Best Watch Box Reviews 2023

Whether you’re using it for your extensive collection of watches or gifting it to an established collector of timepieces, you need to have a good knowledge of watch boxes before committing to buying one. Watch boxes allow you to safely store and display your watches while keeping them out of harm’s way. Since they come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and materials, selecting the best watch box may be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve attempted to help you by researching the top five brands of watch boxes and featuring one product from each. You can also check out other watch boxes from the featured brands.
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Our Top Choice
Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box
Cas De’ Lux is reputable for designing luxury accessories for lovers of fine things and people with stylish personalities.
Stylish, black, and beautiful. Its 24 velvet slots can hold large wristwatches. Glass lid for display.
The locking system of this watch box isn’t that secure.
Premium display box
Polyurethane leather
16.6 × 11.5 × 3.25"; 5.4 pounds
Sturdy lock
Best Value
Songmics Leather Lockable Watch Box
Songmics is an elite brand founded in 2014; it has made its name on Amazon by selling quality household accessories that help you keep your family neat and organized.
Best seller, Lockable Watch Box, with Jewelry Display, keeps your watches safe under lock and key, and also adds to the décor of your space.
May not be ideal for a person with limited space because of the extra drawers
Brown Jewelry Box
Faux Leather / velvet interiors
11.2 x 8 x 5.9"; 5.1 pounds
Lock and key
TimelyBuys Wooden Watch Box
For over 8 years, TimelyBuys has been a leading provider of quality watch display cases and catch-all trays for both the home and office.
Sturdy and protects the watches from scratch and damage. Suede interior for display.
The key doesn’t lock the bottom drawer of the watch box.
Wood watch display box
Faux suede leatherette
8 × 11.25 × 6"; 7.3 pounds
Elegant lock and key
Case Elegance Vegan Leather Watch Box
Case Elegance designs and provides elegant gifts that are classy, convenient, affordable, and durable.
Ultra-soft cushion that keeps the watches in place. Fits most sizes and styles of wristwatches.
It doesn’t have a flat base, so it rolls about most times.
Vegan watch roll organizer
Naturally-textured vegan leather
7.9 × 1.8 × 3.8"; 0.02 pounds
Divider/button lock
Sodynee Leather Watch Box
When it comes to high-quality watch accessories, Sodynee is one of the leading companies that develops, designs, and markets them.
Quite affordable. You can always see the contents of the box through the glass lid.
The pillows are narrow and don’t keep watches in place.
Display box
Polyurethane leather
4.25 × 12.75 × 3.25"; 1.8 pounds
Lock and key

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What is the Best Watch Box?

There are different watch boxes available in the market and each comes in different styles and with different features. The review below is to help you understand that no two watch boxes are the same, and also help you make the right choice. Since you’ve read our buying guide, selecting the best watch box will be a lot easier now. So, let’s move on to the individual product reviews…
Our Top Choice
The Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box combines function with style and is made of premium PU leather. It also has 24 velvet pockets, and a locking system. For a luxury watch box with 6 velvet pillow slots in a premium display case with a framed glass lid, check out the Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box 6 Velvet Pillow Slots.

Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box with Framed Glass Lid

Cas De’ Lux is an influential and innovative luxury brand that has solidified its position as the go-to brand for quality luxury accessories. Because of its attention to details and superior craftsmanship, luxury accessories by Cas De’ Lux are high in demand. From jewelry boxes to watch organizers, Cas De’ Lux has become one of the most desirable luxury companies in the world.

The Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box is an elegant and beautifully designed organizer that’s made from PU leather and has a classy contrast stitching, which makes an attractive and decorative accent. It has 24 removable pillows that help organize your watches, making them easy to find while preserving their shelf life.

The multiple compartments also ensure that your watches hold their shape and prevent them from wobbling, while acting as a cushion that prevents them from wearing and protecting the face from scratches on the surface. It also has a framed glass lid, allowing you to display your beautiful collection of watches.

This watch box features a locking system that not only helps keep your watches safe, but also prevents them from getting out and destroyed if the box topples or falls down. This stylish and functional watch box is 16.625 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 3.25 inches tall. It’s easy to clean and keep streak-free - all you have to do is moisten a paper towel and wipe it clean, then follow up with dry microfiber cloth.

Cas De’ Lux has one more luxury watch box that might interest you:
  • The Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box 10 Velvet Pillow Slots which has a secure lock that safely keeps the watches. It’s stylish and functional with a framed glass lid for display. It’s also made from PU leather and can easily be cleaned.
Best Value
The Songmics Brown Leather Lockable Watch Box with Jewelry Display, not only keeps your watches safe under lock and key, but also adds to the décor of your space. This Multi functional watch box can be used for storing jewelry, watches, cuff links, rings, earrings necklaces among others. If you had a much smaller and a little cheaper watch box in mind, the brand also stock Songmics Brown Watch Box Faux Leather Jewelry Case.

Songmics Brown Watch Box Faux Leather Jewelry Case

Songmics was established in 2014 by Wuppessen, Inc and has built a great reputation as a manufacturer of an extensive range of exclusive fashions for the home. It strives to provide its consumers with top-of-the-line products at the most lucrative prices.

If you’re on the prowl for something elegant, yet secure enough to protect your watches from thieves, dust, scratches, and fingerprints, the UJWB007 Brown Watch Box is your best pick. The best part is that it offers a great deal of storage and value with multi-functional design.

Let’s see what this compact and stylish watch display box has in store for you.
  • Suitable for storing expensive jewelry, watches, earrings, bracelets and brooches
  • Its made of Faux leather surface and velvet interior that allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Features a clear cover, which not only allows display of watches but also allows watches that charge by light to remain fully charged
  • Includes ten removable slots for organizing and displaying of watches and jewelry properly.
Apart from the brown color, you can select from the other available colors on Amazon, including the blue, and noble blue.
The TimelyBuys Wooden Watch Box is an organizer that stores up to 20 watches with a bottom drawer that also stores cufflinks and jewelry. For a less expensive watch box made from carbon fiber, check out the TimelyBuys Black Carbon Fiber Watch Display Case. It has 12 slots and offers display view of the watches.

TimelyBuys Wooden Watch Display Case and Storage Organizer Box

TimelyBuys is a leading provider of accessories that organize items in the home and workplace. For more than 8 years, it has been providing its customers with items that are of high quality, durable, and offer value for money. TimelyBuys also works hand-in-hand with designer brands to bring you gift items that are reliable and trustworthy.

The TimelyBuys Wooden Watch Box is a multi-functional storage organizer that not only stores your wristwatches, but other forms of jewelry too. It has two drawers that can store, protect, and organize 20 timepieces. Each drawer can hold up to 10 watches and each compartment in the drawer measures 1.7 inches in width. The bottom drawer measures 2.5 inches in height and can be used to store cufflinks, smaller watches, and other forms of jewelry. All of this with an elegant lock and key which offers increased security.

This stylish watch box keeps your watches safe and completely organized. If you want to store larger accessories, you can remove the pillows located in both drawers. It also has a hinged lid that’s made of glass, which offers you visual access to the contents of the watch box at any time. The case weighs 7.3 pounds and has 8 L x 11.25 W x 6 H inches as its dimensions.

TimelyBuys has more watch boxes you can check out:
  • The TimelyBuys 30 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Display Case which displays up to 30 watches and can hang on the wall or stand on a base. It has an elegant lock and tassel key that offers increased security.
  • The TimelyBuys Black 4 Slot Zippered Travel Watch Storage Organizer with contrast stitching. It has an elastic strap that keeps the watch in place and a padded divider that offers more protection.
  • The TimelyBuys Elegant Cherry Wood Watch Box Display Case with a glass lid that offers visual access to the contents of the watch box. It has a lock and tassel key that offers increased security and removable pillows to make room for larger accessories.
  • The TimelyBuys 6 Piece Black Leatherette Watch Organizer Case which rolls up for travel and can hold up to 6 watches. It can also store pocket timepieces, jewelry, and other accessories. It has Velcro and loop closure for additional protection.
The Case Elegance Vegan Leather Watch Box comes with a vegan leather material and has a durable plastic mold with 3 slots and dividers that keep the watches secure. If you want a wooden watch box instead, check out the Case Elegance Solid Wood Watch Box with Glass Display. It holds 6 watches and has a protective pillow that keeps them in place.

Case Elegance Classic Vegan Leather Watch Roll Organizer – Available in 3 Colors

Case Elegance provides the gift industry with elegant gifts that are of high quality and affordable. Asides from creating gift products that are convenient, Case Elegance also ensures that they’re classy and durable. From exquisite watch cases to travel jewelry and watch organizers, when it comes to gifts that add to style and class, Case Elegance got you covered.

The Case Elegance Vegan Leather Watch Box is made from a durable plastic mold and has a vegan leather finish. The interior is white and consists of dividers that prevent the watches from sliding around. It has an ultra-soft cushion that secures the watches that are wrapped around it.

The cushion, when uncompressed measures 8 inches. It can be compressed to 7 inches to fit wristwatches of different watch styles, sizes, and faces. It can store and protect 3 timepieces and has a snap button that prevents them from falling out in transit. This stylish watch box weighs 2 pounds, measures 3.5 x 7.75 x 3.75 inches and fits properly in your travel luggage.

Case Elegance has one more watch box that might interest you:
  • The Case Elegance Solid Espresso Wood Watch Box Organizer which has a glass display top that grants you visual access to the contents of the watch box. It can hold up to 12 watches and has a protective pillow that can fit watches of different styles, sizes, and faces. It also has magnets embedded in the lid that ensure it stays in place when shut.
Case Elegance offers a 30-day return policy for all its products.
The Sodynee Leather Watch Box has a solid wood construction with a leather finish. Its interior is lined with grey velvet and it can hold up to 6 watches. For a lockable jewelry and makeup storage organizer, check out the Sodynee Black Leather Jewelry Display Box Makeup Storage Case. It also comes with a mirror and has a cushion for one watch.

Sodynee Leather Watch Box with Display Glass Top

Sodynee has been in the watch accessories business for more than 10 years. It has become one of the leading companies that develop, design, and market watch accessories. It supplies high-quality watch accessories and also offers professional customer services. From affordable watch tools and parts to watch boxes and supplies, Sodynee can be trusted to supply you with watch accessories that are elegant and classy.

The Sodynee Leather Watch Box is made of a solid wood construction with a black PU leather finish. It also has an interior that’s fully lined with grey velvet, and has 6 compartments that measure 3.25 x 1.75 x 1.375 inches and holds up to 6 men’s wristwatches. The entire watch box approximately measures 4.25 x 12.75 x 3.25 inches and has a glass lid that offers you visual access to the contents of the box. More importantly, it has a lock and key added for extra security and protection. This prevents the contents from falling out when the box is toppled.

Sodynee has more watch boxes that might interest you:
  • The Sodynee Deluxe Large 20 Mens Watch Box which comes with a safe guard lock. It’s made from black PU leather and holds up to 20 watches or other jewelry. It also has 20 removable pillows that provide a soft cushion for the watches and the lock and key provides extra security.
  • The Sodynee Watch Display Box Organizer which holds up to 12 watches and is made from PU leather. It also has a glass top that offers you visual access to the contents of the box.
  • The Sodynee Elegant 6 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Box with 6 removable pillows that offer cushion to the watches and prevent from them from scratch and damage. It also has extra clearance for large watches and a lock and key for extra security.
  • The Sodynee Deluxe Leather Watch Display Case which can hold up to 8 watches. It has a clear glass that grants you visual access to the contents in the box. It also has a black velvet interior, and the exterior is made from a black faux leather.
Sodynee offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, Sodynee will replace it or refund your money.

How Do I Choose the Best Watch Box?

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on watches, you want to ensure that they’re kept properly when not on your wrist. Irrespective of the type of timepiece, be it a luxury watch or a smart watch, all watches deserve to be kept out of harm’s way. A watch box will definitely do this for you. A watch box not only stores watches, it also organizes them while keeping them safe and clean.

There are several types of watch boxes and before you purchase one, there are important questions you need to answer. Do you need a watch box that allows you to safely display your wristwatches? Or do you want a watch box that offers aesthetics over safety and security? The answers to these questions will guide you in selecting the right watch box that can cater to your needs.

It’s also important to know that a beautiful watch box will offer a form of protection to the timepiece. Just as it would be useless buying a laptop case that didn’t fit your laptop, you should also consider buying a watch box that will accommodate all the watches you have. You can also get one that can hold other forms of jewelry asides from wristwatches.

Finally, a watch box is also a great gift idea, is suitable for different occasions, and can be gifted to anyone with a wristwatch. So whether you’re thinking of buying it for yourself, your kid (yes, there are watch boxes for kids), or you intend on gifting it to an established collector of watches, you need to select one that offers aesthetics and protection.

Now that you understand the importance of watch boxes, let’s turn our attention to some specific things you should look out for when shopping for the best watch. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, you can also take a look at our toiletry organizer review.
If you really value your timepieces, you’ll have no qualms spending money on a solid watch box to keep your luxury watches safe, organized, and clean. Typically, watch boxes don’t cost as much as the watches themselves do, and their prices usually range from $15 to $80. During the course of this review, we came across other cheap watch boxes, but we chose not to focus on them because they may not meet the quality and protection requirements of a solid watch box.

There are several factors that determine the price of a watch box, including the nature of the construction material. Watch boxes made of wood are usually more expensive than those made of leather. Also, the multi-functionality and number of compartments in a watch box can raise the price, as well. This means that depending on the brand, a watch box with 24 pockets that can be used to store other forms of jewelry will be more expensive than a watch box with 6 pockets that can only store wristwatches.
Before choosing the right watch box for your watch collection, you have to first consider the number of watches you own. This will prevent you from buying a watch box that’s too small. If you choose to use it for display purposes or to travel, there are also some features that must be in place to ensure it meets your needs.

Here are the important features to look out for in a good watch box:
  • Material
  • Security
  • Size/dimensions
  • Design
  • Compartment
Construction and Design
Since watch boxes are generally put on a dresser or a table, it makes more sense to choose watch boxes that coordinate with the bedroom décor. Watch boxes are usually made of wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, or leather. Those made of wood and leather are more popular than those made of carbon fiber and aluminum, with those made from leather usually being abrasion-resistant and more lightweight.

Wooden watch boxes are more durable, and there are different options of wood to choose from. You can choose darker wood from walnut, rosewood, and zebrawood, and lighter wood from bamboo and cherry wood options. However, wooden watch boxes have the tendency to be damaged by moisture and humidity.

Carbon fiber watch boxes are stylish, lightweight, and have high chemical and temperature resistance. They’re also lighter and more rigid than watch boxes made from aluminum.

Watch boxes may have a single or multiple compartments. As the name implies, a single compartment watch box can only hold one wristwatch, while a watch box with multiple compartments can hold many more. The number ranges from 2 to as high as 40 pockets.

If you collect wristwatches, you’ll need a watch box with as many compartments as possible. If you just own a number of watches, it would be advisable to buy a watch box that can house the number of watches you have, while leaving one or two extra pockets for any future watch you may choose to buy.

When it comes to the style and shape of watch boxes, we have the traditional box-shaped watch boxes, and other shapes. Such shapes include the rectangular, circular, and heart-shaped watch boxes. There are those that are designed to look like books, cones, and pouches, as well - be sure to keep these in mind.

If you intend to display your watches while storing them, there are watch boxes that have glass lids. These glass lids offer visual access to the content of the box without having to lift the lid. But if you prefer an organizer that’s more private and prevents peering eyes, there are watch boxes like the aluminum and pouch-like boxes that offer you that option.
Performance and Ease of Use
Watch boxes come with soft liners that are designed to keep your watches safe. The type of liners used varies from brand to brand, and they include velvet, suede, felt, or cotton liners. These soft liners prevent the watch from getting scratched while stored.

Asides from the liners, most watch boxes have a form of cushion or divider that prevents the watches from jostling around. The divider also prevents scratches due to friction and collision from each other. Some are in the form of removable pillows, while others are in the form of a rubberized compound. These dividers can also be removed to create more space for larger forms of jewelry.

If you have other forms of jewelry like cufflinks, pins, brooches, earrings, or bracelets, you can decide to choose a watch box that offers multi-functional purposes. A lot of watch boxes from popular brands can also store your extra jewelry and most importantly, organize them into compartments.

While most watch boxes are unisex, it’s important to note that there are specific watch boxes made for men only. This is because men’s wristwatches are sometimes larger in size and have large watch faces. So when considering to buy a watch box, you have to think about the size of your watches as some watch boxes won’t accommodate watches with extremely large faces.

The watch box that stores your beautiful and expensive timepiece should come with a security feature and option. There are various security options available, and they include the more popular secure lock-and-key access and the less popular keypads, fingerprint reading keypads, and multiple manual locking systems.

Asides from security features, there are also other protective features such as the Velcro, snap button, magnetic closure, and zipper options. These protective features prevent the contents of the watch box from spilling out, especially in transit. This is important if you ever need to travel with the watch box.

The ease of cleaning a watch box depends on the material it’s made of. If it’s made from wood or metal, you can empty the box and wipe it down, first with a wet cloth, then later with a dry microfiber cloth. But if your box is made of leather, cleaning it with a wet cloth might not suffice.

There may be need to brush it with a fine brush, as well. If the interior is made of velvet or suede, you can also wipe it with a dry cloth. Watch boxes don’t fare so well in wet and humid conditions, either, so it’s important to keep them from such potential threats.

Get the Best Watch Box of 2023!

Now that you’ve read this review, we hope we’ve provided you with the information you need to make the best choice of a watch box.

Our Top Choice
Cas De’ Lux Luxury Watch Box
Best Value
Songmics Leather Lockable Watch Box
TimelyBuys Wooden Watch Box
Case Elegance Vegan Leather Watch Box
Sodynee Leather Watch Box