Best Watch Winder Reviews 2023

If you've invested a fortune in your stylish chronometer, it makes perfect sense to safeguard your investment by purchasing a good watch winder to keep it in a perfect working condition. You probably don’t wear your watch every day and you’ll need it to keep ticking to avoid causing long-term problems with its internal mechanisms. We’ve ventured far and wide to review some of the best watch winder brands that make winders as sturdy and as classy as your timepiece.
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Our Top Choice
CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder
With its strict control and multiple product inspections, CHIYODA is a company with a reputation of making great pieces that are loved by users.
Winds two watches. Full LCD touch screen. Transparent window to view watches.
You’ll have to reprogram and reset the winder after every power outage.
2 watches
 9.8 x 7.3 x 6.3 inches/4.94 pounds 
AC power outlet
Piano black
Best Value
JQUEEN Double Watch Winder
JQUEEN has a reputation of producing high-quality products that are coupled with friendly customer service support.
Silent Mabuchi motor. Well-made and exquisite. Enough space between the two holders for great fit.
Works quietly at first, but eventually starts producing noise once the rotation is started.
2 watches
7.1 x 7.1 x 7.9’ inches/4.2 pounds
AC power outlet, battery
Piano black
WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder
WOLF is a global family-led brand with the desire to keep advancing towards being the absolute best that it can be, while offering its customers the same.
Beautiful design. Watch cuff for larger watches.
The new watch cuff seems too large for some watches and the box is rather bulky.
1 watch
8.9 x 5.4 x 6.8 inches/6 pounds
AC Adapter, batteries
Faux leather
Heiden Vantage Quad LCD Watch Winder
Heiden Watch Winders is one brand that you can trust your time with since it pays attention to what matters in terms of quality and precision.
Accommodates 4 watches; LCD programming controls; Battery or electricity powered; 4 turns in a day
Watches with large bands may not fit in it.
4 watches
8 x 9.2 x 10.5 in / 12.8 pounds
AC-powered & Battery powered
Diplomat Burgundy Single Watch Winder
Diplomat which is part of the re-known Swiss Winder provides you with dependable watch winders at affordable prices.
Smart built in IC timer; Quiet powerful multidirectional motor; Detachable top to accommodate large watches
Has space for only one watch.
1 watch
5 x 5.5 x 6 in / 3 pounds

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What is the Best Watch Winder?

Do you aspire to get your hands on a classic timepiece or automatic watch, or already own a collection of timepieces? Then it’s time to consider a decent watch winder to safeguard your elegant collection. It’s a worthy investment that will keep your horological wonders ticking gorgeously for a long time to come. Well, there you have it! Armed with all the features to look out for when choosing a good watch winder, why don’t you go out there and pick a model that best matches your indoor decors and personality?
Our Top Choice
The CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder has long-lasting, Mabuchi, double quiet motors that wind up to two watches. Have one automatic watch and don’t see the need for two winding motors? The CHIYODA Single Watch Winder will be a perfect fit for you.

CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder with LCD Digital Screen & Two Quiet Mabuchi Motors

CHIYODA is among the most famous brands known for producing high-quality and unique household products. Its products range from watch winders and watch winder accessories, wooden toys, bathtub trays, cakepans, electric diffusers, and cigar storage boxes, among others.

The CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder is a true reflection of the appeal that comes with handmade products. This watch winder follows 21 unique procedures, to produce a 100% handmade piece of decor that’s highly polished, beautiful, artistic, and classy at the same time. Its crystal-clear window allows you to easily view your “babies.” Other than its looks, the CHIYODA Double Winder is environmentally-friendly, made from wood with elegant gloss painting that makes it a luxurious piece you’ll be glad to have in your home.

Its belt-driven motors allow you to wind your two watches concurrently. Another positive side of this motor system is that it’s extremely quiet and won’t produce any unwanted noise during its operation, so you can leave it anywhere. With its simple and easy-to-operate LCD screen buttons, you’ll be able to quickly set the ideal modes for the right and left watches independently. You can wind in three different directions: clockwise/counterclockwise or bi-directional with TPD mode settings of 650/950/1250/1850/2350/3100 to help you get them just the way you need to.

It’s spaced adequately to avoid the risk of destroying any of your masterpieces, and has no problem holding them with its roomy holding space. It also has two adjustable pillows to hold your watch firmly, and the wide window makes sure your timepieces never see damaging moisture or dust from outside.
Best Value
The JQUEEN Double Watch Winder uses a Mabuchi motor, known for its ability to run silently, allowing you to store your case anywhere that background noise could be a nuisance. Want a watch winder that will accommodate the entire family’s expensive watches? We’re sure you’ll love the JQUEEN Automatic Quad Watch Winder.

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Silent Japanese Mabuchi Motor

JQUEEN takes care of your entire household with its range of products including shoes, jewelry and watch accessories, home and kitchen products, and so much more!

Powered with a Japanese motor that’s designed for silence, its Double Watch Winder will perfectly wind your watches. This handmade watch winder is also easy to use, so you can be sure that it was made thoroughly and meticulously. Made using piano lacquer, acrylic glass, and transmission with copper fittings, this winder is bound to give your executive watches a lifetime of winding and protection.

One more thing that will make you love this winder is the fact that your two watches can be wound simultaneously, which saves you time. The space between the two holders is big enough to accommodate big watches without them touching each other, and even includes a soft pillow which provides a comfortable bed for your expensive watches and ensures that they’re safe and secure from scratches. Also, the winder comes with TPD settings and the ability to wind in three different directions: clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional.
The WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder comes with a rotation program that’s intermittent and includes pauses and sleep phases, allowing a natural winding experience. Have two automatic watches and want a watch winder that will host the both of them? Check out the WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder that comes with a cover and storage.

WOLF Heritage 270002 Single Watch Winder with Cover

Since 1834, WOLF has been creating fine items for its dedicated customers, and refuses to see an end to its potential greatness. This family-led business strives to become the best it can be, and won’t give its customers anything less. So, if you haven’t yet taken time to research the company and browse its items, now’s the time!

The WOLF Single Watch Winder was first developed to simply offer quality performance and quiet operation. But, since WOLF doesn’t rest until its products are perfected, new options and features were added to this watch winder to make it exceptional.

With its glass front cover with control knobs, faux-leather exterior, and chrome clasp closures, this winder isn’t only eye-catching, but performs its job superbly. The Mabuchi motor is completely silent, doesn’t produce obnoxious lights, and comes with three winding directions: clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional.

The WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder also comes with a patented rotating program that allows intermittent rotation with pauses and sleep phases to provide a natural and exclusive winding experience. Its newly designed watch cuff enables it to easily house watches on the larger end of the scale, so you don’t have to worry even if your watch measures up to ten inches.
The Heiden Vantage Quad LCD Watch Winder accommodates up to for 4 watches and has a clear display with LCD controls which makes programming your watches a breeze Is this watch winder a bit pricey for you? Have a look at the Heiden Quad Watch Winder in Black Leather that is cheaper by a few bucks but still has room for four watches!

Heiden Vatage Quad Clear Glass LCD Display Watch Winder

Heiden realizes how precious your automatic timepieces are which is why their watch winders are almost unrivalled in terms of craftsmanship and quality. They acknowledge that creating a watch winder masterpiece requires keen precision and attention to every detail. Since all their winders are handmade, you are guaranteed that your precious watches are well taken care of. Their able team of engineers has set the winders in a way that allows them to accommodate a wide range of models from popular brands.

The Heiden Vantage Quad LCD Watch Winder is a true masterpiece and its elegant black finish is nothing but jaw dropping. With space for four watches, this masterly crafted winder has 4 turns that have been preset to ensure that your watches are well catered for throughout the day.

Wait! That’s not all. Here’s some more great features:
  • The soft purring motor turns in three directions
  • Comes with an AC adapter
  • Clear display with LCD controls to program easily
  • Has provision for batteries that can last a month
  • Accommodates all popular watch brands
  • Comes with a warranty for one year
The Diplomat Burgundy Single Watch Winder comes with a smart IC timer that is in built allowing your automatic watches to always be ready for you to wear. Not digging the burgundy color? How about this equally good Diplomat Matte Black Finish Watch Winder?

Diplomat Burgundy Elegant Single Watch Winder with Built In IC Timer

Diplomat is part of Swiss Winder with a wide selection of quality watch winders that will cater for your classic timepieces. Watch winders from Diplomat have incorporated technology to ensure that your watches are always ready to go. Customers around the globe trust their precious watches with them since they are guaranteed of quality, precision and expert craftsmanship.

The Diplomat Burgundy Single Watch Winder boasts of a built in IC timer that is set to rotate for an and then break for three hours. Such forward thinking innovation allows you to rest easy knowing that your watch is wound and is always ready for you to wear it.

Here are some more features of this burgundy winder:
  • Quiet multidirectional motor
  • Detachable top to accommodate large watches
  • A 110V power adapter
  • Loaded with a spring that adjusts to the size of the watch
  • Compact design that accommodates a single automatic watch
  • Adjustable mounting for watches

How Do I Choose the Best Watch Winder?

Let's think of it this way. You’ve just been gifted with a beautiful automatic Rolex watch from a great friend. Or perhaps you received it as a family heirloom. Wow! It looks fantastic, feels wonderful, and even sounds great. It’s a feeling you don’t want to mess with, especially if you’ll have to take it off your wrist for a few days. After all, you want this classic collection to stay for a long time to come, and probably pass it down the line someday!

One thing might worry you though. You don’t like the fuss that comes with setting the time and date whenever you have to wear it again. Sometimes it even has extra features that require constant winding to retain accuracy. If this sounds like your situation, then perhaps your best solution would be to get a decent watch winder.

A watch winder works by keeping the gears of automatic (self-winding) watches running even when the watch isn’t in use. It’s a totally different mechanism from the modern Android watches that are battery-powered and will pick up dates and time automatically from the network provider the moment you switch it back on.

A great feature for watch winders to have is the ability to accommodate multiple timepieces at a go, making them useful if you have a number of collections. But how do you find the right watch winder for your timepiece? Well, as much as the functionality of the watch winder is critical, the style and aesthetics can be just as important. Some models are quite basic, with the automatic watch being held on the exterior of the unit as it rotates on your ordinary table top.

However, since most automatic watches are considered a valuable piece of jewelry, many people consider more elegant and elaborate models just to match the class of the device. It’s not just a wall clock you’ll hang around the living room! Some of the classic designs to consider include enclosed boxes, elegant woods, built-in heaters, and fancy watch cushions just to keep your classic possession secured from adverse weather conditions as it keeps ticking beautifully.

You can also find AC-powered or battery-powered watch winders that you can easily keep away in drawers as you run errands wearing a solar watch. After freshening up, you can pick up your classic piece and wear it to work or dinner. A great balance!
Watch winders safeguard your valuable timepieces, and you wouldn’t want to trade off quality for some cheap disreputable watch winder. Stay alert for knockoffs as the internet will lure you into buying cheap watch winders which are mostly made from poor materials like plastics, light wood, or aluminum—some even have motors that won’t support electronic circuitry for winding control.

That’s why we resist the temptation to recommend to our clients such models and have instead reviewed five brands with price ranges between $40 and $400, which we believe will give you value for your money.

Let’s have a look at some features that affect prices in further detail:
  • Multi-directional options - Cheap watch winders have motors that spin the watch in only one direction, which causes wear to the watch’s internal mechanism. This can deteriorate your luxury watch and destroy its movement over time. However, better quality watch winders come with multi-directional spinning options to evenly distribute the strain on the mechanism.
  • Material - Cheap watch winders are made from low-quality materials like cheap wood, metal, or plastic. High-end models have glass covers, glossy wood finishes, or a leather coating to improve aesthetics and durability.
Much like the luxury watches you choose to collect or wear, the mode of storing or winding them is pretty much a personal choice. But, there are numerous considerations you need to keep in mind, including the available space, size of the automatic watch, price, level of customization you need on the winder, and what fits in well with your home décor. These qualities can never be entirely exhausted. Let’s look at some important features to look out for in a watch winder:
  • Size and Shape - Since there are many different shapes and sizes of watch winders on the market, consider where you’d want to place the winder in your home. Some people prefer to display it as a showpiece to marvel guests when they come by. In such a case, you can consider a winder with enclosed compartments, which is covered with elegant wood or a glossy finish on the exteriors. Some will even come with built-in LED lights for night display. Even with limited countertop space, you can still find smaller winders with elegant finishes, but accommodate only 1 or 2 timepieces.
  • Clockwise/Counterclockwise Rotation - Many good winders feature clockwise/counterclockwise rotations with controllable motor speeds. If you have a number of valuable automatic watches, you may consider a winder that allows you to slow down the winding speed to avoid being too hard on the winding mechanism. Typically, the more you spend, the more you get.
  • Aesthetics - Craftsmanship is an important consideration since you desire a gadget that matches the elegant appearance of your automatic watch.
  • Customization - Each slot should be adjusted to accommodate bands of various diameters. Some models are designed with modularity capabilities to allow multiple units to be stacked together to perform unlimited collective winding.
  • Motor Quality - Just like an engine running a car, the motor quality determines how accurate and quiet the gadget will operate. Check for the sound coming from the winder; silent motors tend to run for longer.
  • Number of Modules - Depending on the number of timepieces you own or intend to collect in the future, pick a model with a number of storage slots that suit your needs.
We can exhaust the list of features for watch winders, but the more elaborate you go, the more bucks you’ll have to cough. Extra features like sleep mode, turns per day (TPD), and warranty are some areas you want to look at. Fortunately, most watch winders incorporate close to 85% of these features.
Construction and Design
The primary purpose of a good automatic watch winder is to keep your luxury watch ticking even if you’re not wearing it, hence keeping the internal mechanism in proper working condition. The tertiary purpose is, however, to display your horological pride and joy for you or your guests to admire!

You want your watch winder to be as ornamental and elaborate as the masterpiece it holds. If you look at cubical or rectangular-shaped watch winders with glass enclosures, you’ll think it’s a fine jewelry storage unit. Now, as you browse through the market to find the best watch winder for your timepiece, here are the construction and design features to look out for:
  • Design - Where are you planning to use your watch winder? This will determine the design you’ll go for. If you want it on your bedside or living room, then you can be safe with cable models that you can simply plug into your socket. If you need to keep it in your car or want one you can travel with quite often, you can consider a battery-powered model. Secondly, watch winders may have open or closed designs. It’s a question of safety. For instance, if you have a pricey automatic watch and you decide to fit it in an open winder on the tabletop and something slips or accidentally knocks it over, you risk breaking it. Solution? Choose a winder that has a cover, unless you place it in a hard-to-reach place and you love the open display.
  • Material - Speaking of ambient, enticing your indoor décor with a matching watch winder is something to consider. The material used to manufacture the winder sometimes doesn’t matter! You can find oldy but goldy wood models that bring a classy look and feel. Alternatively, you can still go for the wooden retro themes to add a chic touch to your living room. Some plastic models can be quite cheap, but come with lightweight and classy designs that look admirable. Metal winders provide the modern approach to watch winder designs and are quickly penetrating the market with some fantastic models. Finally, leather winders incorporate a leather lining on wood or metal base to offer protection from scratches.
  • Noise - It goes without saying that watch winders will definitely generate some sound. It’s just how it works. High-profile brands generate the least level of noise and can be kept in bedrooms, provided you place them at least 2 feet away from your head.
  • Watch Box - Whatever material you choose to go with, ensure that the workmanship is perfect to keep away moisture and undesired weather conditions. Wood boxes should be properly dried and coated with polyurethane coatings to resist temperature changes and provide heat and scratch-resistance. Ideally, choose a maintenance-free watch box. The interiors should also be lined with soft fabric and the bottom padded to prevent scratching or damaging your dresser or nightstand top.
Performance and Ease of Use
Watch winders are mechanical devices engineered to allow remote winding mechanisms self-wind, or automatic watches operate fluently. They not only keep your watch functioning optimally, but also keep it in perfect working order and reduce frequent repair and maintenance. It’s more or less similar to keeping your car engine running by driving it regularly instead of parking it in a garage for months.

So, what determines the performance and ease of use of a watch winder? It depends on the number of watches you keep, storage space, portability, automation, and your personal preferences.
  • Number of Watches - For a connoisseur of classic watches looking to collect more automatic watches in the future, a large box that can fit several watches at a go would be the best pick. It will look good and fulfill the functional purpose as well.
  • Portability - If you’re a frequent traveler, you’d want to pick a slim but sturdy watch winder made from leather which can accommodate two to four watches. This is especially useful for watches that easily fit in cabin luggage.
  • Integrated Timer - An integrated timer prevents over-winding an automatic watch, hence protecting its internal mechanisms. The timer is usually set to wind the watch for 30 minutes every day when inside the winder. Additionally, a winder that gives multidirectional rotation minimizes stress on one part of the winding mechanism.
As a final hint, whatever type of watch winder you choose to purchase, always manually wind up your watch before you first place it in the winder. This gives the winding mechanism maximum spring tension that’s critical for lengthening the lifespan of both your timepiece and the winder. Also, get a suitable number of turns per day (TPD) to avoid putting your watch under excessive pressure (something around ¾ the watch’s main spring is good enough).

Get the Best Watch Winder of 2023!

If collecting automatic watches is your passion, you’ll understand that these timepieces stop ticking if they’re not worn for an extended period. The next time you need to wear it, you’ll have to set the date and time again, which is a needless hassle. The solution? Get a good watch winder that keeps rotating your timepiece in a circular pattern by imitating the movement of your hand, so you don’t have to begin from scratch every time you use it. Hopefully we helped you find a fabulous watch winder to safeguard your collection of automatic watches. If you didn’t find a perfect match from our picks, feel free to check out other alternatives from these brands.

Our Top Choice
CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder
Best Value
JQUEEN Double Watch Winder
WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder
Heiden Vantage Quad LCD Watch Winder
Diplomat Burgundy Single Watch Winder