Best Washing Machine Reviews – What are the Most Reliable Full Size, Portable and Mini Washers?

With dozens of brands to choose from, shopping for a washing machine can be a challenging task. It is important to decide what type of washer you would prefer. You should also check your space to determine the size that will fit well in your house. You will then need to look at individual washer specifications to finally decide which machine works for you. To ease this task, we have researched the best washing machine brands in the market to find out the kind of washers they have. We went further to review 5 carefully selected washers from these trusted brands in a mix of type and price to give you a beginning point in your search for a high-quality washing machine.

If you don’t find what you need here, we recommend taking a look at Amazon’s Best Sellers in portable washing machines or their list of best rated full-sized washing machines — depending upon your needs.
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Spin Speed
Wash Cycles
Our Top Choice
Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04 Top Load Washer
Established in 1908, Speed Queen is a distinguished manufacturer of highly efficient laundry equipment like the Speed Queen Top Load Washer.
5-year warranty. Robust and durable electronic controls.
No display for cycle remaining time. Lacks selection for soil level. No signal to show end of cycle.
3.3 Cu. Ft.
No energy saving mode
68 strokes per min
Best Value
GE® 5.1 Cu. Ft Fully Automatic Washing Machine
The globally respected brand GE continues to meet industrial and domestic needs with smart products like the GE® 5.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer.
10-year limited warranty. Bleach dispensing capability. 6 selections for wash/rinse temperature. Has child lock capability.
You need to be computer literate to get the full benefits of this washer.
5.1 Cu. Ft.
Energy saving mode
1000 rpm
Kenmore Elite 41073 5.2 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer
For over a century, the Kenmore brand has rocked the home appliance industry with revolutionary products like the Kenmore 41073 Front-Load Washer.
Can dispense fabric softener. 5 temperature selection options. 5 selection options for soil levels.
Does not come with fill hoses. Door is not reversible.
5.2 Cu. Ft
Energy saving mode
1200 rpm
Haier 1.0 Cu. Ft. Portable Top Load Washer
Haier is devoted to designing intelligent and personalized home appliances. Its products, like the portable Haier HLP21N Washer, are found in many homes worldwide.
Portable. Easy to connect water hose. Easily faucet controlled water temperature for wash and rinse settings.
Has no handles to enable lift and carry. Not Energy Star rated. Does not have delay start capability.
1.0 Cu. Ft.
No energy saving mode
700 rpm
Samsung Baby Care Top Load Washer
Samsung, a globally renowned brand, has continued to stand the test of time by building highly specialized electronic products like the Samsung Baby Care Washer.
Built-in vibration reduction mechanism. Fitted with child lock for safety.
Heavy, with 2 people recommended to install it. Not Wifi enabled for remote control.
0.9 Cu. Ft.
Energy saver
900 rpm

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What are the Most Reliable Washing Machines?

If you read our buying guide below, you are equipped with helpful information for selecting a suitable washer, we can now take a detailed look at the unique features of each selected washer. Be sure to note the unique strengths of each washer and choose one that will match your specific needs.

Our Top Choice
The Speed Queen Top Load Washer comes with commercial grade components that ensure efficiency and resilience. If you need an option with improved controls, get the Speed Queen WNE92SP113TW01 washer. This machine offers soil level, remaining time and 4 temperature selection options. If you are in need of a dryer too, you can save money when you purchase this washer as a Speed Queen Laundry Pair.

Speed Queen AWN432S Fully Automatic Washing Machine with 3.3 cu. ft

Speed Queen's devotion to producing highly dependable washers is unmatched. Over the years, this brand has provided the American people with amazing and efficient laundry machines for both domestic and commercial use. Speed Queen washers have redefined efficiency in laundry and made life easy for many.

It is no surprise that the Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer with a 3.3 Ft3 tub is a darling to many. Going for only $849.00, this washing machine has a stainless steel tub with gentle performance to ensure the safety of your clothes.

Here are the features of this product that wow many clients:
  • In both wash and rinse modes, the water fills the tub to ensure clothes are thoroughly clean
  • cULus certified for guaranteed quality
  • Rear legs for self-leveling
  • The washer automatically balances itself
  • Its cabinet is made of three-layered commercial-grade steel for ensured durability
  • Has no lock to prevent you from opening the machine during a washing cycle
  • Its agitation mechanism is designed to swerve at 210 degrees, yielding 68 strokes every minute for optimal performance
Best Value
The GE® GTW860SSJWS 5.1 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer is a sure laundry companion. It's fitted with smart technology for remote connectivity and control. If you are interested in an electric smart washer, GE has one with a stylish satin nickel which features Microban Antimicrobial, Smartdispense and Built-in Wifi Dynamic Balancing Technology.

GE GTW860SSJWS 5.1 Cu. Ft Top Load Washer

With an acclaimed reputation of unveiling cutting-edge innovations in electrical and electronics fields, the General Electric Company has brightened the lives of many consumers by meeting daily needs with unmatched efficiency and style. Its products range from home appliances to complex engineering solutions like the flight analytics applied in the aviation sector.

You can bring digital convenience to your home with the GE GTW860SSJWS 5.1 Cu. Ft.-Energy Star Top Load Washer. It's fitted with Wifi connectivity, so you can monitor the performance of this appliance remotely with your smartphone. Retailing at $1099, this washing machine comes with smart technology to manage detergent and fabric softener.

Here are some features that make many customers give this washing machine accolades:
  • Comes with a special feature to cut wash time by over 20% without compromising on output
  • Designed to dispense water in both waterfall and recirculation pump action for a thorough wash
  • Lid designed for a soft and graceful close
  • The wash basket is brightly lit with LEDs for maximum visibility
  • Programmed to handle tough stains with specified action
  • Energy Star rated
  • Can run on energy saving mode for reduced power consumption
In the wake of bagging the Best Washing Machine of the Year award, the Kenmore 41073 Front-Load Washer continues to wow users who have lots of clothes to wash. If you prefer a smaller washer, get the Kenmore Elite 41482 4.5 cu. ft. washing machine. With its Accela Wash® capability, it gets your laundry done in only 29 minutes.

Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu ft Front-Load Washing Machine

The colorful history of the largely successful Kenmore brand spans a century. With a striking interest in household appliances, this brand has grown over the years to become a formidable force.

With the Kenmore 41073 Front Load Washer, you get superior Steam Treat performance without the need for stain pre-treatment. This amazing washer sells for only $1749.99 and can deliver 6 laundering motions courtesy of its smart motion feature.

Designed for ultimate user satisfaction, this washing machine has striking qualities worth mentioning. Here are the features that distinguish this product from others:
  • Comes with a high temperature sanitizing feature that wipes out 99.9% of germs
  • Sleek and classy design for an appealing look
  • Uses tumble action for wash motion
  • 5 options to regulate the spin speed
  • Mobile phone diagnostics data transfer capability using the Kenmore Connect™ System
  • Energy Star certified
The size of the Haier HLP21N Washer enables you to accommodate it comfortably in a small space in your home. If you need an option with a larger capacity, get the Haier HLPW028AXW 2.1 Cu. Ft. Portable Washer. This washing machine gives you a maximum spin speed of 750 rpm and is fitted with a delay start feature.

Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Washing Machine

The Haier brand, native to China, is well known for building unique products that are focused on customer needs. With its holistic approach to providing home solutions, Haier has grown to be a global favorite to many.

Lack of enough space is a major housing challenge for many consumers. Consequently, owning essential domestic appliances becomes a struggle. Fortunately, Haier helps you fix this problem with its highly affordable, small-sized HLP21N Washer. It retails at only $280.29 and is built to serve you for a long time.

Features that make this top load washer an ideal choice include:
  • Electronic control panel
  • Alert signal to show the end of a cycle
  • Built-in bleach and detergent dispensers
  • 1-year warranty
  • Casters for easy movement from one part of the house to another
The Samsung Baby Care Washer gives you a rare opportunity to effectively sanitize infant clothes, including reusable diapers. If you prefer a front load washer, try the Samsung WF42H5200AP 4.2 cu. Ft. It comes with a smart care solution that allows you to troubleshoot it quickly. Many clients pair it with the DV5200 Dryer for added benefits.

Samsung Washing Machine for Baby Clothes and Reusable Diapers

Samsung was established in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea. It has grown over the years to become a true leader in advancing electronic and digital technology to meet the daily needs of consumers. With products ranging from sleek and fancy electronics to sophisticated home appliance designs, the brand has penetrated markets around the globe to become a favorite among many. Changed "smartphones" as it might remind readers of the current problems with Samsung smartphones and discourage them from buying the washer

It is no surprise that the Samsung Baby Care Top Load Washer, exceptionally designed to meet laundry needs for infants, is highly praised for its performance. Selling at only $429.99, this washing machine is ideal for small loads of laundry.

Besides it being a great choice for handling the most soiled garments in the house, here are the features that make clients love this washer:
  • Great noise control mechanism for quiet operation
  • Designed to allow user to rinse clothes up to 6 times for a thorough wash
  • Compact design built to last a long time
  • 3 temperature selection options

Clothes Washer Buying Guide: How to Choose Between Full, Mini and Portable Washing Machines

How would life be without household appliances? Not many of us enjoy repetitive house chores like washing dishes, mopping floors, scrubbing bathtubs and such. Think about it – wouldn't it be easier if we cleaned the dishes, mopped the floors and did laundry only once in awhile and had extra time for ourselves to choose what we wanted to do? Unfortunately, this can only occur in our dreams. As long as we are eating, wearing clothes and want to live in a clean house where we can breathe good quality air, house chores are a must.

Though good appliances don’t completely eliminate our need to perform the tasks, they can make it easier and more manageable. With a good vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate the dust off the floor and couches to make your house a comfy haven. And those dirty dishes? A quality dishwasher tackles your dishes at the press of a button and you never even have to worry about ruining a good manicure.

What about the laundry?

A good washing machine does the dirty task for us, making working through your family's ever-present pile of laundry manageable, if not enjoyable. When you choose the right washer, all you need to do is sort your laundry, adjust the settings, and turn it on. Today's modern machines make laundry so simple that even your kids will not have an excuse for not washing their own dirty clothes.

Video: How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine With Vinegar And Baking Soda

Use cleaning vinegar and baking soda as a washing machine cleaning routine.| Courtesy of Vans World
There are washing machines for every household and every budget. The factors to consider that affect the price are: capacity, design, functionalities, and technology. For example, a manual top load washing machine will cost less than an automatic front load model and you pay more for technologies like steam treat performance or smart technology, including, seriously, the smart technology of a remote control. To cater for all budgets while still ensuring the quality isn't compromised, our featured washing machines are priced from around $250 to just over $1000.

For many of us, a simple machine will do. But as with all quality purchases, don’t be lured in to buying a cheap washing machine; make sure that your money is well-spent on a washer from a manufacturer you can trust. Fortunately, we have made that easy for you with this buying-guide because we have only chosen brands we would trust ourselves.
Because you want a machine that will become a long-lasting member of your household, it is important to identify your family's needs before making a purchase. With all of the technologies available, it will be simpler if you know what you are and are not looking for before you begin searching through the numerous models and find the one that is right for you.

Here are the important features to look for:
  • Capacity – The size of the tub which determines the quantity of clothes you can wash per cycle
  • Performance – Is it an energy saver or not? Look for relevant certifications to support the vendor’s claims
  • Spin Cycle – Determines how fast and efficiently it can perform the job
  • Design – Can be front or top loader.
  • Mode of Operation – Is it automatic or manual?
  • Physical Size – Will it fit properly in your laundry room?
  • Extra Features – Fabric softener dispenser, temperature sensor, mobile phone control, etc.
  • Warranty – Washing machines should come with a satisfactory warranty certificate
Keeping in mind the above features when shopping will guide you in picking a washer that meets your needs best.
Construction and Design
With top loading and front loading models available, be sure to get an accurate measure of the space you have available. The door to a top loading machine will not require extra space, but front loading models open sideways and will need some extra room in order to accommodate for this.

Another important construction aspect of a washer is its drum size. It is measured in cubic-feet and determines the amount of laundry you can wash at one time. There are compact designs in the market with a tub capacity as low as 0.9 cubic feet; however, most washers have a size of 4-6 feet, so you need to know how much laundry you will want to wash at one time. When it comes to the size of the tub, some agitators do take up space you would like to use for your clothes. However, we have machines that use propellers on the floor of the tub, reducing noise and space consumption.
Performance and Ease of Use
We all know that some washing machines can be noisy and some can be quiet enough not to wake a sleeping baby. Depending on where you will be housing your model, you may want to check its noise rating before making your final purchase.

Ah, technology. Washing machines can be fully-automatic, semi-automatic and manual. While an automatic washer will save you time which you can invest in other chores as your clothes clean, you’ll have no control over the amount of water or detergent used by the machine. This can result in wastage which you can easily tame with semi-automatic and manual washers.

In fact, some come equipped with programs that allow you to control the machine from your smart phone! Washers enabled with smart technology will cost more, but from your mobile device you can adjust settings, view the cycle progress, and work through that pile of laundry easier than your mother ever imagined possible.

So, take your time and learn about the different options available in our featured washers and choose the one that is right for your family.

Video: How to Hook up a Washing Machine and Dryer

Learn the basics of how to hook up a washer in your laundry room.| Courtesy of Home RenoVision DIY

Get the Best Washing Machine of 2023!

As with all important decisions, information is power. We hope that this buying guide has armed you and left you feeling empowered. To purchase any of our selected washers, simply follow the links provided. Have you found your ideal washer yet? If not, you can also browse more selections from the trusted manufacturers presented here.

Our Top Choice
Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04 Top Load Washer
Best Value
GE® 5.1 Cu. Ft Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Kenmore Elite 41073 5.2 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer
Haier 1.0 Cu. Ft. Portable Top Load Washer
Samsung Baby Care Top Load Washer

Washing Machine FAQs

How to clean a washing machine
To clean a washing machine, you will need white vinegar, baking soda, a spray bottle, and a microfiber cloth. Spray the rubber gasket with white vinegar and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove hair, mildew, scum, and water. After setting the washer to the hottest temperature and the highest level, add white vinegar (two cups) to the detergent dispenser. Run the machine through one complex cycle. Add half a cup of vinegar to the drum and run another cycle. After that, wipe the drum on the inside. Once you wipe the front of the machine, it will be clean and ready for use.
How much water does a washing machine use?
The amount of water that a washing machine uses depends on how efficient the washing machine is (and the size). High-efficiency devices such as those with ENERGY STAR certification use 33 percent less water. In terms of real quantities, the amount of water for efficient washing machines is about 14 gallons. That’s compared to other devices that use 20 gallons.
How to wash shoes in a washing machine
To wash shoes in a washing machine remove the laces and put them into a mesh sweater bag. Fill the machine with cold water and regular laundry soap. Please set it to medium spin and let it run. When you are through, allow the shoes to air dry. Soak the laces for an hour in warm, soapy water. After rinsing them, air dry the laces.
How much does a washing machine weigh?
The average weight of a washing machine lies somewhere between 150 and 200 pounds—no need to worry about loading onto a moving truck. The advantage of washing machines is that they have almost the same shape.
How do you bypass a washing machine door lock?
To bypass the door lock of a washing machine, turn it off and unplug it. Move it further from the wall and locate the screws and retaining tabs holding the horizontal panel at the top. Using a screwdriver, unscrew it, or push the tabs. Remove the top panel, put it back, and plug in the machine. Turn on the washing machine. If it keeps running, the magnet is positioned correctly. However, if it goes off, you have to lift the lid once more and adequately place the magnet.