other valuables are kept safe. These features include:

  • User-programmable electronic lock
  • Key override for immediate access in case of emergencies
  • Easy-to-read keypad with beep that can be turned on/off as the owner chooses
  • Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door
  • Back-up key
  • Concealed hinges
  • 2 steel live-action locking bolts
  • 2 removable shelves
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Straps, making it easy for pistols to be mounted to the back
  • Document folder for easy storage for receipts and passports
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting into the wall between studs built for standard 16" on center walls
  • Fastening hardware

Please note that the manufacturer recommends that this safe should NOT be used for storing CDs or other electronic storage devices. This particular safe only comes in black, but you can choose either a silver or black lock.

Best Value
Barska builds wall safes that give you the security you desire with excellent features for your peace of mind. That’s what you get with the Barska Biometric Wall Safe. If you want something even more secure (and that comes with a keypad too), check the Standard Keypad Depository Safe (also by Barska). It will be a great choice.

Barska Wall Safe With Biometric Lock - Designed For Easy Concealment


Barska brings its strong expertise in optics into the security industry. You can count on the quality of its biometric safes because it has in-depth knowledge of the technology that delivers the best result.

The Barska Biometric Wall Safe (selling for $175.99 retail) is designed to be difficult to break into. And what safe can be harder to break into than one that the burglar doesn’t know is there? To this end, Barska has adopted a design that makes it very easy for you to conceal this safe behind mirrors, picture frames, furniture and more. It also comes with other great features including:

  • Revolutionary biometric fingerprint technology stores and recognizes up to 120 different users
  • Two-point deadbolt locking system
  • Override capability giving secondary access in case of battery failure
  • Factory pre-drilled anchor points let you permanently secure safe to wall with included mounting hardware
  • Alkaline batteries with up to two years life
  • 3 repetitive beeps plus red flashing indicator lights to indicate low batteries
  • Two removable shelves for better organization of valuable items
  • Protective floor mat
  • 1-year limited warranty

Barska biometric safes come in different shapes and sizes and with model-specific features.

You buy “peace of mind” with any Protex safe you install. With great features to ensure the security of your valuable items, the PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe is a great pick. If you need more features, like a state-of-the-art fingerprint reader, we recommend the Protex FW-1814Z Biometric Wall Safe.

Protex Electronic Hidden Wall Safe With Digital Keypad and Motorized Locking Bolt System


Protex makes great security solutions. Its range of safes covers hotel, office, dorm, school and home use. You get top security with any Protex safe you buy.

The PWS-1814E helps you protect your valuable items by giving them the first (and very important) line of defense: a design that makes it easy to conceal. How can thieves break into a safe when they don't even know you have one? The Protex Electronic Wall Safe sells for $194.99 (MSRP), although our research shows that you can get it for less at Amazon. It comes with features that make operation and maintenance easy, including:

  • Digital electronic locking system
  • Flush digital keypad
  • Motorized locking bolt system
  • Power override system
  • Key lock override system (2 keys included)
  • Dual live motorized chrome bolts (3/4" dia.)
  • High quality velvet interior
  • Design for installation between 16" o/c wall studs
  • Approximately .44 cubic feet of storage space
  • Heavy-duty gauge steel
  • Spring-loaded door
  • 2 removable shelves
  • 5/8"-thick formed steel door
  • Anchor holes: 3 per side (6 total)

Protex electronic wall safes come with different locking systems.

Paragon Lock and Safe stands behind its products because it doesn't cut corners. Secure your valuables with the 7750 Deluxe (a fire-resistant electronic hidden wall safe). If you prefer a more affordable basic fire-resistant model, we recommend the 7800 Fire Safe (also by Paragon Lock and Safe).

Paragon Lock and Safe Electronic Hidden Wall Safe - Large Fire Resistant Wall Safe for Jewelry, Small Handguns, Important Documents


Paragon Lock and Safe. The name says it all – its products lock and keep your valuables safe. It stands behind its products because it knows that it delivers top quality only. That’s what you get when you buy a safe from this leading security solutions manufacturer.

The Paragon Lock and Safe 7750 Deluxe Wall Safe shows the kind of quality we are talking about. It is a fire-resistant electronic hidden wall safe that sells for $399.95 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). It’s a perfect fit for your home, vacation home or office and features:

  • 1/8" thick solid steel construction to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks
  • Inside tamper-proof hinges
  • Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring (bolts included)
  • A design for easy concealment
  • Digital entry with secret PIN code
  • Another entry option with keys (included)
  • Simple programmable electronic lock with buzzer and LED (3 to 8 numbers)
  • Pin code can be changed infinitely
  • Easy to install; fits between the studs
  • Runs on AA size (1.5V) batteries
  • Powder coated interior and exterior
  • Gray carpet mat padding on inside bottom
  • Anchor bolts
  • 1" frame around the front of safe conceals lines that are not cut straight along drywall
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty

Paragon wall safes come with different features depending on the model.

AmazonBasics products are available from Amazon. You get an affordable safe from a reliable brand in the AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet – a number one bestseller. AmazonBasics also offers other security solutions, including the 12-Sheet High-Security Shredder, to help you complete your line of defense, especially for your confidential documents.

AmazonBasics 0.5 Cubic Feet Security Safe With Removable/Adjustable Interior Shelf For Organizing Items


Does Amazon need any introduction? AmazonBasics is the part of Amazon that delivers items that are important for everyday use. It follows in the Amazon tradition of keeping what’s valuable to you safe.

The AmazonBasics Security Safe gives you a place to keep your valuable items safe and secure, whether you are just leaving home for work, or going on a long vacation. At a low price of $49.99, it’s very affordable. This safe’s design allows you to mount it on the wall, floor or shelf. It also features:

  • Solid, pry-resistant steel construction
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Soft scratch-proof carpeted floor
  • Electronic lock with two live-door bolts
  • Reprogrammable digital access
  • Digital display with different symbols to indicate locked, unlocked, and low battery
  • Quick set-up and easy operation
  • Removable/adjustable interior shelf and mounting hardware to organize items the way you want
  • Two emergency override keys
  • 0.5-cubic-foot capacity

How Do I Choose the Best Wall Safe?

There are some things you can’t afford to lose; it is why you take adequate steps to make sure that they are secure and safe. A security camera recording a break-in does not stop your diamond bracelet from getting stolen. An important way to safeguard valuable items such as documents, jewelry, guns, and other valuable items is to keep them in a wall safe. You will probably also want to use it for items of sentimental value such as your favorite old tapes or CD’s, your child’s first tooth, family photos, and so on.

The best wall safes are made with heavy-duty materials that cannot be easily breached, even if an intruder decides to go at the safe with an angle grinder. They are fire-resistant and have adjustable shelves. Their locking system is sophisticated to provide adequate protection for your valuables. Wall safes are quite simple to install, and you can do it easily yourself. They are designed to be inconspicuous, so people won’t even know they are there. They usually fit well into walls and can be concealed from view.


Wall safes have different designs, constructions, degrees of concealment and adjustment, battery type and life, locking systems, and other features that determine their prices. A sophisticated wall safe with internal tamper-proof hinges can cost about $400, while one with a less intricate design (but still fully functional) can go for $50.

However, beware of cheap wall safes, as they are liable to get breached rather easily. They are crafted with inferior materials, and the security systems deployed on these safes are too basic to offer quality protection.


Burglars are evolving. They are becoming more sophisticated, and it is essential to combat their skills with the best security systems that technology can provide. Wall safes are fast becoming one of the best ways to protect your valuables at a basic level. They have been built to exist without drawing attention or occupying space. If you have decided to get one for yourself, look out for the following features:

  • Lock type
  • Material
  • Door construction
  • Concealability
  • Fire rating
  • Security rating
  • Battery life
  • Size

As you proceed, you will realize why these features matter and determine the efficacy of your wall safe.

Construction and Design

The greatest appeal of wall safes as opposed to other security measures is their inconspicuousness. No burglar will steal items that they aren’t aware exist. Thus, wall safes are excellent ways to keep your valuable items away from prying eyes. There are different types of wall safes, and they differ based on size, construction, installation process, type of lock, and the material they are made of. Some wall safes use digital keypads, while some use an electronic lock or a combination of both.

While all wall safes can be attached to the wall, some come with thick flanges that will allow you to install them flush to the wall, while there are some that will protrude outside the wall. Another significant advantage of wall safes is that anyone who wants to steal its contents has to open it from the inside. It can’t be ripped off like standing safes or some other security gadgets. It is not safe for burglars to spare time drilling and to trying to unlock a wall safe when there are easier targets.

Another fantastic point about wall safes is that you can install it yourself. They are lighter in weight; often less than 50 lbs, come with flanges that make it easy for you to cover up a not-so-perfect hole, and are often discreetly shipped to you when you place your order. The inconspicuous mode of delivery means you can hide it from people, especially children. The flange also fits into walls, meaning you can easily hide the safe by covering it with a painting, photo album, or by installing it in a more discreet location.

While all wall safes are designed to keep valuable items safe, you should pay attention to the type of things you put into it. For example, a wall safe that will keep your handgun, jewelry, and documents safe and can handle up to 350° of internal heat will not be suitable to keep photographs and DVDs, as they might not be able to take any more than 125°of heat.

Performance and Ease of Use

One of the ways to stop a thief is by being one step ahead. You can only preserve your valuables in the event of fire or flood by being prepared. That is what makes a wall safe so important; it prepares you ahead of time and safeguards that which is precious to you. The good thing is that owning a wall safe isn’t as complicated or exclusive as the movies have made it out to be. We are trying to protect ourselves from window-climbing, wall-scaling burglars, not global terrorists, and as you might have heard and noticed, wall safes will secure your precious items just fine.

Many wall safes are fitted with detachable and adjustable shelves for easy compartmentalization. Some give secondary override access for instances where a battery fails. Wall safe interiors are not left out when it comes to quality design. Some come with a protective floor mat, some with carpeted steel or premium quality velvet interior, and some with straps for mounting pistols. There are wall safes that have time-out periods for incorrect entries, while others have an override for emergency situations. Some wall safes have spring-loaded doors while others have about two live door bolts.

When a burglar chooses to school himself on opening safes, his threat level is above average, which is why most wall safes are pry-resistant, and their pin codes can be changed infinitely. For those with digital access, such can also be reprogrammed. This extra protection makes it difficult for anyone to predict your security measures.

Some occurrences or cases like that of a curious child, fire incident, or flood incidents can endanger the contents of the wall safe. Most safes are fire-resistant and can be fixed in the wall out of the reach of curious kids. However, if you need easy access, you shouldn’t set the safe where you will have to climb or stoop to get to it; instead, find a way to conceal it but keep it within your reach.

Now that you have an in-depth knowledge of wall safes, we hope you have decided on the features that will suit your needs the most.

Get the Best Wall Safe of 2022!

Keeping your valuable items safe is all about having the right level of security to deter burglars that might be attracted to them. We hope that you have gained sufficient information to make the right choice in selecting a wall safe. Since you don’t have reasons to hesitate anymore, go ahead and make your purchase and ensure the safety of your valuables.

Our Top Choice
Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Combination Lock
Best Value
Barska AX12038 Biometric In-Wall Safe
Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe with Combination Keypad
Paragon Lock and Safe 7750 Deluxe Wall Safe
AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet